Friday, July 25, 2008

Missing UFO Evidence Part Two:

Fool Me Thrice…

Larry King Live (Missing film showing Missle Shot Down By Flying Saucer)
KING: “He saw it. They confiscate”
Dr. Bob Jacobs was head of the special camera and lens operations and a witnessed to the film
Dr. Jacobs
I was there. I was there. I saw the film with my own eyes. I'm not lying. Why would I?I'm a university professor with a Ph.D. and a lot of years of good respectful research. So the (INAUDIBLE) officer may not have seen the UFO, but they saw the results of it. I saw the damn thing on film with my own eyes, so don't call me a liar and you weren't there, I was.(VILE) NYE: I didn't -- with all due respect, I'm not calling you a liar. It's just quite a step to say there was a film with remarkable images on it that the CIA confiscated, which I saw and which...JACOBS: It's quite a step they did.NYE: Yes. Which is quite a step from there to say it was definitely a spacecraft from another civilization. That's the leap that the skeptical community is reluctant to take.JACOBS: Listen, I didn't -- hey, pal, listen to me. I didn't say it was a space ship from another civilization. I said it was something in the air that we couldn't identify. Therefore, it was an unidentified flying object. It was shaped like two saucers put together with a golf ball on top. And it fired a beam that we assumed was a plasma beam at a dummy warhead and knocked it out of space. Tell me what happened. Tell me who did that. Tell me in 1964 who had that technology, pal. Not us and not the Russians and nobody I know of.”

By the way, The Larry King Show was fabulous, especially
for those of you who are students of psychology. Look closely and you
get a great insight on how debunker Bill Nile uses classic debunker
tactics to manipulate the subject matter through diversion. But Jacobs
destroys this by bringing Nile back to the subject at hand and asking
him to define what actually happened. Brilliant!

I think evidence has already proven “UFO craft” are in fact some kind of reality.

But a funny thing keeps happening to all this evidence.

Bad luck? In any case, or, maybe we should say, in every single case we’re looking at here in Part Two of Missing UFO Evidence, every time the government was given physical evidence, the government ‘losses’ it.

Lost it in more than one way.

Something the late, great ufologist Dr. James McDonald [see UFO MM JULY 11, 2008] mentioned in a letter triggered a question I’ve had for a long time. So I started looking at a small cross-section of cases, important cases. And voila! A thing impossible to ignore: continuing loss of UFO evidence, decade after decade…which somehow still doesn’t manage to raise a single scientist’s eyebrow.

Case #6: USAF returns obviously altered copies, loses originals to ‘fire’.
Here’s an example of evidence surrendered to the government, from the Newhouse Report, material I didn’t include when we examined part of this report recently, wherein a NAVY photographer films a flotilla of flying disks:
Newhouse said that the Air Force didn't send the originals back to him at any time…what they did finally send back to him was a color print which he stressed was distinctly inferior to the original. Not only that, but he was positive that they had cut out the first 10 or 20 feet, which were shot when the objects were very much closer and appeared much sharper on the film.”
(On going over my telephone notes, I just noted another point on the lost film. It was at the time of the movie-making, in the mid-1950s, that he wrote to the Air Force to ask them to return the originals. A warrant officer at ATIC told him the originals had been lost in a fire. I see further that I jotted down a direct quote on his remarks about having sent off the originals: "Very naively, I sent them the original.")

Edgar Mitchell, The Man Who Walked On The Moon

Lost Evidence Case #7: X15 Test

Pilot Walker’s 6 Films Take A Walk.
On May 11, 1962 NASA pilot Joseph Walker said that one of his tasks was to detect UFOs during his X-15 flights. He had filmed five or six UFOs during his record breaking fifty-mile-high flight in April, 1962. It was the second time he had filmed UFOs in flight. During a lecture at the Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in Seattle, Washington he said:
"I don't feel like speculating about them. All I know is what appeared on the film which was developed after the flight."
To date none of those films has been released to the public for viewing.

Lost Evidence Case #8: 1965’s Heflin UFO Photos: Dehoaxified

When Original Polaroids Surface!
The Heflin photos, taken in Santa Ana, California, in 1965 were regarded as most probably genuine…until 1968. Back in the day, scientists and other UFO researchers asked difficult questions that would remain unanswered until the 1990s. Provenance of the Heflin photos was at question, and not only topically: the four original photos had been taken by unidentified persons posing as government personnel! According to debunkers these photos were unimportant-- probably hoaxed. In 1993, Heflin’s Polaroid originals surfaced unexpectedly under mysterious circumstances. But the photos were important enough to somebody to be kept in pristine shape for almost 30 years.

The tests were finally carried out, proving how important they were. 30 years too late. Who, but a select few, even listened? Here’s your chance to catch up:

“Our team’s reanalysis of the set of four Heflin UFO photos lead us to draw
the following conclusions: (a) The clouds in all four photos are consistent; (b)we have detected a wake, never before reported to our knowledge, impressively suggesting a real object moving through the atmosphere; (c) the mid-1970s GSW analysis that showed a “string” was a stunning error, certainly not based on legitimate copies, and possibly hoaxed itself, by persons unknown, on the copies Spaulding and GSW used; (d) the notations on the back of the first three photos suggest they were part of a covert analysis; (e) James E. McDonald, erroneously led to believe that the fourth photo was taken at a different time and place from the first three Heflin photos, missed a golden opportunity…

Lost Evidence Case #9: Dwarves, Balloons, and Tinfoil Over New Mexico.
If it wasn’t a spaceship that crashed at Roswell, where is the evidence of MOGUL weather balloon pieces? Or pieces of the crashed plane carrying the dead dwarves? Where is this evidence? Where is the required, routine notification back up the chain of command to MOGUL, the message that went something like “Hey! We found your balloon! Caused a great deal of ruckus --we even thought it was a spaceship.”

Why does this happen over and over again? Why is the history of this “unimportant topic” across all those decades of Air Force and NASA involvement just riddled with a blatant thread of --dare I say it-- conspiracy?

When the evidence does turn up, maybe it’s also showing some individuals in the government really do have a sense of faith in the people’s ability to decide.

And when we seem to get a line on resurrected evidence, it’s almost a moot cause.

Because it is old news.

But truth takes a long time to shine sometimes and in the Portage, Ohio 1966 case, it took till 2006.

Lost Evidence Case #10: Persecution of Cops Who Said They Didn’t Chase Venus.
The Sheriff of Portage County, Pennsylvania, was ordered to hide evidence that would have cleared the names of two deputies the media would falsely hype as “cops chasing Venus through three counties.”

But sometimes, you learn as much from what’s missing, as from what’s left out in the open.

And so it was with the missing evidence of Portage, evidence which, by its absence, not only reveals what happened, but shows who was really in charge in 1966 and long after. Who was in charge of the lost, suppressed, and planted evidence of this last infamous case can only have been a group with very high secret clearance and power… enough power to give the orders to the County Sheriff to hide conclusive evidence that it was not Venus the officers chased, but a radar-verifiable, “trace leaving” UFO. And more: to not just deny, but to give out false accounts and inject the lie that the officers were not really there or at least close by when the UFO actually landed. (The Officers were allowed to tell all but there was no evidence except their testimony and since Venus was in that place in the sky it was the pronounced verdict by PBB. There was no planted evidence just absence of evidence)

The County Sheriff of Portage, PA, was even instructed to hide evidence including soil samples of the actual landing site from the officer, the public, and even Project Blue Book…their own USAF’s home team! Go figure. Those high-clearance officials coordinated the marginalizing of officers reports which then deverted attention off of who owned the “official looking car”(their car) right next to where the “UFO” had landed . The officers weren’t fired outright but that report lead to dead end careers and harassment and ultimately family problems. Who except the UFO folks followed it anyway.

The County Sheriff of Portage, PA, was even instructed to hide all the evidence as reported by sworn officers of the law --sightings, to radar, to a witnessed UFO landing-- from the investigators in Project Blue Book, the USAF’s home team! Go figure. Were those high-clearance officials who coordinated first the silencing, then harassment and firing of the local law enforcement convinced that UFOs were so unimportant…that they didn’t want to bother Project Blue Book with the evidence? Is that why the power group convinced the very County officials who collected the hard evidence, to throw it away?

Convince me I am not living an Orwellian nightmare.

Our Air Force, the most powerful in the world, is either incompetent or knows exactly what it’s doing.

And while I’m at it, NASA, I don’t want to hear anymore about how you’re really a “private organization”. Since the beginning days till now you have not been forthright.

We all have a reason to be very angry at this. Over the years we have been told there was not one shred of evidence… what should have been said Is…”because of many governments on earth we don’t have a shred of evidence…Yes other governments, please don’t get me started on the other governments…Or Maybe I will?

Material Sources:
UFOlogie is a extensive database history of UFO cases and Documentation.

The Hefflin Analyses is from a pdf file:
Reanalysis of the 1965 Heflin UFO Photos:

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. Agreed.


    Roel Poelwijk

  2. Hiding the evidence seems to be the US government's main method of dealing with the UFO issue since 1947 at least, and it's worked very well for them. Whether the evidence has been photographs or crashes, they've done one heck of a job at keeping things under wraps and out of the public's reach for decades. At least we have digital cameras now, but sadly enough we have Photoshop also. ;)

  3. Thanks Roel,
    We need to have a full government disclosure on the evidence we do know they have. The film of the missile shots and the UFO...if it's nothing it has no secret value... so release it. Also all of the data around some of the other missing in action evidence that was sent to them.
    It is amazing how the debunkers who make fun of a conspiracy that seems by all the evidence to be true. The government has been hiding UFO evidence.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  4. Yes Photoshop is here and Because of they have "lost" not that early evidence crucial evidence not easily faked. I know some of that evidence couldn't prove ETs, but it sure as hell could have proven they were real craft and were different than anything we had.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  5. Just great. Love the old stuff. Really sets the record straight. To comment on nearside's comment. I'm personally not that impressed with the Gov'ts secret keeping. Much have already come out (even more has been added by misinformation) and to confiscate and keep the hard evidence is not that hard - there are systems in place for that [built by some of our best professionals whose livelihood depended on it]. The ridiculing factor and the basic nonsensical measures taken in connection to UFO cases are bothersome indeed. People always gets labelled with the "Conspiracy" label when talking about illogic, injustices and incoherence in UFO cases. But my experience tells me that "Conspiracy" is what adults mostly indulge themselves in, daily. Since we don't have people being on their own in politics, but rather represents in parties, politics is basically pure "Conspiracy" all the time when it comes down to it. I'm really really tired of the term "Conspiracy Theory". Does it mean anything anymore? Has it EVER had any meaning?
    // Daniel

  6. Your welcome Joseph,

    A full government disclosure can be hard to attain. I will never say, impossible.
    Debunkers do what they do because they are debunkers.
    There will come a time where debunkers will have to commit to some truth.
    I have no fears for the future as we all create our future.
    Disclosures, acceptance, consciousness, are all in motion.

    Peace & Love from the Netherlands.

  7. Dear Daniel,
    Yes there was a conspiracy to hide Roswell. When i read the 11 death bed confessions in Witness to Roswell I knew it was true. I am sixty five and have been through some death beds in my family. Telling whoppers before you die is a new one on me.
    But what really clinch it was they didn't tell Schmitt or Carey the authors...they told their families the truth, "creatures and a spaceship" but kept their oaths till they were dying. how much circumstantial evidence does a person need, to take this seriously. The easiest secret to keep and maintain.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

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