Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Intruders Foundation

Note: There will be an “Important Announcement” from Leslie Kean on “UFO Close Encounters” coming on Wednesday. They asked us to withhold the details until they make it “Public”.
I read what it is suppose to be about and believe me, if it is done properly, it could actually help rather then hurt the UFO subject. Stay Tuned:

After a long hiatus on November 3 at 8pm “The Intruders Foundation” 341 East 30 St. Between 8th & 9th was open for business. UFO Media Matters was there and what a great night it was. Budd Hopkins was speaking. He is aware and I think involved in the announcement on Wednesday.
The place was pack standing room only.

The cases he reported on were somewhat different, not your normal abduction case. The reports were never included in his books because, although he thoroughly believed the witnesses, the evdence was lacking. In many cases they just couldn't deal with it. Most of the cases were interesting. Some of the reports by witnesses encounters while driving in their cars... going toward their destination then realizing the cars were lifting off the road – going up into the air. The next conscious memory is arriving at there destination much later then expected. "It was as if their cars had been pick up off the ground and deposited hours later at their destination”. Some supporting evidence was simply the milage on the speedometer agreed. “They still have no knowledge of what happened.
Now you can imagine how overwheming to any driver this would be.

The other cases were even more astounding. "pilots" with the same experiences while they were flying. One pilot remember an unknown object, a “UFO”, off of his wing , but that is the last he remembers. He later he becomes alert after he lands, finding himself on the ground hours later. What was really weird was he didn’t have enough fuel to be in the air that long. He became very frightened when this realization hit him...wouldn’t you.

Dr. Steven Greer DVD at X Conference 2007
Do you want to be chosen? Or do you want some baloney with that sandwitch?

For my money Budd Hopkins is a great researcher. He is the first one to admit, after these many decades of investigation that he doesn’t have the answers. God we need more like him. Mr. Hopkins then did me and the UFO community a favor, he tore into the “Exopolotics” ,Steven Bassett circus, with the same objections many of us have. Mr. Hopkins came to the very same conclusions as many of us in the community. Exoplotics is a disaster to UFO research credibility. Most of my readers understand know where I stand on this. I took the opportunity to address the issue of “The Disclosure Project.Budd Hopkins agreed. Leslie Kean a producer from the Science Fiction channel answered with total agreement. She pointed out that some of the witnesses were not cridable. I was more angry with what had done to the credibl witnesses. She said they had sat down and talked the good doctor about some of his public announcements and how somemay hurt rather then help. Many in the audience seem to agree. These movements, which run their own agenda, hurt UFO credibility. Hurt the chances for witnesses to be believed. I will go further than that! For me, these movement ferment fundamentalism in the UFO field, something we should never want and which will destroys any chance of serious scientific research– UFO RELIGION. UFOMM: How about New Yorkers supporting the “Intruders Foundation” by attending their presentations. I have gone to many great presentations at the Intruders Foundation. You might get to see David Jacobs, a rear sight at these days, at UFO convention, because he presents the possibility of bad aliens. Heavens No! Also if there is anyone out there with money, the “Intruders Foundation” could use the bucks. We know there are many celebrities which have witnesses these UFOs up close,..people with a lot of money and maybe even common sense help an honest good researchers like Budd Hopkins and their Foundation – I hope so. They could use better equipment and a larger meeting hall.

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  1. Glad to see you and Budd are not down with that exoploitics nonsense Joseph- makes me respect you guys even more. Looking forward to this announcement on Wednesday.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    I want to support the UFO conferernces but why do they have to the start these "movement" around unsubstanuated facts.
    I ask these researchers two questions. Could you have been fooled? If this is as important as you say how good would the opartives be.
    I like Budd Hokins he seems a humble man and very intelligent man. I think what they are presenting could be the way to do it and go long way toward what I call reducing the "wince" reaction.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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