Thursday, August 14, 2008

Betty Hill And Barney Hill: Profiles In Courage Part 1

...bombs and guns followed him down, all because his skin was brown..what da ya think of that my friends" Bob Dylan

If anyone were my spiritual mentors in the UFO community it was Betty and Barney Hill.

That may sound funny, but they lived their testimony, rather than just talking.

Many of you are too young to know what would have happened to an interracial couple like Betty and Barney on certain streets in the good old USA back then. Happily married bi-racial couples --especially black men with white women-- were the greatest fear of the racist community…and that community did not just talk their talk, either.

I know we love to hear all these peace-and-love, mind-blowing guru pronouncements and parables about love, but for me, true spiritual love is not only wrapped up in words, instead, it’s the action you take when another human being is being treated unjustly. Betty and Barney Hill not only lived as activists in the NAACP, but they loved each other across the decades in a dignified, strong way that is both a showcase and a tribute to what’s best in the human race.

If ET did stage the sighting and abduction of this interracial couple to introduce themselves to us, they couldn’t have picked a better example of what human beings will do when a basic freedom is within their grasp, and how they can overcome vastly powerful racial divides with love.

The debunkers don’t what you to talk about the character of these people. Why? Because it was hard in the face of this historic couple’s genuine integrity to call them liars, so twisting the astounding double-witness experience as ‘dreaming’ was a safer spin the disinfo meisters could wield.

In Susan Clancy’s book How People Come To Believe They Were Kidnapped By Aliens, the author quotes a statement borrowed from one of my all time favorites from The Debunkers Dumb Statement List: “IT WAS TV!”

To show how ridiculous that suggestion was, I decided to do a quick parody on this theory starring Bill O’Reilly, whose contradictions and misstatements of fact are a phenomenon unto themselves. According to Clancy, who was spinning the skeptic yarn of unexplanation, the Hills got their aliens right out of an episode of “Outer Limits”.
(Budd Hopkins makes a mistake in the video clip and refers to a “Twilight Zone” epi.)

This abduction Stuff is so stupid I’ve been thinking about it….and…Welllll….. the Hills must have watched that episode of “Outer Limits” …you know, the one what was it’s name… That it! “The Bellero Shield”. Why, that episode was just like what they describe…why the Alien was just the same…big wrap around eyes, sinewy body. Just the same…Yes, it’s obvious the images in their dream were from that episode. She saw that scary “Outer Limits” and had a waking nightmare…and all this foolish talk about abduction it, was a dream, nothing more…A dream!

Wrong Clancy-O’Reilly. The “Bellero Shield” episode aired three years after the Hill abudction.

They must have been using the same time machine as the Roswell Test dummies. This is supposed to be debunking, folks. I wonder why Paul Kimball is not ranting, I mean, writing on this important discrepancy.

Video Clip OF The Late Betty And Barney Hill:

We must all remember one important point shown to us over and over again: the simple truth will never stand in the way of good disinformation.

This is another important point for Marden. In the past, the Hills --Betty in particular-- were accused of seeking publicity. It just wasn't that way, says the niece. "Barney was appointed chair of Rockingham County Community Action Program and was also on the state advisory board for economic opportunity board. He was also a New Hampshire representative to the Civil Rights Commission and legal redress to the NAACP and on the New Hampshire regional board." Betty also held positions in these organizations, and was an envoy to the United Nations through their church.

And the Hills, does anyone really believe they faked this? Go listen to the original tapes.

There is another part to this story that smacks of truthfulness and that is how long it took the couple to seek help. We know now this is a difficult road for anyone to travel, but think of being the representative to the public for a cause of full freedom for your race in those days, and how merciless the scrutiny from both your allies and the enemies of the justice and racial equality movements must have been. Do these two people --who, after the circus atmosphere around the abduction experience and the various attacks decided to retire from the limelight-- sound like publicity hounds to you?

Remember the ground truths of the era when the Hill case happened:
--Abductions were unknown…to Americans, at least;
--ET were not in the news, and the only information the Hills had was their own experience;
--The facts of the experience seemed too insane to be real.

The Hills stand out as people who couldn’t possible be the people the professional debunkers and disinfo agents made them out to be. They were fighters, these Hills. They were stand up Americans doing what America does best: standing up for freedom.

The beauty of the Hills was they were truly unspoiled, and yet they saw something very shatteringly bizarre, similar to what was reported before at Roswell, but kept smothered for decades.

But after I accept Betty and Barney’s honest recounting of the details of their abduction, I was still troubled, as I think all thoughtful people probably were.

So in my next post I raise some of my questions and the problems inherent in the perennially shocking case of American heroes Betty and Barney Hill. Hope you’ll join me in exploring some likely and unlikely answers.

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. Very funny and enjoyable piece Joseph. More importantly, a nice piece with good and fresh insights; into their relationship, activities, etc.

  2. Thanks Regan,
    Hold on to your hat, because Part 2 is going to get weird as I explained what they reported, I beleive, was faked.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. because Part 2 is going to get weird as I explained what they reported, I beleive, was faked.

    That's interesting, because I posted something about your post on my blog UFO Proletariat, and wondered if you were going to mention that. I'm looking forward to Part 2.

  4. Dear Ragan,

    I did not know that I will check it out thanks.
    UFO Media Matters

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  6. I try to maintain a skeptical mind - but I'm one of the few who knows when to face the evidence with an open mind. I believe the Hills when they say they were abducted - because their IS cooberating evidence.
    There is a difference between healthy skepticism, and labelling your a universal skeptic.
    I've dealt with people who REFUSE to fairly evaluate evidence with an open mind.Instead - they slam anyone who disagrees with them - by insinuating that they are either silly, stupid, crazy, a liar, or all of the above.
    "So called" skeptics - in my opinion - are obtuse, condecesending, fecicious pricks...

  7. Dear Anon,
    I think of them as debunkers. Different than a skeptic, a debunker starts out from a position of It has to be wrong; bunk. But a good skeptic should come from a balanced place and make judgments not only on the evidence but on the character of the witnesses. One of my themes is just because you can hoax something doesn't not mean the UFO witnesses did. Sometimes even skeptics attack the messenger to appear "rigorous". If your a witness and you are telling the truth than you are attacked from both sides. That is why I have my blog an advocate for common sense when dealing with witnesses.

    Joe Capp
    Non-Commercial Blog

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  9. Dear Anonymous,
    Unicorns turned out to be Rhinos.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matter
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  10. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?