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Alien Induced Confabulation

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September 2006 MUFON Case
These are my views not MUFON'S
Confabulation, also known as false memory, is the confusion of imagination with memory, and/or the confusion of true memories with false memories. See Wikipedia explanations here:

A couple months ago I read an ET encounter investigation in a MUFON Journal and something struck me as very curious about the way the conscious and the hypnotic memory could be manipulated by surprised ET.

I now ask you to put aside any disbelief of the young mans report for this experiment. For the moment, let’s agree this experience was real and examine it so.

This apparent inter-species encounter may demonstrate how false memories may be induced by…the aliens themselves! The strange part about this is, I believe the memory retrieved under hypnosis could be closer to the truth of what really happened.

You can find the story in The MUFON Journal No. 463 [November 2007 ]:
reported by Lorna Hunter, Field investigator, and MUFON State Director, Richard Moss.
Key Notes: Witness had one other UFO sighting close range in April same year– cattle mutilation was reported near property a year ago.

Conscious Memory.
“…Woke Up some time after midnight [Sept 11, 2006] to go to the bathroom …looking out the window he noticed two figures enter their corral where four pigs were kept…he put on his shoes and went to the shed to pick up a 22 cal. single shot rifle…the corral [on three sides] is covered with ten-foot long galvanized metal sheets. He approached the corral…upon jumping the fence into the corral…he saw two figures apparently trying to steal a 400-lb. pregnant sow.

One of them scooped up the sow with one arm(approx. wt. 200lbs), transferred it to its other arm and tossed it to the second figure. In the moonlight the witness suddenly realized these weren’t ordinary people and quickly became frightened and confused as they were extremely tall, perhaps eight feet in height.

He fired a shot from his single shot 22 cal. rifle into the left side of the entity that had caught the sow. He was close enough that he felt sure he hit it. He immediately heard a loud screeching squealing weird sound.

Then the entity that had thrown the pig to the other entity swiftly floated over toward the witness, pick him up by his shirt and with one arm, threw him backward about 20 feet.
The youth landed on his back and while on the ground heard a sort of boom sound. He sat up reloaded his rifle and looked around for the entities, but they were no where to be seen….two vertical sheets on the west side of the corral had been knocked off.”
Phillip Van Puten How Can You Not Believe After Vewing This:

Hypnotic Memory. Induced by Graig R. Lang. MS CHT(Citified Hypnotherapist, MUFON)

“Awakening, looking out the bathroom window and seeing the figures in the corral. He goes out to the shed to retrieve his rifle. He re-experienced looking into the corral. But instead of seeing two beings he saw four beings. He vaulted over the fence and brought his gun to bear and fired at the nearest being. He looked down to reload his gun he felt something grab him from behind, to his side. The being grabbed his front and side, spinning him around and casting him to the ground.

He felt his head hit the ground, apparently knocking him briefly unconscious. When he awoke, the beings and the hog were gone.”

By taking the person through several trances some different details emerged.
1. Consciously witness remembers the hog the being holding was alive….but while under hypnosis, the hog was lifeless.
2. He couldn’t see the feet under hypnosis, so it was not clear how far off the ground they were floating, therefore it was not clear how tall they were --although the gliding motion was evident in both accounts.
3. In the hypnotic trance witness recalled he was grabbed by a being from behind, rather than a being floating over to him.
4. The witness described sensing fear from the other beings once one individual had been shot --which might have been empathic telepathy with the beings indicating “we mean you no harm”.
5. His next memory after the fall was sitting up and reaching for his gun –looking around, but the beings and the hog were gone.

Conclusion of investigators: It does not appear that any abduction occurred. --No fluid or blood was found around the corral.
--Most of the nails that had fastened the sheet metal to the wooden boards were still in the boards, but a few had come out and were in the corrugated sheets.
--There were fresh scrapes and scratches on the horizontal fence boards.
--Some of the soil was taken by investigators, but no tests done.
--Significantly, these aliens were described as seven to eight feet tall, skinny, long, lanky with strong, glossy eyes and rounded heads, and something resembling bolts” at the temples. “
--The witness lamented that the only evidence was his torn shirt, a damaged corral and a missing hog.

Are some of the more fantastic memories of this encounter intentionally planted or false memories to make it even more unbelievable? Could the reason he couldn’t see their feet because the were in a device.? Was the frankenstein look intentially included in their look as example of disinformation by the aliens should they be observed by humans without their knowledge? You may laugh at this case because of the person being young and a farmer but many well documented case of “Aliens” seem to indicate strange appearl that does seem to come out of science fiction b grade movies even thought the person reporting was not a sci fi fan.

What planted memories are induced into abductees over the long term?
Do ETs induce false memories that cannot be undone? Could a higher intelligence have implanted whole episodes of false memory?

Maybe we should examine these bizarre cases of contact not as hoaxes, but as real occurrences induced intentially to confuse.

No one seems to even suggest that the aliens include the fantastic and the unbelievable as disinformation in any encounter with us.

No one seems to want to consider that in an accidental inter-species encounter, ETs are ready with unbelievable rehearsed actions, accoutrements and hypnotic and metaphysical inducements to blur the believability and insight into what really happened.

If all the questions are not on the table, how can you discover what is true?

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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