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Are ETs Evil?

Bronx Zoo Sign: “Take A Look At The Most Dangerous Animal On Earth”.
When you look it’s a mirror.

The human race enjoys judging. Many individuals make sound judgments about other people everyday. But what happens when we are faced with a judgment of what may be a ET intelligent s species. What happens when the actions of this presence is not all fun, games or spiritual insight but terrible acts which would frightened any one of us to the core.
There seems to be one or more species that are not so gentle. These reported species seem involved with forcible abductions, killing of live cattle, and possibly even people. Do we have a right to condemn those actions as “EVIL?
There is a very moral high ground some humans have taken. This standard, conveyed so passionately by the Mathama Gandhi was simply stated: “we have no right to take human life at all.”
There are other values which have been adopted by many modern cultures which allow the killing of animals and other humans within specific limits. This varies from culture to culture but we can safely assume a consensus has been reach in most of the modern world of what those higher standards should be.

We care for all our people.
We treat all sexes, races, cultures and peoples the same.
We treat and protect animals humanely.
We do not torture our enemies.
We are allowed to defend ourselves when attacked

Many may think after looking at these high standards our ETs fall into an “evil” category. After all, if we are to believe these abduction experiences, these ETs have no problem taking not only adults but also children. When I think of that and the way they kill the cattle… to be honest I think “evil,” myself.
But I have thought long and hard on this subject and feel I’m a little self righteous in this thinking as a part of the human species.

It is true in most cases civilized people would think of abduction or forced impregnation as morally repugnant…. but if the history of the world is any indication, there are times when we would have all blinked twice.

As a species we are very dishonest with ourselves.

What positive actions have we humans taken as the species with the most power on this planet?
Could we claim that the human disposition has been favorable to our surroundings and other life forms?
WE can state with some honesty that many indigenous people certainly had a great deal of respect for nature and its offerings. But that was based on necessity. Once any of our fellow humans were able to feel the great benefits of more control over their surroundings and the competing life forms… things started to change for us for the better, and them for the worst.
Killing of tons of lower life forms was not only a necessity it became a pleasurable slaughter for many of us a sport. We have killed and hacked our way to a lifestyle second to none on this planet. The countless souls that lie dead in the wake of our species trying to achieve a comfortable lifestyle is legend.

But humans have empathy. We tried to preserve many species for posterity. We have been shocked awake many times by nature to preserve our environment. But modern humans wants are important and we are quick to forget the pain and make the same mistakes for the sake of this fantasy lifestyle.

We just want it maintained without too much trouble.

We have killed each other over noble and horrible causes and the children, of course, are the worst to suffer. So what have these ETs done to make them fit the “evil” mode that we, ourselves, have never done?
If our country was in dire need of something and we had to have it to literally survive what would we do?

What would we do if an indigenous tribe had some type of stem cells that cured cancer and were too frightened to let us touch them? Let’s go a step further, what would we do if something happed to our DNA which threatened our very survival and we found the tribe had exactly what we needed?
Suppose this tribe, and what we needed from them, was so important to our survival that the future of our children was at stake?

Some would say, “Why not reason with them? What if our very presence frightened some of them into a state of angry self defense and survival mode.

Lets not be naive here, most of you know that decision would be made We would, for our own survival abduct even the children if necessary.

Their would be media spin like on “FOX noise” and others to get us feeling comfortable with our conscious.
I can see it now… “we are not really hurting the tribe; they will get over it; They will be sedated; we will even check them out and treat them for diseases; in the end what we are doing is really beneficial to them, and saving our children” The children part would be emphasized over and over. God if it would save my grandsons I would agree.

There can be a strong case made that we are the evil ones. Countless children were taught to fight or even died in the many wars we have had. This is not new to our history as a country or to our species around the world.
The human species collectively has been, and is now, one of the most destructive forces on this planet with a failing grade in dealing with other species and the environment. If ETs desperately needed something from us… they may have been very prudent not asking. The people who are experiencing these things are all around the world and seem to make no sense. This fact may signify why they never openly asked….because the ones they need are everywhere. Also these ETs may induce feelings of calm and piece in their human subject. These humans may in fact be saving a species, although without really freedom of choice.

What would we do if another government said no to our future?

Faces Of ETs:
Barber Lamb: Unique Encounters With ET Beings:

Are ETs evil because they have abducted humans? Not necessarily… if it was done for their own species survival and without any option.

A great person asked the crowd to contemplate a moral high ground before they took a life. The person who was being judge and convicted was not of exemplary character…but neither were the people in the crowd.
Jesus wanted empathy and the crowed had depth of character enough, that the woman who was to be stoned to death survived.
I think our past as a species has shown me that I would not be the one who picked up that stone in the crowd which would set in motion the end of that woman’s life…nor am I willing to throw that stone at a species of ETs, and their horrendous behavior, until I know the reasons for such behavior.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. I've read that the ET's are shocked that we keep pets. They thought we kept them in line with mental telepathy. When they found out we didn't, their response (to paraphrase) was; "You let something as random as a primitive animal with claws and sharp teeth wander around your children?". I've also read that this species eliminated all other animals on their planet and can't understand why we don't do the same. Who knows if it's true?

  2. I don't know where to start.

    The only reason you hesitate to call ET evil is because we're just as evil as ET. You say yourself:

    "So what have these ETs done to make them fit the “evil” mode that we, ourselves, have never done?"

    But that's not a real argument. You can't say Ets aren't evil because we're just as bad as they are. That makes no sense. If our actions have been evil then they are evil. But that doesn't mean someone else's actions can't also be evil. If our actions are evil, and are just as bad as their actions, then what does that make their actions?

    . . .


    It might be hypocrisy. But just because we're wrong too doesn't mean ET is justified.

    Jesus never said the woman's actions weren't wrong. He told her, "leave your life of sin" (John 8:11) because her actions were sinful. A far cry from the picture painted in this post.

  3. oh puhleeeze...
    your narrative sounds like so many new age-isms as to induce nausea...
    no. i do not agree that these entities are behaving in a way that can be excused, no matter HOW humanity has mis-behaved! Does this give ET the right to treat us like farm animals? NOOO!!!

  4. Dear Anon,
    That is first time anyone called me new age.
    No one is giving them the right. I am saying humans would do the same thing for survival. This has noting to do with the new age. It has to do with humans who excuse their own actions but are quick to judge others.
    Understanding that standards are forgotton for the sake of survival is important in understanding other motives. How many children were blown apart by our armies in Iraq. We all go to sleep at night don't we, though we all allowed our government to make a grave mistake...why... just to feel safe.
    Remember we as Amercian all did our little part even if it was not to keep informed which is our mandate by the constitution.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  5. Thought provoking, as usual, Joseph. You continue to bring important issues regarding this phenomenon to the forefront.

    I am trying to pull together my 1990 incident for publishing on my blog. When I get it up, if its alright with you, I will post a link here. I think it will add to the discussion, as to whether they are evil, or not. Its a very good question.

    Personally, I feel its both. This is possibly due to their different agendas, and affiliations/beliefs.

  6. Joe,

    Barbara Lamb, the hypnotherapist who is referred to in your blog entry, has a decidely pro-Alien stance. I don't think she's done a regression where she's come away with the impression that the entities taking her clients are anything other than benevolent.

    There's no doubt about it that humans can be horrible. But that shouldn't excuse aliens and their reportedly bad behavior. There's something awfully wrong with ugly beings floating unexpectly through walls, paralyzing their human subjects...( and 'turn off' their house pets - dogs and cats that often characteristically bark, whine, meow and caterwail prior to the aliens appearing....behavior eerily similar to domestic animals that sense 'evil' in a home, in an orthodox religious sense)... and floating said subject out to who knows what.

    Then the painful, repetitive "exams"...which seem antiquated by today's human standards. Add to that the insect-eyed beings don't respect our 'personal space' but instead stare right into our eyes... forhead to forhead.

    Then there's cattle (and other animal) mutilations. There's surely a better, more efficent and dare I say 'humane' method to take what one wants from animals without then dropping them down from considerable heights(some found high in trees). I recall the western U.S. case from the 1970s where Leo Sprinkle regressed a woman who suspected she was abducted. She had a horrific regression where she saw a calf being gutted and drained alive on a craft, hooked up to various tubes.

    Finally, maybe we humans are so messed up because we're alien hybrids. If that's the case, I don't see us changing for the better and don't see an end to alien interference.

    ~ Susan

  7. Dear Susan,
    When you look at abductees including Betty Hill you find a change in emotion toward their captors. This I think is strong evidence that they are being emotionally manipulated. It is not a normal reaction to call someone you "little white friend" when they take you to medical test that sometimes can be painful. Many people reject the good ET feelings often reported, but it seems to me an intelligent ET step... to control your subjects, even condition them to a point that they are happy to see you.
    This doesn't make those people stupid or naive. We may be dealing with a very sophisticated intelligence that could fool any of us.
    I never blame the ETs for the mess we humans are very capable of doing ourselves.
    But I do not think all is black an white here. Although the evidence reported indicates some ETs are not on a higher spiritual plane (by our definition) they have not behave in a way that is outside humans behavior when in survival mode.
    Great comment by the way.
    Joe Capp

  8. Dear Bob,
    This is a non-commercial blog you can used what ever you like. There are so many who take offence at the idea of a species which has can move between the stars and yet are not so nice. But if nature is any indication some very smart animals are not so nice. Remember also though there are some well documented cases of a human shooting an ET the ETs do not harm those who shot at them. They have been left them unconscious but not harmed. This may mean, at least some of them, do refrain from killing Indiscriminately even when attacked.

    No one has tried to examine this without emotional ties. Instead of us looking at what the Contactees, Abductees, report what is told to them and how they fell, we should be looking at the actions of these intelligence objectively those action tell the truer tale.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  9. Joe, after reading the whole thing I have the impression that you yourself are one of the ET's, and are trying to find converts for your cause...Hmmm.

    I believe you were actually talking about Xenophobia in a round-about way. People in general fear that which they do not know. The biggest example being, everyone knows what a spider looks like, every one is aware of what the venomous ones are. Yet, present any kind of spider on floor or wall in any home and the screams and panic can be measured on the Richter scale. Things will be thrown, as a matter of fact anything that can be done to decimate the spider will be done, before anybody takes a look to see if its beneficial or not.

    I know it is a weird analogy, but that is how I see the ET situation. Except in this case we don't know much about them, mostly conjectures. They have seen our Xenophobic reactions, so why risk it?

    Why don't we look back and forth into our own research methods before we comment about alien ones. How many animals and humans have we defiled in the name of science. Why can't these aliens be a parallel?

    And please stay away from the Iraq soap box. I'm a veteran of the other forgotten war (Beirut), I wish you could of seen what I saw, 8 and 10 year olds running around with AK's. Our ex-President did what the public clamoured for, and then they turned their back on him. If we were really that concerned about children, we would of installed the death penalty for child molesting and raping in the US. Yet we worry about children elsewhere that are being killed by their own people. Sorry, but, yes it was very New-agey of you. Just do me a favor, and before you write your next article, please take the rose colored glasses off. I hear it improves gray matter actiivity. Peace...

  10. Here is a link to my blog, and the story. I won't try to argue that it couldn't be explained as just a dream, but there were others that may have something to add to it. We will just have to see if that ever happens.

    I will post my other experiences soon.

    Thanks for your great blog Joseph.

  11. Dear Anonymous,
    I respect and honored your service especially in a war area.
    I don't think the public wanted to go into Iraq. It was the administrations obvious obsession. I don't think it is right to pretend it didn't happen. We forgot how much damage we can do to our own country when we promote wars that foster more wars . Especially since it is our young men and women who pay the ultimate price. But I used that reference most of all because it was a prime example of what I was writing about; ETs and our judgment of evil. Even a good country like America will at times bend many of it's own sacred ideals to feel safe. I love America the real America the ideals that bind the whole thing together. I was overseas when the tower were hit. Every country we passed through was honoring America with flags at have mask.
    One childhood friend was the real co-pilot of the second plane that hit the building.
    We all need to re-examine ourselves all the time as a country and without our ideals we are just another country. Our peoples sacrifice demands we honor that legacy.

    Joe Capp

  12. They tell us they will not interfere but they do.

    What could be more powerful than blowing up the world What is more powerful than no God So this is the key and its bigger than this so what is it?

    Technology was gave to us by those who wait and watch

    What is it they wait for?

  13. Nice. Interesting read with solid points. I don't think this piece was New Age at all. I have read all blogs posted by Joseph (up to 2 months ago) and can testify this is not a place for New Age material. It's so seldom people profoundly reflect on events taking place and its useful to contemplate and put things into perspective. There are so many angles that might have been contaminated by disinfo by this stage that it doesn't hurt to slow down and reflect to data at hand.

    I will read up on all your latest pieces in the coming while.

    All the best and keep up the good work.

    Daniel Bergh, Sweden


  14. Hi Joe,
    Well, its refreshing to see someone voluntarily eat fire when daring to broach the superimposing of value judgments on a phenomenon still open to determining it's nature. Its the mirror image of the scientific community, which has brought the level of inquiry to a defacto Salem Witch Trial...for every angel counted there's a devil,human nature as a role model...Im surprised no one has suggested wearing garlic. Arghh..There are plenty of demons around in our own species..and demonizing "the other" Our race cant seem to get out of square one while singing its own praises..its enough to make anyone with any objectivity they can muster, a cynic. Thats the challenge of all this, to wish, to hope against hope to the last one standing, while the lunatics and morons run the asylum...and stake their territorial claims..on a certainty that is a well practiced rhetoric in the pride of ignorance..and half baked rationalizations...that our best hope is to organize ourselves... to annihilate one another. Hows that working for us?
    Instead of glorifying the death of so many young, brave men, for whatever flag..the human stain..I can only hope against hope.

  15. Dear Daniel,
    I think it was because of the video I put up. Some claim I am promoting new age thinking. I feel that there is a bases of truth to some contact cases. I don't think it is far fetch to think Ets may promote themselves as good for the groups who they may use while at the same time discouraging real interest by the scientist because of the new age pronouncements ETs spread around. Which contactee are telling the truth...that is another matter.
    Thanks Daniel,
    Joe Capp

  16. Dear Bruce,
    If these are ETs I can understand why they don't land. Who can they trust on this planet? What country will not throw away it's ideals when it's people are frightened just to keep those people calm?

    How do we get along with another species when we can't get along with each other? Finally what would they gain by exposing themselves to us, except mobilizing humanity into humans against Ets.
    This is a hard world and unfortunately the complacent folks greatly outnumbers the caring people. We can change or we will be forced to change, not by ETs, but by our planet.

    Thanks Bruce
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  17. If the Aliens of the numerous Alien Abduction stories are true then yes Virgina, Aliens are Evil or at the very least Criminal. I say that with the full knowledge that I am making it from the Human viewpoint. It is the only _valid_ viewpoint I can take since I am a human being. Anyone who kidnaps, drugs, tags, monitors, and removes biological material from individuals without their knowledge or consent are criminals from the viewpoint of a human being. You can make excuses for their actions as humans often do about their own immoral and evil acts but it doesn't change the reality of the situation. If you and your friends decided to travel to another country and conduct yourselves as the aliens supposedly do you would be a criminal and could face severe judgment and punishment from the populace you are terrorizing. Your motives for doing so would not be a consideration. Therefore I believe it is in the best interests of human beings to not view the aliens as some would wish us to but as their actions and behavior dictate. If they are actually here and doing these things then we can surmise that they are doing so for their own benefit and not our own for reasons that may be incomprehensible to us. This too does in no way justify their actions. Their behavior is truly baffling. The phenomena has been around since recorded history. Whatever the project is they are engaged in it is not "learning about us" or an "Earth Survey" of some kind. That would have been accomplished long ago. It has all the earmarks of an ongoing experiment with laboratory animals where we are the animals being "used" and not "studied" or "helped". These are my thoughts on the subject at any rate.

  18. Dear Trained Observer,
    Very good points. We don't know if in the past we were dealing with the same species. It is a crime to kill and maim someone except in war. It is a terrible crime to kill children except in war. Torture is a horrible crime even to prisoners yet in a time of war it is allowed.
    There are times when terrible actions are excused because survival is faced. I say before we can claim that higher ground, in contrast to the ETs, we need to proceed to that place ourselves when faced with possible survival.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  19. In doing so you are making some mighty large assumptions, like they are Extra-terrestrial and that they have some understandable motive, namely species survival. I simply don't see why I would want to make those assumptions. Vallee's bottom line (See Messenger's of Deception), and one that I share is that, the phenomena is real and very old, however, one cannot discount the possibility that a group or groups of human beings are manipulating the phenomena through both conventional psychological warfare operations and/or advanced psychotronic means to bring about social change. It isn't a pleasant or desirable option by any means but neither is being farmed by aliens. As far as "Torture is a horrible crime even to prisoners yet in a time of war it is allowed." I personally don't think so myself and I know a great deal of people who would agree with me. Besides we're talking about a strange phenomena and not the effectiveness, non-effectiveness, or immorality of torturing people. I appreciate the discussion, it's a hard subject to bring up in the hallway. :)

  20. One cannot look at the ruthless exploitation of one creature by another as anything but evil. It is purely one of perspective. Yes, we do evil to animals, those of us who eat them. We breed them and treat them as though they have no say in the matter. If animals were capable they would resist and no one would see any moral argument for them not to. If humans are beings are being exploited by other human beings or another species it is by its very nature evil to the oppressed and the oppressor. But the larger question is "What is really going on?". I don't think that is determinable at this point. One thing is certain though. Human beings are now and have been manipulating information about phenomena for their own ends. Sorting through the mess is quite the problem.

  21. Thanks TO,
    Well you make valid points but I think when you start to shoot down missiles and close down missile silos you probably use technology as some UFOs have downed. But as you say we are all making conjecture here. Valliee in my book was a great UFO researcher but a lousy futurist. I think technology and promoting confusion as to what they are is for me the most probable answer. We know there are ETs... us so my bet is ETs. They are no more evil than humans who exploit friends and enemies alike and disregard their own code of conduct when a preserved threat has confronted them. You could say both ETs and humans are very self what else is new.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  22. "You could say both ETs and humans are very self what else is new."

    I think making assumptions about the UFO phenomena is dangerous. Dangerous from the aspect that doing so may prevent a genuine understanding of the phenomena. Whatever the source of the phenomena is, it does not have any regard for human rights.

  23. Dear T O
    I think the case is they do have regard for human life. Now why that is should be open to examination. It would be unwise to kill humans because the more you kill humans the more interest it will bring. There is case after case of humans shooting at these entities which do not hurt permanently in response. So respect is there why we don't know.

    Thanks TO