Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Strategic Saucer

Dedicated TO Major Donald Keyhoe

Debunkers and at least one school of true believers suggest that UFOs are nothing more than projections of the collective unconscious, or part of some grander mystical phenomenon.

But when you hear the well-documented testimony of military whistle blowers, veterans of the missile silos and missile test flights, you get a more sinister and very important possibility: ET.

Namely, we’ve got real phenomenon run by real intelligence that’s not US military, not any other nation’s military, and likely not human at all.

Many inside and outside our diverse ufology community would have us not worry about UFOs.

But do we have a choice. I’m not saying ETs are evil but I do think we have a responsibility as members of the human species --especially if we’ve observed how UFOs are a real and not 100% psychological phenomenon-- to consider seriously the ET theory of UFOs.

And carefully considering the ET theory of UFOs means looking at all the possibilities about UFOs and ETs, including all possible motives, even, or especially, those that are not just about Galactic Love and Peace.

Personally, I believe Dr. Mitchell when he says though “they are not overtly hostile”, but until we sort this all out, we should “keep our wits about us.”

One of the most powerful examples is not only of the presence of UFOs and ETs but their powerful curiosity around our nuclear weapons. UFOs have been seen around the explosions of the Atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs, but reports also indicate whoever was flying them, UFOs were much more interested in our delivery systems and how to disable them.

Bob Salas, former USAF officer, worked at base where missiles malfunctioned:
“In 1967, I was on duty as a missile launch officer…First, I get one call saying that they're seeing strange lights flying in the sky…About five minutes later, the main security guard -- the flight security controller calls down and says he's looking at a glowing red object, very large, hovering over the front gate. And he wants to know what to do….

So within seconds of that call, my missiles start shutting down. I recall losing all 10 of them…”

Dr. Bob Jacobs, USAF (Ret.), former photographic instrumentation officer:
“And as I watched, the warhead -- the dummy warhead…that was put out in front of it as the decoy to deflect the Russian…radar -- everything was flying along and suddenly…at about 8,000 miles an hour, an object came into the frame, shot a beam of light at the warhead, flew up to the top, shot another beam of light at the warhead, flew around the direction it was flying, shot another beam of light at the warhead, flew down to shoot another beam of light at the warhead and then flew out the same way it came in”

We are talking about taking down a nuclear missile during takeoff!

How far away from the mystical can you get?

Now The Jets.
Bob Jamison, former USAF officer, superiors told him UFOs cause missile malfunctions:
“I was called in...they have a map of the whole complex, the green lights where the missiles are good. But there's one small area with 10 red lights. It means those missiles were out.

…A missile had gone down. My job as a target officer was to bring them back up...

Very rarely does a missile malfunction. And I don't think any -- much more rare would be two at the same time. But never 10.”

We also have some good documentation showing pilots were killed by these craft.
The Russians Were Seeing Saucer Landing With Occupants "Every Week":

When deaths are involved, clearly, we are not talking Trickster mythology here; we’re talking about a hostile intercept and the superior craft winning by downing the human-piloted aircraft pursuer…us. And we see these reports again and again.

General Benjamin Chidlaw, former commanding general of the Air Force:
"We have stack[s] of reports of flying saucers. We take them seriously, when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them."

Source: Timothy Good Need To Know; see the Filers Files Link here:

Let’s think who could these be… Nazi flying saucers from hidden caves? Our own secret pilots testing out vintage German saucers? Even though our pilots were easily out- maneuvered and killed…

If you come to the same conclusions I have --that ETs, not hallucinations from the collective unconscious, and not abstract folkloric Trickster myths, are a strong possibility-- consider this: all those ET pilots in battle with our military pilots could have easily escaped. Whoever is behind the UFO craft that attack and kill our pursuing aircraft and pilots, they didn’t choose diversionary tactics, they didn’t choose to use that superior technology and zoom away. They fought, and they used lethal force.

These are sobering thoughts, but we still can’t assume ETs are “overtly hostile”.

Human governments can be savage and dangerous to lethal, even as Bush White House-sanctioned waterboarding, Abu Gharib, and the CIA torture ‘rendition’ flights, along with those more extreme historic extermination and torture operations of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot show. These are the savage truths about us humans.

We also have strong evidence some UFOs were going down.

Air Force pilot Robert Willingham, in the book The Other Roswell, tells his story to authors Torres and Uriarte:
“…the object was traveling at 2,000 miles per hour, and he saw it make a sudden 90-degree turn, without slowing down. As the UFO streaked toward the Texas-Mexico border, Willingham received permission to…pursue the object in his F-86 fighter. …Willingham followed it down to near Del Rio, Texas, where he saw it suddenly begin to wobble and descend rapidly.As the pilot watched in stunned silence, the UFO plunged toward the Rio Grande River, plowing into the ground just south of Langtry, Texas and digging out a 300-yard long furrow before finally coming to rest…”

So ETs knew we had captured one of their scouts, and took action.

Interesting how, in the Stephenville reports, UFO craft move away without attacking when the jets pursued. I bet they didn’t arm or lock on…but I am not an expert. There is no doubt in my mind if they had attacked, our jets would’ve been sent to a fiery Gehenna.

So what are the true motives of ETs?
How do we track motive? Should we discount these documented apparent attacks by ETs? Or are we just to smile, and passively fold these apparent hostilities within a larger perspective?

I say truth is truth, no matter whose parade it rains on…even my own.

Of course we have to look at the other side.

Given the highly intelligent ET scenario, ETs did apparently allow us to arm the planet. We have tens of thousands of nuclear missiles ready. ETs did allow us to pump an untold amount of pollutants into our atmosphere and water and land. ETs could have, it they wanted to, design specific ways --genetic, biological, technical-- to just kill all us humans off.

We can almost do that now, ourselves.

So I’ve come to believe there is some very benign action taken on our behalf by ETs. But my worry is, given that they interfere when they believe they have no choice, what exactly does that interference mean to humans? And how often will that include lethal action?

This line of questioning seems to upset the spiritual or psychic contactees among the diverse ufology community. I’ve asked it a few times.

I keep asking how do the contactees and spiritual-mystical ufology folks know that the ETs are not manipulating what contactees and psychics channel or ‘receive’ by, well, lying to them?

So in the final analysis, I wouldn’t bet the future of my grandchildren on their psychic connections to ETs piloting UFOs.

Something on the other side is not so nice, and until I find out who that is, exactly, all bets are off.

Joe Capp


  1. Very nice. Always well written and thoughtful. You're very productive as well. Several new articles every month. Your blog is rational thinking of a controversial subject and is what I'd have liked published in my local newspaper on this very marginalized subject.

    I live in Sweden and haven't seen anything productive on UFOs in swedish media at all over the years. Total silence. Why, I don't know. So people here don't know zilch about UFOs. I guess if one really had first hand knowledge or experience here one would feel very alone.

    I believe there are interesting religious/paranormal history that suggest we were visited long before 1940s. This has the potential to blow the lid off this thing but there are problems proving it, of course. The good data is sparse and can always be interpreted in other ways (by the debunkers). For some people historical records is just not enough either.

    I think 2 things make for rational theory that UFOs are a really "old" phenomenon and likely NOT something that started in the 1940s (when discussed in linear time count):
    (1) The terms time and space really blurrs when talking about exotic gravitational technology (or space craft reaching near light speed in other ways).
    (2) VERY old civilizations HAS to become proficient in space travel in order to survive when their own planet is not habitable anymore.

    I think some historical stories/events I've read over the years could be interpretated in other ways. Events that have been accepted to adhere to "divine intervention" over history might just be explainable by the more "prosaic divine intervention" we know to be the UFOs.

    Maybe you know some good examples of that from christian culture (or other cultures) which would make for future excellent thought/reading.

    // Daniel, Sweden

  2. Dear Daniel,
    We need more thinkers like you here. Great stuff. They are not new arrivals
    We have spent so much time deciding if they are here, we forgot the part about how do to build a logical theory around their presence. How do we make their actions logical when they seem at times absurd. I believe also that there is a great possibility that the ETs religious/paranormal history was at least partly responsible by the ETs themselves and continues to this day.
    What i think for me is so profound about the reality of a long term presence is; It fits what they do. if they want to hide yet make mistakes because they are not perfect, and may even eventually go public. These Visitors must know us psychologically very well from studying us. Their meetings with us seem part reality and part staged yet effective in what they want to accomplish. Sometimes the meets are intentionally absurd. We are their audiences and we haven't discovered their ending yet. They know what will confuse us... turn off our scientist. They can quickly manipulate opinion, on what and who they couldn't be. They can send messages to the governments of the world and not say a single word.
    But through out the smoke screen of mirrors there seems to be a stage of conditioning, slowly occurring. They seem more then ever to want to point to their presence now. My ideas may be wrong their better than some I've heard
    Thanks Again
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. Joe - Regarding your webpage's dedication - you do know the man's name was Donald Keyhoe and not Donald Keyhole - right?


  4. Thank You
    Yes and I am ashamed of myself for allowing that typo to slip through. I do that a great deal with his name. I hope it was too not distracting. And since I am embarrassed by it now I hope it sticks.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

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