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When Darkness Falls:Nightime UFOs

"If the brains of the UFO world is the honest researcher, then the soul of the UFO world is the honest witness." UFOMM

One of the easiest UFO witnesses to dismiss and debunk is the nighttime UFO witness.
You can see this unfortunate tendency to devalue the nighttime witness on both general UFO reporting web sites and more conservative UFO researchers’ sites.

In the ufology community, we like to think devaluing nighttime witnesses demonstrates how objective we really are to the mainstream science community.

But it hasn’t worked yet.

I believe knee-jerk dismissal of this witness group has kept many genuine UFO witnesses from coming forward. I like to think nighttime witnesses are no more and no less honest than those reporting daylight phenomenon. But ultimately, UFO witnesses of every category have been treated like the enemy by debunker and researcher alike.

So what about our filtering out of folks across the board --deliberately or subconsciously-- just because they saw what they saw at night?

When a genuine UFO witness goes public and is treated as guilty until proven innocent, this bad behavior reverberates mightily because of the power of the web, and the permanent tracks left by bloggers, forums, and news coverage --not to mention advocacy websites. So when new witnesses, astonished by their experience, venture on the web for help, they’re often discouraged and delay reporting the incident. This happens at ATS, from what I hear. And what about the witnesses we never hear from, the ones who see the kind of treatment you often get out there, and are intimidated…forever?

The very nature of this experience deserves an understanding and compassionate tone from all of us --interviewers, reporters, commentators. Whatever our stance on the phenomenon, we all need to remember that it can be extremely difficult for some to come forward and make a detailed craft report or describe a light that was quite different from any light they’ve seen before.

So let’s look at some photos of aircraft lights and photos of UFOs --both typical and unusual examples-- showing lighted UFOs from nighttime witnesses.

Below are photos showing lighting on aircraft.

First Aircarft Navigational lights:
This quote from :
“Navigation lights
The navigation lights include a red light on the left (port) wingtip, a green light on the right (starboard) wingtip and a white light is on the tail.”

Next, images from YouTube, a little provocative in nature:

They have to find something that hovers.

I live near an aircraft approach to Kennedy airport --one of the busiest in the country. I have witnessed aircraft lights which are rather stunning in brightness, due to the refraction of the atmosphere and therefore easily mistaken for something strange.

I have even witnessed aircraft on approach which looked like they were hovering. I have also witnessed many helicopters, from your normal police and media helicopter, to massive military copters used when presidents visit New York.

But never --after studying the more provocative looking aircraft-- never have I been fooled.

Since I’m neither a genius or an optics expert, and I can usually tell what kind of aircraft I’m observing at night because of what I’m used to seeing, I believe many witnesses dismissed by debunkers and certain UFO researchers are probably correct about what they say they saw --especially if what they observed differs from the more accepted explanation.

I understand the scientific approach and agree with it. But the problem is abuse of the scientific method –as applied even by some of the more overzealous UFO researchers who believe they need that stamp of validity from the decades-old scientific mainstream.

But serious UFO researchers inevitably come up against the brick wall of out-dated mainstream science, where at least on the matter of UFOs, easy, predictable answers that don’t challenge the official position of government and academia are the only acceptable answers.

So because mainstream science is already uniformly advocating that Brick Wall, everyone in our ufology community should be reminded that being open-minded, instead of brick-wall-minded, means not only cultivating an open mind, but going the extra distance for the witness, even though it takes time. And recording carefully what the witness says while the serious investigator is going the extra distance can make all the difference later on. Unique, unimpeachable details are often caught in the secondary analysis by the original investigator…or months or even years later, when other witnesses have added hard data to support what once seemed like unlikely details.

How do we strike that balance? Sometimes Venus is not what they saw, even though it was in the right part of the sky, and brilliant! That factoid is what I carry with me from the Portage, Ohio case, where even some inside the UFO community dismissed this case as nothing more than Venus. But in 2008, as police files were made public through MUFON, it was clear that what state and county officers reported was nothing like Venus.

To use the misquotation of Freud, when is a cigar-shaped object really a cigar-shaped object, and not Venus?

MUFON itself was guilty of the rubber-stamp, one-size-fits-all non-analysis in the early days of the Stephenville case, via Dr. Bruce Maccabee. Maccabee was quoted as coming to the conclusion after doing a short preliminary investigation that one of the witnesses had filmed nothing more than a star. But Maccabee never went to the site, himself, claiming he was too busy. True? Perhaps…but if a professional debunker like Oberg had done that….

So in the Stephenville case, we have MUFON returning a less than enthusiastic first assessment. The report even mentioned that neither of the sides would be thrilled with their official analysis.

But then everything changed with irrefutable witness evidence. Somehow this time, the witnesses were looked at with more respect after Federal Aviation Administration radar tapes fully corroborated their strikingly detailed UFO reports. And there is still other radar data available --if we could get it-- that may confirm the many other witnesses’ testimony of phenomena later that night and going into the next days and weeks that followed, accounting for approximately 300 sightings in all.

Video When Nightime Falls:

Now let’s take a look at some classic well-investigated UFO light pictures:

All Photos here:
If these people hadn’t taken these photos, how many would have been explained away as aircraft, and the witnesses left to wonder if anyone really listened to any of the details they reported?

This is the dilemma witnesses face. Should we use the most rigid, conservative scientific investigation model --a model that can be truly bizarre in application of its own integral illogic and bias, based on exclusion?

We have to admit that today, same as it did five decades ago, the so-called scientific model of mainstream science departs from logic when it ignores all the ramifications of witness testimony and adds any old non-ufo explanation, often rubberstamping what amounts to the current trend, regardless of how that trendy rubber-stamp explanation challenges common sense and embarrasses the native intelligence of the witnesses.

The answer is still out there, but for me, the testimony of every serious UFO witness is like finding gold. Some of it may be fool’s gold, but if we’re careful enough, we should be able to tell the difference.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Joe, You wrote my thoughts down to a "T".

    Intimidation is most certainly a problem because again it kicks up ridicule and embarrassment and aren't those the two emotions us humans avoid like the plague.

    Consequently, that ATS comment is ohhhh so true. But it's not just ATS, it's a lot of forums. It's as if everybody is expecting to see something similar to McMinnville or better and not just lights.

    Lights play a big part now simply because aliens are by no means stupid and they knew that they would have to utilize some kind of stealth (such as lighting surrounding their craft) in order to avoid having military take pot shots at them. Who is going to shoot at a light? It's probably been this way since around 1991 since we had so much in the way of Navy and the Air Force in the air due to the Gulf War. Hence, "bring out the stealth" said an alien.

    Re: "MUFON itself was guilty of the rubber-stamp, one-size-fits-all non-analysis".

    That is actually very, very understated certainly. Stephenville is but a drop in the bucket in regards to the thousand or so sightings that have been reported to MUFON since January 2008.

    As a whole, ufology has but handfuls of researchers anymore. Even those that research UFOs rarely if ever post their results or findings outside of maybe a journal on rare occasion when thousands upon thousands are being reported.

    Consequently, you've got your numerous witnesses reporting their sightings to MUFON via their CMS but, a.)they don't ever hear back (which can be understandable) and b.) they lose interest in their own sighting due to lack of interest by the reporting researchers. And then we have the viewers of UFO sightings like myself who daily witness those sightings being reported but see them go nowhere. We never hear anything whatsoever about the outcome on any given sighting that is reported.

    So in essence, we cannot really call them UFO researchers. They're more a UFO enthusiast and only if you have something visible, on film, and it's something other than a dot in the sky, we might swing by and take a first hand looksee.

    My best example is Dean, the guy in Kentucky. I hear that he has over 80gig of photos now, so where are they? What is MUFON's intention. The last time I talked to Dean he was disenchanted with MUFON because they asked him not to post any more photos up on the CMS. Odd.

    Actually, or rather technically, there is no MUFON but rather directors who are the researchers.

    Maybe those directors should consider a change up at the top so that they can better CARRY ON (excuse the pun) with their business because I don't think MUFON is doing what it should be. I believe the directors are, but I do not think that MUFON is and I attribute that to the fact that they have a overly skeptic individual at the helm.

    I'm going to steal this article in it's entirety, I'm sure you won't mind but it's too all important these days and I think that the witness needs to see that there are some of us out there that already know what it was that they were so angry about 'after' they reporting their sighting(s).

  2. Dear Atrue,
    You know I've had some personal experiences with MUFON myself and I am a member. I tried to donate $50. as promised to the AMP(Ambient abduction')Monitoring Project) after a comment about how they need money. I have yet to receive a response from them including J. Carrion who I use to have a good relationship with. I have written them with no response and wrote to him as a last measure. Telling about what happened. Ti date,except for an auto response nothing.
    I had have given a DVD personally given to me to be examined to MUFON NY rep optics expert, at a MUFON training I went to. At first claimed claimed it was clouds. When I pointed out some items to him. He felt he should take it home. Now it's a month later and I email him. He says he has a special program to see if the bird flying by is in front of the try and calculate size. I have studied this vid. for months and have concluded after zooming in on it and watching it frame by frame it flew in front. But after all I could be mistaken. So I say please get back to me. Now it is another month gone by and no answer.
    That just one thing. I started a UFO meeting in NY. It's called NY UFO Meeting Group. Trying to get the reps at MUFON to help book a room at the Library(they have a not for profit org number)is like pulling teeth. One of the group members took the trouble of listing all of the Library numbers branches in Manhattan.
    I called twice to the MUFON rep. who asked me for them and he never answered. So MUFON in NY is broken. There are people in my group claiming multiple experiences and no one is helping. Anyone who has ever read my blog knows I am a supported of MUFON. Some of my scientific friends are also members of MUFON but all of them have problems with MUFON. They will allow criticism. They are thin skin as are many UFO researchers.
    When are we going to grow up here and realize we need to take stock in how we do things how we treat these witnesses. Remember that in the first MUFON journal to report on Stephenville case MUFON was less then enthusiastic about the reports. They said no one would be happy. In other words iffy at best. After the Radar tapes and some smart work by some researchers the RADAR proved what they saw was not lights in the sky but indeed a craft 500 hundred feet across. Suddenly the witnesses were wonderful highly accurate and so forth. Maybe we all need to believe in the witness more and who knows... who will come out of the UFO closet.
    Thank you for your informative response. Great!
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Oh Joe, I've got Carry On stories that would curl your hair that I can't put in your comments but you better believe I'll throw them in an email someday.

    Well, what can ya do? lol I wrote MUFON about something very, very important 17 months ago and I made a point of resending it every week or so - I still haven't gotten an answer.

    I've been around the block with MUFON on three separate occasions and one is uglier than the next.

    I used to have BJ (UFO Casebook) write them for me thinking that if they saw UFO Casebook as the sender that they would open it and respond but no. He said they hardly ever return a response to him when he writes them. I think it's hit and miss. I just know that whoever gets the emails just throws them away unless they have money to send. So who's running the show? lol

    Well, good luck on that $50.00. I'm sure it went into someone's pocket.

    Ewww, I'm getting mean now maybe I best stop here.

    Actually Joe, on that $50.00 it's probably a good thing you contact your state director and not mess around with email because I'm sure that MUFON opens up their email. I would imagine that anyway.

    Did you ever see the MUFON meeting where someone made light of alien abduction and it didn't phase Carrion one bit all well knowing he was on tape. He doesn't believe in abduction. Not one single solitary bit.

  4. Dear Atrue,
    I can only speak for experience.I have had. James the beginning gave me an interview and answered my emails but later he didn't. I wrote him about my concerns over what Bruce Maccabee did concerning a certain witnesses. I felt the witness deserved an investigator that went to the house and followed up on Maccabee "Star" explanation. Never received an answer. But it may he is busy. I understand that but not having the time to communicate can be a problem also.
    So I don't know, I don't have all the answer but there is a problem.

    He has organized the MUFON training in each state. I went to the training, it was good. I appreciate the work that goes into it. But that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion and I think they need a place were they respond to critics. I do believe many of the on the ground investigator do believe in abductions, and it is not cut and dry inside MUFON. But Sometimes when your too busy crossing the Ts and dotting the I you end up missing the very meaning of what is being said.
    MUFON needs to open up to the people who support it and maybe even some dialogue with the public who support them.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  5. I can't speak of personal experiences since I have non, but even if a witness is mistaken - as you say - he should be proven so and not assumed so.
    the accumulation of evidence is crucial for any kind of investigation, and this evidence can't be accumulated without witnesses being taken seriously

  6. Dear Marilyn,
    That is it in a nutshell. The more you try to encourage witnesses to come forward the more they do. There is a balance here no doubt. But once a UFO org. decides to investigate a witness it needs to be followed through to the end. I read on the UFONRC someone who was constantly trying to get someone over to his place. He was having multiple experiences from what he reported. I read some of his reports he was pretty astonished and begging people to come. No one followed up and he was considered a "hoaxer". I don't know if he was, but I believe, considering the current reports and investigations, multiple sightings are not that far fetch anymore, if fact some are being investigated right now including a ranch in Washington.
    So I hope our community will never forget without the witnesses we would have no reports. As it stands now more witnesses seem to keep their mouths shut about these experiences than ever report it publicly. What a loss of resource.

    Thank You
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  7. Hello-As a 7 year old I first observed a UFO. Having now put over 4 decades of continual research into this topic, my biggest question is the apathy. Citizens from all parts of the planet and all walks of life have been reporting their unidentifiable aerial sightings for a very long time. It does not seem to matter who or how many report sightings, or what evidence is supplied, they are disregarded by mainstream media. On the very rare occasions they are mentioned, it is inevitably in a tongue and cheek manner and always in literally the last moments of a broadcast. How is it that a topic of such possible magnitude to all of humanity is ALLOWED to be so disregarded? Well, I believe the answer to that is the sad and terrifying reality that we are more conditioned and controlled than most would even allow into a nightmare. Non-skeptics worldwide need to unite to be a voice that cannot be drowned out and demand disclosure of any and all information from the powers that be. I believe that a grassroots effort to accomplish such a feat is possible. I also believe that in turn, untold multitudes who've witheld information of their sightings/encounters would then be compelled to come forward as well. Yes, I know it sounds like a pipe dream! That's what "they" are counting on and that is what instills the apathy, that neverending feeling of powerlessness in regard to "doing as we're told" because "they" said so. Make it a point to try to help at least one person a day to WAKE UP. It's a commitment and tiresome as well because so many of us seem to be so "dyed in the wool" in believing what we're told and simply not that open minded because of it. However, when people are presented with facts which can be supported, (Larry King has had Fyfe Symington & retired or former military officers on his show recently who related their sightings and encounters for instance) and you have their attention for even 5 minutes, a real message can be networked. Until true knowledge and real disclosure is downloaded to us, which will only happen through demand, it doesn't really matter who reports any "anomalous" sighting or encounter, no matter where or when it's seen, day or night. Well, that's my take!!

  8. Dear Anomalous,
    Many times we forget the power of conviction in a voice. I have read time and time again debunkers try to dismiss Dr. Jacobs. It was nice that all of the parties including the supporting supervisor who confirmed Jacobs story at the Missile base but also dismissed the person who came forward who was not there at the time. That is what we know but to see it. To see a debunker have to face down an intelligent highly credible witness, not only of a UFO...but of a craft shooting down a missile, did a great deal for my soul. Many witnesses are better public relations than any UFO researcher, when they are on camera, and are for real... and then BS debunkers have to face them it's real eye candy.

    Thanks again
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog.

  9. To Anonymous - Re: Mainstream Media "How is it that a topic of such possible magnitude to all of humanity is ALLOWED to be so disregarded?"

    Mainstream media is thinking the same identical thing that even the newbie UFO witness is thinking, which is "how will it make me look".

    Mainstream media covers their rear every time they do anything on UFOs. At the end of every report, be it television news or newspaper or Internet news, there's always that back treading routine that they do at the end, which allows them to (in their way) get the viewer to understand that they don't necessarily believe what they're reporting as to keep their reputation.

    They simply do not want to look like the idiots and have fingers pointed at them by their competition. But, it's newsworthy and it sells advertising, which is the only single reason they run it to begin with. Outside of that, they don't believe any of it.

    It's not until they believe, will that ever change.

    The UFO community is at fault here too though. I've seen so many wacky articles flying around (especially lately) that I wonder sometimes why we do get any attention. There are still too many out there that are hurting our trek based on their experiences, which are just too "wack" for the norm to ever believe. Even if they are true, they should reserve such things for forums but not articles. The less said, the better. I have "wacky" experiences myself but I flat do not repeat them simply because I know the repercussions.

    When others don't restrain their comments, we all come off looking like something right out of the National Enquirer Magazine.

    Mainstream media knows this, which is why they avoid us like the plague - unless, something pops up that they feel could possibly increase their ad rates, then they'll take the chance (while, like I said, covering their backs).

    The best example of this was when hundreds of those in mainstream media wrote articles on the supposed new information that the Stephenville sighting were F16's. The majority of them didn't even run the initial account but they all jumped on the F16 story because they safely could. It'a an old game newspapers play.

  10. Ah what a great does of realiy Atureoriginall your are.

    Joe Capp