Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Semi-Disclosure vs Slow Contact

...and I heard him exclaim as he road out of sight Merry Christmas to all and....What the hell is that thing!

What would you do if you were the US Government and you knew there was DEFINITELY, UNAVOIDABLY going to be ET contact?

Here you are, hip deep in all kinds of horrible covert actions and costly disinformation campaigns to keep ET contact a secret…and you and your crew of the State Department and Military Secret Keepers know the secret will soon be out anyway. Or, how about another possibility: you’re a career US Government official in charge of ET Disclosure, and you find that after sixty years, UFOs are all over the place again. But this time, as in the present UFO flap, there’s one big difference: the internet and the reality of massive public pressure via instant grassroots global communications on the desktop --Like YouTube.

If I were those Government guys, I would do exactly what France and the UK have done…SEMI-DISCLOSURE to the rescue!

It’s perfect, isn’t it? By releasing “all” (nudge, nudge) UFO documents, even very sensational ones, you, Mr./Ms. Enlightened Government Official must show the people that all along, you’ve been diligently checking up on the threats of UFOs, but you have always been careful not to cause mass hysteria. The official spin you’re going for is something like:
In the end, our Big Brother Governments were just doing their jobs, folks!

How many people in the UFO field today are talking about France hiding the truth about UFOs? Not many. That’s why Semi-Disclosure works.

So, washing your governmental hands by classifying documents “Of no security significance” has been good policy, therefore metaphorically declaring “SEE!!!!!!!!! We have nothing to hide!”

It does the job. And that kind of operation also opens the door to further ultimate disclosure.

Or does anyone think that maybe France is still hoodwinking us, too? The French government pulled a good one, threw ufologists a lot of bones with their COMETA committee reports stating that UFOs “may be ET in origin…” And many in the UFO community drooled.

So how many UFO reports are coming out of France now? Have you heard any?

Right now we have blog after blog reporting on what was released by the UK. We might even say that UK government officials are no longer hostile to the ET idea.

We now have a well respected UFO researcher and insider, Nick Pope, saying basically (and I am paraphrasing here) yes, there are UFO’s, but….no, the UK has not been hiding ETs.

This works for a large percentage of people, even inside our community, especially the overly conspiraphobic nuts-and-bolts UFO faction.

There may be even more shocking releases by the UK, but nothing too embarrassing to the British government.

We may send a million faxes and emails basically accusing the government in the biggest cover-ups of all time, but I bet the most we get out of it is Semi-Disclosure.

The government and scientific dogmatists have, for the most part, controlled the level of importance the media assigns to UFOs. That kind of control --the management of institutional editorial policy-- is a powerful message in itself.

If you don’t buy that, then take a good, hard look at UFO in the media over the last 60 years. Yes, the internet is starting to change that. The UFO message is starting to be heard. Debunkers are having their toes fried publicly --right away-- instead of waiting months or years for publication in traditional print magazines and newsletters and annual UFO conventions.

This speeding up of media exposure and debate also gives a very powerful boost to the message that UFOs are real and the people who see them are real.

Add to all that, the enormous amount of sightings world-wide now, and you have a real possibility of the USA releasing it’s Top Secret (yet truly not-so-secret) documents after the election.

I’ve always believed our government was right in keeping the lid on UFO disclosure if they did not know these entities’ real intentions.

If you were that US Government official in charge, what would Semi-Disclosure mean? What would you tell everyone?
1.There is something here that is not human.
2.They may be from a local planet or another star system.
3.We don’t know what they are doing.
4.We don’t know why they are here.
5.Their technology is beyond anything we have.

I think the US Government came to a conclusion that though this phenomenon was not an invasion, there were still very troubling reports of dangerous repercussions of Contact, like abductions and mutilations of humans and animals.

What does this have to do with Slow Contact?

Something has changed and we all know it. It may not be an accident that UFO sightings are escalating beyond anything I have experienced before, and I’ve been around the Internet for a long time.

Whether people are ready to understand this or not, ongoing Contact has been made at Trout Lake, Gilliland Ranch. We have continuing, predictable, public displays by UFOs.

Maybe we need to understand contact will occur in increments using a conditioning method, exactly like what has been happening for years now at Gilliland Ranch. It’s what I call Slow Contact. A TV program recently decided to go on location and film the UFO flyovers there. It seems the Gilliland Ranch UFOs were not shy about appearing on TV.

This is the first time a public demonstration of this phenomenon can be seen. Not by accident, but on purpose. Many different groups including skeptics, have seen the UFOs.

Could it be that ETs are summoning us to contact in small groups first? I ask you, is this the first time in the history of UFOs that almost everyone that visits a UFO hotspot is coming away with sightings and the same conclusion –that UFOs are real and other so-called paranormal phenomenon are also to be seen? There is also a strange Sasquatch creature at Gilliland. This is right in line with the other reports on the other two ranches known as UFO hotspots.

With the witness reports we have right now, we must accept once and for all the connection UFO craft have with the paranormal and crypto animals.

So, could it be the ETs wish to contact us first and in small groups?

And why not us? Take a look at this and video think back to the other examples of UFO-rich sighting places where contact was made but limited. In those instances there was hostility between the two species, clearly an us vs them situation.

But the happenings at Gilliland Ranch are different. At Gilliland, contact seems to be a polite introduction, and over the years, no humans, animals, or property have been harmed.

If what I and others suspect is true, we are going through a strong conditioning until final disclosure.

If what many in the UFO community suspect is true, the coming summer should bring sightings impossible to explain away. Sightings of such scope would be followed by powerful public reports.

I suspect other types of public displays and sightings at the UFO Ranch will continue, maybe even escalate…till knowledge of their presence is widely recognized.

Then they will land.

The UFO Ranch website:

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Hi. Interesting subject.

    Usually I agree on most that you write, but while everything you describe is accurate I don't agree with a lot of your points. I agree that semi-disclosure eliminates the heat on the authorities but at the same time I do not think that the US Gov't will release any documents before the heat has been turned up considerably more. When some major shadow characters in this game feel the time is right (they feel they need a media distraction + get rid of too hot and lingering UFO questions). It's long before we're there yet. And even then, it will have a spin so it won't be very usable at all. Probably the docs will be less interesting than anything France or Mexico have disclosed until now. The UFO movement will have another setback since this will effectively remove their sword in this fight. One step forward, two steps back. Looking at it from above, nothing of importance will be gained and REAL disclosure will be as far away as ever.

    UFOlogy is still a VERY marginal subject and controversial not foremost for its data but for its crazy following. Anyone can call themselves a ufologist or study this subject and that haven't served UFOlogy kindly as a phenomenon worth studying over the years. Looking at what drives peoples curiosity is still fictionalized stuff and the sensationalistic and crazy, often hoaxed, paranormal news that surfaces. The conspiratorial stuff have really gained notoriety because of connection to recent "terrorist"-events. The paranormal stuff including ghosts have also exploded in interest the last couple of years and seem to attract people of all ages and gender (from personal experience I'd say girls are even more interested in the ghost phenomenon than guys). To contrast all this, all UFOlogy seem to attract are these predominantly white males studying the phenomenon. Tragically neither you or me fall outside that extremely narrow demographic desciption...

    UFOlogy will NEVER gain any footing if other demographic groups won't take interest with UFO issues. Media obviously won't help the UFOlogy movement and there is only so much room for a marginalized subject in the media spotlight. Even if UFOlogists mostly won't agree with it, inside the media, UFOlogy would compete with (sometimes fringe) subjects of lesser universal importance; for example 'gay marriage', 'whale hunting', 'Tibetan rights', 'some peoples life-stories'...and so on... I'm not saying that these subjects aren't worth covering, bottomline is UFOlogy will never get the attention it deserves because of the predominant culture and priorities. It just doesn't affect MOST peoples everyday lives to the extent it needs to. Most importantly, UFOlogy must have a financial tie. If UFOs can't be tied directly into the economy, people in general will have no interest for it. The predominantly spiritual message that now is put forth within UFOlogy is NOT enough to engage the masses and blow the lid off of this thing.

    Internal disclosure won't therefore happen before external disclosure.

    External disclosure is a lot harder to predict because of UFOs unpredictability. But in my opinion they do not seem very interested in engaging into collaborational world changing contact. These are some points why they won't land:

    * Obviously a confrontational approach is worse than a cloaked or evasive type of approach since you stand a much greater chance of avoiding direct conflict (war) if not going head on. And judging from history, you almost always destroy the very object you fight over if you start a war. And wars are often started by going confrontational with the issue. (Of course one can argue that problems/misconceptions can also be ironed out by a civilized confrontational approach but I personally give less credence to that, looking at humans aggressive nature and dark past)

    * A lot of data collected seem to point towards there being different ET-species. Mainly judging from their interactivity with humans. Since neither of them have engaged in serious ongoing hands-on, in-your-face interactions in any greater numbers I must conclude that there must be some extra-terrestrial pact going on between the races; NOT TO DIRECTLY AFFECT HUMAN AFFAIRS. Of course one ET-race could theoretically break that pact but history show that they haven't systematically done that in great numbers yet.

    There are more reasons why I don't believe they'll land but this comment is getting a lot longer than expected and I have to cut somewhere. Let's just say I don't give it much chance at all.

    What happens at the Gilliland Ranch is absolutely real and is probably of ET origin (an intelligence of sorts). It should be studied as it might give insight into chaos theory, multiple dimensions and theoretical physics. I hope more is to come from the people at Gilliland Ranch.

    If you made it this far, I salute you Joseph. Thanks for reading this.

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden.

  2. Dear Daniel
    Actually I agree with you. My point was was that if the US government if back up against the wall on UFOs they could always do what France and the UK have done Simi-Disclosure which works and takes a great deal of heat off of them and really doesn't prove anything. The real idea I was pushing is the evolution of these ranches. Could Gilliland Ranch be a beginning of contact. We assume they will meet with heads of state if ETS land... maybe it will be with the people so that we can get use to them... a conditioning of a sorts. When studying the Gorillas the scientist would each day get closer to the group so that eventually the gorillas became comfortable with their presence.
    It may be they are getting closer so that we may become comfortable to their presence.
    If there is full disclosure our only hope is from them.
    I am very disheartened by the leaks. We have a thousand leaks coming from the government which all tell different stories. They cancel each other out. I will be writing a post on it. It is crazy but it demonstrates one important point. The government thinks UFOs is important enough to continue this long campaign of disinformation. What a message.. is anyone taking down notes...I wonder.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

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  4. Dear Jason,
    Took a look at your site and will put a link up. Like what you are doing.
    My Channel jcappufo clips are public if you ever want to highlight something.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  5. Regarding the ranch, it seems fishy to me.
    I can't think of anything else within ufology that can be characterized as consistent, at least when it comes to time. These guys come out to play every night at 10pm?

  6. This has been going on for twelve years time and they have tried to debunk it. But no one has successfully been able to do it. money is not involved. Gulliland is not that type at all. Even Above Top Secret describe him as a unassuming humble kind person with no seeming agenda. They don't come out the same time or every day. But it is consistent. I think many people don't believe these are intelligent beings on the UFOs but it seem someone with intelligence wants us to experience it now. If they are hiding on purpose was it to go one for ever? If they are here will global warming effect them and maybe their bases. When you think of it conditioning is not playing games it has a purpose. If this is what they are doing then his ranch is a perfect spot.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  7. Hi Joesph,

    I cant help but keep going back to the idea that the powers that be in this country are as flummoxed as those who openly acknowledge and\or study this phenomenon openly.At the same time, they have boxed themselves into a corner by their earlier disavowal of its existence, which would hopefully provide them enough time to determine it's cause, which was an enormous tactical error. I think this resulting mess has turned into a double bind. Now they have two bad choices. Both are games of control and manipulation of information as a weapon either n the past and \or the present.
    A. We lied but we still dont know its origin. If they went this route there would be a firestorm, a congressional investigation, paranoia, etc. The blow back would be considerable.
    B. Let it smolder until it flares.On one hand, it shows no signs of tipping its hat so there's a perhaps false sense that its best to let sleeping dogs lie and keep discretely digging. This plays with the roll of the dice.

    The whole essence of the situation is a game of psychological warfare against;
    A. We, the pawns
    B. The phenomenon itself.

    On another level, I think we are also in a double bind. We are book ended in a checkmate..We have two bad choices being manipulated by
    A. The phenomenon or by the
    B. Terrestrial powers that be.

    There's a game of the ownership of pawns being played out here.

    I just did a piece on the alien ownership side of the equation, and it's pretty grim. I used the theory of planetary seeding and asked Charles Forts original question, are we someone's property?

    Heaven help us all.

    Best Wishes

  8. Hello-Perhaps Obama's appointment of John Podesta to head the CIA will bring disclosure, etc, etc! Go to and see Podesta's 2002 statement supporting government disclosure of present knowledge as well as serios scientific research into UFO's. A wait and see attitude continues to be required! I'm not a pessimist, however after the most recent Larry King on this topic, I'm starting to think the alien type themselves could be on Larry King and Bill Nye would explain that they're simply an optical illusion; end of story. Really, it makes my eyelashes hurt!! Happy New Year To You

  9. Happy New Year to you also. Next year is shaping up to be one hell of a ride.
    Joe Capp

  10. Hello Again-Would like to correct name stated in my comment earlier today. I meant LEON PONETTA, not Leon Podesta!! Thank you