Friday, August 1, 2008

Bonfire Of The Vanities, UFO Style

In SUPPORT of MY FRIEND, Courageous, US NASA ASTRONAUT, Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14!
I, Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET on his 27 inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center (LCC). The ET was standing upright in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay having a discussion with TWO tethered US NASA Astronauts! I also observed on my monitors, the spacecraft of the ET as it was in a stabilized, safe orbit to the rear of the Space Shuttle main engine pods. I observed this incident for about one minute and seven seconds. Plenty of time to memorize all that I was observing. IT WAS AN ET and Alien Star Ship!

I now have three completely independent examples of individuals whom I trust reporting to me that individuals they trust have admitted to handling alien materials in "our" possession in the course of secret official duties.
Bernard Haisch, Ph. D. California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, Palo Alto (1999-2002) Staff Scientist Lockheed Martin, Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, Palo Alto (1979-1999) Scientific Editor The Astrophysical Journal (1993-2002) Deputy Director Center for EUV Astrophysics, Univ. Calif., Berkeley (1992-1994) Visiting Fellow Max-Planck-Institute fuer Extraterr. Physik, Garching, Germany (1991-1994) Editor-in-Chief Journal of Scientific Exploration (1988-1999) Visiting Scientist The Astronomical Institute, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, the Netherlands (1977-1978) Research Associate Joint Inst. Lab. Astrophysics, Univ. Colorado, Boulder (1975-1977, 1978-1979) Ph.D.University of Wisconsin, Madison, Astronomy (1975) B.S. with High Distinction Indiana University, Bloomington, Astrophysics (1971)

: Edger Mitchell Vid. recieved from Alien Casebook, Thanks!

We all knew it would happen.

At least some of us who’ve been around Ufology for a while knew it was inevitable: even bloggers who claim membership in our diverse community would snipe at Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

Because of the coverage he received, they got envious, and so they couldn’t restrain themselves, they rushed to marginalize his statements. They even insinuated Dr. Mitchell was lying.

Remember, while many of these negative bloggers seem to pack the integrity of a card-carrying Bushee, Edgar Mitchell’s integrity has never been questioned by NASA, or anyone else of merit. Mitchell has demonstrated over the decades his integrity and intelligence --showing more of both than all these blogging jackals put together.

Why do UFO researchers and bloggers --who both think there is something significant in UFO phenomenon-- rush to marginalize the statement of an authentic American hero like Dr. Edgar Mitchell?

Because they are jealous. And because they’re the psychological type who must be right. And so they lower themselves, and our entire community, by using the same tactics as debunkers. For instance: I’ve never in my 45 years around the UFO phenomenon read any debunker ever apologize to a UFO witness for any statement they have made which turned out to be wrong. Never! And that profile is a statement of truth unto itself.

And it looks from here like several claimed pro-Ufology bloggers owe one of our great American heroes and greatest astronauts an unconditional apology.

Let’s read some of the maneuverings now happening on the dark side:
“The second point is Mitchell’s history. He has long been an advocate for what can be called at best fringe science, starting with his tests of psychic powers on that same lunar flight. That’s fine, in fact I support things like that, if done rigorously… but clearly in my opinion he goes way too far. Government coverups of actual aliens? Really? Where’s the proof of that? The evidence is always circumstantial, and that makes me suspicious indeed. We have governments that cannot coverup a simple break in, a tryst in the White House, or trade deals between Iran and the contras. Those are cakewalks compared to the massive conspiracy theorized by the UFO crowd.
No, my point is that I don’t really see why this is suddenly news. He’s been talking fringe science for decades…

So I want to be very clear here: I have enormous, deep, and profound respect for all the men who walked on the Moon, and all the men and women who put them there. But that does not give them a pass to ignore evidence and to draw drastically unrealistic conclusions without evidence to support them.”

Phil Plaitt attacks Dr. Mitchell, then tells him how much he respects him. Now there’s a well-known PR campaign tactic: turn an apparent positive into an absolute negative by speaking with forked tongue.

How many roads does Edgar Mitchell have to walk down before you respect his word, Phil? Apologies to Dylan, by the way.

Dr Ruby Schild Smithsonian Astrophysicist Tribute To Dr. Edgar Mitchell Part 1 & 2:
DVD 2007 MUFON Conferemce

Here’s another blogger, Ian Brockwell, who ‘respects’ Dr. Mitchell. I think?
One of the most popular reasons why some people give interviews ( Dr. Mitchell) and "reveal" information that is designed to attract serious attention, is to promote something (usually a book). So I did a quick search to see if Dr. Mitchell had written any books recently.Mitchell has written two books, the last one in 1996 called "The Way of the Explorer". However, a revised edition of this was released this year and he has been giving a number of interviews just lately.He obviously understands the need to promote books (all authors do) and he gave a lecture at the Roswell 2004 lecture to do just that. Presumably the 1996 version of his book required a little help in getting noticed if it still needed promoting 8 years later? And now we have a revised edition of the same book, which obviously will also require some additional publicity.

Ian Brockwell, thanks for respecting Dr. Mitchell…I think?

Of course, the US mainstream media “news” does the same thing, right?

Or it may be they’ve sold out only to the attention value of the subject matter at hand.

Many people I’ve met have had grand intelligence, but not a bit of common sense. Some of these zero-common sense brainiacs who’re also science professionals I’ve come to call The Robot People. It’s important we recognize them, know them for what they are, because The Robot People never see the human part of anything.

The ‘Bot People consistently fail one kind of IQ test, though. The Bots Who Blog Among Us still don’t get that if you have failed to develop your Emotional IQ, i.e., a baseline awareness of the presenting emotional challenges of the people right there in front of you, and a bit of respect for the courage it takes UFO witnesses and serious researchers to come forward, you are not really working the human side of the street.

And from the science and media sides of the street, if you’ve failed to account for the Emotional IQ --the fully human aspect of research-- you’re just not getting the whole story.

Dr Ruby Schild Smithsonian Astrophysicist Tribute To Dr. Edgar Mitchell Part 2: DVD 2007 MUFON Conferemce

Debunkers say there is no evidence unless you can measure it.

But how can you measure something that is more intelligent than you and doesn’t want to be measured?

How can you measure something which is likely of profound national security, wrapped up in secrets and hidden away?

Dr. Mitchell clearly indicates in his phraseology that he does not want to break his oath.
Hey, I’m no rocket scientist, but I can read that.

And Dr. Mitchell never names the individuals directly or the committees or the direct sources. He never includes NASA. He carefully, honorably skirts breaking his official military-US Government oath, while I believe, he is keeping a higher order of oath.

Dr. Mitchell --unlike the Bot People-- is keeping an oath of faith, trust, and loyalty to the Human Race.

We’ve got massive amounts of evidence coming out. We’ve got the government cooperating with MUFON. MUFON requested and received the radar tapes from the Stephenville, Texas case. MUFON’s evidentiary conclusion: Large UFOs 300 to 500 feet across, traveling 2000 mph… exactly where the good witnesses reported they spotted them.

Am I crazy, but do any of you remember the bloggers --the ones who’re supposed to be on our side-- quickly trying to demolish or diminish the Stephenville witness testimony? In the very beginning of Stephenville, snide remarks, star charts and such were rampant in the ufology blogosphere. Witnesses hardly finished telling their stories before attacks began on several claimed pro-ufology blogs!

I know there are debunkers who make a living from this. I get it.

But what are these others trying to do? It’s one thing to keep it honest and add a healthy dose of dissent. It’s another thing entirely to kill the messenger over and over again, especially when the messenger has demonstrated a lifetime of integrity.

Roswell proved that for these I AM SO RIGHT kind of people, and for the Bot People, multiple witnesses, even deathbed confessions are not enough.

American hero astronaut Edgar Mitchell proves that a life lived with integrity delivers a powerful dimension of believability to witness testimony --so much believability, that professional debunkers, the just plain envious, and the Bots Who Blog Among Us forget themselves, and in their rabid rush to publish, fail to use logic, and risk revealing bad arguments, low-level thought, and a Bonfire of the Vanities-style silliness that probably, in the long view, will turn out to be tragic for us all.

Joseph Capp

UFO Media Matters
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  1. Mitchell's disclosures don't seem to be any more solid than Paul Hellyer's.
    If he had said that he had first hand experience, then that could be a different story. But he isn't claiming first hand experience.
    Is putting Dr. Mitchell up on a pedestal any better than the extremist skeptics putting Dawkins or Shermer up on a different pedestal?

  2. Dear Anonymous

    I don't ever remember people making fun of these skeptics on TV. The news stations on the other( MSNBC) hand, have a talking scientist on.... telling you and me how we should think and react to this on the news. They said he was just another person. Well if that is true so is every expert that get to debunk it.
    I don't see what so extreme about what he said. Someone is flying these craft around for 60+ Years. Someone seems to be taking people and doing something to them. Something is making impressions on the ground when they land and take off and changing the nature to the landing spot for decades. Basically he also said we do not know where they come from. Although they believe it is from other planets and now the discovery of so many planets(just discovered one 3 times the size of earth) it is very probable that life is teaming in the Universe. I do believe the interviewers emotional reaction was a classic example for the way many people will react to public announcement of and an ET presence.
    Thank You for Your Comment
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Buzz Aldrin backed Mitchell in a CBS interview by stating Mitchells statements should be "responsibly" investigated...Wheres Corey Musgrave...who has also made sly inferences...? is he going to be #4 of the ex NASA folks who weigh in?
    Where theres smoke theres fire....

  4. Dear Bruce, Is it possible to send me that link. I watched the Colbert Report Friday and Buzz was on but he said nothing I am very interested in that. My secret hope about this was the slight possibility the other astronauts including Neil Armstrong would come out in defense of their fellow hero who, we all know, in the media, just became another person in the loving line of crazy people.Don't get your hopes up about NASA the announcement

    Thank Bruce
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters


  6. I'd love to see something by John Glenn also. Heck, I wish these guys would just all open up at the same time.

    Great article, Joseph.

  7. Dear NS,
    Yes it would be nice to see John Glenn speaking out for his fellow traveler, but once you get into the polictal machine it is very hard to get out of that be careful what you say mindset. So although a man of integrity I think not.
    But the one astronaut I had hope would come forward Neal Armstrong. I feel there lies the enigma of a man. I would love to know what he knows. Something has kept him away from the limelight and it may just be related to this subject

    Thanks again

  8. Thanks for the well written article. Your blog is pure gold. I seem to share your perspective on these things. I also believe Mitchell is credible and carries himself very well. I'm glad I don't know of the bloggers you write about, I go to the more credible UFO researchers for my discussion.

    What about this thing - a lot of people seem to believe that all NASA Apollo missions were faked and that the astronauts would have to be de-/reprogrammed to be able to go on afterwards to carry out their public work in a safe matter. That would certainly account for (A) the weird behaviour in the post-Apollo11 press conference or (B) the way the astronauts mentally break down after missions or (C) their lack of subjective memories from the moon surface.

    I believe that there must have been a secret space program due to covert technical breakthroughs (obviously not internal combustion) in the 50s and 60s. So Apollo 11 and onwards must be a lame duck program which casts a doubt over its whole existence in my opinion. Personally I don't believe that Apollo 11 happened at all the way it was described. The rest of the missions, I don't know much about. What is your position on this?

  9. I don't see it and I've read on it. My truth serum is the astronauts themselves. These guys lived to go to the moon not to just be a symbol. They had the passion, like a fighter or any other person who needs the goal ,more then the money, or the fame. Anything is possible but the evidence is just not there.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  10. Thanks for the comment. I have seen and read the website of Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, before. Judging by his current comments, he seems rather desperate for money. Not the kind of man to trust to not be too sensationalistic when putting forward his claims. What is to make of his persona? Is he credible? Was he ever? I don't have the knowledge to judge that. Please help me what to make of him. I find it not very logical that people got to see aliens in the space center without being deprogrammed to forget it like many believes the astronauts were given to forget any alien encounters.
    Thanx // Daniel

  11. Dear Daniel,
    I tend to take Clark C. McClelland,at his word. He was fired and maybe he is desperate for money. They very rarely have to deal with those methods anymore. The public media is so programmed to bring on the debunkers that it is not needed. God, an Apollo astronaut could come forward and the wouldn't believe:)
    Also, a very interesting development for me was when the FAA gave the radar tapes of Stephenville so easily to MUFON . it might be a form of disclosure being practice. I wont tell you, but I won't stand in your way of furnishing you the info to find out.
    As I say it is the easiest secret in the world to keep.

    Thanks Daniel for your thought provoking questions.

    UFO Media Matters

  12. Hi Joe,

    I just wanted to assure everyone that I am not critical of all the "UFO" reports I read about, and even if there is no actual "proof", that doesn't mean I don't (personally) believe them.

    I have the same desire as all other "believers" in wanting the skeptics to share that belief, but I know they won't unless we present the information in the right way. I feel that by not asking the skeptics to accept what we tell them on faith, is the best way forward.

    However, in saying that, there are situations when "circumstances" can be just as good as proof.

    Over the years I have written many articles about this subject and no one would doubt my support for the existence of aliens (if they had read them all). Or do I have to walk on the moon first in order to have credibility? :-)

    In a few days time (hopefully), I will be writing a new article that provides "proof" of alien space craft in Earth's orbit (according to the person who is giving me this information). There will be a number of photos available for examination.

    The provider of these photos will be offering $10,000 cash to the first person who can prove they are not real! This I feel will be a great incentive to the real "debunkers" who will have a chance to back up their criticism (if they can) and profit from it if they succeed.

    I have already seen the photos, but I shall let others decide what they think of them later.

    All the best,

    Ian Brockwell

  13. Dear Ian,
    Thank you and I am looking forward to seeing those pictures. I agree completely with preparing your data so that skeptics may share a wealth of knowledge and our beliefs. Debunkers are a different story. They have their true belief system and it is just as rigid as any fundlementalist belief system. No circumstantial evidence will surface. So to show this academically is mostly wasted because scientist don't wish to loose their careers over UFOs. So who is left. The most important people of all the public. Our only real chance is public opinion . But how we do that is just as important as what we show. The way it is presented now is many times dumb.
    I do it by putting out thought provoking Videos from the conferences. Or when people allow me to share there personal videos. I also take on the debunkers because they get lost in the details their homework is superficial at best.
    But what you are attempting is great because I do believe their are many vides,and photos which are not faked and I am sure some debunkers know it. It is not good enough that we stay in these small communities at conferences. How many young people do you see at these conferences. It is time to let the public know we are here and we are not going away. The people who see and experience these thing need all the support they can get. I don't worry about hoaxers we usually ferret those out real quick. Please if you wish to showcase on my blog please do. Also please email me when they go up. at:
    Thanks Again
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  14. Risking virtual blows to be rained down upon my head, and yes, I do believe it's possible, if not likely, that there's one or more alien or other unknown intelligences on Earth, but to be absolutely cautious about the astronaut evidence (and my suggestion has nothing to do with being "rigid"): wouldn't astronauts be the perfect people to be shown very well-done fake evidence of aliens, in order to use them as unimpeachable witnesses if a fake alien presence were ever to be "needed"? If you think that, due to their clean-cut reputation, astronauts wouldn't keep such "sightings" secret for years, well...that's what's happened.

    Any researcher who looks into the UFO field for even a short time, will find some evidence of the US government spending some time over the years, to create fake evidence of an alien presence. Real evidence, if it exists, couldn't be used, because it can't be manipulated well enough to suit their purposes. One reason for fake evidence, may have been to see if they could justify a military buildup and curtailment of civil liberties, to fight these supposed aliens, should the Communist threat ever be successfully dealt with. But the "aliens attack" scenario may have been found to be too absurd to fly, after which we were lucky that terrorist Muslims came along/were created not too long after the Soviet Union collapsed, as a more credible way of getting us to go along with/keep going a fulltime at-war scenario. Another well-known possible use for a fake alien presence, at least the abduction scenario, may be to hide shadow government tinkering with people's minds, blaming it on aliens.

    A DOCUMENTED use to which some early fake alien events was put, was to test how the public would report things in the sky, to see how useful the public would be as a type of early warning system to attack from the air by foreign governments. It was found that far more people would report anomalous things seen in the sky, if they were thinking in terms of UFOs than the more boring issue of national defense.

    It may be relatively easy to ferret out most hoaxers, but not necessarily at the level of expertise that the shadow government can wield, especially not years after the supposed events.

  15. Dear Mr. Sawyer,
    I have no problem with people attacking what the government told any astronauts but not the astronauts who have allot to loose when they say these things. Take a look at Cooper. What did this astronaut do that was so wrong. You never heard about Cooper except in the UFO community after he came "out". Same thing with Dr. Mitchell. Buzz Aldrin faired better but he retracted most of what he said and never tried to push it. I firmly believe the government has a disinformation campaign but it used more to protect the Roswell crash. The public campaign takes care of itself for the most part. The only real danger is credible witness reports and most of the time a debunkers dumb statement takes care of that. If you think about it how many years has Edger Mitchell been talking about this, and not a word in the mainstream. Now on Olbermann show he is nothing but another person. One idea I do subscribe to is they haven't been able to back engineer the UFO craft for the most part. That they have used Corpso, and other and leeks to put forth that idea for obvious reasons.
    I think all have to take at how we treat those who have the courage to come forward. Sometimes in the UFO community they are guilty till proven innocent and they are treated that way.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters