Thursday, December 18, 2008

UFO Hatred

[After this post, some Ghost Tour Pictures from my vacation. You be the judge.]

"You’ve been with the professors and they all like your looks…with great lawyers you have discussed leopards and crooks…you’ve been through all of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books…you’re very well read… it’s well known…but something is happening here and you don’t know what it is…do you, Mr. Jones…” Bob Dylan

This post is dedicated to all UFO witnesses who’ve endured hostility, hatred, and who’ve been constantly minimized, dismissed and scrutinized, regardless of education, status, or impeccability of character.

When I was a younger man I remember a book "Letters from Christians" by Madelyn Murray O'Hair. Atheists and Fundamentalists of all persuasions are tedious because they know all the answers. But I had to agree with the late Ms. O’Hair on the subject of this book. If you don’t know, she was she the American who stopped required school prayer, taking the case all the way to the Supreme Court. Don’t get me wrong: I believe in a Creator. But I’ve come to believe God loves diversity and atheists. Why do I bring this famous case and less famous book up? Well, what struck me about the book was the amount of hatred written in letters to her by “Christians” who are supposed to show love where there is persecution, real or imagined, and compassion to all, regardless.

It surprises me how many “Christian” letter writers, on religious grounds, spew all types of hatred when any of their beliefs are questioned. So it seems to me there’s more afoot here than just defending their personal belief in Christ.

And the same goes for this outright hatred of UFO witnesses and researchers. To be fair, I’m just as surprised at the displays of outright hatred of those who are religious by those who are not.

When I started my YouTube channel as an adjunct to UFO MEDIA MATTERS, I was not surprised at the hatred that spewed forth. Most of it in the name of protecting those I would somehow pollute with my “lies”.

Here’s a sample of the anger and fear UFO witnesses and truth advocates put up with; and note the racist overtones that follow presentation of UFO videos from Mexico.

1.“this is why mexicans arn't allowed in space, Please go make children with the chupacabra.”

2. “Joe Crap, you're the idiot. OBVIOUSLY this is a string of balloons. I can't even understand how you could go as far as to call this unidentified red string a living entity. The name Space Serpents obviously comes from that movie Secret Space, which if you spent more than 10 seconds watching it you would know it's a lie. We all know there's no such thing as red spasticated balloon like creatures living in our atmosphere…”

3. “ It is called [an] AIRSHIP and a low quality piece of crap CAMERA. Seriously people, you are nuts!”

4. “GET A JOB JAIME!!!!!!!”

5. “he talks like Ricky Ricardo,LOL!!”

6. “That mexican guy is full of crap. He is hoaxing the shit out of people in order to make some money. He has a ton of videos of different aliens and ufo's and what not.. So while all of us spend a life time trying to find even ONE ufo, this guy videotapes one every day or something…”

Warning Graphic:
7. “It is just a bunch of red balloons tied together, moving in the wind. It isn't an aztek god descending to earth or an UFO. You can believe it is god's pen*s if you turbo gay and wish really hard for it to be true. The whole thing still stays just a bunch of balloons.”

8. Give me a break...What are the odds some other life form was able to evolve into an intelligent species...what are there Billions of stars? within in Billions of Galaxies? in an infinite, multi-dimensional Universe...we are alone...statistically there is only a 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999102% chance that other species are visiting us

To all the people who called Jaimie Maussan names, I simply recommend you discard your racism, then read his resume here:

I believe God likes a good joke, and I like a good fight. So I thought readers might enjoy some of my answers.

1. “You name yourself fa*t face and i'm a dumbass. I think you need to look closely at the numerous objects in this video before you make pronouncements like that. Take a close look the original you will see more than one type of object so "airship" what ever that means doesn't do it”

I’ve also addressed honest questions myself.

1. “It was a fade out --not sinister-- but I get your point. I will ask him. Would everyone take a look at Jaime Maussan at Wikipedia. [It’s] one thing to say the man sometimes could be set up (the subject matter lends itself to this), but another to call him these horrible names. [Maussan] said one time that the minute he started doing this subject these horrible attacks began, so I ask those who are [fair-minded] to read his credentials and to look at [Maussan’s] research as a whole.
DVD - Paul Hellyer Former Defence Minister Of Canada Fields Question On His Knowledge of Roswell.

Recently I myself was labeled “obsessed” with Roswell. But I feel those brave Roswell witnesses, whether they came forward in their prime or honored secrecy oaths and waited until death was imminent, each one of them was forced to experience exactly this type of hatred we have read about or experience ourselves.

The controversy that is Roswell shouldn’t die until the truth comes out. The Witnesses deserve nothing less.
Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters

Non-Commerical Blog

But first my new-found friend. This was in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico... for a donation to the Zoo foundation you could hold the cubs. For some reason this Tiger really liked me. The feeling was mutual:

Now For The Ghost?

We caught some "orbs" on the The Star of India, San Diego's Old Town graveyard. But my wife and I caught something that looks like a woman’s face with a box at William Heath Davis House, a pre-Civil War joint with many paranormal phenom reports. First the Orbs:Now You Don't See Them

Now You Do

Now Star Of India
A Org Hangs Around

Orb near where the young sailor fell and died.

Next, William Heath Davis House, the painting:

We took a picture without a flash while we were alone in the room.

At the lower right something appears.

We have zoomed in notice the almost perfect eyes and the bow.

Thanks to everyone who worried about me. Thanks Squeak. Thanks Rick.

May we feel the holidays in our hearts and in how we treat others.



  1. Excellent post!
    Thank you!

    I could not agree more with your words concerning Jaime. One can only wonder what hate emails he receives on any given day.

    Terrific pictures, great catch!

    You've been Twittered...!

  2. Ohhhhh, those pictures are soooo cool. We finally get one of you. Far out!

    I love ghost tours. Oh, I skipped the article, had to see the pictures first so I'll go to the article next. I can tell without reading it you're hot under the collar though. Thought you took a vacation? lol

    I see you went to Cabo. I love that town for jewelry. Right when you get to the pier there used to be a humongous area (outside) where they sold fine silver. I've got some of the neatest pieces. I still need to take Jackie on that cruise. I've been on it many times but she hasn't yet. Next cruise we'll do that one.

    Anyway, below is the last ghost tour I took with Jackie. And, in the absolute neatest city I've ever been in, in my entire life - nothing compares to Old Quebec. You can have Quebec but Old Quebec is really something else.

    There are two pictures in there that I took just before the tour started. Our guides were both French and English speaking. I'm an absolute fanatic when it comes to old structures and boy was that city my cup of tea, especially the walk. It was long but I didn't care one bit. I was in awe.

    Okay, you look at the link below and I'll go read your article now.

    Squeak - eek, eek


  3. And, I'm so jealous. I wanna pet the kitty. Waaa, waaa, waaa

  4. Thanks but holding my wonderfull friend was a thrill I will never forget. Like my UFO experience.
    UFO Media Matters.

  5. Wow is all I have to say about old Quebec. I will show that picture to my wife. She will love it.

    The Cat is mine!
    UFO Media Matters

  6. Did you watch the video under the pictures Joe?

  7. Dear Atrueorignal,
    Yes I did... what great atmosphere. I love it and it is on my list of future Joints. It looks like a great small vaction.
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  8. Hi.

    If you Joe or any of the readers haven't yet done so, please look at this UFO that appears in Google Earth. Latitude 30°30'38.87"S, Longitude 115°22'56.21"E. A tip for all that wants to see this - just copy 30°30'38.87"S, 115°22'56.21"E into Google Earth "Fly To" searchfield. It looks almost excactly like the UFOs during the Belgium UFO flap in the 80's.

    I'm glad to see that you chose to highlight the hatred for all things ufological that is going around. People calling themselves "skeptics" look with disdain upon anything upsetting their current views. Others are far too young to begin to understand what have been going on. The majority of posts on You Tube are of this kind, probably because of the young demographic there. Of course there are always the ignorant ones too. There always is.

    I don't see much chance for a true ufological wakeup in people. IMO more sensational (read:hoaxed) and fictionalized stuff gets lots more attention on You Tube. People don't have the time/knowledge to weave through all this to uncover this true enigma. While your You Tube channel is great Joseph, most ufological stuff on You Tube is junk. Conspiratorial stuff seems to catch on better there because of the connections between past/current events and some of the alternative world views brought forth for the last 40 years. It is so hard for people to commit to UFOs being real and external of human influence when evidence in our every day life seems lacking. Often you have to have your own sighting to be able to change opinion on this subject.

    Lastly, I must say that you got your hands on one sweet tiger cub! You can tell from the pics that the tiger was really in the mood for some serious cuddling (which seems a little odd since they are not very domesticated). I had a similar experience with the peaceful koala bear a while back. That was among the greatest fun I've ever had.

    Keep up the good work Joseph. Since you don't get any money from this I hope you enjoy it.

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

  9. Dear Daniel,
    Thank you so much for your kind comment. About the Triangle it is a top of a tower. I had someone from Australia explain where it was and other details. There was a great deal of discussion on that a while ago I felt just like you but alas it was what it was.
    The cub was causing a problem with the women before me who was holding it. For some reason my whole life animals have responded to me. The workers were amazed. It kept wanting to put it head next to me and cuddle. I was so enthralled by the privilege of trust that little lady gave to me. Thanks Daniel your comments are always right on. It is true what you say but than again all this media coverage is helping and I have never in 65 years remember so many sightings. And other eliments like Gilliland Ranch were contact is made but under the visitors control.
    Thanks Again
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog