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UFO Spotting Is Believing


UFO Media Matters welcomes our new Peruvian friends, UFO researchers Proyecto UFO Piura. The group is 18 years old and going strong. Can I verify any of the group’s UFO pictures? No, but the story is fascinating. It doesn’t look like they are in it for the money.

How many years have our UFO researchers and organizations chased the scientific community, trying to win a respectable seat at their table of respected topics? How many inside our ufology community have burned out trying to make that scientific respectability happen?

So what do we do hear from these so-called objective scientists --even after Stephenville and the radar tapes which could prove beyond doubt UFOs are real?

Nothing. So sc**w ‘em, and lets have some fun.

Welcome to the world of the UFO spotter.

How would you like to enjoy nature and keep healthy by walking and hiking and…. as a side pursuit, help solve the greatest mystery of our time?

Meet the UFO Spotters And Their UFOs

This is the first email I received:

“Dear friend, ”We apologize for the late reply to your kind message. Yes, you are right. There are lots of hoaxes posted on the Internet. Perhaps 10% of the UFO images on YOUTUBE are of real UFOs. Proyecto UFO Piura is a group of people of all ages (we have been preparing some material for you to know about the group). We have been researching on UFOs for more than 18 years (over here in Piura the public Internet have been available since 2000-2001, and home service, since 2004-2005). I, teacher Josuè Gonzàles-the only English speaker in the group-, coordinate the work of the team. Claudia Calle, my fiancèe, helps me to cover the expenses. Proyecto UFO Piura is not an organization, company nor a business. We are just ordinary people -most of the young women and men are students at the institute I work for. Despite the limited resources to do the private research, everyone in the group has something to share. I particularly have no computer or Internet at home (that is why it takes me a few hours to reply to your kind messages in addition to the translating process- I do not speak fluent English). Well, if we can be of help, please write to us !!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!”
Followed By:Dear friend,

The whole members of Proyecto UFO Piura send warm greetings to you and your staff.

“We are keeping track of the latest UFO happenings in the world. We understand that it is hard for some people to believe that a group of ordinary peruvians are able to summon UFOs or spacecrafts. We are doing our best to prove that what we are claiming is true.

Well, it happened again. In fact, it has been happening again and again for more than 18 years. It was on May 31, 2008. Saturday. There were 12 of us (two girls among us). As usual, we went away from the city of Piura, in the north of PERU; at km. 12 on the road that runs east to west from Piura, we got off the bus and starting to walk south.

We got to the “VIEWPOINT” dune at 05:40 pm. As it can be seen in the film, we set the cameras focusing east, on two small hills, the place where the sighting was going to happen. You can see the time of the takes showed by the camera clock.

In the sequence of takes from “toma 2-4.jpg” to “toma 2-7.jpg” you can see the precise instant in which the object’s three main lights grew in size, making everyone of us feel so nervous.

Raul Yacila, the young student operating the camera at that moment, could not prevent his hands from shaking, producing the “running” effect in some takes (toma2-8.jpg).

In the take labeled “toma 3.jpg” you can see the spacecraft flashing powerfully next to the hill outlined by the light from the city of Piura.

We suggest you, our friend (or anyone who is watching the photos), use the zoom effect on every take in order to have a better view of them.

Well, this is an exclusive for you, dear friends. If any question, please write to us at any time!
By the way, have you already seen “Indiana Jones 4”? Indi is looking looking for an extraterrestrial skull in Peru. What a coincidence!!!”

Off they go hiking up to the Viewpoint:

I want to show some UFO photos before we go on with their stories:
Notice the UFOs morphing, and also how the UFO craft appears to be all light, in any configuration or color:

Short History of Proyecto UFO Piura Group


By 1989, I had seen the Rosswell Report, Close Encouters Of The Third Kind movie, and the Billy Meier's video; but I had not seen a UFO with my own eyes yet. I knew UFOs were real all the time (something had told me that since I was a child). On July 28, 1989, a young man I had recently met suggested that we go to the desert and try to summon a spaceship from other planet (that young man called Juan did not know that I had had a dream about being in a spaceship and talking to an extraterrestrial being). I accepted because I wanted to confirm my dream. That night in the middle of a large , dry farming field, my friend fell asleep and I saw a strange white light 500 meters away from us. My first UFO sighting! From that day on, some other friends started to join the group. Rafael Ramirez was 11 when he joined us. We used to go camping when we got money (I was an English student then). Every month, every other month, every three months, we went to the desert and had surprising experiences. At the beginning we called ourselves "The A Team Of UFO Research". Then Proyecto UFO Piura was going to be the formal name of our group. In 1990, a local newspaper, "Diario Correo", covered the happening of sightings on the southwest coast of Piura (near Paita). That was the first time that we had invited a journalist and a photographer to take part of a programed sighting of UFOs in Piura (only one of several UFOs that night was photographed). Some years later, in 1997, another newspaper, "El Tiempo", showed an interview of some of our young members. By Friday, March 16, 2007, Claudia(my fiancee) and I being in the park near her house, just had one thing in our minds: when will they allow us photograph or film their spaceships? Suddenly, I raised my head and saw two little objects flying at great height over Claudia's house. Claudia managed to get a camera and took our first photos of an UFO in day light. For us that was the confirmation of their wanting us to have images as proof of what Proyecto UFO Piura has been claiming to be and to see for 18 years. Part II is coming soon!! Thanks!!!


The rest of the year 2007 was the time of looking for someone we can borrow a video cam from. At IDAT, the institute we belong to, Paul Idrogo, Oscar Ruiz, and Cristh Curo had been in the English class since the beginning of that year. I do not usually mention the subject of the UFOs before the students until they have known me very well. So the boys had been invited to take part in an UFO observation camp for their first time, about the middle of March 2008; the fist camp of the new year. Proyecto UFO Piura is a unit, a team. Every member has his share of work. Paul had dreamt about doing the filming (and he did it!); Oscar had dreamt of the exact hour and minute (11:02 PM) in which the spacecraft was going to flash; Cristh just took his Cyber-Shot and did the photographing; I, the coordination. It was just the 4 of us: an old teacher and three young students; 4 inexperienced film makers (no Lucas or Spielberg around); one old UFO believer and three beginners. Hope was the only thing we had in common; one common goal; one mission. Then we took a bus to the west, to Paita. Everything looked the same; the same bus; the same road which many other campers had done for 18 years; the same passengers who, perhaps, do not care about spacecrafts ior extraterrestrials. But that has never discouraged us. At kilometer 12 we got off the bus and started to do the first takes of us introducing ourselves. After a 50-minute trek (relieved by an informative talk on the expedition, and some fresh fruit and water) we reached the viewpoint we called "the dune". From there tens of people, along these years, had seen many things that their eyes did not believe or did not want to believe. Before nightfall, we dedicated this camp to all human beings and nature, to our families, even to our pets at home. We thanked God because we knew that something very important was going to happen; and so it did. Part III , the last one, in a moment!!!


It was 09:30 PM. We noticed that a strange light, in the air, had appeared in the east (too fast for a plane to fly). The light became bigger, then divided in three, and finally disappeared behind a hill. Paul , nervous but controling himself, could got all the exciting action. By 10:30 PM, another strange light, now on the ground (or closely over it), started to become bigger, changing from white and yellow to orange and green colors (later we found in the video that there were three lights from an object that was slowly turning around and disappearing in the dark of the desert. At 10:55 PM we were just holding back the excitement. We wondered about Oscar's dream: 11 and 2. "Perhaps 11 hours and 2 minutes" , I said. "Let's just wait and see", we agreed. We already had a reference point for the camera. I was personally waiting for two kinds of beautiful sightings I am used to see. But this time, I wanted the boys to see them, as a gift for all their effort. "Look, look,...Listo!!! (that's it! in Spanish). "11 and 2 minutes", I shouted for joy. A great pale orange balloon of light had jumped from the ground into the air, scattering lots of little pale stars, difficult for the camera to take. The boys were astonished. We just laughed and hugged each other. The same sighting happened again and again; as a confirmation that "they" had programed the encounter and that "they" had arrived "on time" for the meeting. Suddenly, when we thought that everything had been all over, a spectacular powerful silver flash was seen by our eyes ( and fortunately by the camera's eye too), leaving us speechless with emotion. We will try to upload the whole non-edited video at YOUTUBE so you can corroborate everything we tell in this brief story of Proyecto UFO Piura. If you could spread this happening, we would appreciate it very much!!!

One of their Videos:

If ten thousand showed up at the Gilliland Ranch at the conference and we witnessed something and filmed it, what a night that would be. Doesn’t matter which side of the coin you’re on as to what they are… just to film a UFO with a thousand different cameras would be historic.

What a night that would be --a UFO Woodstock. No drugs until after the sightings, please!

Part 2 of UFO Spotting Is Believing
Look for the next installment after I return from Peru and Galapagos.

Next week: updated “Damn You, Ghost Busters”, a Halloween Joint from Joe Capp.

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  1. What a great article Joe. They appear to communicate great in English, which is a big plus these days. Too much isn't being paid enough attention too due to the language barrier.

    As far as James Gilliland's ranch goes, I would love to see something the likes of a Woodstock but I think problems might ensue and I also think that James is more into (no problems). If you know what I mean.

    Gosh, if just one incident happened out at the Gilliland ranch that would be one too many and the more peeps, the more problems.

    A small Woodstock would work though.

    Back to the trenches, talk soon.

  2. Dear Atrue,
    A "Universal Piece Conference" we come in piece and love.

    Hey! I would take a weekend to do it... I would do it just to have a chance to do some UFO spotting with camera in hand.
    J. Gulliland could do it for free like an open "Woodstock"...Maybe that is where contact would be made. Shades Of Blossom!
    Maybe we sould call the festival "Alabama".

    Oh right I know i relieving the past and have a contact thing.... but it was fun. Like Dylan sang: "You can be in my dream if I can be in yours"

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Here Joe. This will assist you with your dreams and at the same time remind you what a large gathering usually brings with them.

    Soooo, I've brought you a few things to reminisce with since I don't think James will ever see it our way. lol

    Ahhhhhh, the memories.

    A Long Time Gone

    Not complete without this one

  4. dear Atrue,

    It was a wonderfull time even the pot was cheep.

    Joe :)

  5. Dear New-Vision,
    Intersting, what is it?


  6. mr joe if you are coming to Piura Peru, I hope you can visit the real spot for ufo sightings in this city, that is Chulucanas ; even Peruvian Air Force sent a team to investigate, and Doctor Anthony Choy Montes published his experiences in " The Chulucanas Incident " on the web.I read that the spot where the guys from Proyecto Ufo shot the video and photos is only one spot that belongs to a whole route of this ufos.

  7. Dear Anonymous,
    Believe me I want to go there, but if I do, I loose my Marriage...I'm still thinking about it...just kidding.
    I doubt I'll be able to get over there we have a tremendously busy schedule. But I am going to be disappointed because I am so close ;relatively.
    Maybe ET will be visiting the ancient sights and I can show my wife how powerful one experience can be.
    My wife is very logical person she needs to see to believe. But give her a mystery she can't deny and watch out.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  8. Well, mr. capp, the thing is that I want to give you some information, but I would like it to be private, because I am speaking from part of two guys that belonged to " Proyecto Ufo- Piura", and they separated from Mr. Josue Gonzales for some disagreemets. please write to me at:
    Please, keep it as a secret.