Friday, March 7, 2008

Conditioning: Contact Breaking Point Part 2

..When this officer reported to the hanger and saw the bodies, if was apparently too much for him and he lost it." Witness To Roswell" Cary & Schmitt

Exlcusive Video Below

When someone tells you open contact would be a shock but we’d get over it, ask them this: What would it really be like, to intermingle with an intelligent species who could read your mind, emotions and motives all the time?
Try this scenario yourself. You’re one of the ETs. You and your group have intentionally hidden on a planet, a many-cultured environment with an extremely curious and vast population. You know the natives are progressing technologically and hiding will become more and more difficult.When is a species able to handle the emotional impact of the gigantic step down as the primary intelligent species?
When is the native species deemed able to handle contact? Or, Mr./Ms. ET, maybe your rationale is forced to change, and your question changes. So, what happens when contact finally becomes a matter of what is practical, rather than your original, ideal plan? Does your ET squad regroup and land on the Town Square? The State Capitol? Do you show your presence in high security areas visible to thousands of live witnesses and inevitably captured with miniature video cameras owned by millions of the species, for possible broadcast planet-wide?
Or do you do expose the idea slowly, testing the reaction of the average member of that species, looking for variants, and pulling back from certain regions when you’ve determined the psychological profile --meaning the ego of the average native-- is not able to handle it?

I remember a skeptic presenting at February’s Earth Mysteries & UFO / ET Congress in New Jersey remarking, “I believed in the early days of the UFO phenomenon that they were indeed Aliens, but because they never landed, I came to realize they were not anything at all but misidentifications.”

And that’s the kind of thinking that makes you wonder if maybe the lack of intelligence is on our side.
South of our border, Mexico, Peru, and Brazil have all provided us with decades of evidence of mass sightings: videos, landings, photographs, witness testimony.

You, I mean we --speaking this time as the natives, that is-- would have to be blind not to see that something special is happening.
Even if you were to come to believe that half of all the years of video, photos, and the rest was faked, that would still leave you with thousands of video, trace cases, and photographs that can’t be explained. All that witness documentation from this hemisphere, alone.
So, is it possible a kind of open, mass conditioning is beginning here in America, as well?
Was O’Hare a punctuation mark?
Was Stephenville the writing on the wall? Are more massive sightings --like Phoenix-- ahead?
While we’re at it, better include the multi-contact cases with the ongoing video; some of them are faked, but some seem very real.Could witnesses experiencing these sightings really be so different than average people you meet on the street?
These public displays and contact seems to be directed at the AVERAGE person.
And there’s another factor that people in the multiple ufology interest communities don’t like to talk about: those who may have gone into the experience with an average or disturbed psychological profile, who emerged with additional emotional distress.
So we have to ask, who else would be most affected by sightings? Are ETs --or whoever these UFO incident generators are-- also testing the broader population for a particular sample, like those natives with emotional problems? After all, their responses are important; the population of psychologically distressed natives will ultimately be exposed to the non-native presence, too.

Here is an exclusive video, originally given to me with the promise I’d do some basic U-Tube prep work on it. I told the witness/donor I would use Premiere to zoom and try to apply some filters. Although I have put a clip up, this is the whole video from the original DVD. I think it’s real.

The person who gave me the material was showing this DVD informally --not as a scheduled presenter-- between speakers at a conference. Most attendees had already left the hall, and I was trying to talk to a speaker when the DVD caught my eye my eye on a TV screen.
I noticed this unscheduled guy was speaking to someone else, and just as he was leaving, we were able to talk. I had no idea he would never e-mail me. I put this video only up for its educational value.
The object was shot in the daytime and some of the video was spectacular indeed! The great part of it is, you can see this person it not skilled with the camcorder, but maybe this makes the Mystery Video even more credible. A bird flies right in front of the object, and you are stunned. Also, what appears to be a mother ship moves in and seems to pick up some light sources.

The owner of the DVD professed some ideas about himself that were odd. He told me he gets compulsions to make videos. Yet he seemed somewhat shattered by the UFO sightings. Was he struggling to find meaning in the sightings? That was the last time I saw or heard from him. I’ve e-mailed all over but received no indication of who he was only who he was not. If you’re reading this blog, Mystery Video Maker, please e-mail me.

Making public contact as the newcomer --or the stranger-- on the block is not as easy as the debunkers want you to believe.
A truly intelligent species would know a great deal about the psychology of the species they are contacting, and the mindset of that species would be of primary concern.
Testing reactions of a range of natives may be happening right now. And the psychology of the average native seems to matter to the strangers.
This program of conditioning, if that’s what’s going on, may likewise hint at the respect ETs give to other entities and, might even be an indication of non-hostile intent.
Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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    here is that video i told you about Joe

  2. Dear Joe
    Thanks for the post great stuff made my hair stand on end. There was one "Insider whistle blower" who claimed that there was life on one of Saturns moons.
    Thanks Joe are you still willing to take the blue pill you may never come back.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  3. Joe, that video reminds me so much of Paul Spera. He too was constantly prompted to go outside at various times with his camera and that's exactly what he would find when he went out. Due to the vast number of sightings he got, a local news channel debunked him finding the likelyhood of seeing so many UFOs, not likely.

    Consequently, he's been quite disheartened. I spoke with him quite a bit a few years back and he would continually state that he was prompted by something to go outside. One of his statements was, "It was as if they were watching me."

    In Ufology, such statements aren't typically swallowed but in the realm of the paranormal they are.

    Typically it's thought that synchronicity between the living and the dead exists and such things do happen. I say the realm of paranormal because it's safer for me to say but I too experience it all of the time. I get 'prompts', or 'pulls' frequently and each time something new is put in front of me. Not UFOs but 'things' and many times a specific individual that was put in front of me for my own benefit. More frequently however are articles that had something in it that I had previously questioned in my mind. Suddenly it will be in my face.

    A few years ago I moved from Southern California to Northern California with my daughter. I didn't want to take anything with me and just buy it all over again. We packed up just our clothes and personal memorabilia. Upon arriving and after digging up needed furniture I had a list of things I wanted such as a microwave, a second tv, a food processor another lamp, a waffle iron, etc.

    A short time later (few days) I was driving my daughter downtown to drop her off at a jewelry making class in a bead shop. On our way downtown I drove by a garage sale. I was surprised to see it still running since it was 4:00 p.m. and garage sales usually end around 3:00. Anyway, I made a point of driving back to it after I dropped her off since I had time to kill. When I pulled up I just sat there in my truck and laughed because all of the items I mentioned above, and some I didn't were sitting on this long table just waiting for me. Not only that, due to the hour I got everything for $42.00 because they didn't want to take it back in the house.

    Such happen to me frequently (and for many years) and so whenever I hear someone say anything that sounds like they felt prompted to act on something, I listen.

  4. In 2008, you wrote:

    "All that witness documentation from this hemisphere, alone.
    So, is it possible a kind of open, mass conditioning is beginning here in America, as well?"

    In 1950, Donald Keyhoe wrote in
    The Flying Saucers Are Real:

    "Why was McLaughlin, a regular Navy officer subject to
    security screening, permitted to give out this story? Was it an
    incredible slip-up? Or was it part of some carefully thought-out
    plan? I believe it was part of an elaborate program to prepare the
    American people for, a dramatic disclosure.

    For the last 58 years commentator after commentator has breathlessly explained that we are on the verge of disclosure. When will it finally happen? I suggest you wait sitting down.

  5. If you have read my blogs "disclosure" to me is public contact by the Ets not the government. But I also feel ETS have a very through disinformation campaign to confuse people who think, there are so few of us.
    I believe if it does happen don't wait for the government or believe the leaks, which are all over the place, from the "inside people."

    I agree completely on that point. However you must admit this 20 plus year UFO flap in Mexico is unprecedented. If anything, it does seem to be at a time which can be considered as dangerous to mankind as the Bomb was during the cold war.
    Global Warming with the help of man could cause changes which could be as dangerous as the Bomb might have been.
    Are they keeping an eye out or are they threatening the government that they may go public if things don't change. Could that be what the Gov. of the world are frightened of? I don't know but it is an interesting time. They seemed to be keeping a close eye during the Cold War.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog