Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Atlantic UFO Conference

This is a great conference! You East Coast researchers should support it! Put it on your 2009 calendar. The Atlantic UFO Conference will happen again next year in mid-February. Come and enjoy.There were great people at the conference.

The Atlantic UFO Conference was put on in a hurry, but the financial backer, a veterinarian (I love her already-- I have two wonderful cats), said “I knew I would bite the bullet on this”. But she really wanted it to happen. Dr.X______ says she will put on another conference next year. Why do I make this anonymous, because if you look at their web site here name is not mentioned. Shell we dismiss the money, and 15 minutes of fame factor, once and for all. This has been what is really about believing no matter what.

Friday night’s Meet the Speakers bash was first class: full bar, a chef cooking up tortellini in a fine sauce and, of course, assorted dessert delicacies. The hall was nicely lit --but a little small. On the other hand, I liked the intimacy of the place. Friday’s standout event was The First Atlantic Coast Lifetime Achievement Award:

Frank Filer of Filer’s Files, one of the UFO research greats!

It was great to be able to tell Frank Filer in person that people like him are the real stars of the stars of UFO field.

So you know, I was extremely tired at this conference, with my wife and her family going through horrendous medical emergencies the last three months. So remember, this is my Kind of Tired Guy take on the event.
This is one clip from a Video I was given at "The Atlantic East Coast Confernce" This guy was not looking for money just an explanation:

What a great surprise! Peter Davenport just blew me away. His presentation’s “the real beef”. Davenport is very conservative, dismissing 90 to 98 percent of UFO reports as explainable. But if you don’t believe in UFO craft after you hear him, you’re not a skeptic, in my book: you’ve already made up your mind.

Following the cases as they develop, watching the maps and trajectory of the sightings is mind boggling, and then, to have that followed by Sam Maranto who in his presentation, goes into extremely detailed research on some of those reports . In one follow-up Sam highlighted with video a type of triangle display. This set of witnesses had noticed these strange lights before, but this time they were ready and got it on video. These particular triangle lights were as big as passenger planes; one plane went by close so the observers were able to compare the them. Some conclude the triangle of lights was a solid object. I am not so sure, because precision movement by UFOs is well documented. Sam believes it is a solid object. He’s is going to give me a copy of the clear video he has, so look for that video on the Trianglular Lights here at UFO MEDIA MATTERS.

Budd Hopkins was ill and couldn’t attend. Budd is a national treasure to the UFO community. Get better soon. I like Budd’s approach to this whole subject, maintaining credibility before Congress and the press in presenting only what can be verified.

Steven Bassett filled in for Budd Hopkins, presenting material on the Exploits scene and that was kind of him. It seems that Steven sells timeshares; after learning that, a strange phrase came to mind on the Exopolitics Movement. The Exopolitics people have a great salesman, and great workers (UFO witnesses)--but a lousy product.

Richard Dolan was there. Richard got loud cheers, that’s how well respected he is. I always like his presentations. Richard dependably takes to task those who present a belief system as facts.

Paola Harris has moved from Italy to America. Her presentation’s highlight for me was the account of a former Minister of Defense in Canada’s who became interested in UFOs after reading “The Day After Rosewell” and how this top government official received inside information. The former Minister of Defense’s information channel was his son --though himself at the time was a complete skeptic-- who disclosed to his father that Roswell was true. The origin of that disclosure, it’s claimed, is a General “high up” in our government.

I always believe only part of what people “high up” in the government say. That way I don’t feel duped when they say something ridiculous later. Such government officials may know what really happened, but they are not going to tell us the truth …the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Tom Carey was there. Tom presented his fascinating material on Roswell. Tom spoke reverently about each deathbed confession and how these brave officers left the children a legacy of knowledge, known for certain, by only a handful of people on this world.

I have been dumbfounded from the very beginning by the lack of common sense exhibited by intelligent people who have so easily bought the MOGUL balloon theory. How sad. I’ve always been concerned how some of the best officers in our military were easily reduced to fools by those who never spent a day in the military, who convinced them to buy into this blatant deception. Some of our own UFO researchers --whose collective bias toward any ET hypothesis has become evident over time-- took this turn-off-your-brain and swallow the MOGUL balloon position.

I always felt they were a little removed from reality.

Witnesses who come forward with documented proof should be treated better than that. Do any of those researchers know what it is to a military family to lose a pension? How many of that brand of researcher has ever taken a comparable risk on anything? Book sales are one thing, making sure you can put food on the table, another.

Now to the Kumburgas, Turkey UFO video. I spoke at length with Farah Yurdozu, a famous UFO researcher from Turkey now living in Amercia. Here is what she said: yes, the Astronomy Sciences report claimed it was a UFO…but it was not extraterrestrial.


There is no way in a million years the University Department could know it was not extraterrestrial if they admit they were UFOs…Unidentified! So I asked Farah for specifics, and she asked me if I could read her language. Well, so much for open discourse. Farah kept objecting, with “…But it is not my case!” It may not be ‘her’ case, but if Farah believes this case was only some type of hype, she has an obligation to let the world know. Farah’s in an absolutely unique position here in America --and in the international UFO field-- to write something specific about it. She is a good presenter and will see her cases from Turkey phenomenal.

I write UFO MEDIA MATTERS because my bottom line is to help the 90% of UFO witnesses who never come forward. If the one-in-ten rule holds true, how many videos and photos never saw the light of day because of fear?

The Atlantic Coast UFO Conference is hip. It was done well and I loved it. Come out to the conferences yourself, and get a close look at the rich variety of material and the researchers. You’ll get an even stronger feel for the importance of every witness and supporting the “The Atlantic Coast UFO Conference” is a great idea.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. Thank you very much for writing this. I am a newbie witness who recently came forward after multiple sightings. I too want to get the word out.

    UFO's And The Star People

  2. Thank You,
    and I don't say that because you and I are on the Internet and others can see what we are typing Help me do this right. I am 64 years old and don't know where to go with this it is the Newbiee" who I trust the most. Yes You! What you have is the truth uncompromised, if I read you correctly, but I will say I have been wrong before. But if you are on this journey then let me know because you sound real and that is a trip I have been on before. To it's conclusion which was Yes and No. Neither throws me.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters Post: The "tlantic Coast Ufo Conference" a rep
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  3. Joe,
    I tried to reply to your e mail last night to no avail. I respect your opinion and felt badly you drew an inference about class that I was frankly surprised that you made which I was unaware of that I had made. They have more money than I do anyway, but I am sure you would agree that this is beside the point. My point was the show is ham fisted in the sense that the participants often use insults, challenges and so forth almost exclusively and are more interested in "hits" than understanding that the dead are no different than the living. Remember the episode in Ireland where the local investigator and the home owner clearly warned them and attempted to educate them that these are relationships to be respected not exploited? Remember the surprise when the investigator was knocked on his ass when he hurled insults at the spirit. He was actually surprised. What did he expect? A trained seal? The other problem is a growing focus on personalities on the show rather than the phenomenon. Squabbles, family issues, etc often overshadow the alleged purpose of the show. Thats why it reminded me of Ghost Chasers, the old Bowery Boys movie.
    If you want a basis of comparison, watch an episode of Ghostly Encounters. I think its on the Biography Channel. They have context, they are simply people telling their stories which are moving and surprising and very personal. I stopped comments because I was getting alot of profane or frankly lunatic comments toward the end of Paradigm Probe. I am restarting this on the next post and see how it goes. If you think its important to amend the post in question by being more specific, let me know. I will.
    Your friend

  4. Dear Bruce,
    I love fate and I love stories but what they miss is the actual sweat.
    TAPS have been around for years 15 I think.
    Just these volunteers trying to investigate as best they could. their twin goals of helping people by either,expiating that they do not have ghost thus laying their fears to rest, or trying to deal with it if it is real. Which could be tricky who ever tries it. They had hardly any good equipment when they started the show. Which I am sure some was donated.
    Hey this are real people. This is the story of a group of real people experiencing the paranormal. But not only that. What happens when you try to find out what it is and you don't run away when you try to experience it.
    it validates many of the "tall tales" of the stories in Fate and elsewhere.
    (By the way, "A Haunting" on Discovery Channel is quite good also and about personal stories although reinacted.
    That episode you spoke about was great actually. If you look at it from a psychological viewpoint. The member of TAPS who was hit - has a Techi Geek persona. They tend to see the paranormal world in a less emotional way. Remember" NIDS " (Skinwalker) All brains no common sense.
    I don't like he got hurt and the time was worried about him. But later on went back and when he was laying there he said "don't provoke it" in other words I think it became real to him and I think to most of the viewer also.
    Isn't that the point. To give those who tell their stories validity. When a person tells a true story about their experience shouldn't it be believed as real not just as entertainment.
    Thanks Bruce
    Your Friend
    UFO Media Matters
    Next "UFO Breaking Point"

  5. Joe,
    I agree that if validation of the phenomenon is the sole criteria, then to some extent this show succeeds. However, I don't question the reality of the show within reasonable limits, but I do think that that it is an inadvertent misdirection of attention away from the phenomenon and is more focused on "action" than context. In other words, with some better editing, some deeper context, especially of the observers in terms of their own experiences, then it would evolve into a educational tool as well. Much like the UFO phenomenon, this field is rife with antidotes and is lacking in background and solid reporting. Again, my caveat is all of this is my own subjective take based upon my own biases.
    Best Wishes

  6. Dear Bruce,
    No the sole criteria for commercial media is to entertain. They don't give a rat a** about education. But TAPS does. The most important goal of any good researcher is proven his premise is real, after it believe me the money will flow for research. You know I believe in the witnesses more then anything about this Bruce, But when the researcher go home these witnesses or experiencers have to face a world were most people think this their "nuts". But if we can prove it is real then they are no longer "nut cases" but are witnesses to the greatest story in the world and of great historical value.
    New Post "UFO Breaking Point"
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  7. Joe - thanks for this posting. I also saw a close-up UFO in 1991 and indeed it changes folks.

    I was wondering what your thoughts are on the supposed UN meeting with some nations concerning Ufo Disclosure -- real meeting or not?

    I also appreciated the first video you list here today, well worth the 8 minutes or so -- the flying humanoids are certainly a new diversion for esoteric thinkers.

    Rick Phillips
    The Heavy Stuff . com

  8. Dear Rick,
    Read your blog great stuff.
    If it this is a Steven Greer project, well I have a big problem with the way he has handled "The Disclosure Project" and I have a problem with Exopolitics for the same reason they are both mudding the waters instead of helping.

    I think Gordon Cooper once spoke before at the UN on UFOs. He did correctly.

    This is what I feel about presenting to any official body on UFOs.

    1. Present what you know back by independent documentation- not what you believe to be true by someone in the “know”.

    2. Let the witnesses do the talking their message has greater impact then anything you can pontificate on.

    3. Stay non-commercial for credibility sake.

    4. Remember you have a sacred trust - to the truth and to the Witnesses, who have to live their and face the laughter after you go home.

    5. Not everyone in government is evil reach out to them don't confront them with wild speculation.

    On a personal note I don't trust Steven Greer and if he said it I would doubt it. This is an Greer Disclosure Project sent me by E-Mail and I quote:

    Dear Friends,
    Dr. Greer will be speaking at the Science and Consciousness Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the end of March. If anyone has enough frequent flyer miles to donate for a First Class airline ticket from Washington DC to Albuquerque (ABQ) it would be much appreciated. We need to know quite soon as we need to make the reservation".

    "First Class" think about it.

    It is the witnesses to this astonishing phenomenon who come forward and who get slammed by skeptic and UFO researcher alike who keeps the UFO subject alive and pertinent. Where would this subject be if it weren't for the bravery. Think about what it could mean to a career to say you had a close up encounter or that you actually witnesses little "creatures". We need to show more respect for these witnesses especially and not loss their credulity by wrapping them in a agenda filled with wild speculation. .

    Thanks Again
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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