Tuesday, November 25, 2008

UFO Motherships: Proof Of ET?

One strong indication that UFOs are not just paranormal phenomena is the physical proof, and reports by military pilots of enormous UFO vessels reported since WWII.

These massive “motherships” have been confirmed on radar. And according to both radar and pilot reports, some motherships are over a mile long.

To get an idea of the scale of UFO motherships, take a look at the photos below, featuring the world’s largest commercial jet, the Air Bus A380. At 239 feet and 3 inches, the A380 is a massive plane:

Let’s take a look at the size of the Stephenville UFO, according to the best estimates from the Article winding up the investigation by on The Stephevill case MUFON Journal No. 484, August 2008. “ The craft was closer to 1000” rather then the 500 ft previously speculated on…by the way they are still having sightings Around Stephenvill Texas the the only think that is gone from that area is the media.

. I’ve made the comparison to 800 feet in size so those who easily cry foul… will have to call me names instead…That object was hugh and may easily been bigger.”

Mothership were not new although they were not reported as “motherships”. In one report by Hellcat pilots during WWII. The pilots were under standing orders to guard airspace over this certain location “at all costs”, without knowing why. Now we know this Hellcat group was protecting Hanford’s Atomic Reactor and its secret Atomic Bomb project.

So what exactly did they see? What were they checking up on, more than half a century ago when their group took to the skies?

Keith Chester, in his book Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII pages 188-189, [Anomalist Books] cites pilot reports:
Hellcat 6 went aloft. “They were briefed that radar had detected a fast moving object…It was “Twelve noon time” and under a very clear cool sky.” The UFO? “the size of three aircraft carriers… was very bright [and a] saucer shape…some vapor was being emitted around the portholes or vents. The object hovered at 65 thousand feet, too far up for the Hellcats to reach…after twenty minutes it went straight up and disappeared.”

Remember, this was in the 1940s.
Massive UFOs have been filmed and reported by reputable witnesses, including pilots and police. These massive craft named motherships because they may have smaller craft aboard. There have been radar reports of large object releasing small object and even retreveing them.
It sounds perfectly logical to me to put your smaller vessel into a larger vessel.

Here is a DVD of a pilots reports on a massive UFO.

The changing of shape and mass should be included in the mothership concept, beyond what they can do, by way of acceleration and maneuvers.

I’m going to Mexico! Look for the next UFOMM post from there. PS: We’re staying at sea level this trip…

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