Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UFO Media Matters Presents:

“The Greatest “Scientists In The World”("Countdown" forgive me)

“Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything”
No Not him!

My Nominees are Jason and Grant of TAPS:

Jason Hawes And Grant Wilson, of “Ghost Hunter” on the “Science Fiction Channel” are field “research scientist” in the purest sense of the word. They are trying to measure with our present technology some effect that can’t be there. How’s that for a catch 22.
They are allowed, by the grace of capitalism, to bring and use some of the best instruments into the most “hunted” places on earth. They search for results.

This sage will claim “they get mucho results”.

Not only results the fist time but when TAPS makes a return visit to the same haunts the results are repeated; and folks; caught again on film, and also measured.

What is a scientist?
Is it someone educated, accredited in a field, tested with knowledge and experience?

Yes in a perfect world.
But there are no universities degrees in Hunting.

The Japanese, The Germans, now Maussan demonstrates the horse in the famous video clip is not a balloon. DVDs
1. "Masson & Garza Nasal Missions & UFO Incidents" 16 International Annual UFO Congress.
2. Jaime Maussan "UFO In Mexico" X-Congress 2007

When you tale look at what Jason & Grant are doing objectively, these investigations are a prime example of adaptive research in an almost completely unknown venue. You have to admit this is what human beings are best at.
The team learns as it goes forward in research, a kind of ad hoc learning curve. They keep adopting different instruments and methods to boost the possibility of recording or measuring a paranormal incident(s). They also prove some claims are nothing more then misinterpretation of natural phenomenon by honest people. They always use the term “debunk” in these cases which I think is to stong a word for those who just made a mistake. Where that word makes sense is in deliberate hoaxing.

Some of the ideas are barrowed from others who ventured out into the” “haunted land that science forgot” before we were born.

Bottom Line TAPS Results Are Astonishing!

Just some of the evidence amassed:
All types of metaphysical phenomenon recorded and confirmed, real time, by those people present.
Audio EVP’s (Electric Voice Phenomenon) with clear statements and responses by humans and entities not visible.
Minor attacks on field researchers, knocked down, immobilized by physical yet unseen phenomenon.
Poltergeist experiences, various objects, sometime heavy, caught on camera moving while also experienced real time by cast and crew .
“Hard Skeptics” stinking, unexplained encounter, caught on camera changing the skeptics’ mind completely.
Interactions and two way communication between TAPS and The Phenomenon.

They go about their research with the real kind of skepticism; humble skepticism. Does anyone remember what that is; just simply trying to find out what is really going on.

Just when you think you have the Universe Explained!
"Jamie Maussan Mexico" DVD X-Conference 2007

TAPS do their research for the greatest reason on earth, to help the human race.

No scientific truth could be more pronounce then discovering other intelligences behind some haunts. This may be a meaning, even beyond religion since this happens to everyone.

The TAPS previous fifteen years of dedicated investigation underlines just how serious this group of researcher are. “Ghost Hunters” on SciFi has help the group gain notoriety and a return ticket to get into some of the top strange joints.

TAPS SERVICES WERE ALWAYS FREE - after all it’s about the research.

That is why my blog will remain non-commercial
These “hautings” happen to people all over the globe for as long as w’ve been here. They happen to those who don’t even believe in God or Spirits.
The idea of survival after physical death ( “spirits”) is a very old belief, much older then the earths main religions.
These “spirits beliefs” seemed to be reinforced by millions of personal experiences now and through out the ages. It may be these experiences helped form the bases of our religions.

We are only starting to learn of what the universe is made up of.
We are starting to understand the universe could be very strange, stranger even then what is “covered in Eisenstein’s philosophy”.
So are we to discount some data showing survival of the personality in a quantum universe just because scientist will not look. Is this what it has turned into:

“Believe us don’t believe your instruments."
We need A TAPS crew with Jason & Grant in the UFO field.

There are UFO sighting areas, places in the America and South of our boarder where “UFO craft” are just as ACTIVE as any haunted area . There are also places where certain witnesses have constant UFO encounters with “craft” astonishing aerial displays and even entities. A few weeks in an active area may bring interesting and profound results. Many in the UFO community know about them. Some of the places have UFO sightings every few weeks.

We need a group of people with the intelligence, energy, honest skepticism and determination to find out the truth.
We need “scientific field” investigations, we need active, adaptive, UFO research, for the benefit of the human race.

Runner Up:
Ted Phillps
Physical Trace Cases
Unconventional Aircraft And Their Performances
By Bruce Corbit Ph. D. (National Institute Of Discovery Science)
This Is A Power Point Presentation On His field Work:
Joseph Capp
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