Friday, September 12, 2008

Aliens On Trial (Part 1?)

"I scoff at pettiness... which plays so ruff" Bob Dylan

Ladies and Gentlemen and Extra-Terrestrial Representatives, may we have your attention, please: the World Court of the Federation of Nations will come to order!

The Honorable Judge Stanton Friedman presiding. Please be seated.

Judge Friedman: “Good day to everyone. Would the Clerk please read the charges.

Clerk: The Federation of Nations charges the Visiting Extra-Terrestrial races with Perjury in the First Degree.

Judge: How does the Defendant plead?

Attorney for the Defense: “Your honor, Mr. Z, Representative of the visiting ET races elected by the Galactic Consortium, enters the plea “Not Guilty”.

Judge: As agreed by both the Prosecution and the Defense, and as an expedient, the Court has agreed to permit the designated representatives to argue their positions on this case. I will entertain motions.

Attorney for the Defense: Your honor, I move to dismiss this case due to lack of evidence. On behalf of the Federation of Nations, even the Prosecution agrees that we have no definitive proof that ETs are hurting anyone, anywhere, anytime. He bases his perjury charges on some purported ET abduction and ancient accounts…which the ETs say they were never involved in. So we must ask this question: are we, as a civilized society, going to prosecute our visitors every time someone cries wolf, or in this case, “evil ET”?

Prosecutor: Your Honor, this is ridiculous! Defense, on behalf of these admitted Alien Beings, is asking the people of our world and this jury to dismiss thousands of peoples’ testimonies, even without a hearing of the evidence.

Judge: Hold your horses! No one is going to dismiss this case. A hearing is what we’re all here for. Motion denied. Any other motions from The Extra-Terrestrial Visitors or the Federation of Nations?

Prosecutor: Yes, Your Honor: I ask that Dr. Steven Greer be dismissed as a witness for the Defense.
Judge: On what grounds?

Prosecutor: On the grounds Dr. Greer does not have the least bit of evidence the American Government is doing what he is claiming. Are we going to allow unsubstantiated claims to be treated as evidence? If so, the notion of a just verdict is obsolete.

Attorney for the Defense: I object, Your Honor…

Judge: Everyone simmer down, now. Look folks, someone is abducting and killing our people and our livestock, and if it is not ETs, don’t you think we should at least entertain other ideas? I am sure, with your experience as a prosecutor, handling a witness like Dr. Greer should be easy pickin’s. Motion denied.

Any other motions? Good! Defense will present opening arguments.

Attorney for the Defense: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, what we have here is an evil plan by the Governments of the world to keep you in fear of the Aliens.
And how could that be? We have thousands of testimonies from experiencers that these Visitor interactions were, over the long run, a wonderful and important aspect of their lives. When asked if they would give up this experience, how ever initially shocking, a large majority of experiencers said no.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what we have here is simply one species trying to find out about another species. The questions the Extraterrestrials need to ask about us will be the same questions we people of Earth will ask when we go to the stars. And haven’t we all decided --as reasonable people must-- that if the Visitors have been here for a long, long time, if they really wanted to do anything sinister, wouldn’t we know about it by now?

Members of the Jury, the Prosecution claims the Visitors have lied…but he doesn’t say why. We know the governments of many nations have hidden a great deal from us. We also know it is these same governments that have the most to gain --if the Visitors were found to be untrustworthy.
DVD For The Defense: Dr. Steven Greer

And so I must ask you: are the ETs going to be one more group we just decide not to trust --simply because of the way they look or eat, or because of the color --or should I say, the unique, mushroom-like texture-- of their skin? Do we once again want the governments of our nations, or our Federation, to tell us how we should feel? Haven’t we already let our governments interfere too much in our lives?

My fellow citizens of the Federation of Nations: how can we move toward a world view of one, unified people --as these highly advanced Extra Terrestrial Visitors suggest-- if we think as we did before? It’s time to start trusting! It’s time to put aside this 19th century idea, this childish fear of invaders from space. We need to grow up as a people and as a world.

And the gifts! Our Visitors are offering us so much. Think of it: free unlimited energy, galactic travel package discounts! Why, the Visitors’ strategic partnerships with both our public and private sectors will boost our economy! Visitor technology will radically enhance our own universal ID tracker for the growing prisoner population, and the Visitors’ contributions to medi-chip implants for Seniors, infants, and political protestors will reduce management and oversight costs, saving tax-payers trillions! Not to mention the deeply discounted anti-aging serum the Visitors have licensed to our leading pharmaceutical combines…And, as we remind ourselves of the bounty freely offered to us by these gracious Galactic Travellers, who could forget the Visitors’ generous bonus offer, their Free Ride Zero Taxation for the first 100 years of our membership in the greater Galactic Unity, and…

Prosecution: I object! Your Honor, could you please….Defense is trying to bribe the jury!

Judge: Are you through with your opening, sir?

Defense: No, Your Honor, but I will move on. I ask my adversary, the Attorney for the Prosecution of Z and these generous Extraterrestrial Visitors: do people really matter here? The testimony of those closest to the ETs should matter. The benefits, we the people will enjoy, don’t we matter?

What they tell us, the contactees, I mean, is that so many of them end up with fabulous new psychic powers, and then of course, they are thrilled to be able to see into the minds and hearts of these ETs, our esteemed Visitors. Why, the contactee community world-wide is extremely grateful, as we all should be!

And so, Your Honor, and proud citizens of the Federation of Nations who sit today on this historic jury, as an honorable and a properly grateful people, who…

Prosecution: Objection! Your Honor, this is blatant propaganda.

Judge: Sustained. Watch the strokes, Defense. Get back to the facts.

Defense: Yes, Your Honor. Now, members of the jury, we can all agree that on balance, the wonderful gifts The Visitors have given experiencers and the rest of us, and the glorious future they promise us as Galactic Citizens, all these good things prove the Visitors worthy of our trust. Trust them, and trust the evidence, and you will find the only fair verdict is “Not Guilty”.
DVD Steven Greer Presents The Defense:

Prosecution: Ladies and Gentlemen Of the Jury: the Attorney for Defendant Mr. Z representing all the millions --perhaps billions-- of Extraterrestrials out there we can not meet face to face today in this courtroom, claims the psychic contactees know what is in the heart of the Extraterrestrials. We also know ETs are “psychic”. But isn’t the Big Question here, how psychic?

Psychically powerful enough to influence the contactees’ perceptions, that we do know. And what does that kind of power over the awareness of adult humans really mean to the rest of us? What does that kind of power mean to those of us who might not want to be exactly the kind of “psychics” the ETs create…and manipulate? What happens once that kind of psychic control begins? Is this Alien psychic control a gift that keeps on giving?

Yes, the ETS offer us all of these things, but at what price? For the price of mind control, and for global disarmament. And that’s just for starters, that is what we know about them, and that, I submit to you, is terrifying to the rational person.

The Extraterrestrials say Give us your minds, and then give us all your weapons…And I say to you, are we really this foolish --or this blind?

Defense: Your Honor, I object! Prosecution is trying to scare the jury.

Judge: Ok, objection overruled. Let’s get past this, please. And Attorney for the Defense of the Extraterrestrials, do I need to remind you this isn’t the Chamber of Commerce, and you aren’t a lobbyist…yet? This is an international court of law.

Prosecution: If you were to ask a cow in the weeks before you slaughter it, whether the humans in charge thought themselves to be caretakers of that cow, I guess if it could talk, the cow would say yes. That cow would say, yes, the humans assisted at my birth, the humans micro-chipped me so I would never be lost among tens of millions of cattle, the humans fed me scientifically prescribed feed, they vaccinated me against diseases, and they often let me out into sunny fields…The humans were my caretakers, until the day they herded me into the chute with cattle prods, and drove me into the slaughtering house.

Defense: Your Honor, I object: the prosecuting attorney is using disgusting tactics and trying to scare the jury into a “Twilight Zone” or “X-Files” vision of our esteemed Visitors and their good-will relationship to all of humankind.

Judge: The Prosecuting attorney is warned that this is not Saturday night at the movies. Get to the point.
Prosecution: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, we will prove logically, and to your satisfaction, how these Extraterrestrials have not told the truth in the past, and --while we don’t know exactly that their plan is of entirely evil intent-- on behalf of the people of Earth, we will present evidence to you which will prove at the very least, these Extraterrestrials have absolutely committed perjury.

If they have committed perjury, then the World Court has no recourse, but to strongly recommend delaying any agreement until adequate reasons are supplied for these false statements by our Visitors...

Judge: Will The Defense call its first witness.

Defense: Your Honor, Defense calls The Federation Of Light.

To Be Continued…
Joseph Capp


  1. Hi Joesph
    Lately, Ive been completely at a loss to counteract my own disgust at the whole situation wherein these allegedly omniscient contactees are given the same bandwidth as more sober speculation and thought. I wrote a piece where I compared this challenge of having science or even at minimum philosophy majors to consider this situation to throwing snowballs at The Great Wall of China.To pose a rhetorical question, Why does some facets of the media give these obvious fantasies the same yellow journalistic credibility as actual reports, studies or other theoretical considerations? October will come and go on the heels of The Great Bigfoot Hoax. My paranoid inclination is to say this is a conspiracy of idiots to shoot the whole paranormal field in the foot, which no one has asked them to undertake. Incredibly... they do this of their own accord? I just read a headline piece on Tonya Harding being the reincarnation of an famous assassin...I just shut off the browser and read a good book, Twain's "Letters From The Earth" Junk food for the masses..No wonder Twain had little hope for our species toward the end of his career. And so it goes.
    Best Wishes

  2. Mr. Z has about as much knowledge of UFOs and aliens as my dog, and how he was able to publicly associate his name with the UFO field is beyond all logic and reasoning I've been able to apply.

    That said, very intriguing post. I like the court setting idea! Looking forward to part 3.

  3. hi patrick brainwerx here. i saw your comment post on my you tube ufo video. thanks for your support. I was wondering if i could have more information on the sighting you mentioned in that post. my email is thanks.

  4. I hope you read this because I put so many comments up I don't know which one you are referring to email me at and let me know which it is.

  5. Cute, Joseph.

    Very cute, and perspicacious.


  6. Dr. Greeris gullible in the extreme. If he makes diagnoses about disease and its treatment the same way he "rationalizes" and forms suppositions about the UFO phenomena, I'd hate to be the one to carry his medical liability insurance.
    I've spent forty years or so wrestling with the UFO problem, and if there's one firm conclusion I've come to, it is this: The UFO phenomena IS NOT a cohesive experience. Taken at face value (the testimony of witnesses) the experience is comprised of dreamlike sequences and involves innumerable types of "aliens", extraterrestrial craft, and a diversity of messages (or flap-doddle). Greer's premise about the reality and intent of benevolent space brothers who are only waiting for our energy vibe to radiate peace is so absurd a five-year-old would think twice before adopting it; after all, there's more credible evidence to support the Santa Claus myth than there is to the existence of benevolent angel-like grays nannies who watch over poor poor humanity. Greer, apparently angst-ridden and confused ike many others before him, has simply abandoned reason in his quest for a new religon.
    Greer's rants are woven from myth, hearsay, conflicting testimony and examination only of selective facts, i.e., only those things that would seem to support his particular confabulation. This makes him a classic keyhole theorist. What his thinking represents is scary in the extreme if one knows history. It derives from an elitist view which is just another smug 'we are holier than thou' type of thinking that allows the elect to place themselves above us poor spiritually deficient plebeians who just don't have the vibe to perceive the revealed truth of things. Greer wants humanity to abdicate their independence to an unknown consciousness that he trusts. Being quite familiar with the manifestations of this consciousness, I definitely don't trust it.
    Humanity has war and conflict because we are different from one another. This diversity of thought and intent is our curse, but also our greatest strength. Only hive insects are truly homogenous beings, and even they war from time to time. A human with no wants, no desires, who doesn't express independent thought and only exists to serve "the community", is no better than an insect serving the hive mind. So, no thanks, Doc. I'll take my chances with humanity.

  7. Dear Mahone,
    Thank you I was kind, actually one of the witnesses told me, they thought he was a nut. The bit about the "First Class Tickets" is true his group sent me, and others, a email asking for it.
    The bottom line, and this is always and the bottom line for me: Does Dr. Greer Org. help the credibility of the witnesses in the public eye...I think we had the answers, again and again from the press conferences he held, which were empty, after the first one.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters