Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Certainty Principle

"But I was so much older than I'm younger than that now" Dylan

The UFO enigma should bring our community together. We all believe something’s out there. Most of us believe that ‘something’ is craft, not just lights.

Many of us believe the reports of craft with living beings are real.

Most UFO researchers will accept as valid reports by credible witnesses about all of the above subjects --including abductions.

But instead of bringing us together into a tighter community with a shared goal, instead of collectively pushing for real change in attitude in human culture, there is, and perhaps always has been, a Great Separator afoot.

The Great Separator is a belief system of rigid ideals practiced by “certain people” that seems to have no logical use in the real world -- except to keep the community ridiculously divided. I call this great separator “The Certainty Principle”.

The Certainty Principle covers all the spectrum of people who claim to be certain of what is still a mystery. Certainty advocates can be very arrogant about it --and that’s one more factor which doesn’t lend itself to open, thoughtful communication.

There are those among us who are certain of what UFOs are, and no other explanation is accepted.

There are those inside the UFO community who are “CERTAIN, NO ARGUMENT” that UFOS are…
Extra Terrestrial craft from other planets
American secret weapons
NAZI technology
not ETs
in the Mind
…Trickster “what ever that is”

The idea of The Certainty Principle came to mind when Bill Maher said on the matter of religion and God:

“ I particularly don’t like the atheist point of view either, they are just as certain that God doesn’t exist as those on the other side who are. I am an agnostic. I am not certain of either.”

Myself, I believe in God… but I’m clear that it is a belief.

So I ask the question of all of us who must at times feel certainty on this subject:
How can any of us be so certain about something that could be as powerful, as world-changing as this UFO phenomenon?

I try never to just dismiss the witness. However, it’s obvious from the reports of so many witnesses, these intelligences can influence the mind. We don’t know how much they influence the minds of witnesses.

The latest predictions on the web about when and where “definitive, mass contact” is to occur have not arisen in a vacuum. There is a great difference between UFO reports now and in previous decades. Ultra-cheap video cams and cell phone cameras with video means hundreds, of live moving images of UFOs are captured; YouTube means every citizen witness can distribute those images around the world…to a couple of billion viewers.

There are places where UFOs can be predictably filmed and in the process, seem to demonstrate some kind of human interactivity, even seeming to communicate with the minds of those present.

No one has made this up. The Trout Lake Ranch --with its ongoing amazing film and video documentation, and now thousands of witnesses over the years-- exists, as other have UFO-frequented locales before it. But in this instance, whatever is behind the Trout Lake UFOS continues to allow filming. At Skinwalker Ranch, with scientists, surveillance equipment and security measures present didn’t. At Skinwalker, a vast range of phenomena was associated with UFOs, and the creative dismantling of cameras and recording equipment in an apparently [and documented] deserted field demonstrated that something associated with UFOs carefully intended that researchers understand a creative intelligence able to defeat their carefully designed, secure experiment was at work.

There is no denying the extensive documentation of multiple witnesses at both locales. These reports are as real as reality gets.

But the meaning of all this phenomena? A completely different question. No one knows for Certain!

DVD: Defense Minister Of Canada "UFO Are Real"

“Messages” from ETs have been claimed before, particular messages or variations associated with places of contact. It just didn’t happen. But it does embarrass the credibility of the people and the researchers in the UFO community, because the outside media tries to define the failures as the reality of us… for…Certain.

We all have strong beliefs about what is happening and the strong beliefs and differences are good for frank exchange, but a closed mind, the mind already absolutely decided on a single solution, is exactly what debunkers offer.

Institutionally, as a community of researchers, we can’t survive under the rule of Certainty. And as individuals, don’t we need -- as healthy, functioning people-- to be more understanding of other views? After all, this is not a religion, it is a mystery.

It’s a mystery most of us have experienced personally. Wanting an answer is a normal process, but I ask everyone in our ufology community to be humble about the answers we give.

As I go away on this vacation I think about what Dylan did for me. He gave me a perspective about what touches us as humans… separates us…. and what inspires us. He gave me the insight into the games other people played and the games I played.

No one can give us insight into the games these entities play. No one has that kind of knowledge but… I am not certain.

“Something is happening here but you don’t know what is …do you Mr. Jones”. Dylan.

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Joseph Capp
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  1. Hi, props for an excellent article.

    When Bill Deagle (prophet) was interviewed by Bill Hamilton over at Camelot Productions he said:
    "(...)There is no GOD. They're trying too say, just like Bill Maher and his movie, 'Religious', you know, obviously he is a kabbalist. He believes in the Kabbalah and the highest souls of the Kabbalah - if you go deep into Masonry - are entirely going back to the tempel of Salomon. They're completely...they'll look jewish, but they're not. They're satanic. They go right back to Atlantis and before."

    I don't know much about Bill Maher or Bill Deagle. I thought you might find the comment intriguing since you quote Maher on his religious beliefs.

    I corresponded for long with a guy who, by 'The Certainty Principle', knew for certain that all UFOs was from nazi times and that all sightings could be explained from that perspective. According to my research UFOs is a phenomenon external of our manmade flying saucers. Some reasons for it: (1) Witness testimony of nazi test craft told stories of very awkward craft, highly experimental. (2) Witness testimony of UFOs at the time told stories about extremely capable aircraft even surpassing todays performance. These did not have much resemblence to the awkward test craft. (3) While the experimental craft would have had much potential (we know from schematics gathered) they're potential was probably not reached by a long way. To be able to have that 'killer application' that could win the second world war for them they would obviously have needed more time. They would have used these saucers if they were better than what they already had, don't you think? (4) All the reasons you mentioned in your article.

    Often there are bizarre "supernatural" occurences following in the footsteps of UFO sightings. These are not by the result of wishful thinking or delusion, but is a lot of times forced upon the reluctant witnesses. Sometimes it's just weird and can be brushed of as strange coincidence, sometimes the phenomenon is obviously psychic since no verbal communication have taken place. Sometimes it's very physical and people have been hurt or even died from one of these events (Varginha). Events that didn't take place in Govnm't opinion.

    ...And for other very tangible reasons (you have mentioned in your earlier articles). There ARE rules for where and how you can fly in air space. There ARE rules for markings, lights. Also considering the test procedures and development of the SR-71 that was held by much secrecy and test flights was kept mostly secret within military not bothering aircrafts in dense rural airspace. This test procedure is NOT characteristics of lots and lots of UFO encounters of unknown aircraft (unknown even to this day). Most debunkers don't bother with this part because they haven't read up on the many cases. They just assume that all aircraft are manmade.

    To say that all these aircraft are terrestrial and manmade from the beginning, you have to account for so many bizarre instances over history that it becomes absolutely impossible. This is the conclusion of any rational open-minded researcher looking at UFO encounters and their trails.

    I just don't know what it is. What is so wrong with that? This cries for serious investigation.

    Thanks Joseph,

    Daniel Bergh, Sweden.

  2. Dear Danel,
    Just returned from Peru with accute attitued sickness when I was in Cusco. Almost said goodby it was that bad. Thank my creater and the wonderfull caring professional people there. We flew back today and I am starting to feel better. Thank you for you comment I will read in more carefully went I am off this anti-biotic.

    Thanks Again