Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Dead Speak On Roswell Will We Listen

...”Tolling for the outcast, burning constantly at stake, and we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.” Bob Dylan

Dear Reader, are you tired of the spin doctors telling you what it is, and what it’s not on the Roswell story?

I’m asking: why don’t we try something truly way out in our society? Why don’t we agree to hear it from the people who were there?
Who knows, maybe these 600-plus witnesses might clarify what really happened…

Here are some standout quotes from witnesses who were facing their own death, in their own words. All from the extraordinary book Witnesses To Roswell by Cary and Schmitt. The authors researched the old fashion way: they actually went to the witnesses and their families, before and after they died. Cary and Schmitt took a hundred trips to Roswell.
Why on earth, at the time of their death, would they be speaking about Roswell?

1. Mjr. Edwin Easley, Provost Marshal, Roswell 1947:
“He repeated to K. Randle.. during his life constantly repeated “Sworn To secrecy…”
At his bedside near his death daughter brings him a book about the Roswell crash. In his intense reaction he sighed the words “Ohh… the creature?”

2. Mjr. Patrick Sauders, Adjutant, Roswell base 1947:
He sends books to his family The Truth About the Crash At Roswell with the statement written on the inside leaf “This is the truth and I still haven’t told anybody.” The statements before he died included: “…faced with a technology greater than ours….we had no idea what their intentions might be…”

3. Pvt. Francis Cassidy, MP 1359th Military Police, Roswell 1947: Confessed in final days in1976: “…guarding Hangar P-3 and seeing the bodies inside…”

4. Cpl. Linda MP 1395th at Roswell 1947:
Tells his wife before he passes on, how he “…was grabbed one day and told to go to Hangar #3…” where he is given a gun “order to stand guard at the hanger…” he later, when they had left, was able to “peek inside and saw wreckage scattered about and a number of small bodies” being prepared to be ship elsewhere…

5. Sgt. Homer G. Rowlette, Jr. Member of 603rd Air Engineer Squadron RAFF Roswell:
Reveals the shocking sight of aliens, only years later, when given days to live; he spoke about what happened: “ the crash of a flying Saucer….” and handling the memory material “… ship was somewhat circular…I saw three little people…they had large heads and at least one was alive... there were three(crash) sites”. Careen Green, Rowlette’s daughter, states: “My father was an honorable man and never lied to me.”

6. Sgt. Melven E. Brown, K Squadron, Roswell:
Before his death, Brown insists it wasn’t a balloon and he saw the beings, too:
“it was no dam weather balloon…Everything was being loaded in trucks…couldn’t understand why some of the trucks had ice or something in them… I pulled back covering and there were bodies…small bodies…they had big heads and slanted eyes”.

7. Capt. Darwin E. Rasussen, 718 Bomb Group part of the 509th
Tells family members, just before dying:
“the Roswell incident was true…that four bodies had been recovered…had no doubt flying saucers are real because I helped to retrieve the bodies from one that crashed at Roswell.”

8. Mary Ann Gardner, Cancer Ward Nurse, recalling report by her anonymous patient:
“We had stumbled on a space ship…there were bodies on the ground. Little people…been with a team of archeologist hunting rocks…the Army showed up and chased us all away….(women was scared talking about it) They said they could always find us…the government.”

9. Sheriff County George Wilcox of Roswell 1947:
Chaves’ widow, just before she passed away, talks about her husband:
“The incident shocked him…he never wanted to be sheriff after that… There were space beings…heads were large …the military police came to the jailhouse and told him…we would be killed and our entire family if we talked ...”

10. Joseph Shoals, Army, Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas 1947:
“ …driven to a desert near Corona to pick up (police-up) chaff ..about twenty soldiers…literally walked arm-in-arm in lock step picking up anything that looked foreign…spent two days in hot nasty sun …there wasn’t enough stuff around to fill a wheel barrow…
Shoals is told later at Fort Bliss “you were never there”.
Interesting Note: Joseph Shoals went on to help develop patriot missile.

11. Meyers Wahnee, Comanche tribal member, pilot B24 Liberator aircraft, Top Security Officer, 1947: Tells his family just before he dies:
“[the] order from Fort Simmons in Colorado via special B29 flight to Roswell to Fort Worth…to guard large wooden crate.”

Wahnee also tells the family these specifics:
1. The Roswell incident was true
2. He had flown with alien bodies from Roswell to Fort Worth
3. There were 3 Crash sites.

On his deathbed, Wahnee, talking to his daughter, adds: “Whatever you do, don’t believe the government… it really happened.”

12. Robin Adler, Photographer, Associated Press bureau, on assignment Tuesday, July 8, 1947:
“…they wouldn’t let us get within three quarters of a mile of the place.”

13. Lt. Col. Marion “Black Mac” 1947 Magruder Air War College, Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Alabama. On his deathbed recalled: “officers at this top school rank Lt. Col to General and represented best and brightest”.
Black Mac adds the critical descriptions of wreckage and an alien he saw:

“ 1947 we all [were] flown up to Wright Patterson”; their “opinion” was desired “on matter of utmost urgency…led into a room were told about extraterrestrial spaceship had crashed just two weeks previously near the town of Roswell…some of the wreckage was brought in ….after everyone examined the wreckage…then taken into another room … where they witnessed a live alien…creature was human like 5 feet tall like larger eyes and an oversized hairless head…slit for eyes, mouth, nose – squiggly”. “It was alive, but we killed it.”

14. CIC Sheriden Cavitt officer Head of Counterintelligence, Roswell 1947, kept his silence to his grave:
His wife said to interviewer after he left the room:
“you have to understand,…my husband is sworn to secrecy and can’t tell you anything.”

(As far as General Ramey and Cavitt go, I salute them. They were carrying out their duty for their country as best as they could.)

2007 MUFON Conference "Sam Maranto Presents: The O'Hare Airport & Tinley Park Sightings"( I really liked this guy)jc

It’s disgraceful that many in the UFO field still claim this was a MOGUL.

Many UFO researchers, once they take a position, will not admit they’re wrong, even when common sense is staring right back at them.

I didn’t have to go any farther than accounts of Major Marcel and Commander Blanchard to know this object was not any kind of balloon. Professionally trained officers mistaking balloons with cord and a radar detector for an advanced ship from space? Cavitt somehow not screaming bloody murder to the base commander when he discovered (“knew”) it was a weather balloon --after spending a night in the desert eating cold beans?

What part of human nature don’t these career Roswell investagators understand?

Now even more of these military officers are leaving us a legacy of truth in their dying confessions.

Because of the MJ12 files distraction, the personal attacks, the disinformation campaigns, and good UFO researchers spending years countering one lie after another, we have this lost resource forever. But most of all, the passing of these decorated veterans who were part of the greatest story in history. Members of the greatest generation that are now suddenly rendered no longer great –because in death they refused to tow the line.

But who do I blame most of all? The UFO researchers with a preset negative agenda --for not using common sense as a guide in the Roswell case.

You guys write the books and take a position of authority. But the ground truth is this: if witnesses with courage stop stepping forward, you authors would all be…out of a job. After you clinical types put down your slide rules, and shut down your computer analysis software, I wonder: do you ever note what a lofty position you’ve taken to presume this large group of Americans who were actually there were that stupid?

And as for the “It’s All Metaphysical” group, I’ve got to ask: Are you people so damn hell-bent on proving the metaphysical nature of the UFOs that the human part of truth no longer matters even when it is on their death bed.

“You strain the gnat and swallow the camel.”
--Jesus Christ to some of the pretentious, heartless religious leaders who taught the people of Israel.

“Boys, we just made history.”
--Capt. Ewing, pilot of plane Straight Flush, which carried the bodies from Roswell to Fort Worth.

Sorry, boys. Unfortunately it “never happened.”

Maybe we should spend a moment in silence for these brave people, who in death, gave us the answer to one of the greatest mysteries in the Universe. And every one of us should make that a moment of real reverence, knowing now that these heroes are gone forever, without ever receiving and enjoying, their rightful part of that history.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog

For all you MOGUL diehards:
When is bad math good math: When it is used to prove MOGUL.
also Interesting info on the editor of “Skeptical Inquirer” click on tab at site.


  1. Joseph, you are right on the money as you usually are, in my opinion. Though the "big wheels" in the UFO community are celebrities in their own right and respected by many, it's extremely hard for me to respect many of them due to the fact that few have done much actual leg work into UFO research and most of the rest have convinced themselves they're experts on the subject...just because they're experts and everyone knows it!

    When there are so many witnesses (credible, I might add) to the Roswell crash, how can one sit there and state it never happened? Even the testimony from one or two credible witnesses would usually be sufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law in the United States that Farmer Brown stole Betsy the cow from Farmer Johnson.

    “You strain the gnat and swallow the camel.” Very appropriate! Here's another that comes to mind: "Thinking themselves wise, they became fools".

    Great post, Joseph! Probably won't make many points with most of the "elite" in UFO circles, but when it comes down to it, it really doesn't matter much. Most will keep either patting each other on the back or kniving each other in the back while they decree what the public should believe.


  2. Dear DF,
    Thank you I know i will not score points but it has be to be said. Many times I believe "Fate Magazine" while holding dear in their hearts all types of Metaphysical witnesses. Will showcase many stupid theories on Roswell in an attempt to negate actual ET probability. It was "Fate which showcased many of Klass's thoroughly now debunked explanations. It was "Fate" that published the first MOGUL balloon theory. Many would love to tie the knot on UFOs as just another aspect of Metaphysical. But it is the Witnesses(God Love them) who shout from their graves to all of the UFO researchers. The ETs are alive as you and I, and when they die, they smell because they decay just as you and I will. If you notice the Authors of this Book have been attacked on the Walter Haut confession. Paul Kimball was one who claimed Haut asked him for money on an interview. I won't be around when Paul gets to be an older senior and cantankerous, but I wonder, what might he say, in the spare of the moment, when sitting through his ten thousand and counting interview. Thank You So Much For Your Kind Words It Means Alot.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Joseph Capp, you are a hero in the true sense of the word, sir. It is a failure of humanity that more individuals such as yourself don't run for public office, but I suspect that institution is fatally broken and only goes on to change people from what they truly might be. Thank you for your insight regarding the truth on Roswell. Your common sense approach and suggestion that we might at least entertain the return to reason with regard to future investigation is refreshing and most certainly inspirational to say the least. I am pleased to have had the chance read your thoughts on this.

  4. Dear More brains then you know,
    The heroes are the outcast, they seek the truth, as these brave military officers have. I on the other hand have noting to loose. I am an old man and have witness from afar the way this UfO community constantly shoots itself in the foot. When will we realize Roswell was real and we are being had - by the best intelligence officers this country can offer. Since Roswell began. If the MJ12 documents are fake this is why. Rather then support the Roswell reality we are wasting valuable resources. Recently in UFO mag. Bruce Macabee listed 6 different explanations Menzel put forth to explain the Arnold sighting, this doesn't include what Klass had to say about it.
    What we need is a peer review of debunkers explanations, they would never pass.

    Thank You
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non Commercial Blog

  5. Hi

    That intangible commodity called truth, has both metaphysical and material.
    Truth is a difficult equation, inasmuch as proof is not always the same thing as truth.
    I was rather surprised at the tone of your post.
    The Rosewell quagmire is a social justice issue, more so than a paranormal investigation.
    From a practical point of view, they who make the rules win the game. This means at any cost, FOIA not withstanding.
    As far as the metaphysical investigations being mutually exclusive of material investigation, I sincerely disagree. As far as witnesses are concerned, there are as many to the metaphysical aspect as there are to the material. There are aspects of both in this situation. Again, I was rather surprised that you are pitting one aspect against the other in a zero sum game...where did that come from.?..this seems like a new development, a new point of view...I read both anger and frustration in your piece...which in terms of the Roswell quagmire is understandable...but I dont think shooting messengers while the jury's is still out, is advisiable, and is out of character for you. Well, I have my days as well...I wish i had a dollar everytime I secretly wished that an alien would walk through the White House walls and and abduct a certain person who shares the same appearance as a stunned prarie dog who has discovered the sun...proctological exam indeed. I guess Ill pay for that one as well.
    Best Regards

  6. Dear Bruce,
    There are many on the metaphysical side of the question of UFOs that will not entertainer a technological explanation on this subject. They will paint, with just as much broad a brush stroke explanations, as some of the UFO technocrats.
    This hurts the UFO witness as well. I just wonder if some in the metaphysical world have also lost the human factor when dealing with this subject. I find that at times insulting. I mention also about the slide rule types, If they can somehow prove MOGUL could get there then it was MOGUL
    They never really take into account what it would mean to die and have Roswell on your mind. What kind of power would it have to do that. I don't know of any testimony stronger than having your last words to your family before you die be "I was there Roswell was real" and "they were not human and one was alive" or the smell of the bodes was so strong they got sick.
    if this is not powerful convincing evidence then I don't know what is. 600 hundred witness does matter. Sometimes it also important to believe the people even if the government makes them out to be fools.

    I have to agree with the wisdom of the aliens though, at least on the White House. If your looking for intelligence not a very good place to go.
    Thank Bruce I don't include you in this, whatever you believe, comes from an honest place inside and that is what matters.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog
    UFO Media Matters