Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missing UFO Evidence Part One:

Fool Me Twice…

"You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." Bob Dylan

You’ve heard it before: there is not one shred of evidence UFOs exist.

But the truth is, UFO history gives us plenty of physical evidence of UFOs.

Why don’t your friends and neighbors get this simple fact? Not to mention the science community…

In this two-part series, I examine 10 spectacular UFO physical evidence examples, and the lies, theft, blatant alteration and disappearance of evidence…and worse. All apparently accomplished by our own government --accountable to you and me, the taxpayers and voters-- and predominantly through the agency of the United States Air Force.

We can all agree there are good folks, many people of goodwill, in all our armed forces. But how many people up and down lines of command for how many generations and decades now have been involved in destroying physical evidence?

We’ll look at 5 cases here, 5 more in Part Two.

Lost Evidence Case #1: One dead dog, disappeared debris plus two dead researchers.
Let’s start with a widely documented historic case popular authors and scientists alike overlook. Welcome to Maury Island. You can visit, but you may never leave.

Maury Island Report UFO Drops Material In boat Kills Dog:
“After seeing the debris and hearing the story, Brown and Davidson decided that it was a hoax. They took a box of the debris and told Arnold they had to leave. They drove to McCord Field and told the intelligence officer there that they felt it was a hoax. They hadn't told Arnold because they didn't want to embarrass him, he was so taken in by Dahl and Crisman. The next morning, August 1, they boarded a B-25 back to Hamilton Field. A few hours later, they were killed when the B-25 crashed.
“They made much of the fact that the crew chief and a passenger were able to bail out, but that Brown and Davidson were not…
Arnold packed up and flew home in disgust. On the way home, however, he crashed his plane at Pendleton because somehow the fuel valve had gotten turned off. He wasn't hurt. Crisman and Dahl seem to have vanished. No one could find them. According to Jenny Randles, two intelligence analysts who studied the case in 1980 said it had all the earmarks of an intelligence operation”.

Lost Evidence Case #2: Missing Frames From Big Sky Country:
The Great Falls, Montana UFO Color Film of Two UFOs.
August 15, 1950.
“When he received his film back from the Air Force, Mariana was surprised to find that the earliest, best portion of the film, that showing what he said were the two objects with a notch or band at the outer edge and an obvious spinning movement, was missing. He estimated that about 35 frames were gone.”

After investigation and analysis, the author concludes:
“In spite of the Air Force's claims to the contrary, there is strong evidence that the film sequence was clipped after it had been sent to the Air Force in 1950.

More Proof: DC Press Conference November 12th 2007

Lost Evidence Case #3: The Infamy of Mantel’s Crash--or--
“I See People In This Thing!”
Richard T. Miller, who was in the Operations Room of Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, Illinois…made several profound statements regarding the crash. He was monitoring the radio talk between Mantel and Godman tower, and heard this statement very clearly. "My God, I see people in this thing! (UFO)"

In conclusion, Miller made this statement, "that evening, Air Technical Intelligence Center officers from Wright-Patterson AFB arrived and ordered all personnel to turn over any materials relating to the crash.”Then, after we had turned it over to them, they said they had already completed the investigation." "I was no longer a skeptic. I had been up to that time. Now I wondered why the Government had gone to all of the trouble of covering it up, to keep it away from the press and the public."

So, in Mantel, a brave pilot chases a UFO in 1948; he dies in a crash, but ground control has all of the tapes of his conversation. Where are those tapes now? It was 1948, and they still have to keep secret a pilot chasing “Venus” or a secret project?

What happened --is happening even now-- to all this evidence?

Lost Evidence Case #4: The USAF Makes The Astronaut A Liar?
Col. Gordon “Gordo” Cooper, Historic Mercury Flight’s Astronaut, tells the story in his own video feature of UFO landing.
“…former Astronaut disclosed that while the crew was out there, they spotted a strange-looking craft above the lake bed, and they began taking films of it.
I Wonder were the files Are? More Proof DC Press Conference:

Cooper says the object was very definitely “hovering above the ground. And then it slowly came down and sat on the lake bed for a few minutes." All during this time the motion picture cameras were filming away…
Col. Cooper was not fortunate enough to be outside at the time of this incredible encounter, but he did see the films as soon as they were rushed through the development process.
After he reviewed the film at least a dozen times, the footage was quickly forwarded to Washington. Cooper no doubt expected to get a reply in a few weeks' time as to what his men had seen and photographed, but there was no word, and the movie *vanished* - never to surface again... “
Where’s the movie, especially if it proves UFO don’t exist? Where’s the movie, if this was really critical documentation of some type of “experimental craft”?
Is anyone going to tell me a 1958 experimental craft is still secret?
Where’s the beef, USAF? Prove UFOs are really just ours! You guys have the documents and film, right?
Lost Evidence Case #5: The Gemini Switcheroo.
Astronaut and American Hero James McDivitt took photographs Of UFO:
In June 1965, Major James McDivitt saw, filmed, and photographed an object, which approached the Gemini IV (3rd June – 7th June 1965) capsule in which they were orbiting the Earth, passing over Hawaii. The UFO had a long arm sticking out of it. McDivitt did not see any special importance in what he saw. He did not file any UFO report, he also always insisted that it was not the Titan II booster. He also never gave an opinion about the nature of what he saw. Some researchers rightfully noted that the astronauts eyesight was affected by the long exposition to the oxygen saturated atmosphere in the Gemini capsule…Almost everyone agrees that it could not have been a human satellite, such as a secret US satellite or a Russian craft. In conclusion, there is no certainty. The publicized picture is not the correct one, and the correct one will probably never be seen.

Missing UFO Evidence Part Two:
next Friday, July 24.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. This piece is nearly worthy of a book onto itself. This might irritate you but have you ever read The Trickster and The Paranormal by George Hansen?
    Why I ask is that there seems to be a deconstructive element that operates like Nixons secretary...all of these little Rosemary Woods situations that are also part of paranormal investigations which have a scientific basis. It sets up a situation only to have it unravel as quickly as it appeared...just the vast amount of lost evidence is more than enough for anyone to say that this is not a coincidence made from the thin air...where there is smoke there is fire...and perhaps as you noted earlier just the increasing volume of sightings could be an antidote to this damping down of smoldering fires by the chicken little contingent of militaristic knuckleheads...who screw up the "management of the situation" on our behalf by acting as though we don't see the ham fisted sleight of hand which is worthy of a twelve year old who is pathologically inclined to lie to stay out of trouble for the mischief he has caused. did I end up here? "Fools to the left of me...jokers to the right of me..." Ugh...what a farce...a tragicomedy.

  2. Bruce... you're scaring me... you are starting to sound like me.
    I know George he is very intelligent man..we had our discussions and some augments. He is charming fellow and a good writer. Nixon, i remember when I was a young man I was a protester and he had gone out and spoken to some of them without his guards and asked them some questions as to why they were doing what they were doing...i thought how disconnected he must be.

    By the way I think this hiding of evidences also by NASA and continues to this day. Of course it was your local grass roots investigators who revealed this containing evidence. Like the Skipper. Spend a few hours on his web site:
    and you will see a pattern of Photoshop brush stokes all over the place on the Mars photos, hiding some very interested structures. I really believe something was on Mars before and that there is some life on the planet now. Could UFOs come from that close?

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  4. Dear Ark,
    Yes, please use what ever u need, that is what non-commercial is all about. Sharing for the sake of truth and finding it amounts what is left. Of course it makes me feel good to be acknolegewed but the most important point is to advocate for what the witness stand for, and that means in most instances, honest questions from an honest experience.
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