Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The UFO questions no one will ask?

If you include the belief that ETS are here what is your answers?

1. Why didn’t the aliens retrieve their crashed ship and crew at Roswell?

2. Why do most insider “leaks” on alien matters include ridiculous claims? Try these on:

“But I saw photographs and a video from the Bentwaters landing that showed a scary-looking creature that looked like an insect raised up on two legs with two more legs held up in front. It was with a report that described big insect-looking eyes and pincher hands." Earthfiles “Sherman”

“There are inhabitants on Venus” John Lear?

3."Why is there such a variety of UFO crafts photographed, yet none exactly the same?

4. Why, as some claim,, if ET civilizations have been here for thousands of years are they still taking samples from the soil … and from us?

5. Why is it, if, as some in the UFO field claim, ETs were so frightened of humans building and testing the Atomic Bomb, would they then stand back while humans built thousands of infinitely more devastating hydrogen bombs?

This is a saucer filmed at a British air show these are second world war planes putting on maneuvers . These pilots were good but there was one off worlder who was much better.

DVD Santiago Garza "A UFO Paraphernalia" not proof but interesting.

6. Why do ETs have maps like ours, books like ours, and even use dash and solid lines on graphs like we do --as in the thoroughly documented Betty & Barney Hill report?

7. Why do these ETs seem to put on multiple displays for witnesses, leave traces that can’t be explained, make crop circles, leave the bodies mutilated cows, while continuing to hide their own physical presence from us?
8. If aliens have been here for thousands of years why isn’t there more evidence left behind?

9. Why, when humans and ETS interact, are the ETS always reported a little differently in different regions or countries? Why do reports inevitably vary -- from their crafts, actions, languages, voices, apparent paranormal and physical abilities, to their written symbols ?

10. With all the crashes and retrievals of alien craft now claimed, why hasn’t proof of a genuine, undeniable piece of a UFO been leaked to the greater public?

11. With all of the crashes and retrievals of alien crafts now claimed why hasn’t a genuine undeniable piece of a UFO been leaked?

12. Why is it if some aliens are spiritually ahead of us why is their nothing new spiritually in their messages?

13. Why would Dr. Robert Sarbacher, President in 1983 of the Washington Institute of Technology, a great man of science, opt out of attending government meetings to study recovered (“flying saucer”) craft?

14. What do they do with all the cattle blood?

I think my theory of, Government & ET disinformation campagns, staging using spiecies psychology and conditioning, answers these questions.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Fantastic Blog Joe, many thanks for all your day soon the world will wake up and find out what we already know....these things are real and are visiting regularly

  2. Dear Uggyharris.
    Did you look at my post dedicated to Ted Phyllis up after labor day. It is in the past post on your left. I didn't get many responses but it didn't matter because Ted Phillips answered me and he was his usually humble self.
    Thank You Again
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  3. Here is another observation:
    Most alien visitors are said to have large eyes. This is indicative of a creature that has the ability to see well in the dark, at least on Earth.
    Alien visitors so far have avoided direct contact with humans .
    Humans have to ability to use "night vision" equipment to help them see in the dark.
    My question is this:
    Why do alien craft have lights on them? If they can see well in the dark, and, they are trying to avoid detection by humans, and, they must already possess night vision equipment, why would they light up their spacecraft and make it obvious that they are visiting Earth?
    It can't be for navigation in a crowded airspace.

    Pleas, any one have any idea?


  4. Great Question Tom,
    Many close encounters indicate they are not landing lights at all but another type of light. Plasma and even stranger. One ramous Russian pilot went through one of their beams of light and said it felt as if he hit something the plane wing vibrated when it hit. Here is a wonderful Point Presentation by a Scientist who investigated the Pine Bush cases and the lights on the craft. I think you will like it:

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  5. Why ufo actions not found in india. Any specific reason.