Tuesday, June 2, 2009

UFOs and their Mighty Weapons?

I loved science fiction as a boy. I read all the popular writers. One of constant themes when dealing with aliens in these short stories, novellas and novels was the ET’s superior weapons. Star Trek capitalized on this with the Phasers and Proton Torpedoes. War of the Worlds,” the movie version, trying to catch up with technology, updated the Martian ships with levitation and super weapons. Book after book described aliens as armed to the teeth with weapons beyond our imagination.

As humans we reasoned there must be bad guys up there ready to take our species out in a minute’s notice… a type of alien Hitler waiting to take what we have. No other movie exemplified this more than “Independence Day.” Somehow drawing from the Roswell legacy, a story emerges of an evil ET species ready to destroy humans without a second thought.
We have surmised that because we are so disposed to war and competition that this is probably what is going on up there on other planets. Another view is that ETs will act similar to the way humans acted when we used and enslaved indigenous peoples because we knew their primitive weapons had no chance against a well equipped military. We wanted to control them and we did. So why wouldn’t these ETs want to control us?
Dangerous ETs was a centerpiece of conversations among scientists when we started to beam signals at other star systems to let them know we were here. Some scientists were very upset about it. I am sure everyone remembers the warnings by some scientist, that beaming signals may bring our existence to the attention of some very bad ET characters. Of course, no one asked those scientists… how would the ETs get here? That question seems to be reserved for the possibility of UFOs being spacecraft.

When we go into the real world of credible reports on these possible alien spaceships the massively powerful weapons are strangely missing. The reason for these missing weapons may be obvious and I will get to that later but first I think we should first take a look at some very interesting hostile human reactions to UFO crafts.
Although there are cases where UFO crafts have been fired on without returning fire, sometimes they have been reported to fire back.

“David Santoro was a 27 year old reserve police officer in Spring County, California. Upon witnessing a 60 foot cylinder hovering above him while in his patrol car, the car reacted by coming to a full stop on it’s own. The next thing Officer Santoro recalls is being removed from the car by “two small beings”. He was returned in 15 minutes and remembers watching the object rising up in the night sky shining a beam of light around the car. David pulled out his revolver and fired four shots into the object and took off at ninety miles an hour in panic.”

The following account was witnessed by Easy Company 25 division 2nd battalion in the Iron Triangle near Charwon, Korea interestingly enough relates a hostile reprisal by a UFO when it is fired upon and possibly damaged:
About to bombard a village, some of the military are sent to the village to warn the populace. As the military was shelling the village, they seem to see an orange light in the shape of a jack-o- lantern moving about. At first they fluffed it off but then… “we would notice this thing would fly right into the middle of the cloudburst and yet not get harmed… but then it approached us. Then it turned into a blue green brilliant light…it pulsated but it wasn’t regular. I asked for and received permission from Lt. Evens, our company commander, to fire upon the object, which I did using an M1 rifle with armor piecing bullets…and I hit it. It must have been metallic since you could hear the projectile slam into it.”
But now the UFO reacts…does it feel threatened?
“But the object went wild and the light was going off and on and it briefly went completely off. It was moving erratically from side to side as though it would crash to the ground. Then a sound (they had heard no sound) of diesel locomotives revving up…then we were attacked…we were swept by some type of ray that was emitted in pulses…you could feel a burning tingling sensation all over your body, as if something was penetrating you. So the company commander hauled us into the bunkers…We were scared that we did this”
They had peep holes in the bunkers. He peered out with another soldier to see the object hover over the vicinity for a while with a light so bright it lit up the “whole area”. Then they saw it shoot off at a 45 degree angle…”it’s that quick, it was there and was gone.”

[All quotes and information from “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” by Richard Haines Ph. D.
Easy Company Report From: official US Army records stored St. Louis Mo. also
Advance Aerial Devices Reported During Korean War, by Haines}

Below is twp video clips from UFO Hunters where fighter pilots also engaged UFO craft with deadly force. Here again we see a response by the objects that are a far cry from many of our dear science fiction writers expectations.

The reason, why they do not use, or have, these horrible weapons seems an exercise in common sense. If humankind does survive past this selfish stage we to may come to the obvious conclusion that war and the use of mighty weapons is a waste of everything dear. When we go the stars it may not be with weapons to protect ourselves. Rather, we may have evolved enough to go to the stars with the heart of a scientist and the wisdom of true respect for other species.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. The premise of this article is nice, but remains unconvincing.
    A more obvious reason for UFOs not displaying super weapons is that they simply don`t need to when it comes to dealing with us.
    The proof of the lack of this need is that our various militarys around the world have in fact tried to attack them on occasion in the pasr, with no success.
    There is a parallel in our own military--the Stealth Fighter. It is the only "fighter" aircraft that can`t fight--it carries no self defense weapons because it doesn`t need to.
    We can hardly infer from the existence of this craft that our military has foresworn the possession of super weapons.
    The reason we should regard visitors from space as possibly hostile is because we know that rapid advances in technology are derived from warlike proclivites.
    Since rocky planets are subject to extinction level asteroid impacts, the rapid development of powerful weapons which can be carried into space is the most probable reason for any society to survive long enough to visit other planetary systems.
    The real value of pointing out the lack of super weapons on UFOs lies in another direction.
    There are those who assert that the UFOs are cultural artifacts and memes generated by the print and visual media ---if this were so then the reports would surely reflect this anticipation of weapons--but they do not.


  2. For a species that seems to continually create it's "gods" based on self-projection, it is more than likely that many have done the same with the "gods" of the alien agenda; mentally designing these beings as "ruthless and out to get us all, so be afraid, be very afraid!".

    Think back to the UFO images of the "Battle Of L.A." and see our rockets "red-glare" and weaponry "bursting in air" and then observe also that the object is just hovering there.

    Now stop and imagine what "they" may have been thinking on board the craft at that moment. Your guess might just speak volumes. :}

    Excellent article. Thank you.

  3. Well I am not so sure that this is true. You would think their is a reason they would shut down the weapons systems upon lock-on as reported if by many pilots if they weren't somehow respectfull of what those weapons could do. There is no evidence they have these mighty weapons but there is a great deal of reported evidence, by trained observers, that they have defensive less deadly ones.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  4. Dear IQXS,
    Your right, it is the projection of how we would act that is at work here.
    Another point I did not make is how scientist claimed a great deal of sightings are from science fiction movies around aliens. If that is true why the absence of weapons. The movies and TV shows were full of them. The most popular moves of the time "War Of The Worlds" And "The day the earth stood still" had super weapons some able to destroy even planets.
    Something doesn't want to overtly hurt us. Whether it is an exercise in common sense, so they wouldn't draw to much investigation, or a moral standard we do not know as of yet for certain.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  5. Good article.

    One mistake we commonly make is referring to a "they", as if they were just one group, with one agenda.

    It is absurd on the face of it. When we talk of humans, we don't just say, "they", because so many groups of us are on so many different pages. We would say, "are you referring to the Russians, or the Germans, or the Chinese, or the North Koreans?", etc.

    Each group would have a different code of ethics, and reasons for responding the way they do.

    Why would it be different for any of the Celestial Beings? Even when viewed from a possible ancient angle, as per our own varied ancient scriptures, there is always a different group of entities, with different motivations.

    We, on the other hand (including my own experience), as a species, seem to be pretty predictable. We feel threatened, we react without thinking first.

  6. wow stop taking up for the aliens...
    have you ever been butt-probed by them???
    have you ever been abducted???
    THAT MIGHT change your opinion, do ya think??? DUH!!!
    until you wake up with rectal bleeding,
    or a sinus implant that causes unbearable pain for the rest of your life,
    THEN you can offer your "heartfelt musings" about aliens...
    "oooh oooh the aliens are so misunderstood, we would do even worse to them..."
    oh puhleeeeeeeeeeze...

  7. Joe,
    This brings to mind a very sobering background to this post and a tragedy that, if it weren't true it would be difficult to for any non human to understand strictly in terms of animal behavior.


    If you took a comparative sample of species here on Earth and tabulated what amount of killing occurred within a inter-species context, the numbers would be negligible.

    Best Wishes

  8. Dear Bob,
    I do believe that in this instance you can use "they". There does seem to be an over all code of interspecies conduct by these beings no matter which one they appear to be.
    They don't want to be discovered.
    They do not go out of their way to harm humans.
    They really do not interfere.
    More than one abduct.
    For some reason they contact humans and display for them.
    They treat animals much differently than they do humans.
    So a pattern at least is notable. It may be the case where ETs have broken that code of interspecies conduct. But for the most part there seems to be pattern of very similar modes of conduct with the majority of ET species as reported by close encounter witnesses.
    One other point. By the time a species has gotten to the stars I would hope some type of wisdom or lack of species insanity would take hold. Were there older ETs hiding on other ET planets waiting for the time when and if they were ready. If each species had third own code of conduct I believe we would have witnessed more causes. But you may be right in that as we see practically all the ET species have the human form we may have ETs species evolving to the same basic belief systems when it has to do with dealing with other ETs in this case us.
    Thanks Bob
    Joe Capp

  9. I would be extremely angry as you are if that happened to me. There is no doubt in my mind that at least some ETs that are visiting us are causing great harm to some humans they deal with.
    Be we as humans should always be reminded of our own humanity. WE must look at a larger picture before we judge a whole species. We have to look at our own history and our own collective behavior recently. If we look hard and honesty we see good people allowing very bad things to happen when their survival is threatened. Behavior they would never accept in peaceful times.
    I don't know if these ETs are monsters or a very disparate race. I know that statement may hurt some. Free speech does cause pain sometimes.
    Joe Capp

  10. Just going to that site is a sobering experience and that human toll was just the First World War.
    I think we are all partly to blame for this mess we are in and the way we treat ourselves and other species. Most carnivores kill certain other species. Humans have killed practically killed at contact every species on this planet.
    Thanks Bruce