Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ingo Swans Last Hurrah

I remember in the beginning when I first starting to go to conferences. To tell you the truth I had not heard of Ingo Swann . For those of you who don’t know, he was the man who headed the government’s “Stargate Project,” a federally funded project of Remote Viewing:

I was attending the “Earth Mysteries & UFO ET Congress" in NJ when they announced they were going to have Ingo Swann at the next conference. A person I had met there made it a point to emphasize “you have to be here to see this. “He hasn’t presented in 18 years” was the phase she used. I had gone to this small conference a few times. Pat Marcattlilo, with his family and volunteers, had put this conference together for decades. Pat always had good speakers. However, alongside those speakers were presenters that had some very strange ideas with very little evidence….even one person trying to sell a frequency machine to help you get or stay healthy. He wouldn’t let me look inside the device.

The conference provided a platform for a variety of presenters. Pat's fliers gave an accurate agenda, leaving no surprises. The flavor of the venue reminded me of an old time church and it’s followers.. The audience was mixed some believing more than they should; some more critical than they ought to be. In the end it was well worth it. The conference was and continues to be a slice out of UFO history with many important UFO icons showing up.

Although I had heard the term “remote viewing” before, understood the concept and the CIA”s involvement, Ingo Swann never meant anything to me. So when I arrived at the Swann presentation I was wondering which side of my belief system he would fall into: believable or unbelievable. Mr. Swann had a way about him that implied a humility…a humility in the face of a talent or gift he never quite understood. A pragmatic personality, he took advantage of his talent. To Ingo this talent was the same as that of an artist or musician. He sold his gift and never apologized for it. I liked him even more for that.
I have to say I am not paranoid and don’t have the time to entertain conspiracies, but I swear there were some intelligence types in that audience. I have never seen those faces again at that conference.

I am pretty sure Ingo Swann is alive. The video below is, as far as I know, his last presentation. . That he chose to give it at a small conference fits the man and his persona. A man who helped changed the government’s attitudes on the paranormal and even possible UFOs.

By the way, Pat Marcattlilo of “Earth Mysteries & UFO ET Congress” has a collection of past speakers on DVDs and tapes second to none.


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  1. it is so great to see this article!!! i've been studying remote viewing for quite some time (in an effort to train my clairvoyance, gain information and influence outcome.) i've read lots about the early days, the sri program and books by rv'ers and mr swann. his website is called biomind superpowers and lists all of his publications and information about ordering his books plus other writings. there is also a interview he did on coast to coast that is posted on youtube. some of his harder to find books are on scribd.com. you are right about his humility, down to earth approach, good humor and good intent. he's been called the most psychic man in the world and it's probably right.
    you can't help but feel after reading and hearing him that he is a very good person as well.i'm SO jealous you got to hear him speak.......t'mara.

  2. In a way I am glad I didn't know about him. It gave me a chance to judge the quality of the man from a completely objective view... and let me tell you he really impressed me.
    Thanks For your comment
    Joe Capp

  3. The 1978 movie The Fury depicted the CIA using "remote viewing". It would be interesting to know more about how that story was developed and where the ideas came from. Similarly, I noticed the reoccurring theme of alien genetic manipulation in the movie "Quatermass and the Pitt" which is a remake of a 50s BBC serial in which the whole genetic manipulation/creation of the human race story mirrors the things coming out of modern alien abduction stories.

  4. I was looking forward to listening to Ingo's lecture and it started off just fine. However when I started to listen to the second part I quickly realized it did not follow immediately after the first. In fact it looks as if there is probably at least 10 minutes of Ingo's talk which is not available.

    Since this is the section that gives the background information on what lead to him developing Remote Viewing it makes what comes after virtually useless, at least in my opinion and I'm no new comer to Remote Viewing.

  5. Have you read Penetration? One thing that stood out to me was that Ingo's description of the UFO he saw and the extraterrestrials he believes he encountered are not typical. I enjoyed the book however the copies available that I have seen on scribd.com do not have the interior illustrations. Anybody have those scanned in? I'd love to see them.

  6. Dear TO,
    I have "Penetration" and the beings remind me of the tall Nordics but as you say a little different. I never scanned it. Maybe someone has though.

    Joe Capp