Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UFOs…What Are They Seeing!

"There are more things in heaven and earth" Shakespeare

”I believe in UFOs but it doesn’t mean they are ETs”
What are we seeing? I hear all this nonsense about lights or anomalistic phenomenon or mistaken black projects.
I still ask what are we seeing?
What was the police officer Lenny Zamora seeing when he witnessed little people around an egg-like craft before they noticed him and darted behind the craft which quickly flew away? Why are these same small type creatures being seen all over the world even now? What are they seeing?

What are they seeing when the Military Police spot a classic UFO and then the missile silos shut down? What… a natural phenomenon?
Is it are own Black Projects shutting down our own warheads?

What are people experiencing in their bedrooms when they wake up with marks and bruises and remember being visited by small beings who do experiments on them in UFOs? Are we talking ghosts or nightmares or even sleep paralysis? Why are they so similar if not directed by some force…and what is that force, if not ETs?

What flies over Washington DC and when fighters are scrambled, take off quickly and when the jets land, they fly back into the protected airspace…several times playing cat and mouse games? Are we talking temperature inversion, atmospherics anomaly or what?

What was filmed shooting down a launched missile the very first time a long range camera was used? Would you bet the future of our species on chaff or collective conscious? If someone shot at your car would you think intelligence or anomaly?
What is witnessed landing and then taking off, yet is so polluting to our soil that after thirty years of testing that soil still can’t hold water? Are we talking the trickster here or a fairy ring?

We have got to start to put this together in our minds. We continue to write as if there were no detailed history of UFO cases from all over the world. We act as if within those reports don’t include a large body evidence by credible witnesses describing little creatures that don’t look human .
If this is not technology then what is it? For decades we have been recording a presence all over the world with our modern instruments… and while we debate what that presence could be, IT has behaved awfully like a strategic intelligence conveying powerful, yet non-verbal, messages. I think many in the military have understood completely what those messages are: they are from a technological intelligence.

What are children seeing? What did that whole class of children in South Africa see? These children had a no nonsense Principal, who, by all descriptions of his personality would have thoroughly punished the children if there was even a hint of a hoax. What was the landed craft and the small creatures, if not ETs? Why did those entities react as if they knew they were being watched? Why are those same young children, now grown up, still sticking to what they reported as real? Could it have been mass illusion or imaginations?

I hear all this nonsense thrown out by respectable skeptics and UFO researchers: “Little known rare natural phenomenon”
What rare phenomenon evades jets? Why is it that in 99% percent of the accounts these flying UFOs evade our best fighter jets and when they can’t, there is hell to pay?
This smacks of intelligence and secrecy. What does that imply but an intelligent technology?

Jeff Willes UFO Over Phoenix:

It is true some questions are hard to answer but that doesn’t negate what is being experienced. Many of those same questions could be answered if we understood the motives of these “ETs”.
Over and over again, we hear intelligent people say these experiences are not ET related. Are they saying that we have a clandestine, well-trained military squad of very small people piloting these black projects? Does that make sense?
Vertically challenged people riding and piloting these above top secret objects…even to this day? It is funny we never had one of these small people come forward…none of them have integrity?
This is, to me, a filtering of the reported cases to fit an agenda. I know that there are questions which are hard to answer. I spent some time at John Jay college, which specializes in criminal investigation. I met many a police officer there. I remember talking to some of them about different cases. What I remember is sometimes you could not make heads or tales out of a case until you learned the motive. Once the motive was found the loose ends of the case, which seem unexplainable at first, finally made sense. Most of us have read good murder mysteries when an almost insurmountable confusing case is neatly tied up in the end when the motive is revealed.

We do not know the motives of these ETS are and of course it doesn’t fall into place. It may be many motives or different motives for different races. We can surmise they don’t want to be a public certainty but they do not want to be unknown. Are we saying as humans we can’t write any explainable intelligent motive behind that behavior? We know sometimes they appear in strange and confusing ways, seemingly not making sense. Just because something may appear not to make sense, doesn’t mean it can’t make sense.
To say it is a “far cry” or a “real stretch” for any informed person to conclude that the predominant model to explain UFOs and their occupants is indeed Extra-Terrestrial is the real nonsense.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Yes, many of the UFO reports are factually based. Keep your blog non-commercial and scientifically oriented. The UFOs are from other living worlds many light years from Earth. There is no other body in your solar system where life has emerged other than Earth, but our galaxy is teeming with life and intelligent life. The crop circle phenomena are also UFO-related, though some pictograms can be formed by human pranxters; it is possible to determine scientifically which are authentic and which not.

  2. Dear John,
    It seems that is the case. I agree with you on some crop circles. What we seem to forget is there probably are ways to get around the universe. There are gaps in our physics. The scientists' theory about the solar wind was called preposterous. It is the non-conformist Scientist who always makes the discoveries... the ones who say to themselves "Impossible; Why?"
    When curiosity is limited to a box set by old time peers then the future of discoveries are limited to what fits inside that box. Someone is here and it looks awfully like technology.

  3. Tuesday, April 28, 2009
    What are the Aliens up to, anyway?
    In my many years of research concerning aliens and their spaceships, I have started to "connect the dots" about their interest in us. The Aliens have been on Mother Earth forever. They may have even terraformed Her. Their intentions originally were to have a nice place to raise their kids and have a wonderful life. They needed someone or something to do the hard work. They decided to create the human being.
    Genetically, they manufactured a human from their seed and the local apes Thus the birth of the Neanderthal. As , the Aliens upgraded the genetics, the human progressed so they could do more and more tasks.*

    When the Natives upgraded us, we acquired their ability to make choices. Then the trouble began. They tried some other experiments with humans and apes and came up with Big Foot. Even Big Foot can make choices. So, that was the end of that. Frustrated, the Natives dug tunnels in the mountains and went to live in the lakes and oceans. They settled on just supervising our progress.

    In the 1930's they began to notice that the Germans were developing germ warfare and simple rockets. With the craft retrieval at Roswell (1947), the United States was learning about "reverse" engineering. At the end of WWII, we enticed German scientists to come work in this country.
    The German had already built a flying saucer of their own because they
    had found a crashed ship in the 1930's in their country.

    The Russians, Chinese, and a country or two in South America had some Roswell incidents, where they recovered alien craft. Somehow, that seems planned.

    Then the Atom Bomb really brought the Natives out of seclusion and
    they started becoming more public.

    Today, they put on ariel shows over major populated cities, shut down nuclear warheads, abduct our citizens and military personnel, mutilate our animals and open gateways to space for other strange sightings and events. From their Crop Circles, we can deduce that they are engineers, artists and musicians.

    Today's demands on Mother Earth caused by over population,
    pollution, depletion of natural resources and the threat of nuclear war has really
    gotten the Natives attention.
    We are flirting with the end of our world as we know it. Our outer space
    surrounding Mother Earth is full of UFO's coming and going like a busy city.
    Nasa has some great films of it on internet.
    This is threatening to our governments, because they are helpless to
    defend us-setting the tone for secrecy and power mongering.

    On another level there has been conflicts among the various Alien races
    which has been an on going saga with them. They are in conflict again.
    The Reptiles vs the Pledians. Reptiles are the bad guys that live underground
    and consort with the international "elite". The Pledians are the good guys
    from out there and have bases here.

    Thousands of years ago the Pledians lost a major battle to the Reptiles. But, they are determined to take back their original place in the Galaxy. Angels vs the devil. The Pledians are in touch with certain government officials through out the World. The Reptiles are working with the military/industrial complex and the "elite" for control of the Earth. The Pledians and the human "white hats" are working to prevent this from happening. But the Pledians have a policy for non interference. Pleezz!

    The Pledians are trying to ready us to join the Galactic Federation
    and the Reptiles are saying we are too violent to join. Look who is calling
    the kettle black!
    This sounds like a 3-D Chess game, the likes of which you see in Star Trek.

    *After considering what I have just written, I would be inclined to call the Aliens, Natives and we are the Aliens. We have a hard time feeling at one with Nature. Look attoday's pollution etc.
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  4. Your theory is as good as any out there. One thing though humans did not decend from Neanderthal. We decended from Cro-Magnon.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  5. Honest AnthropologistApril 29, 2009 at 8:16 AM

    Actually, vested interests aside, it seems pretty certain that Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal and Homo Erectus all interbred at various points and times around the globe. The genetic information is far muddier than "Racial Purity" people like to pretend.

  6. Like most of those that come forward I too have seen the unavoidably impossible UFO's. I have been close up, observed the phenomena since I was a seven year old. My most recent sighting was reported as of January this year. I don't need to believe since I have lived the event.

    My comment actually has something to do with a comment you make. You bring up things like mass illusion, etcetera. I have always found that to be one of the most erroneous things ever used to describe UFO's. Specifically when the "Mass Delusion/Illusion/Hypnosis" is accompanied by photographs. Have any studies been made to explain how is it that collective conciousness can create images on film? Nowadays the study would have to be redone to encompass digital media.

    I have been on one end of a ship and asked the people inside to come out without ever saying why, and we all shared the same experience. Does that mean then that science has to admit there is such a thing as telepathy? I cannot see what other way my shipmates would of known what it was they were looking for. I do not always agree with everything you say, but then again such is human nature and that is what keeps dialogue alive. Keep up the good work.

  7. Dear Mind,
    I am glad you don't agree with everything I say...that would be boring. Mass hysteria was used first by the Air Force to described the many reports they would receive in a short time. This is known as a UFo flap today and has nothing to do with mass hysteria. The real problem for some UFO researchers is exactly what you said telepathy. But there is almost as much evidence of telepathy as of UFOs themselves. We find over and over again that their is some type of communications with multiple experiencers. Honestly... it should be expected especially if they wish to eventually become public. Each human they test is different and they may react in different ways. if this isn't testing I don't know what it is.
    Joe Capp

  8. Joe,

    I've written a complete blog post in response to your post. I use 3 longer quotes from your article here - hopefully with your consent. I also link back to your blog of course. I will be posting it in a few minutes.

    Rick Phillips
    Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (blogspot)

  9. Hi Joe,
    Like Rick, I also responded.. in a piece on Edgar Mitchell which I dedicated to you.
    Best Wishes as Always,
    Your comrade In Arms

  10. I too have witnessed craft of unknown origin, which is why I have always kept at it, even when my peers scoffed, ans ridiculed my interests it this subject.

    I saw 6 egg-shaped objects fly right over the highway I was traveling on many years ago. It was daylight, late afternoon. They flew at only several hundred feet above the road. I know other cars saw them, because they also slowed down and looked up, but I could only notice them for a moment, as I did not want to crash.

    They flew in the exact same manner as geese fly, including the pattern of the front group shifting to the back group, which exchanged places with them, just like birds. But I assure you, these weren't geese. They each appeared to be about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, and tumbled, slowly, end-over-end as they flew. The end-over-end motion did not seem to be part of their mode of travel. It reminded me of a magnet suspended in a field, which is easily moved when blown upon.

    I have had other sightings, and one possible encounter in 1990, in the Bahamas, while on a Christmas scuba diving trip. I say possible, because even though others were involved in the incident, I only remembered details about it the day after we returned, via a very powerful dream.

    I don't usually discuss the incidents, because of past treatment by others, but wanted to explain one of the reasons I am so pro-witness.


  11. I want to thank Jennifer for feeling good. I never knew my blog could effect people that way.


  12. Bob,
    I kind of knew. You like myself have experienced the real deal and we are no longer in control of what is logical. We stand in the face of what is true. This truth will not be denied to those who can fact it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we have that courage and must go where this knew knowledge will lead us.
    Thanks for your honesty
    Joe Capp

  13. For me the clincher is video testimony by Gordon "Gordo" Cooper, the last man to go into space alone. He describes a UFO landing and taking off right in front of him and a bunch of other USAF personnel, even taking footage of the incident. They don't let kooks become astronauts. Anyone who's seen The Right Stuff knows that. (Dennis Quaid played Gordo in that movie...)

  14. It is amazing isn't it. How these guys can fly the best our country has to offer. Past test that every debunker would fail, yet are easily dismissed by many. So what the larger world of scientist and scoffers are really saying is Copper, Mitchell and others are fools.
    I always ask where are the scientist that are devoid of politics? Why aren't they the least bit interested in what these men are saying? Why, after 60 years do we writnstle with what these craft are in our skies, and in the skies all over the world. Some of these sightings fit only one profile very advanced technology. This technology has been around far to long to be ours.
    The people on the front line know.

  15. I heard we were all placed here as a test from othere worlds..why is that so hard to understand..its simple its an answer

    We all seek things told by another human.

  16. Yes. These conclusions are the final ones anyone, open enough, will concede to having weaved through most of the best UFO material. I'm very well aquainted with all major UFO cases (and a lot of smaller ones as well) and have read up on what all major 50-100 researchers in the UFOology field have put out in the last 13 years.

    I was also having my doubts about the UFO thing back when I was new to it. There are lots of cases that are mighty strange but inconclusive. But there is that core that can't be explained away (usually older material) that presents evidence enough that there is a phenomenon going on and that it displays intelligence. It took me so much reading to actually get to conclude this.

    For me it's to "digest" the data i.e. to "live" with it and the people involved over time (not in literal sense of course). To research the stories, study presented material and sharpen your analyzing skills regarding science/politics/military/technology/history. Anyone thinking that this thing is easy and superficial without dynamic impact is gravely mistaken. Debunkers often make that mistake when they analyse UFO cases. Either they have an agenda (an opinion) so they are blind to the obvious and most logical explanations or they simply underestimate the complex impact of some phenomenons that are of other nature than your average Venus-, Cloud-, Swampgas-, Aircraft-explanation.

    As hinted to, consequences for people involved can't be excluded from the investigation. The military can keep secrets and there are multiple examples of secret projects keeping secrets for 40 years (or more). And there are lots of documents, that were to be released under the Freedom of Information Act Requests, but got reclassified after 40 years. What in the name could be so important to reclassify after 40 years? 40 years is an entire military carrer - these people have nothing invested in it anymore. And if the saying that military is approx 30 years ahead of overt commercial technology is true, there should be nothing major new technology-wise in these papers... Supposedly there's a new military aircraft generation every 8 years and yet the speed record is set by the SR-71 - 25 years ago!!! That's at least 3 cycles of radically new generations of aircraft we don't know of. Obviously each surpassed generation will drastically pale in comparison to the next in a gigantic way. Our lack of information about this is not a testiment of nothing pregressive happening in the field of aviation but proof that they are as good or maybe even better at keeping secrets than ever before. The fact that much of military now have "gone black" and is outsourced (privatized) - and is not under congressional oversight (less transparent) - have helped the secret keeping of course. But as Stanton Friedman says: "Absense of evidence is not evidence of absence". So just because it's very possible to deny us the best physical data and possible artifacts left behind it doesn't mean we can't get to some of the conclusions reached in this particular blog.

    It's like that saying about seeing the glass half-full or half-empty. While reaching a conclusion that we are dealing with a physical phenomenon of technological nature displaying intelligence - this can be seen upon as a rather vague and unimportant statement to the disinterested outsider or uninvited. But looking at it carefully it's bombshell material to all facets of society.

    While it's nearly impossible for the evidence to stay in one place and be observed, people shouldn't stop looking into this just because it's hard. We have reached some distance and I choose to look at the glass half-full at this point. We should be looking at the UFO question because of its merits and nothing else.

    All the best,

    Daniel Bergh, Sweden