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UFO Breaking Point

Freudian Slip?
Denying UFO were real to the press General Sanford A. I. answered, when ask if it might be one of ours: “We don’t have anything that has no mass and an infinite amount of energy” (Need To Know; Tim Good)

My own story, ET Shock… and Witnesses of the Directed Kind

I took enough psychology courses in college to know that the human mind deals with the fantastic in many different ways.

But a study has never been done on what happens when a person goes through fantastic, continuing UFO experiences. There’s quite a range of transformation: witnesses may report spiritual change, some are possessed by the need to find answers, and some, after this reality extension, are mentally broken, finding answers in fantasy and delusion.

There are gullible people in the UFO community, we all know that. And there are people in the greater UFO community who come from an academic, or a no-nonsense orientation. Both types choose to read the UFO witness as a confirmation of their own beliefs.

But what about those who are broken by their fear, or for other reasons, around a continuing experience and start to believe fantastic things about themselves and their reality? What happens to them? At the conferences, I notice the interaction seems to be either polite listening or a more active confirming that their fantasies could be real.

We know for certain now, some UFO witnesses are experiencing multiple strange displays of UFOs. And what’s more, there are reports among this particular experiencer group of messages heard in their minds, of feeling compelled to go somewhere and capture video or being ‘instructed’ to simply show up and watch.

Sounds like something from a Twilight Zone episode…and some in the UFO field think that is all it is. Skeptics laugh and pose the dumb question: “Why would ETs go a zillion light years to put on displays for the Prozac People?”

DVD: "Maussan & Garza Phenomonenal UFO Acitvity From, Mexico"
The lights in the sky are fine but what happens when you meet an entity. Police officer passes out from the experience. "Flying Humaniods"

Among UFO researchers are those who dismiss as delusional all those witnesses who claim they were given instructions or heard messages [as opposed to having accidental sightings]. But what’s missing from this scenario is a lesson in Psychology 101.

Some of the Witnesses of the Directed Kind --those who feel they’ve been instructed by some intelligence outside themselves to witness UFOs-- come out of the experience with psychic breaks. Recently, a new MUFON investigator was very shaken when he had an actual close encounter on an investigation. They had to call in someone to talk to the investigator and calm him down. That is how profound this experience can be, even if you’ve been around it a while.

This reaction to UFO experiences, particularly the close encounters, may be a key to explain one of the reasons these intelligences put on UFO displays:
They may know that, as a species, we could go into a catastrophic cultural shock if exposure is complete.

Could this be why ETs don’t land on the White House Lawn? Is this why ETs are putting on multiple displays for ordinary people?

Are ETs running a decades-old program to desensitize humans?

I really have had strong problems with the idea that wide or complete public knowledge of ET presence would not be a profound shock to many, many people, that it must be assumed that the masses of regular people will simply go about their daily lives as though nothing happened.

On the contrary: I believe a kind of ET Shock would take hold. I suspect ET Shock would marginalize rational thinking in many people who need the safety blanket of Business As Usual in our busy, spin saturated world. We all know that some skeptics who shout baloney --without benefit of research, it must be said-- are just too scared to contemplate UFO craft reality.

When I first started to learn about UFOs, it was from my older brother, an avid science fiction reader. It was fun. I loved it!

When I had my only sighting over a decade later, it was fun, exciting and astonishing. But it was only after many years I realized how powerful that initial experience was. First, my initial sighting it was a daylight experience; that in itself makes it hard to deny. Second, it was my friend who first pointed them out to me, without telling me what I would be looking at. “Joe, look behind you,” was all he said as he pointed to the sky. Third: Of course, I’d read about skeptics…and some of them I respected at the time. So I tried to get as much information as I could: the objects’ approximate height, size, speed, and the sun position.

I realized only years later, that taking these actions, I destroyed any possible comfortable denial I might have later claimed. In the end, I was left with one explanation: we had witnessed two flying saucers. And that automatically puts you in the nut factory, far as many people are concerned. In those days, multiple sightings witnesses were considered proof the observer was simply delusional, a nut case, by most UFO researchers. And that meant major isolation for a significant witness population.

So I’m writing today to recount my own sighting only to emphasize what it did to my psyche. I can’t imagine what would have happen to my mind, if I had not read up on the UFO subject before. It was shocking enough the first time. What, I wonder, would my state of mind become had I witnessed the same phenomenon over and over again?

Here’s another personal experience that gives proof of the power of ET Shock. I was out on an investigation where a witness was seeing all kind of “demon’s eyes” and things in the lights, combined with an ongoing experience with UFOs. Just as I was ready to discount this guy as simply delusional, he took us out to a parking lot, pointed, saying “there is one of them now.” I looked at what appeared at first to be a star. I took my camera out and turned on the infrared. The object started to display in both visual and infrared with an outstanding burst of light and heat. In exactly the way you often read about these events, I had no film in the camera! So I ran back to get some, and then had to watch the bizarre light fade out, just as I put the film in. There was another investigator with me (it was his case) and we realized we missed it. He saw all of it and was just as astonished as I was. Today I still can not say what that object was. But I can say what it was not: a star.

Later on, the witness showed us a place where he said the objects usually appeared for him. We were ready, but of course, nothing happened. When we left, this witness said they displayed again. This individual is anonymous and does not want to go on with the investigation; my guess is he was literally scared out of his wits.

Given my own experience, I’ve gained a great deal of understanding and empathy for what can happen to anyone when your personal reality bubble bursts and you are facing a continuing “something” which shatters the basic sense of self, or of understanding your everyday environment. For some UFO witnesses, living in the far less dependable world of the busted reality-bubble may not be possible. Continuing the mental-emotional construct of their pre-experience life is no longer doable. Some are able to hold the uncertainty and the shock and accept them as contradictory but real, or conditionally real, while moving forward. Others are not.

So in our own community we need to understand that UFO people are not “off” because they actually believe in UFOs; some of them have become “Off” by dealing personally with this profound, and often psychologically shattering experience as best as they knew how.

Part II Next?

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Hi
    It would be interesting to see a poll conducted in terms of any potential "ET Shock". I think it is a dangerous gamble to be reductionist about predicting an overall reaction. My assumption is that be it would some governmental attempt to "manage" the situation which would have varying degrees of possible success dependent upon how it's handled. However as we know,to date, the government has done what it does best which is to insure that if such an event occurred, it would be a situation of crisis management. My best guess, based solely on intuition and my own conversations with others would be a very wide spectrum of reactions,if it were a sudden very well collaborated event which, if distilled, would be largely mildly apprehensive to anxious. The problem with predictions is that like everything else, context is so crucial.However, a direct experience is naturally an entirely different creature as compared to a media account. Overall,depending on what sort of experience it is and who is having the experience,at worst, it can result in a isolating and dissociating trauma, or, at best, a puzzling enigma resulting in wonder. I think a great deal of how someone processes this experience in a healthy manner in order to integrate it depends largely on one's family support or friends.I have had both good support and experiences both terrifying and wonderful and somewhere in between. I share your aim to support others in disclosing my own experiences, which, initiated a personal exploration to determine, as best I can, what is occurring as well as sharing whatever comes my way for other's consideration. I think we at best can supply a second line of support indirect as it is who have had similar experiences. I have seen the same issues in other facets of the paranormal, which are not as well reported or as well understood as the UFO situation, which many do not realize is very similar in nature although transposed to a very personal playing field. A great post and a positive one.

  2. Dear Bruce,
    Thank you as always. I emphasizes the MUFON case here. It was about a MUFON investigator, well trained ,goes out in the filed and has a giant triangle go right over his head. He was so shook up they had to call in someone to counsel him. There was that UFO investigator who was driven to madness by the FBI when he thought it was real.

    I hope some day that we all realize how some people react to this. I have a video from a person who fits this profile. The video is very good and from the looks of it; not faked. It shows a mother ship in the daytime loading what may be smaller craft. I started talking to him about it and he gave me a copy. I asked him to e-mail me but he has not so far. He tells me he has feelings where and when to video which is classic in multiple contact cases. He also said some things about himself which seem very over the edge.
    So I would like to talk to him some more but it looks like I won't hear from him.
    I have had to deal with my mother-in-law being in the hospital for over three months in extensive care. Some people talk about Sicko I just lived it.
    I know I don't have all my oars in the water either right now or I would asked for his own e-mail.
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Great Article!

    You are on right on target when presenting this.

    But now my question is, can we afford, in the incoming critical years, to avoid diplomatic relations with the powers up there?

    If these people, can fly here, obviously, they haven't been doing so burning fossil fuel...

    We will be confronted at some point to decide between moving on as a race or putting even more strains on the following generations.

    I'm ready to move on, are you?

    Richard Lalancette
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  4. Thanks Richard,
    Let me explain why I think many people would be worried - extremely worried.
    "Flying Disks" appeared in abundance during the Atom Age and not in a very spiritual mood as our defenses quickly found out. Many of the stories were buried. Plane's were probably brought down. Of course these would be top stories in the Media once they made contact. The cattle mutilations and especially abductions would no longer be the stuff of "idiot gullible people" ,the boogey alien would be real.

    And you know by the past 8 years that at least 33 percent of Americans are willing to bring down the world in hatred if only they can feel safe.

    Of course I believe the aliens could spin this, they do so well with spinning the metaphysical cloak around them. My belief. The super intelligence of probable ET source is only compatible to the naiveté of the people who research them. If Et does not want to be caught they will not be caught. "Hunt For Skinwaker" is a prime example of human scientific arrogance walking right into a laboratory of a more arrogant and intelligent source. At the end they couldn't even say alien. I say it is a perfect example of ET intelligence and what they can do with what they have, a litany of future technology, and normal mind evolution or even self increased. It is true, at first, we may buy the rosy pictures the government tries to paint (and I do believe that would be their spin) many, questions an worries would come out later on. The only reason they have not taken us out (and believe with my whole heart the could have without ever raising a Facer) indicates their is something in the ET which is not evil. Species more evolved then us but not saints either.

    Once most of us adjust their will still be rampant suspicion, and maybe even hate, their are many angry abductees, but I think they would be accepted.
    Now what does it mean - if someone on earth tells you "They Know" who and what ETs are take it with a grain of salt...If the ETs land and tell you "why" they are here... take it with a grain of salt.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog of it with another Camera...

  5. Great article Jospeh! (I wrote a bit about it on the OrangeOrb.)

  6. Great thanks Ms Lee,
    I was a counselor for many years before I worked in computers. Maybe they are the eyes I look through at times. Great post or orangeorb. You said it better then I did. Thanks for the ego boost thought sometimes i need it.
    Have to think about part 2, don't know yet.
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  7. I don't think ufo's landing on the white house lawn would cause people to go into shock.

    It's when they take you against your will from your own home in the middle of the night and return you wearing someone else's underware inside out that causes shock.

  8. I disagree. How many people won't even discuss UFOs. Many people with-in the UFO community themselves, have to believe, their here to help us, that they are spiritual beings and not bad. So many follow Greer who basically says it is the government which programs and clones aliens which do the abductions.
    This statement is bought by many out of fear. The fear intrinsic in out nature. The fear of subjugation by a greater intelligentence. The only reason we survived so well in nature was we were the smartest.
    Abductions would be extremely scary
    and many psychologist would then consider a possible "Patter Hurst Syndrome" and manipulation with what is happening, making the ETs seem not so homey.
    Let me ask you this? Once they are public would you then not ask yourself if some of the thousand of thousand of people unaccounted for "missing" ever year could be attributed to them. Mucho conspiracies and serious considerations would be on the table once they were "real".
    Finally in Roswell we have time and time again people loosing it are unable to even contemplate the memory of one encounter - think about if it was on every day.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog