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The Aliens On Trial, Part Two

So you think you can tell…. heaven from hell… blue skies from pain…running over the same old ground… what have we found… the same old fears...wish you were here.
Pink Floyd

Clerk of the World Court of the Federation of Nations: Will The Representative Dr. Steven Greer Take The Stand.

Attorney for the Defense: Dr. Greer, oh by the way: you are a real doctor?

Steven Greer: Yes. I was a physician in a hospital emergency ward.

Attorney for the Defense: What are we dealing with here, Dr. Greer? Evil aliens ready to serve us up for dinner?

Attorney for the Prosecution: Your Honor, I’m sure we are all well acquainted with Defense’s theatrics, but could we at least start off with some type of question that is not a statement in disguise?

Judge Stanton Friedman: Mr. Bassett, get to the point here.

Defense: Sorry, your Honor. Dr. Greer, tell us, please: how do we know for certain the ETs are not going to harm us after we disarm?

Steven Greer: You don’t have to believe the testimony of the thousands of witnesses. You just have to use some common sense. If the Visitors wanted to hurt us or enslave us, we would be dead or bowing down to them right now.

Defense: So all of these animal mutilations and all of the abductions, they are done by…who?

Steven Greer: Of course, there have been some people taken, but they were secured so they wouldn’t hurt themselves…You have to understand, the Visitors knew who we were, but we did not know about Them. With all the chemicals we were polluting into the air and water, they wanted to know how it was affecting human adults and children on our planet. They also checked our food chain and wild game and pets. But it was to help the animals and help us survive, in case we had done terrible damage.

Defense: The blood…why did they take all that blood? It seems to me a lot like vampirism.

Steven Greer: That’s just it…that was the Government. The governments of the world knew the Visitors would not interfere, so it was the governments acting with this knowledge, using the time they had before the Visitors became more overt, to back engineer the alien technology, and become --in a way-- the Aliens, themselves. If you see what I mean.

Defense: Why would the governments of various nations do this? We see what a mess there is today, half a dozen wars at any given moment, nobody agrees on anything. So how could you get these governments to agree on anything --much less, Aliens?

Steven Greer: Survival. This loose coalition of governments believed they were threatened, and of course, the US Government steered them that way. Secrecy was easy. Government leaders and military were told we were back-engineering captured craft and the weapons on board those Visitor ships. But in truth, from the early days, the big players in this government coalition --not the people who get elected, but the real government functionaries, the career cabinet members, diplomats, and military-- we say these diplomats and generals knew the Visitors were peaceful, but that they still were the ultimate threat… because the Visitors represent the only threat that could displace the authority of world governments… And this would lead to the governments’ loss of absolute power.

Defense: Thank you, Dr. Greer. Your witness.

Prosecution: Dr. Greer, do you believe the Federation of Light was in contact with these ET beings, --the Aliens known as Visitors-- that have landed?

Steven Greer: Yes, I do. There is a great deal of evidence…

Prosecution: Thank you, I got it. Now, Dr. Greer, isn’t it true that the members of this Federation of Light claimed the ET --the Aliens you call Visitors-- said they would appear on Oct. 14th?

Steven Greer: Yes, the Federation delivered the Visitors’ Message, but…

Prosecutor: I ask you, Dr. Greer, what happened to the October Surprise? Why didn’t the ETs, the Aliens, appear on October 14 as promised?

Steven Greer: There was no guarantee. This was a test of energy, so when the energy was not there, the Visitors didn’t appear.

Prosecution: Made the spokespeople for The Federation of Light appear pretty stupid, didn’t it --even to many inside the believer communities?

Defense: I object! What does this have to do with the charge of ET perjury… the ETs have never claimed they spoke through these people.

Prosecution: Nor have they claimed to have spoken through the many who claimed to be in contact with them inside The Disclosure Project, either.

Judge: I allow it. After all, Dr. Greer is a spokesperson approved by the ET representative, Mr. Z. So Dr. Greer’s position has been one of support for The Federation of Light. The witness is directed to answer the question.

Greer: The people who do this understand the abuse they go through if they stand firm in their beliefs.

Prosecution: Do you believe the decades of ET contactee history reported by some inside the UFO community?

Greer: Yes I do. There were some hoaxes, but they were discovered.

DVD Budd Hopkins Takes The UFO Community To Task:

Prosecution: Why would the Extraterrestrials, the Visitors pick these people, anonymous folks who most of humanity didn’t know? And isn’t it true many of the Contactee claims turned out to be…bald-faced lies?

Defense: Your Honor, this is ridiculous! How is the good doctor going to know which Contactee was really telling the truth, based on reports from decades ago?

Prosecution: Your Honor, Dr. Greer just said the “hoaxers were discovered” that leaves thousand of inaccurate ET pronouncements through these ET Contactees. So we must conclude if this was indeed communication originating from the Extraterrestrials, the Visitors, then they were capable of lying, and thereby capable of perjury.

Judge: I think this is relevant to the concept of perjury.

If the ETs have used people and lied through them, then they are quite capable of perjury. The ETs made a statement which, among other things, included the claim they had contacted some people telepathically. So this question is open for discussion.

One other item. The Defense will address Dr. Greer as Dr. Greer, or the witness, but not the “good doctor”.

Defense: Yes, your Honor.

Greer: We know the Visitors themselves could not become deeply involved in human history; that is a certainty. The Visitors told us in the statement they were not allowed to participate directly in our lives unless our future became dire. So the Visitors disguised what they said in ways we would understand. It was not lying; they were there to help us.

Prosecution: Didn’t the ETs predict atomic war through many of the Contactees? And didn’t they also claim they would take a select few --the chosen-- with them, somewhere off planet Earth?

Greer: We don’t know if any of that was true or just the Contactees ad-libbing, trying to make themselves more important.

Prosecution: How about a for-instance. Let’s take Adamski. Adamski ended up looking like an idiot, to everyone everywhere, except a few people inside the UFO community. They’re still debating how many independent witnesses actually saw UFO craft and phenomena around the late George Adamski.

Greer: ET --the Visitors-- can’t control what humans do with this gift they give us.

Prosecution: Do you claim you personally have documents proving the US government cloned DNA and likewise instituted the horrible abduction described by some abductees?

Greer: Absolutely.

Prosecution: Seeing how important this trial is, would you show this evidence to this court, please?

Greer: Your Honor, the Attorney for the Prosecution knows this court does not have the authority to grant either immunity to these witnesses or the reading of these documents.

Judge: It is true we can’t give immunity, but we all know if such clear evidence demonstrating any connection between the horrible mutilations and abductions and the US or any other government were brought forward, there wouldn’t be a government --or a prosecutor-- in the world who would bring charges on that evidence. I will allow it.

Greer: I will not put anyone in jeopardy. The last time I looked, the government was still in power.

Prosecution: So, at this pivotal moment in history when you could quiet the minds of billions of people by showing the ETs --Visitors--Aliens are really what they say they are, are you saying you will just stand aside…on a triviality?

Defense: This is abuse of the witness; witness has already stated why he can’t answer.

Judge: I will allow it. We are talking about the potential for total disarmament. That is what else is at stake here.

Greer: I will release all of this information after the agreement is made.

Prosecution: Steven Greer, is it true your group sent emails asking for a donation of roundtrip First Class seats from your UFO community?

Defense: Your Honor, what has this to do with the issue of ET perjury? He’s attacking the witness.

Prosecution: Your Honor, witness is claiming such high standards, I thought we should question him about how far those standards go in his organization.

Judge: Sustained. I don’t think this line of questioning gets us closer to the answer we seek. Jury will ignore the question.

Prosecution: No more questions, your Honor.

Judge: Defense?

Defense: The Defense Calls Mr. Z.

The most important question after the ETS become “common knowledge” is Why?

And I hope when the day comes, when either side ask the questions, that must be asked, I hope those questions reflect an open --rather than a fundamentalist—mindset.

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