Thursday, October 2, 2008

It Doesn’t Mean Little Green Men

Yes It Does!
*Updates Africa Children investagation

For decades we’ve heard this apologetic statement. We’ve apologized enough… and in the end, it’s just wrong. If the core data on all phases of UFO reports is equal, and I believe it is, there are indeed little “men” that come out of some of these craft, and some may even be a greenish color.

What the hell else are we talking about here, anyway --some USAF black ops scam hiring “vertically challenged” to fly these covert machines?

There are craft landings reported around the world where little people are witnessed.

I understand…out there in mainstream media land we have to be cool about this… after all, with down-sizing, and dwindling budgets for research and fact-checkers, reporters are typically not so well informed (except on Hurricanes) these days….

But in our ufology community, talking among ourselves, surely we must know that you can’t discount these entity reports.

On YouTube, when I post small entity reports given by solid Mexican witnesses, the debunkers let out such a howl. If they are Mexican…even whole groups of Mexican people who witness these same entities, the worst stereotypical racist language will be used by the debunkers… a kind of sledgehammer approach. The debunkers call themselves rationalist thinkers but in these sledgehammer denunciations of Mexican witnesses they are racist, nothing more.

I happen to meet my share of the Mexicans who come here illegally, and although you may argue why should they be here, they do seem to be hard working, honest people for the most part. But to the trash talkers, these racist debunkers posting on YouTube, all Mexicans UFO witnesses have absolutely no integrity and are just waiting for ufologist Jamie Maussan to come to hand them money so they can report anything he wants to report.

And sledgehammer denial is even true within our own ranks when witnesses have humanoid experiences. If it is a credible witness… researchers will go to extraordinary lengths to explain away the object’s inhabitants.

“We can’t have little green around, therefore…they are not little and they are white like…like an engineer, yeah that it!”

Lonnie Zamora, the police officer with the Mexican-American last name who witnessed a landing complete with “small” occupants, was attacked in his time by debunkers who suggested the officer was so unobservant that he mistook a Bell Helicopter for the craft, and engineers for tiny people.

Don’t you do that all the time? Especially when helicopters…land in daylight and things are hanging from it. No doubt I myself would have never noticed…the killer rotors and the massive wind:

“The tests missions were manned by a helicopter pilot and a Hughes engineer ... two persons, in white coveralls.”

Of course Lonnie’s statement that the inhabitants of the craft were NOT engineer size, but child-size was ignored:

“They were shorter than the small bush they were standing next to, later measured at being about 5 feet high”…

“A day or two later, Dr. J. Allen Hynek arrived to investigate the report for the Air Force's Project Blue Book. In addition to questioning Zamora, Hynek measured and photographed the landing site. He located what appeared to be impressions in the ground made by the landing gear, as well as several small footprints”
Put a bell helicopter on this and this is and you get this?

Of course this is only the beginning, because even if you pass a lie detector test, it doesn’t matter, as in the case of Police Officer Herbert Schirmer’s abduction. Here is what Officer Schirmer disscribed:

"Thinking that it was a stopped truck he approached and shown his high beams on it. Soon he realized it was no truck. Instead it was a disc-shaped object with a shiny, polished aluminum looking surface…”

“The entities had slightly slanted “catlike” eyes (that didn’t blink), gray-white skin, long and thin heads, with flat noses and slitlike mouths. They wore silver-gray uniforms, gloves, and helmets (which had a small antenna on the left side around their ear), and at the left breast of each suit they had the emblem of a winged serpent.”

This is perfectly logical in my staging hypothesis. We find the ETs presenting understandable technology and exhibiting it for us to identify with, but it seems to be nothing but a scam, along with the ‘little green men’s’ pronouncements. Also, listen to what the ETs told him. What do you think? Is this spin, disinfo or the truth:

They explained that they purposely contacted people at random so as not to reveal too much of a pattern. “They want to keep us confused,” Schirmer said, so we won't get too upset as we gradually get used to their presence. He felt sure they weren't hostile. They told him that he wouldn't remember most of what happened during the encounter, and that they would visit him again. Someday, Watchman, you will see the universe," one being said to him. [Quoted from the Schirmer article at url above.]

And if you still think this is all hoaxes… suffer the little children:

"African Schoolchildren See Landed UFO and Occupant (Ariel School Sighting in Ruwa, Zimbabwe).

"On 14th September, 1994, a UFO streaked across the sky over Southern Africa. Two days later, something landed in a schoolyard in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, with three or four things who had little or no exposure to TV or popular press accounts of UFOs. Cynthia Hind interviewed them the day after the encounter and made them draw pictures of what they had seen beside it, according to journalist Cynthia Hind. This was witnessed by 62 schoolchildren.

(The headmaster of the school is Mr. Colin Mackie, who was most co-operative, and although he had never been involved with UFOs or a believer in them, said that he believed the children had seen what they said they saw.)"

Some of the children:

The Landing:

The Little People:

"It Doesn't Mean Little Green Men Video:

“The consensus of opinion was that an object came down in the area where they indicated, about 100 meters from where they were at the edge of the school playing field. Then a small man (approx 1 metre in height)… The little man was dressed in a tight-fitting black suit which was 'shiny' according to one observant girl (11 years of age). He had a long scrawny neck and huge eyes like rugby balls. He had a pale face with long black hair coming below his shoulders….that he let the children draw what they had seen and he now has about 30-40 drawings, some of which are very explicit and clear, although some are rather vague. The children's' ages vary from 5/6 to 12 years. I have 22 photocopies of the clearer drawings as Mr. Mackie kindly allowed me to page through the pictures and choose those I wanted. Most of the descriptions are similar but some of the craft are very obviously 'flying saucers', and I wonder how many of these children have had access to the media. Others are crude but more or less in this saucer shape.” Quoted from this site:

Did sixty-two children of different ages get together, forge an agreement, fool a principal…and the world? Most of us who have children know how hard that would have been.
So what is visiting us leaving footprints and mass sightings?

Where are these different small entities from --the devil or just someone down the space lane, as far as a dozens parsecs?

One more interesting item here. I read about six months ago how a journalist was following up on all of these young UFO witnesses who are now adults; he is interviewing them, and apparently they still claim this is exactly what happened. I am looking forward to his completed report.

The evidence is clear: the Universe is teaming with planets. The science is clear that our future, it we get there, holds the promise of going to the stars in ways we couldn’t have imagined, even ten years ago. The thousands of witnesses are clear, presenting us with clear evidence that some small, humanoid entities are piloting these craft…craft that seem to come here from space.

Orignal Article on new film:

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Joseph Capp
UFO Media Mattes
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  1. This is great, I hope those 'kids' are alright today though, Zimbabwe is a mess.

    five boys on a roof
    try to see the UFOs
    - only one doesn't

  2. Dear uspace,
    I read an article about 6 months ago where a jounalist was tracking down everyone of these children and was writing a book on it. I think he found most of them. From the jest of the artile. He also mention how adament they still were that what they saw was indeed what they reported a "flying Saucer" with a little strange people who when sightinmg the children quicky ran on boared the UFO craft and flew away. I think most of them no longer live in that area.
    Thank you
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Hello Mr. Capp,
    I would like to request, respectfully, that you remove the copy of the Socorro object illustration from your blog. That is my painting, and it is copyrighted material. It came from on the CUFON web site where I presented it along with my own article on the case, but regrettably it has been taken from there and used on other sites, almost always with no attribution or permission to use it. I realize you probably did not know, but since I have plans for the use of the illustration I would prefer that it not be used arbitrarily and without prior permission. Thanks for your help...I will appreciate it.
    -Chris Lambright

  4. Hi.

    Having read a lot of UFO stuff I haven't yet bumped into this story about the children seeing a UFO and its occupants. Interesting stuff. Very unlikely do be hoaxed by the witnesses from what I could surmise.

    A logical assumption is its way too elaborate for most to create this illusion. It would be doable if the military put their mind to it (with todays technology). But who in their right mind would spend millions (billions?) of tax dollars on creating this illusion for these children and then not follow up on it (to give it even more emphasis)? The earthly explanation is really not likely at all.

    I come to think of the Varginha case here. There three children saw this little grey/black alien who were getting away from the firefighters search and rescue squad. It surfaced nearby a playing ground near where people lived. Three girls saw it at least and didn't know what to make of it. They thought it was a little devil roaming around (made sense from their christian point of reference). The search team had already captured the first "alien" while these girls were seeing the second one. That second "alien" was also later captured by the same search team. The policeman that had been manhandling the "alien" by touching its skin and carrying it into captivity died some 25 days after that. His whole immune system collapsed by a foreign aggressive bacteria. Doctors could explain what had happened but was dumbfounded as to why. We understand why.

    Some 80 witnesses stepped forward the first week to this and lots of others have also done that since. From what I understand, these young girls were not paid in any way and have not altered their story since. Their story is also consistent with what otherwise transpired that day according to other witnesses.

    There is no way in hell debunkers can bury this story. It might be easy to discredit the children (since they're defenceless) but debunkers can't follow through without defaming people who are considered pillars of their community where this happened. As this would only make the debunkers themselves look bad, they keep silent.

    Thanks for your blog, Joseph.
    Don't stop 'til you drop.

    // Daniel Bergh, Sweden.

  5. Dear Daniel,
    Yes I read a book on that by Dr. Lear. Very interesting case.
    I am waiting for a book on these on this case in Africa. The children ,who are adults now, from the gist of the article, which I can't seem to find now, suggest they are adamant as adults, at what they saw and the details. I am very interested in these interviews. The principle of the school was a no nonsense Principle and the children did not lie to him.
    Thanks Again
    UFO Media Matters

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