Thursday, September 25, 2008

When The Music Died:NASA

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. Albert Einstein

“How many times can a man look up before he can see the sky” Bob Dylan

NASA planetary space programs as they’re designed now are so boring and unadventurous --except when water is found-- that few follow them. Try to find anyone who keeps up with our space program --except NASA groupies.

For instance, I’m betting not many of you ever checked back on what’s happening with the Polar Lander. Am I right?

There is one exception to these boring, unadventurous bureaucratic endeavors its ….MARS…particularly the Mars aerial photos.

My mission here isn’t to downplay the courage of our Astronauts; they do a fantastic job. But I’m angry about money wasted on bizarre, unattainable planetary missions better spent for looking for life on Mars.

So do I have a Martian obsession? Not really, no more than millions of others. It’s the mystery of Mars that’s continued to captivate us since at least the beginnings of the modern age, from the early days of science fiction. The uniquely Martian mystery is really there, waiting for us…But as usual, here’s one more compelling --perhaps even critical to human survival-- Class A mystery that’s repeatedly negated and distorted by NASA.

Lucky for us, two Americans are making it their life’s mission to un-negate the mystery of Mars: one you’ve heard of, and maybe another whose extraordinary work is news to you: Richard C. Hoagland and The Skipper.

We’re beneficiaries of their creativity and persistence, inspired by their fascination with Mars, and their refusal to accept negative NASA propaganda, which attempts to reduce the Red Planet to what looks a lot like rebroadcast shots of Vegas, before Bugsy Siegal started building casinos.

Hey, are those Landers boring or what? Why are they only dispatched to the most bleak spots imaginable? Does NASA really expect us to believe the Red Planet is a Mystery-Free Zone, nothing but a couple variations on desert?

We know better because of some striking MARS Photos.

Before anyone starts to congratulate NASA on these great finds, understand it was not by NASA’s diligence these amazing photos were found and identified. NASA, with its usual bias, was just snapping Mars turf --which they still stamp with their generic DON’T BOTHER LOOKING, NOTHING HERE, FOLKS negative publicity.
But the people, God love ‘em, the real people, with mystery and adventure in their souls and enough DIY to tool up took a long look. You know these kinds of people…they’re the same kind of people who envisioned the Constitution, or an impossible dream like computers and free information for every person on Earth.

And so it was arm-chair web seekers, unaffectionately labeled pseudo-scientists by the debunkers, engaging in DIY forensic photo analysis possible only with web access and a lot of diligence, who were right on about water on Mars… years ago. Photoshop is taught at every community college…your neighbor’s 11-year old and your grand kid know how to use freeware with the same image manipulation features NASA uses.

So now we see the work of these citizen Martian experts all over the net. Years ago they discovered Mars had water and put their proof up in photos showing progressive water staining on the Red Planet’s surface. These citizen photo analysts were ridiculed in their own forums by NASA employees who claimed these web seekers had to be wrong because…they just didn’t have a real NASA-level grasp on science.

But as it turned out, it wasn’t rocket science.

In the future --if we survive-- when we land on Mars, you will never hear the names of these DIY heroes mentioned in any credits. But they were right and they were first.
There’s one exception: Steadman Lake. Named by grandaddy of fringe and deeply alternative science websites, Kent Steadman, who passed on last Spring. Kent was an original like Art Bell, and his many thousand pages at site are a tribute to Mystery, to his own dedication, and to a hundred thousand contributors --many who were frustrated insiders from military and science institutions. Kent, a graphic designer and art teacher, knew what could be done with Photoshop to cover up and uncover, and he just kept publishing photos and pointing out features on Mars that looked …exactly like similar features on Earth. Kent had admirers inside NASA and the Pentagon, too, and a host of Mormon relatives who were military insiders…they also began to spread the word, and now Steadman Lake is referred to by news media.

So we’re fortunate to have images discovered or un-photoshopped and published by Steadman, Hoagland, and another professional photo-imaging analyst, known as The Skipper.

So let’s take a look at some of the amazing photos from Mars brought to our attention recently. Let’s see where Americans’ money is parked right now on Mars, looking for water. Very Exciting!

But we could have just as easily looked for water here… and had everyone glued to the TV:

And instead of taking a great shot of a bleak landscape:

We could Have parked here, showing amazements like this:

Now The Skipper found something NASA claimed were sand dunes. I don’t know what they are, but they change shape:

Wouldn’t you just once like to ask them to roll over and find out what in hell this is --if it is not touched up by NASA as debunkers claim:

Mars Hidden Features...Thanks To Xhuthul Channel On You Tube:

Many believe --including the late great scifi Arthur C. Clark-- some Mars photos seem to show vegetation. And there are strange structures aplenty on Mars, like the above, and like the better-known Cydonia region originally the focus of Richard C. Hoagland’s research.

Also easily seen are lakes [like Steadman’s] which seem to show frozen water…and there patterns of vegetation-like transformation seen across photos of a single region that logically suggest living processes, life…plant life, even the possibility of intelligent life in many examples of what seem to be built environments.

Mars is full of mysteries and highly detailed features apparently natural and apparently built… yet unexplained, explained with disinfo or blatantly smudged out.

The Mystery is there but somehow we don’t want to take the next step…in believing we --meaning years of the disinfo campaign run by NASA-- may be wrong and Mars is alive.

When I was a young man I remember when Astronauts saw strange things. NASA would throw out explanations that couldn’t have been right. It was shocking. I think the music that played in my head, the music of the spheres, died for me then.

The idea that NASA was an independent entity, free of politics and free of military imperatives, a brand-new visionary organization where a scientist could really stretch his or her wings…was destroyed. We see now how political a creature NASA has become. NASA could have helped us shift our focus from ethnic tribal warfare and barrels of oil, to a shared adventure among the stars.

Sometimes I like to engage in reimagining NASA… NASA’s morphed into a robust and brainiac guiding light…NASA like a phoenix, rising out of the worn out politicized old game, a new NASA with fire in its soul…and contemplating a real adventure.

An honest adventure is what NASA needs and what WE need, too: an endeavor sufficiently difficult to induce maximum creativity, and important enough to excite the whole country…the whole world.

And good news to government bean counters, too: a new, true NASA adventure could pay for itself.

Try this: how about The Mars Plane a flying vehicle, built for the Mars atmosphere, streaming nearly-live broadcast events, complete with commercials, showcasing each new strange feature…Maybe some of these strange, large smudged objects --meaning those mystery objects “not made by NASA”-- could be zeroed in on… As our Mars Plane cam pans across these anomalies… some turn out to be a vastly different scale than we were led to believe by the first Rover photos, and it’s so obvious when we’re close enough for fly-overs…As we watch at home, online, footage streams as the Mars Plane journeys out each day from a central point to see the purported lakes or possible forests --maybe entire regions-- of vegetation…and don’t forget the mesas that seem to have hundreds of uniform cave openings, much like Earth’s Anasazi pueblos in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, cities carved integrally into canyon walls…

Who knows what all these amazing things could turn out to be? But that would be a great part of it, the mystery…

Don’t see that scenario happening quite yet?

So how good is this Mars photo expert, this Skipper guy, when it comes to catching real phenomenon? I thought I’d found something myself, and Skip told me it was a reflection. I argued the points he made and next he asked me to do some research on the Rover site photos. I found other photos that confirmed Skipper’s ideas. The guy has good eyes. Open yours here:

Steadman, Hoagland and The Skipper have helped me tune into the Music of the Spheres again. Spread the word, and maybe after the election is over, the citizen DIY photo analysts can put enough mystery back into Mars that public outcry will inspire NASA to re-tool and reinvent itself.

*Except Polar Lander, all photos were obtained with permission from The Skipper at Mars Anomaly Research Web Site; except for changing perspectives, they are the original photos sent back from Mars. Do yourself a favor and look around Skipper’s site. WARNING: you may be shocked by what you’ve been missing:

Joseph Capp
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  1. I think your appreciative reference to Richard Hoagland was enough to discredit your posting.

  2. I think Hoagland went over the edge, and is very egocentric, but to say he wasn't instrumental in bringing public attention to Mars and some of it's strange features is just not true. The only people I find in this arena who claim to be perfect are debunkers and neo-cons. Once you really believe there is something real it can be easy to over speculate and go off on false theories. . So a faulty hypothesis is not the evil sin you seem to think it is.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. You touched on something the great commedian Bill Hicks used to say, "If we were to take all the money we spent on defense each year, we would be able to feed and clothe the entire world and explore space as a species forever"

  4. You touched on something the great commedian Bill Hicks used to say, "If we were to take all the money we spent on defense each year, we would be able to feed and clothe the entire world and explore space as a species forever"

  5. You touched on something the great commedian Bill Hicks used to say, "If we were to take all the money we spent on defense each year, we would be able to feed and clothe the entire world and explore space as a species forever"

  6. An excellent set of observations, you might also include some of the imaging work on and http;//
    both of which would seem to confirm your basic thesis.

  7. Excellent observations and commentary that could perhaps be augmented with references to and
    in a future post, thank you.

  8. Dear BadRazor,
    Yes I agree, the world has lost it's soul. It's not the me generation, its the me world. We could have solved most of the problems in this world, the money for war alone could have ended poverty.

    As far as the scientific fundlementalist world view and ego it needs to be challenged, and there is strong evidence it can be on many fronts. The honest witnesses, and sincere investigator are a strong key to opening those doors of the real scientist, who above all want to solve a genuine mystery, objectively, the purist science of all.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  9. Dear Anonymous,

    Great Stuff beautiful pictures. Now as far as the "segmented cylinder shape" it really got to me. Because I checked that soil out a great deal and I saw no disturbance by dust. Something seemed to have moved. Has anyone calculated what size it may be? Many of you reading this take yourself as Skipper would say do the work. But be careful though, once you take the blue pill...
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  10. Hello. Nice post as always.

    I thought the article would be about the connection between NSA and NASA but found out it was more about their lost "cause".

    I suspect the rover is set on pretty dull landscape because of its physical limitations. Would it be more capable I believe they could drop it in a more adventurous spot to look at "cap ice" or "sand dunes" in more rugged terrain. I speculate here, I don't know.

    I believe in your conspiracy theory however. These decisions is politics/conspiracy in the highest order thus the decisions taken are not rational to the inquisitive scientific mind.

    I looked into Skipper's site. I'm very impressed with the mere volume of information and applaud the effort to catalogue and structure it into categories. I commend Skipper for this. It is easier to get to the more interesting pictures than the NASA effort. Skippers site really saves a lot of time as well as intrigues the viewer instantly and triggers a healthy debate otherwise absent at NASA.

    However, I'm not very impressed with some of his guesswork over what every so slightly implicating picture might be. Some of his analysis is very speculative to say the least and some of the comments are narrowminded (probably plainly wrong). For example regarding what, in Skippers own mind, constitutes "natural geological formations" and what does not. I found that part not very open minded to what is more likely.

    Lots of his analysis is good also (has scientific bearing) and he points out regions absolutely worth looking into by NASA but I don't have any hope they will any time soon. I hope Skipper continue his effort to catalogue the pictures. NASA need some healthy third-party debate.

    You did well siding with Hoagland when some anonymous blogger wanted to throw the baby out with the bathwater in the previous comments. I do not agree with some of Hoaglands work/conclusions but he has all the physics to a tee and is more open minded when talking about physical and technical possibilities so I "visit" him for that part.

    I don't think Hoagland shows very good judgment on his concluding final analysis lots of times so I leave a lot of his personal convincement alone. Some of the rationale he expresses I believe is inductive reasoning when in fact he presents it a deductive reasoning from evidence collected. I believe that he isn't 100% forthcoming with this. For example I point to his opinion of "glass structures" on the moon. In lectures he presents it as he collected all the implicating photos that showed glass structures firstly and ONLY THEN looked for prisms in other pics to validate his claims, and also found them :-) This is highly improbable work order and I think his claims more suggest that he firstly found the prisms (which are really intriguing in themselves). These probably convinced Hoagland personally of glass structures present and like a hound smelling blood he continued to hunt for pictures that had structures/order in them to further prove what he tried to build up as a claim. The inductive process is very useful when testing the solidity of a formulated theory but Hoagland seem to use it more to gather (rather weak) evidence to support an early claim or conviction. I have even more criticism of his work but I like him too and applaud his effort and his war against NASA supremacy of space analysis.

    His interaction with NASA since he left them and that soap opera intrigues me more than his personal convincement - the conspiracy stuff. NASA seems to really have changed priorities over the years and very prominent people from defence contractors and US military + shadow Govn't people (NSA, DoD and so forth) seem to have steered away NASA from what normal curious scientifical researchers would find worthy of exploration.

    Hope your health is alright now. Be well.

    // Daniel Bergh, Sweden.

  11. Dear Daniel,
    Thank you for great informative comments. Hoagland can go off on the deep end and sometimes he tries to take all of us with him.
    I know everyone is trying to make sense of this and we won't really know until we go there but the real problem is we may not even know then.. because of NASA and our government.
    My wife is not into this at all, but she is a Photoshop nut, and even she knows some of the photos have been touched up. I can't understand how this is easily ignored...Why in heavens name would NASA be doing that, on a dead desert world.
    The touched up to me seems conclusive something is there they just don't want us see. If someone has a better explanation for the smudges or adobe brush strokes. I want to hear it.
    Skipper and I don't agree on everything but I think Mars is open to a great many different sure wasn't what science thought it would be.
    Thanks Denial
    Feeling Better
    As Always
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  12. Yes i have. Sorry I would love to use it if possible. My blog is just to educate people about how UFO witnesses are made to look like fools.

    Thanks Again
    UFO Media Matters

  13. Hi this is Cassie--I'd like to agree with the person who mentioned Bill Hicks. And I personally skimmed through all of the mars photos and found one with something metallic on the landscape that shone oddly. Now.. I don't know what it was but it was odd.

  14. Hi Cassie,
    I like to see that photo. if you have time could e-mail it to me; my email is

    Thanks Cassie
    UFO Media Matters