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UFO Caste System

Anyone who scans the UFO literature will attest to the credibility given to a professional who witnesses a UFO --in contrast to the credibility extended to a regular middle class witness.

Scientists and debunkers ignore this “common human” factor. These “types” of witnesses are not even worth the bother of saying anything. Those that are not ignored are treated with distain. In one instance a debunking TV show, when interviewing ET abductees treated them, and their experiences with nothing but contempt and smug remarks. We know researchers, even from the skeptical side of the UFO question, agree that many of these “abductees suffer from acute stress directly related to what they feel has occured.
So here we have a group “abductees”, who are innocently suffering, for what ever reason you want to believe, being made the stuff of TV fodder by TV personalities, so they can suffer even more.

What has died inside of us?


Sam Maranto 2007 MUFON Symposium "The O'Hare Airport & Tinley Park Sightings:
This is one of sightings Video near Tinley Park

We’re seeing that many UFO researchers now spend their time with the “High Level” connections, focusing on Insiders, and intelligence types.. Are you noticing it, too? Many just too busy to be bothered investigating the run-of-the-mill, everyday American UFO witness. There are some who prefer the never-ending labors of document mining the problem with this is the government has had decades to sanitize the most important documents or easily knows how and where to hid them.

( I still have to say I love reading their fascinating books: Dame you -- Richard Dolan and you also Timothy Good!) 

The Debunkers only address the middle class, everyday American citizen UFO reports when they are compelled to: when there is supporting evidence to the witnesses’ claim. Debunker disdain for your average witness can be best described by the hideous smirks the Debunker Caste wears on prime time TV, as if to say “These people are such idiots, how can you even entertain this level of discourse!” There they are, smirking away for the camera.

And they expect us to like it! They expect us to put up with this non-stop ridicule in the media. Why not? The Debunker Caste are only trying to save us from ourselves, yea right?

I find Ted Philips has really opened the door to just how detailed the everyday American middle class witness can be, and how unlikely it is that the witness from this group is pulling a hoax. Most of the well-documented trace cases happened to your average folks, the citizen witnesses who run the farms and live in rural areas. Rural America… seems a logical place for the ETs to park one of their vehicles, if they have to.
And then there’s the negative profit motive: these average folks from rural America and other middle class witnesses are further distinguished by two factors: they’re the folks who typically don’t make a penny off what they report; and because they’ve had the courage to speak out, they’re usually the butt of jokes. So it’s these simple grass roots cases that continue to present the most compelling evidence of all, showing the reality of UFOs as solid, controlled objects.

Travis Watson is a case where his class prejudge the outcome before it ever really had a chance. It would have died in the stalls if it was for those 3 possible “Perps” passing a “Lie Detector” test including the question about the UFO. So some of it had to treated as true. In the end two “Mental Health” professionals got Travis drunk and declared that it was a hoax, why? Because his family had witness other UFOs in the past. He was given a subsequent lie detector test shortly which he failed. Even though many present had said he really looked shaken, it was never even considered that this man had actually gone through the most traumatic experience imaginable.
Later on Travis, along with some of his co workers, volunteered for two separate test. The lastpolygraph test was very through. The test conducted by the top polygrapher in the country hired by a skeptic. All of them not only passed the test with flying colors they did it at a extremely high degree.

I have to mention Jaime Maussan & the wonderful UFO researchers south of our boarder who continually interviewed and have gather startling evidence from regular witness. Of course this again is considered by some inside and outside the UFO community with a type of class and even boarder indifference. It is the longest UFO flap in the history of UFOs including world wide.

The power of the regular people, their courage, and how they are treated brings to mind the Trent’s case. Though they endured years of telephone calls and nasty accusations, they were steadfast about what they witnessed and photographed. Many of us remember how no-class Phillip Klass claimed shadows on a roof ledge in one of the photographs, indicated, they were lying about the “time they took the photos”, and, according to the infamous Klass, “they took the photos much later in the day”, so they wouldn’t be caught by neighbors hanging the pie plate from wires in the back yard.

No evidence from the original negatives --which were carefully examined-- showed any possibility of wires. Also, as usual, a UFO researcher (Bruce Macabee) had to spend time to prove Klass wrong through science and though the researcher’s own ingenuity. He disproved Klass’s shadow theories quite handily, but Klasss’ incorrect conclusion are quoted time and time again by debunkers hoping to earn bowne point with the uninformed.
Actually, later on someone did hoax a Trent photo and added a wire. Legit researchers then had to go back to the Trents’ original negatives to prove this hoax photo was faked. Their neighbors all spoke highly of the Trents, but this testimony didn’t matter to the debunkers.
Most recently the RRR group hosted on their blog a fake photo claiming it was the “missing photo of the Trents”. What we saw was a Photoshopped version of the Trents’ photo, intended to make the object look like a model. Think about it: hoaxing by a debunker on a photo they already think is a fake.

The mind boggles!

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Joseph, very good post. These are things I comment on a lot that isn't being said by a lot of researchers.

    Both sketpics and many within UFOlogy ignore or worse, those they see as less than. How many jokes are still being made about "hicks" etc.? Classism is the "ism" that isn't admitted to in our country. And it shows in UFO studies as well.

    And as for the RRR Group and their little stunt about the Trent Photos, I'll give myself a plug. As far as I know, -- and yes, I'm being shamelessly brazen -- I was the only one who "called" them on their nonsense.

    In fact, I'll go so far as to suspect they saw this first article by me and ran with it:
    on the Trent photos.

    My responses to their antics:
    A Lost Trent Photo Surfaces?

    The Trent Tempest

    The Trent Trickster Three


  2. Dear Lee,
    Yea, wasn't that something. I wrote a comment on it and when they responded , I then wrote two more which were never published. Though they said it happened by mistake. Good for you Lee many people don't take the effort to comment or respond. I believe the more the merrier. But we don't like people treating us like were stupid especially in NY.

    I believe, if you have some criticism, say it in an honest way. There are honest question all around, like I believe this is far as we can go with MJ12 docs, unless we can get the originals, they will never be proven real. And we can never really know which insider leaks are real - not for sure an absolute certainty. Let's get back to the basic and I bet it will be worth it. Especially now with the video and the people who are reporting. I am getting reports myself. I point them in the right direction. But some of it sound important.

    Lee check in on my next post UFO Media Matters Presents: "A Halloween Joint" "What do Aliens Eat? It will be fun and scary I promise.
    Thanks Lee
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  3. Very interesting post. I've also noticed the snobbishness that exists in ufology. Experiences are taken far more seriously if the experiencer is a doctor, cop, scientist, airline pilot, etc. If a manual worker has an experience, they're either lying, crazy or high on drink or drugs. It's a very blinkered attitude to take. I'm pretty certain that whatever lies behind this phenomenon, cares little for the professional status of its victims.

  4. Dear Siani,
    You are right it is a kind of "snobbishness".
    I don't know for sure what it is. MUFON seems to do most of your common every day investigation. The big UFO book writers usually investigate when at least some of the witnesses are high profile. It may be as they claim, the high profile witnesses bring more credibility. But we know that even the commander of Wright Patterson who made a statement pro Roswell was minimized by the skeptics. In the end it may be of course the reality of book sales.
    The Most powerful statements about Roswell come from your common witness and their death bed confessions. I counted 12 without Haut which was not really a death bed confession. It was all "A Witness To Roswell" Haut I think was thrown to the wolves by some in the UFO field that leaped and put their foot in their mouths. I really thank MUFON which published Kathleen Marden, Water Hault daughters, excellent rebuttal to the many critics of her father. It was in the "MUFON Journal Sept. 2007. #473 . Some of the same people who claim debunkers are back street quarterbacks did the same with Haut's Statement.
    But her daughter was there, unlike them, and what she said was powerful. It seemed to me Walter did the right he kept his word while he was alive to "the old man",(Commander Blanchard) to you veterans, he would never make it public while he lived. He did just that. Release was not at the Roswell 60 anniversary festival and they get blamed for that. They don't promote the Roswell Museum were she worked by not hanging his statement in a banner on the door when it was released in poor taste - and that is bad?
    The parents could have released it for profit at anytime. As she said in the end of the article to the others - "Enough!"

    - Thanks MUFON.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  5. Why does anyone credit that mendacious miscreant and serial psychopath Rich Reynolds, and his RRR grupo, for anything other than the most insidious and obnoxious sociopathies imaginable?

    He is a whining spoiler with nothing to add to the discussion. Moreover, he is a fountain of lying invective every bit as bad as the behaviors he ascribes to others -- he should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a ufological rail:
    >> AVG Blog --
    >>> U F O M a g a z i n e --

  6. Dear Alfred,
    Now now, no water boarding allowed. Well, I don't know what the answer is but I am not really worried.The UFOs reality can stand on it's own because of the evidence. Reasonable people will see this, frightened people will not. The debunkers have their own agenda. If you point out how the debunkers work - most people who are not informed on the UFO subject will get it, the other reasonable people who have been around this subject already know about the stunts they pull.
    Sometimes when debunker and even skeptics try to explain away the UFO subject it can be downright ridiculously funny and ironic. I do believe we all need to handle these types with humor and the truth. There is always the cahnce fo a Hyneck type who may chang their mind and can help the turth be told.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  7. Hi
    Wonderful post. Some of the most touching and sincere sightings I have come across are from the most isolated and down to earth folks imaginable, the farmers and the ranchers in the wide expanses of the great plains...One couple in particular came to mind..when she saw a highly illuminated craft wobbling out side of her kitchen window in the middle of the night, the first thing that immediately came into her mind was a fear and concern for the livestock. You cannot make this up. One account that still haunts me is the young man out on that isolated farm who had incredible courage in confronting these visitors with a rifle... when they tried to walk away with livestock, and then was knocked back off of his feet...There is no imaginable protection that can be offered as well as the fact that these fine people have to somehow integrate this experience into their daily lives and as a consequence, I suspect more often than not, bear this in resolute silence, and become tagged and\or haunted with the resulting sense of psychological isolation,which is compounded into "holding back" relating these events in their relations with neighbors in a rural setting.In the insecure haste to certify or give some veracity to accounts in a erstwhile pecking order, we lost the human touch. I have read so many accounts by "professionally trained" witnesses that frankly, don't offer anymore than their untrained counterparts...that what is somehow missing in all this is that these folks pay a real price for something they had no choice in taking part in...that is what causes me to ruiminate over and over again on this topic.They are always in my thoughts. Thanks for your great post.

  8. Dear Bruce,
    You are poetry in language and you always will be that to me. I myself hear it from the polite crowd. I love the people in the UFO community who don't have all the answers - that is my crowd. I feel you would fit right in with that crowed.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  9. Hi Joseph,

    I totally agree. In fact, each month you will find several first-person reports of sightings in a column called "Rick's Picks," written by Rick Troppman. Rick consistently reports the most chilling, accurate, real, and amazing sightings from ordinary folks.
    Some of the stories have languished in the files of MUFON or Pete Davenport's NUFORC for years and years until Rick finds them again and we print them. I hope the obvious accumulation of these stories will one day provide a tipping point just from the sheer volumn.
    And P.S. -- your subscription is lapsing. I hope you renew soon!

  10. Dear Nancy,

    Thank You. The UFO community need more people like Rick and Peter.
    I will go over to his web and reniew my subscription right away.
    Thanks Again.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

    Tommorrow UFO Media Matters Prsents a Hollyween Joint: "What Do Aliens Eat?"

  11. Joe Capp, you are my hero. I have been aware of this blog of yours, (UFO caste system) since it was out, but have turmoiled over responding to it, as I will need much restraint and prudence. This is because your blog hits home with me in a personal way.

    Here's some food for thought. Lets say that, oo, for example, theres this person with an educational background in, oo, for example, Soviet and Cold War politics and history, and politics and history and government in general. And from no-the-hey and none-the-less, Ivy League Universities. (And just think how much that kind of tuition costs). But this person becomes a ufo buff as his day job, more or less.

    Does that make any sense to anybody?
    Because, it doesn't, me.

    However, in the world of the CIA, it does, if you are a NOC agent. (Non Official Cover operative/agent). Valerie Plaim was a NOC agent.
    I'm not stating that my example person above IS a NOC agent. I am merely mulling and musing. (But not to be confused with a-musing).

    There are and have been, openly, many CIA people in ufology. Such as Kit Green, Ronald Pandolfi, (members of 'The Aviary') Darrell Symms and Bobbi Ray Inman. I highly respect and regard the CIA. Granted, it has done some attrocious things, such as MK-Ultra, the alleged neutralizing (the KGB calls such, 'wet affairs') of Patrice Lamumba and Frank Olson (and possibly James Forrestal and maybe even Dr James E McDonald, according to conspiracy lore and legend), but the reason that within The Company at Langley, are many black stars on the wall within the entry-way, is because genuinly good Agents and Officers throughout our history since WWII, gave their lives for goodness, but it can never be 'sung', only 'unsung'.

    Every big and small organization gets bad apple rogues in it.
    We know that ufology has NOCS and open overts. At least, I have known it. I have also experienced that some are good and some are bad. I had a long distance friend who was a ufologist, author, and former CIA Officer, who went on to serve as an assistant in the Reagan Whitehouse. He's deceased now, though. I miss him. Passed away in his home surrounded by family, back in '06. He was a class act. (Sniffle...) But then, there were all those CIA people who overtook NICAP, many years ago. Shortly after that, NICAP dissolved. I wonder to this day, if such was the goal result, or if they were careless human beings/ufo buffs. I believe that all of the Aviary guys and Darrell Symms are basically good-guys who, like I have, fell in love with 'saucering'.

  12. Dear Simone,
    I wish I was a hero. However you are right I get so angry at Greer with his blanket accusations of the CIA agents and NAS. The simple rule I always use is. If UFO are important the government will deiform. To say they have no reason to do this is not objective. I think disclosure would be a great shock, especially if their are no answer of why they are here and what they are doing.
    That is why the secret was kept by good agents in my opinion.
    NICAP I believe was intentionally infiltrated because of Roswell. It was too close to what happened and they wanted to control the information flow to stop leaks but it was also a way to gather information on UFOs sightings.
    We have people in the government who are sociopaths and their very dangerous but that is true in all endeavors were power is involved I've met socialpathic police officers who were quite sadistic.

    . But at this time the world needs a unifying factor, a way to humble the entire human race. I see no better way then admitted we are being visited but others intelligences it offsets all other reasons why not. We are on the brink of global collapse and a chain of events with the weather that we may uncapalbe of turning back. Many say their are agents in MUFON I believe there are only because I believe UFOs are craft built, or possible partly bio-engineered by some other intelligence.
    thank you for your though provoking comment.

    Joe Capp Just and old fellow
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial blog

  13. Hi Joe, yeah, I'm like, so what if there are CIA agents in MUFON. James Carrion's military background is in Signals Intelligence. (SIGINT). CIA people are, well, people, who are prone to getting bit by the saucer bug, so to speak, but converseley, and dangerously, the risk of that is what happened to NICAP. I agree with you exactly, that their dissolution was very likely deliberate, due to getting too close to the truth about Roswell.
    In this new day and age, let us hope and pray that these new young intelligence people like James Carrion (He looks young to me. I'm 48) have only a truth agenda. I watched him on The History Chanel recently, with Bill Birnes and John Schussler, and he seems like a sincere go-getter.

    Speaking of history:
    Remember my example "person", that I said had the extensive educational background and Ivy League schooling? (Oo, for example, lets say that he's a Rhodes Scholar, with Cold War and government studying from, oh, for example, Oxford University. For example. Well, this person is also called 'A Historian'. Lets put that, too.
    I was re-reading an old book recently, called, 'The Hunt For Red October', and our hero, Jack Ryan, is a CIA Agent. But guess what his job is, in Langly?
    Now, you might say, "well, that book is fiction", but I have seen that these kind of book authors about espionage fiction, try to make their backdrops as realistic and accurate as possible. For example, one of those authors, it was either Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum, but I think it was Tom Clancy, had gotten a not real friendly visit from military officials, who wanted to know from him, where he was getting his information for his story backgrounds, because they were terrified that someone was doing unauthorized leaking and passing of classified intelligence. Tom Clancy was so very regarded for his expertise on matters of intrigue, that, right after 9-11-01, I saw him on one of those cable news networks, admonishing the spook agencies for neglecting the Human Intelligence (called HUMINT) aspect, for technology.

    Joe, I am a USAF veteran, was in during most of the Reagan Administration. For a short while, I was clearanced for, had access to, exotic levels of TOP SECRET. I SAW intel about UFOs. They were typed 'UFOB'. Years later, I viewed a part of AFR-200-2 that someone posted up online over at
    and saw 'UFOBs' in there. Wow, did that ever take me by surprise. For many years, I kept thinking that I -thought- I had witnessed intel material classified MAJIC, and wondered if I was imagining this. I was stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas Nevada, in regards to all the above. Well anyway, over at openminds, someone -also- posted up a badge -- supposedly worn by those at Area 51 (Area 51 in Nevada is part of the Nellis Test Range complex), who supposedly have access to the ExtraTerrestrial Biological Entitee technology, and this badge had on it, 'MAJ'. I know that I saw stuff labeled 'DISCO', which stands for Defense Industrial Security Command Operations', which makes sense if Area 51 contains reverse engineering projects of exotic 'foreign' technology.

    Joe Capp Sir, I could write on and on, but I'm presently stuck utilizing a computer that isn't mine, and for extremely limited amounts of time each day. If youd like, I could whisleblow and disclose about more things I know, here in your blogspace. I guess I'm supposed to do that in my own, but how does anyone know that such a thing exists to read? Somehow, everyone flocks to your blogs though, I see.
    My time is out fer now. See you later!

  14. Dear Simone,
    Hey, I like to see what you have to write. I took a look at your blog. Looking forward to your first post. Why don't you e-mail me and show me some stuff. My email is Why Don't you have a computer?
    Hey I love a good spy story. Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters