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UFO Media Matters Presents: A Hollyween Joint:

What Do Aliens Eat?

It’s that time of year again and I have a story to tell you. And what a story!

You may never feel safe again once you hear this tale of utter strangeness. Because…every time you see a strange light, you’ll say to yourself…Could it be?…Just maybe, is this the final truth about our visitors?

This is about writers. You know the kind I mean.

Our first writer is Whitley Strieber. Now, what is happening to him can happen to anyone who… is, you might say, a little too inspired…

The aliens targeted Mr. Strieber for a long time, keeping tabs on him, as you would keep tabs on a high priced heifer.

And the aliens understood the needs of Whitley, as they do with all humans under their watch. Earlier in his life they had kept the contacts well hidden from his conscious mind. They stimulated him, and withdrew…until he was prepared. A contact world was created around him --by him-- during their...interactions.

In this case, as in so many cases, Whitley was given the reality he wished for --a dreamlike, yet real quality during contact, which ended up not only serving the aliens well; this method of human management also soothed Strieber’s inner fears, the very essence of all fears. Confusion during contact and the dreamlike quality usually allowed ego to stay somewhat intact. And that’s a job well done.

But, what the aliens forgot about Mr. Strieber was… simple, therefore overlooked.

As so often happens with the super intelligent minds… simplicity oft times escapes them.

And that simple thing was this: Whitley was then, and is now a writer. And, as is so often the case, writers’ minds linger in the world of imagination and inspiration. This, of course as all the “old ones” know, instinctively makes Whitley and others dwell in the higher consciousness realm. It’s that realm, after all, which is the only place where truth can be had… so to speak. “Nothing is perfect” is always the rule. (I quote the “old ones” again). And, it is here, where he accidentally connected with another higher consciousness, in its own truth realm, a realm of overwhelming hunger and need.

Unfortunately for Whitley --or should I say fortunately for him-- it would never come out as a conscious understanding. He would never equate some of his imagination and inspiration with accidental contact of the innermost minds of an alien race. And that makes Whitley the truly accidental tourist.

So, one day, as with so many other days, Whitley Strieber had an idea. He had just finished his novel The Hunger when another novel idea sprung upon his consciousness. He’d been toying with myths, first Vampires, perhaps now Werewolves… That this idea blossomed from a truth in real life never entered Strieber’s mind --because it was even horrible to just imagine an intelligent race eating humans, let alone for that to ever be considered true.

"The Wolfen" it was called, and it was about:
An intelligent race of creatures now regarded as nothing more than a myth by the larger, more educated, more cultural societies in the world, turns out to be horribly true with a horrible footnote: these werewolves are intelligent creatures and have been feeding on us…for eons.

These creatures were intelligent and secretive. They would only feast on the outcasts, so they would never be discovered. The many who are missing people --those uncared for and about. What has been successful and keeps the werewolves in the shadows is the one rule they all live by --and died by-- We must never be found out! WE MUST NEVER BE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE!

Then one of them makes a mistake. It kills and dines on the wrong person. So when one young werewolf acts foolishly, his mistake leads to many more, with some very smart detectives on the case. In the end, the humans find out the unbelievable truth… WE WERE FOOD! The secret that has been kept from us for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

When the book came out the aliens were surprised to read Whitley had written some truth about their motives. They had toyed with the idea of driving him mad but understood the possible consequences of such action. They would need to reinforce the spiritual connection so he would stay focused… he must stay focused. That would take time but they knew it was could be accomplished, the key is the ego, the spiritual ego. This wasn’t the first time certain humans had glimpsed the truth through these journeys. There had been many insights before by many other species interacting with humans. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers came to the aliens’ mind.

Then there was the other movie made by that other human writer who glimpsed some alien truth decades ago. The alien played with the idea in his higher state and remembered…

The Mataphysical Alien Santiago Garza "A UFO Paraphernalia" DVD

The Thing From Another World .

They had connected and taken the producer Howard Hawks in his early military days; the aliens never allowed him to know it consciously; much of what the writer gathered was in this higher state --just as with Whitley-- and would surface in his state of literary inspiration, completely without his knowledge that what he thought was imagined, the product of his creativity, was actually the truth.

The book Howard wanted to turn into a movie Who Goes There? was only a means to an end in his unconscious drive. When he needed to change the project, make it cheaper, that is when the truth which needed to come out popped into his head.

The line which forced its way out into conscious reality would be in the middle of the film but it would be the wedge that would open the inner most parts of the hidden details of the truth in Howard Hawks’ mind.

The very idea of this film would be built around the shocker. The sentence, the fear, would be clear to the children first. It was a line in the film which would strike right at that very primal fear we humans must have. That fear we attribute now toward monsters, but, in truth,was directed much earlier toward the gods --this “the old ones” knew was a long, long time ago –the truth that rang in our heads then was a part of that: “gods can kill”, “gods demand sacrifice”; “GODS COME FROM THE SKY!”

But that was from ignorance, even though it was true to some degree. This truth would slip out from the mind of the aliens as they savored the need.

Howard was inspired:

“The severed powerful arms came alive, the talons on the knuckles of the fingers making a sharp tap, tap, tap on the table top, its echo ringing off the walls as if a drum beat of death.

The Professor was startled but it showed only in his eyes; even so, he composed himself rather quickly and started to dictate to his secretary. He tried to be casual as he looked at his watch, “At approx 4:30 pm the severed arm of the alien has come to life. I believe this has happened because the canine blood on it’s forearm has been digested. This would seem to signify, along with his rejuvenated arm in the greenhouse that the alien …” The journalist standing by watching stunned and white faced, interrupted: “YOU MEAN IT LIVES OFF BLOOD?”

The Aliens started to wonder if any of the “taken” would ever remember the whole picture of what really happened. Would the humans then do something about it? How could you control any humans with that picture in their conscious minds when you arrived? If ever humans found out they were food, what would humans do? But what really frightened the aliens was, what would they have to do?

In the early days of feeding most of the humans they dealt were human specimens so focused on living day to day that had very little imagination. It was so easy keeping them focused. Some reinforcing was necessary. But, today, they had to be vigilant; reinforcing time after time the “chosen” aspect to their captors. Now they must hide in the mystical because the technological is understood. They must be solid and logical only when necessary. They must never make sense. Above all, they must never be found out.

But our entities will continue to do what they do best: confuse, so no one can gain the truth. They have had thousands of years to play with their food.

What’s a hundred or two years more against that?

Sadly, pretty soon the humans will evolve beyond being controlled, and then the aliens will be forced to make a decision.

But until then, as one human feeder says, bon appetite.

Happy Halloween Everyone.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Spielberg Talks About Wormhole Movie Interstellar

    Friday, November 2, 2007 at 1:17 AM

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    John Lenard Walson: Biggest discovery


    John Lenard Walson is an amatuer astronomer/astrophotographer. ... structures in space gathered over the past fours years by John Lenard Walson. ...

    Spielberg Talks About Wormhole Movie Interstellar and We all know Spielberg loves to be on the cutting edge of special effects, but did you know that he is not only a filmmaker but also an inventor too? Apparently he claims to have invented something ?

    just think if Spielberg could use space film like this below in his new film or even the way team are doing?

    abovespaceandtime have invented something a new way to film in more... space. Episode 13 - two objects together..F.A.S.T NOW TELL THE THE TRUTH. Introduction Into the New Possibilities in …… Far Above Space and Time What Is it?

    Stills from HD footage of which there are 25 full tapes available that we don't have a camera to play them back in.

    these show high res space objects, the world has only seen 10 % there is 90 percent of film left.

    becuase john lenard walson has not been paid any money for his films of space objects that are used in the intersteller movie the intersteller movie has only 10 percent film in it and there are no films of 2 space crafts in space but if you go to The Real Star Wars and much that is not in the intersteller movie.

    this web page you can see two space crafts.

    john lenard had to sell his hd cam to pay bills, but the man that made intersteller movie said he would pay john lenard walson but he has not.

    Fiction compared with Fact. Showing Space Shuttle, Moon, Jupiter, Satellites and much more.

    This is also quite interesting.

    These guys at Cambridge University are starting to use "Lucky" astro photography.

    There is more to this than luck though. They have a 200" telescope and John Lenard Walson is able to film better images with his 8" telescope.

    There is some very interesting information here although I have reason to believe that john lenard walson has 90 % more film that no person has ever seen.

  2. Dear Anon,
    Interesting allot to digest here. Will need to look at the stuff you posted not familiar with any of it. I was into astronomy when I was young. That sounds interesting. Sharper pictures than a 200" with an 8" inch, you could find out if there was any truth to those structures on the moon with that.
    UFO Media Matters