Friday, November 16, 2007

"Progressives" And UFOs

When All You “Progressives” Are Done Laughing

First, I want to note here, beyond anything else, I applaud presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich for doing the right thing by answering honestly about his UFO experience. If you’re a voter looking for someone different, better then the norm, who has integrity under fire, this is the man. As far as Shirley McClain goes, I always liked her and hope she didn’t blindside him on this.

I am a liberal. They call that “Progressive” these days. I’m very proud to be a liberal. I never thought there was a level playing field in America except for us whites. I got myself hurt a few times in the late 60s because I wouldn't back down on that.
Most liberals I know support the scientific method and so do I.

I just don’t support biased, uniformed liberals.

Scientists practicing objective science, that’s a wonder to behold.
But what is proclaimed as science around the UFO subject is not honest science; it is not even objective science.
Pseudo-Scientists will spend years debunking witness reports from rural "folks" on "craft" sighting, if, along with those reports, comes good supporting evidence. Without the sounds-like-science they rely on so that mainstream scientists will be Soma-ed into sleep, (like many of my progressive friends, mainstream scientists don’t really follow the news in this field anyway), these high-minded guardians of the truth use innuendo to smear the character of these witnesses.

That’s the main weapon in the Pseudo-Scientists’ arsenal: impune the character of the witness to discredit the quality of the case.
That is not science; it is character assassination.

And how does that sound to my fellow liberals? A little neo-con maybe.

Here we have photos which the NAVY said were for real.
The Trent Photos:

Killing The Messenger? Note: Same Case.

"Jaime Maussan Mexico" X-Conference 2007. Unlike what the skeptics want you to believe, most of the people who film these "UFOs" are not hoaxers. They end up being ordinary people.

When meager amounts of money have been allocated for that rare study of UFOs, those studies have always resulted in …guess what? Honest to goodness UFOs.Even in the swamp gas era of UFOs, officialdom couldn’t find explanation for some craft-like objects.
No matter how they tried, these Air Force researchers could not get around the startling reports from some very bright people who had impeccable credentials who not only testified, but defended rigorously, their testimony of close visual “craft” encounters. They provided detailed descriptions of maneuvers, positions, size and shape on these craft.
These reports by ordinary people were also typically hard to explain away because some of the insistent witnesses were “Dataheads” --like the researchers themselves.
The next real hard witness and sighting category to explain away was pilots. “Pilots can be wrong!” came the chant of the dark voice debunkers.
(I should add that one to my Dumb Debunkers Statements List).

You’d be a complete fool if you think professional pilots would lock weapons on phantoms or make up stories about UFOs.

We have hundreds of pilot reports of UFOs, including “craft”. Even from pretty close up. We probably would have thousands if the subject weren’t so taboo.

Read Project Blue Book…before the Air force spin:

“There is no evidence these objects are our own”.

This was the conclusion of the most recent studies --and ‘recent’ means over thirty years ago. To this day I don’t know how they ever came to this conclusion.
Some jets that caught up to these “balloons” and or “weather illusions”…learned rather quickly not to lock weapons. If they were lucky enough to land alive.

But I think the “does not represent superior technology” baloney had to do with the first Air Force study Project Sign, the one they sent back and told the commission to find a different conclusion:“

According to Ed Ruppelt, former head of the follow-up study on Project Bluebook, the Chiles-Whitted sighting excited the SIGN staff and prompted them to write an "Estimate of the Situation" (EOTS) that indicated UFOs were extraterrestrial in nature.”

Behavior on radar returns demonstrates time and time again intelligent behavior and superior capabilities of these “craft”. How in the hell could anything outrun our fastest jet fighters if it wasn’t superior?
Many well trained fighters pilots chasing these “Balloons” claimed intelligent behavior was running the UFOs.

Tens of thousands of reports by credible witnesses of “craft” doing impossible things, including very intelligent maneuvering are on record.3000 Landing trace cases where these objects would have to do almost impossible maneuvers between trees to reach the landing spot show --at the very least-- remote control and indicate strongly superior headlining capabilities.

Ted Phyllips 39 years worldwide researcher on "Trace Cases"

Thousands of videos demonstrating stark controlled intelligent behavior by these craft are also part of the Real Science picture.
A large majority of these recordings are by good people not trying to make a penny on their videos.
Samples of these videos which have been checked out for hoaxing… have passed the test, no hoaxing here.

As a liberal I am appalled at the progressives who ridicule the UFO subject.

They’re the ones who keep stressing “check the facts”. Are we crazy because some of us see UFOs and are smart enough and thorough enough to check both sides?

I asked my liberal friends to check out these facts from some stand-out cases…
We now have twelve deathbed confessions of people who were stationed at the Roswell AFB. We have Officers, pilots, MPs, all who never said a word till their last days and then cleaned the slate by confessing Roswell was real.

Two highly trained officers in the military at Roswell who were guarding the only A-Bombs had this material for days --plenty of time to discover what it was. They knew it was not a balloon… they didn’t ‘think’ it was not a balloon.
Major Marcel, for instance, had been in training class two weeks earlier studying weather balloons.

This the true history of what happened at Roswell, reported not by your armchair quarter-back, but by those researchers who went to the prime Roswell witnesses, their families, their neighbors --and not just once-- but over a hundred times.
We’re talking about Military Officers who kept their word to their country until they died. Good people threatened. People put in jail for days…on a failed MOGUL balloon?

We even have skeptics changing their mind on Roswell because of new data. (see "Skeptic Changes Mind On Roswell" YouTube)

Who is the idiot here? As always, it’s those who refuse to be informed.
So be sure to read A Witness To Roswell by Carey & Schmitt.

The Right wing of the Republican party is so "Conspiraphobic" that the mere mention of the word conspiracy will get you a stream of verbal attacks.
You know what I think:“Methinks [they] protest too much.” William Shakespeare

The liberals are a little better on conspiracies these days, maybe because they have been so reliably conspired against. But on Air America, liberal radio commentators compared UFO believers to people who couldn’t find Europe on the map.

I should have asked the two men sitting next to me at the MUFON conference --one a Nuclear Physicist and the other a Nuclear Chemist-- if they knew where Europe is.
Remember something important, you young, inexperienced, so-called “Progressives”:
"The way to make any group look stupid is to find an extreme element of that group and strongly imply that is what they all believe."-- Joseph Capp’s Liberal Textbook: Neo-Con Behavior 101

Joseph Capp
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  1. "The way to make any group look stupid is to find an extreme element of that group and strongly inply that is what they all believe".

    very well said!

    thank you.

  2. Joe,
    I wish that your burning arguments were conducted in a courtroom as there is enough evidence beyond anyone's reasonable doubt that there is a serious situation afoot.
    Timidity is cutting off the traditional scientific establishment's credibility at the knees. The rationale that this phenomenon cannot be quantified, measured or evaluated is nonsense, as well as the defensive rationale that what cannot be measured must not exist. American politics is largely a staged charade. He who choses what questions are delivered to whom writes the rules of the game whether it is Viacom, GE etc. The polls certainly provide further evidence that it is only a small minority of the electorate that is as naive as the cynicism of the corrupt corporate political mindset. Sociopathic behavior as the norm with reality crime shows as infotainment and the status of celebrity drug addictions trumping the greater public good. Time to erase the parasitic junk from the hard drive and reboot what was.. the once and future America.

  3. Dear Bruce,
    Without doubt there is a cloud hanging over our nation and freedom. Unless we step foward sometimes I feel all is lost.

  4. Dear anji,
    Thanks I learned that in the 60s I was very active in the lower east side.

    It is a tactic used to keep people from looking at details. It is what UFO debunkers and the government have used effectively with the media for all kinds of reasons.

    I must say UFO researchers are not effective countered this.

    The "Progressives "should know neo-con smearing tactics when they see it.

    That is exactly what the skeptic Inquirer does, without really naming names of course. Just shaking an arbitrary finger and smirking at us nuts out here in UFO land, some of those nuts guarded this country with their lives by the way.
    Many good scientist accept the public explanations as real. They don't really look but often "proclaim" as if they do.
    So we end up with this a type of Tabloid Effect, could be what the entities also want.
    Thanks Again
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters