Saturday, January 5, 2008

Human-Centric Thinking

"..It keeps me searching for a heart of gold...
and I'm getting old: Neal Young

Human-Centric Thinking...Ok! So I’m guilty, too.

My wife has many occasions to add a roll of the eyes to the reminder: “Who do you think you are -- the center of the Universe?”

I like to feel special.

You’d expect scientists to be above this “we are the center of the universe” stuff, but they are just as guilty as the rest of us. Remember that famous Hubble photo said to reveal the beginnings of the Universe? It shows thousands of galaxies. My friend Gary reminds me often, “Hubble shots are the equivalent of looking at the sky through a straw”. That’s how little of the Universe was viewed, even with that wonderful, historic photo.

Remember, how for decades scientists would suggest --through various mathematical formulae that would soon be superseded by the next version-- how we could very possibly be the only life in the Universe? I always felt that was a little self-serving, since, after all, if we’re the only life in this great Universe and humans are the most intelligent, then guess what group of humans are the most intelligent creatures in the universe? That’s right: scientists are suddenly the top life form everywhere!

Many in the UFO community believe the evidence points clearly to aliens visiting us. A sub-group of this community will also suggest we are special in the eyes of the aliens, yes, that we are the center of their attention. I’ve heard many reasons for our specialness…from ‘we have emotions and aliens do not,’ or aliens lost their emotions eons ago’…to ‘we are the only species that have pets’… since it seems they don’t have pets on the alien worlds. Sorry, Sasquatch!

A certain subgroup of cases now part of the investigative record includes individuals who seem like real abductees reporting a linked pair of rationales: we are so special to Aliens because we are so violent…and Aliens want to help us, but they can’t interfere. By the way, not to disparage the witnesses of this subgroup, some of these cases seem to be real; I do believe ETS are telling these Abductees and Contactees what they are reporting…the contactees and abductees are not lying.

Philllippe Van Puten Brazil UFOs MUFON Conference

The metaphysical / quasi-religious group are the strongest purveyors of these centrist human ideas.

Meanwhile, the collective consciousness group believes everything we see --from ghosts to UFOs-- is simply the collective mind at work, and that with the collective mind, we can even make these 3D projections solid so they leave behind solid evidence. Now that’s such a great theory you don’t even have to prove it--just spout about “this theory of one” all over the place. Yep, that’s the collective consciousness doing it.

Then we have the subgroup that’s Christian who typically [not always, but mostly] claim ETs are demons and there is no argument, for this group believes we are the center of God’s Universe, the one made just 6,000 years ago.

You can’t get away from it --most of us humans, with one belief system or another-- still believe we are the center of the Universe.

You’d think that by now it would start to sink in.

Throughout the history of humankind up until “The Last Scientist” (a future post) we have had courageous, free-thinking scientists who put their lives on the line because they believed in an idea, a truth: go where the evidence takes you --no matter where it takes you-- even unto death.

Some of what these courageous scientists have proven, to this day, has not truly sunk in emotionally. Most of us limit ourselves, via our human-centric beliefs, to fleeting glimpses of the bigger picture, the panoramic view.

We are on a spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy. I’m not going to give you ‘like the sands on a beach’ bit again, but it’s looking more likely that even all the ETS and their worlds are not the center of the Universe.

So wake up and Happy New Year: it’s probably true that our Universe is not the center of all Universes.

And if you want to get into dimensions, hey, there may be 16 dimensions in this Universe. We don’t know how many in the other Universes.

It’s time to get humble about ourselves. I believe we can learn from the ETS --not as gods-- but as fellow travelers in this great expanse. For ETs to be here means a great deal in the scheme of things and the idea that they haven’t blown each other up must give us solace that there is a shared awareness of higher values and a higher power, or Creator –not just ‘our’ Creator.

Sadly, like everything else today which has been homogenized, we have no more really courageous mainstream scientists. What we have instead are scientists who only allow certain evidence, which points toward what they already believe, into their world.

And because they are scientists, sadly, theirs is the most powerful example of human-centric thinking of them all.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Hello
    I agree. I think its reasonable to consider that we have no idea who or what we are outside of our own dogma and as a sentient creature,not only do we naturally have a sense and recognition of isolation but we also naturally seek company, whether its SETI or Pioneer.
    We have no basis of comparison so we endow human characteristics to pets and extraterrestrials and project human intent, human weaknesses, etc onto them.
    I suppose a human-centric view can only be addressed by contact with an sentient alien species as when we speculate its nearly impossible not to insert ourselves as a point of reference. Great post as its needed food for thought as always.

    Best Wishes


  2. Dear Bruce,
    Some of this work came from ideas your blog has given me so thanks.

    Somehow we need to bring the metaphysical and the physical together into one theory.
    Just a few days ago a planet was discovered which is slightly larger than earth and has a temp. that allows liquid water to flow. This planet is only 20 light years from us- a stones throw in astronomical distances.
    If our scientist and our brightest minds would contemplate seriously the reality of UFO craft as being ETS then they may start to wonder about their explanations some physics laws. If fact that is happening now little.
    Because what is being reported does not match our theories of what matter can do.
    Something in our accepted human theories is off... way off.
    Unless we start to think outside the box we will never get out of the box.
    History has proven this over and over again... just when we thought it was mostly figured out we ended with questions than answers.
    I was around in the sixties when science was touting they had most of the answers about the universe...the rest was only details. Now they are starting to talk about dark matter and two gravities who knows what else all to try and bandage their faltering theories which at this present time can not even explain Comets.

    The Universe has shown us one truth for sure, that intelligent self aware complex life can exist. But we refuse to humble ourselves to the strong evidence that we are not unique and probably a few billion years late of being the first arrivals.
    UFO Media Matters
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