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Best UFO Witnesses:

O’Hare witnesses who were courageous in coming forward and honest in what they saw and what they felt.
I love what the pilot said. “I reported it because I thought it was a craft not a UFO”.

Best UFO Investigation:
Michael M. Nelson (for the blowing the lid off of the cover-up on the famous Portage, Ohio case).

Government conspiracies are real:

This evidence comes not from a shadowy figure but from actual old police files kept by a police officer.
He was told to throw out the files decades later, as part of a basement cleaning effort, but, thank whoever you want to thank, this Police Officer kept them.

When he finally started digging through the police files hidden evidence in 2006… all truth broke out. A group within the government of the United States instructed the Sheriff at the time to withhold crucial evidence, not only from UFO researchers, but from their own Air Force investigative body “Project Blueblood”.
The Government had a separate UFO unit which had power way above that of "Project Bluebook".
But the real horror story to all of this is by the govenment ordering this evidence kept secret they sacrificed two good policeman and ended their careers and their reputations and even a marrage.

Project Bluebook declared it was “Venus” and it was over for them. The debunkers had a field day and two human beings were made the scapgoat.

Runner UP Best Investigation: Brad Sparks:

“New Revelations on the MJ12 documents” a presentation at the 2007 MUFON Symposium , DVD available:
I like people like Brad, people who make mistakes… it’s the perfect people I always worry about… even when they claim they aren’t.
Brad through hard work and secretly tape recordings by past MUFON dirctory Pratt of conversations with Moore and OFOSI agents during the MJ12 fiasco.
The evidence strongly suggests the MJ12 documents were disinformation created by OFOSI agents and that in the end it worked.
I believe it was to pull UFO researchers away from Roswell.
It is time to end the research on MJ12 unless we get the beef, the actual documents; otherwise we will be going back and forth until hell freezes over about the authenticity of these documents…. and I have a life folks.

Best DVD:

Jaime Maussan & Santiago Yturria Garza: NASA Mission & UFO Incidents.
Either these NASA films are faked or… Unknown Craft BUZZ our spaceships and space station - there are no third possibilities here.
Best NASA UFO Footage

These NASA images all by themselves goner my respect for the power Jamie Maussan has as a conduit for great video, from the witnesses in all walks of life, from videos from around the world, and even unbelievably; form NASA.

Best DVD Runner UP:

Paul Kimball DVD (“Best Evidence: The Ten Best Sightings” Redstar)
When you get right down to it UFOs are real. If you want the best evidence here it is. These reports are not from shadowy figures or unknown military sources these UFO reports are cases so well documented only a fool would say they didn’t happen.

I also like to google the debunkers on these cases and have a couple laughs. How do they explain theses reports…easily they venture into the realm of the absurd, like “pilots can make mistakes too”.

Do you take your mistakes with or without radar?

Best Book:

“A Witness To Roswell” T. Carey D. Schmitt:
I could not put it down.
I am so sorry the UFO community focused on Haut statement after his death and all but forgot about the ten or so Military Officers and high ranking officals deathbed revelations who were stationed at Roswell in 1947.
In the last days of their lives they finally broke their oaths and told their family the truth about Roswell crash, the ship, and the bodies. Yes my kiddies intelligence Officers and Commanders of Atomic Bases know the difference between a balloon and a spaceship. Roswell story illustrates how some of our more scientifically minded UFO researchers could easily discounted good witnesses statements beyond any common sense. Maybe they need to understand that many of your average folk may not be scientist or engineers but they are not idiots either.

Runner Ups:
Strange Company Keith Chester – Need To Know. Timothy Good
What can I say for these two books
… Some "Foo Fighters" were flying saucers …Some foo Fighters were UFO mother ships that traveled at 9000 miles an hour.. some Fo Fighter played jokes on our pilots….Some Foo fighters were dangerous. This book seems to show me someone or something is hiding in our oceans. .

“Need to Know” should be called Need TO READ. This book is a page turner Tim Good puts it all together for anyone with an open mind.
Bill Gunston, fellow of Royal Aeronautical Society one of the foremost aeration historian says about Good's Book:
“Need To Know proves UFOs are real and a current problem facing governments worldwide. The Evidence…irrefutable.
Dumbest Debunkers Statement Of The Year:
Charlie schlemiel Schumer of the Skeptical Magazine odor in statement in one of “The History Channel Program - UFO Files”
I’m Paraphrasing:
“Why people want to believe that a Alien Advanced Civilization morally superior would travel these enormous distance in space to come here and do this to the cattle when an animal or a dog could easily explains what happened to them, I don’t know”

Scientist today decry that people no longer respect science. No, we respect science, we just don’t respect some of your Soma brain spokesman.
You get respect when you get it.
This schlemiel Schumer just called all these hard working ranchers with decades of experience, who by the way know all too well what kills their cattle and how to track them: cheaters or liars or fools.

“Who you going to believe your lying eyes or Charlie, sitting in a nice comfortable History Channel studio never once visiting a cattle site”.

Most touching moment:
I was introduced to a woman who had met the “Proctor family” they had handled a piece of the Roswell wreckage in 1947. I asked her what her takes was on them. “Quiet and humble not seeking the limelight at all”. She answered. Another debunkers myth laid to rest.
Most Promising Show Of Next Year: “UFO Hunters” History Channel.

Happy & Healthy Year To All
Joseph Capp
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