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The Alien Shtick

A shtick (Yiddish: שטיק) (or schtick) is a comic theme or gimmick.

Seems to me if you think about what makes you laugh, add a little common sense, and apply that mix to the big, big universe out there, it’s not a giant leap to suspect…something funny’s at work…like my Law of Positive IQ:

The more intelligent the organism, the more complex its humor.

When the neo-cons took over our country, they had everything on their side:
a non-ending war, nationalism up the kazoo, the media, and the multi-national corporations.What could possibly stand up against all that?

Was it a new Edward R. Murrow-type journalist? Nooo!
A new George Washington-caliber leader?

Maybe a caring Patrick Henry?
None of the above!
It was your local television comedian.

Comedy --especially political satire-- is so powerful, it has toppled governments.

But comedy aimed at those in power --yet not understood by them-- is twice as hilarious.

Some people of power are so superficial they have a kind of comedy ignorance -- let’s call it Negative Comedy IQ.

Steven Colbert of “The Colbert Report” brings us daily examples of people in power exhibiting Negative Comedy IQ.
This is a true story for those of you who haven’t followed this mega hit show. “The Colbert Report” is on “The Comedy Channel”

Colbert’s character was invited to President Bush’s roast, a televised tradition. Bush’s staff, who set up the appearance of this great satirist, had completely misconstrued his comedy. They thought Colbert was a conservative comedian poking fun at liberals.
But they just didn’t get it… Colbert was doing parody… an O’Reilly schtick: an all-mouth, no-facts talking head.

Of course Colbert pulls this off by continually praising the President on the one hand –-while showing how foolish and dysfunctional Bush’s thinking is.
Bush’s people were so dense they never got the meaning of Colbert’s O’Reilly parody. Until it was too late.

Hint:When a President, or a Party has no depth to their sense of humor; run for the hills before it’s too late.
Damn. It’s already too late.
And the whole Negative Comedy IQ phenom, a la the Bush Whitehouse, it makes me wonder: are ETs playing shtick we just don’t get?

It’s easy to see some ET shtick popping up in the history of reported UFO cases, that is...if you’re a little bent like me:
The Setup: O’Hare Airport, Chicago. The ET critters park a speed cruise model craft directly above a runway and below a cloudbank.It hovers there, spinning, for ten minutes. Then a crowd gathers, transfixed.

The ETs take their cue, they deliver the Shtick…Their star stunt pilot shifts gears and that speed demon UFO travels so fast upward it punches a clean hole clear up through the cloud bank.
Witnesses see a perfect circle with the blue sky visible above. This is such a powerful maneuver it takes 8 minutes for the surrounding cloud bank to fill in the hole.
The Negative Comedy IQ humans respond.

When the news finally becomes public, great intelligent scientific soothsayers explain what it has to be on TV! Drum roll, please!“Atmospheric Phenomenon!”And that’s got to be good for one giant belly laugh all over this arm of the Milky Way.

Could these objects be part of a sense of humor we don't get?
Form Maussan & Garza DVD "NASA Missions & UFO Incidents" International UFO Congress 2006

ETS may have thumbed their noses at us --metaphorically speaking, of course-- beginning in the 50s.

In the famous Washington DC. 1953 Case UFOs were clearly recorded on radar, and also visually.
These Craft Jockeys played cat-and-mouse on our radar scopes.
When we sent up our fighter jets to intercept, the UFOs didn’t have to refuel, so they would quickly move off the scope …only to appear again when the fighter jets landed.

Even ground crews and radar operators witnessed the blue lights. But the jets never got close enough to see anything… that is, until the last time they went up and gave chase again.

Pilots finally were able to make visual contact, but the UFOs had a great comeback-- they surrounded one of the fighter jet interceptors and quickly closed in, which left the pilot, to say least, unnerved.

And that’s classic slapstick, another shtick indicating High Positive Comedy IQ.A hoax can be a funny bit, except when it’s played on you, right?

Maybe that holds true with ETS. Human and government reaction to UFOs may provide decades of comedy night fodder on “ACN” (Alien Physics Network).

In the Betty & Barney Hill abduction, strange incidents were revealed under hypnosis. Incidents like, aliens giving the Hills a “book and then taking it back”, like telling Betty she would not remember anything, and the infamous slapstick of ETs finding Barney’s false teeth.

Betty and Barney Hill had unimpeachable credentials.

Could this whole thing have been a goof pulled by young aliens on two people alone on the road?

Let us go back and find out.
After Betty & Barney are abducted and told to forget, they are returned by the ETS to their vehicle and are safely on their way.
The aliens looking out from their ship start to laugh.

First Alien to the Second Alien:
“Did you see her face when she asked for the book and I gave it to her?”
Second Alien:
“Yeah, she thought she was really going to get it. Fat chance.”(Laughter.)
Second Alien:
“That fight we staged was precious.”
First Alien:
“Yeah that was good, and the ‘forget everything’ baloney was good, too. But no one can top ELLE!”
Second Alien:
“What did ELLE do that was so great?”
First Alien:
“She pretended She didn’t know what human false teeth were”.

Second Alien: “Yep… you can’t top that.”

********And how about that Swiss farmer, Billy Meier? You can’t tell me that case doesn’t lend itself to some funny bits.
Farmer gets in touch with beautiful Alien Super Spiritual beings. These Aliens conduct displays so the farmer gets some credibility.

And then the reality show begins.

If you read Bruce Maccabee , who has absolutely no sense of humor, his research into one of the Billy Meier videos seems to miss the comedic point.

One of the Billy Meier videos shows a “Craft” which Billy claims he was “directed to film” by the ETs.

The video shows a ship rocking back and forth --like on a pendulum-- in front of a tree.
Bruce decided it is probably hoaxed, even though it seemed to be large.

But I can see these good-looking aliens just jiving with old Billy…
First Alien:
“I just love it when they think were gods.”
Second Alien:
“Yep, Billy is easy. Let’s have him grow a beard. Say, between Moses and Isaiah.
By the way, I’ve got an idea for some more fun with these poor humans...”
First Alien: “Go for it!”

Second Alien:
“Well, we take one of our craft, and we sway it back and forth over the central tree in the field…while we get Billy to film it. Bet he won’t even notice that we rock it like it’s tied to a tree. Later humans will able to measure how big it is, so we create an enigma. After it all cools down we steal the tree…and…
First Alien:
I don’t get it?
Second Alien: “Billy brings the video back, shows it around, then somebody with smarts will claim it’s an object hung by a rope…When they finally check for the tree --years later-- it won’t even be there. So, we confuse the whole issue and have fun at the same time. A win-win!”
First Alien:
“I like the god thing better.”********
No one cam be funny all the time not even aliens.

Do you have an UFO case which could really be alien shtick?

Announcement: The Intruders Foundation on Dec 15, 2007 will have a follow up on the press conference which gained so much interest. UFO Media Matters will be there to do a follow-up of our own.
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  1. Here is a famous New York landing case that may lend itself to Alien Shtick.

    "Barski told the authorities that a ladder came from the object, and between eight and 11 identical creatures emerged.

    He said they were three to four feet tall and all wore dark snow-suit like uniforms with helmets. Each had a small bag and a little shovel. They quickly scooped up soil samples, poured the samples into the little bags, and then immediately got back onto the craft."

    " Bloecher, now a regular UFO investigator, went to interview O'Barski about his story in the late 1970s
    "Since I'm an experienced stage actor, I know very well what is a staged act and what is real," Bloecher said last week. "The scene of them getting soil samples was fake. It was staged. Their real target was George O'Barski. They weren't interested in soil samples. They wanted him."

    Maybe Not maybe it was Shtick.

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