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"There’s never been an alien I didn’t like"

Disclosure Project:
This is a phenomenon that’s an authentic ufology classic: an intelligent person gets a great idea, sets a good goal, and…as the rest of our community, plus the media, and lots of the regular Americans we’d like to get interested in ufology watch, either ego --or complete foolishness-- destroys any possibility that goal will ever be reached.

If you don’t know the "Disclosure Project" and the movement story let me sum it up. Dr. Steven Greer (an emergency room physician whose father helped design one of the original lunar modules for NASA) brought together the most credible whistleblowers from the military, intelligence and corporate military contractor sectors willing to testify on the UFO subject --before Congress, under oath.

These whistleblowers would swear to having firsthand knowledge of the reality of UFO craft and their defense significance.

Also gathered ready to testify were anonymous sources who would testify under oath, if granted immunity to their security oaths.

And here’s what they’d testify to: that the government has “captured” ET technology. The quality of the witnesses, and what they collectively have to say, could force Disclosure, capital D, by the government.

Great stuff, right? Dr. Greer wrapped this intelligently conceived and great cause --with a fair chance to succeed around this anti-Star Wars, free energy conspiracy agenda. I am not a conspiraphobic, by the way. But I felt bundling the solid UFOs and Alien Technology Reverse Engineering testimony of current and former military and government employees with these other accusations were. to say the least, unbelievably short-sighted of Dr. Greer.

I know, for a fact, that some of these whistleblowers were --to be polite-- not exactly happy with Dr. Greer’s agenda distraction. But I’m not going to be polite and call it a distraction. It was an agenda disaster. To this day Dr. Greer has not achieved anything I would call significant. Yes, some of the UFO choir in the community believes this is all happening just as Greer’s program describes it, but what else is new? As my famous lady would say, after all of Steven Greer’s proclamations, where’s the beef?

This ego-driven movement lacks one very important fact about the foolish agenda of the Disclosure Project: their facts are not facts, they are not even theories. They are suppositions.

One of the so-called "knowns" advanced by Dr. Greer is the US Government clones these alien beings and programs them like robots. Then the government puts these clones on reverse-engineered craft.

Why, you ask? The government uses them, says Greer, to abduct people. And why, according to Greer, would our government be doing that? To make the aliens look bad-- and scare us, the main populace-- so the government has reasons to start a war against the good aliens using Star Wars technology.

It’s a mouth full, right?

This convoluted position would be funny if it weren’t so sad, because we were told originally that at the heart of Project Disclosure was a simple plan: to tell the truth.

These honest, good witnesses never made public their displeasure over any of the agendas advanced by Greer’s program, at least not that I know of. I believe the witnesses kept silent about the full extent of Greer’s program because they didn’t want to be the cause of even more controversy to what may be the most serious subject of our time. I like to believe those witnesses were in it for the greater good.

But why not a Disclosure based on a single agenda --the witnesses’ agenda? An agenda that goes something a little more like this:
“…we have testimony and supporting evidence from honorable military personnel, respected intelligence personnel with high clearance, and others with solid careers working on secret defense projects, which substantiates:
1. Some UFO are piloted and controlled advanced craft.
2. What these craft have done in the past is of great defense significance.
And additionally,
3. With granted immunity our anonymous whistleblowers will testify under oath that ET hardware has been recovered by our government and that recovered hardware may benefit all mankind.”

Why Exopolitics makes me start looking for the nearest Exit


A good idea that ends up with some strange baggage. First, I want to say I like Steven Bassett, I believe in his heart he wants to be part of helping the truth getting out; however, I can’t disagree more with him on Exopolitics.

If you want to form a powerful movement around the a conclusion you’ve reached, say, that the phenomenon formerly known as UFOs is dated and limited because we have overwhelming proof these are Extraterrestrial Vehicles with occupants, great. If you want to examine the social, economic, religious and political ramifications of such a contact, I think that’s a great idea, too. But to include in this conclusion guesswork, speculation, projected outcomes about the intentions of the ETS --which Exopolitics couldn’t possible know-- is again, not honest.

There is some powerful evidence for an ET presence. In my opinion, the new and best book --and very well written-- on Roswell, Witness to Roswell by Carey and Schmitt, puts the Project MOGUL explanations to rest once and for all. (future post)

Why is it, whenever there is a movement in UFO land with a good working premise, suddenly it is saddled with other agendas which are merely speculations from certain factions of our community? Have any real powerful actions by rational people yet brought results?

Don’t hold your breath.

Am I crazy, or do others see this as well? Notice I’m not writing about the shortcomings of the media or the government. I’m writing about what some of the players in our own community are doing. Mr. Bassett, I love your conference, but this Exopolitics theme has to go.

So I put questions to some of the presenters. Some answered on the record; others who also had strong opinions would not.

“Abductions, The forgotten Syndrome”

Next post interview with a rational honest man: Richard Dolan including this great idea. -"There should be discounts for Young people at all UFO conferences " & Paul Kimball new DVD “Best Evidence –Top Ten UFO Sightings”
Some great presentaions at the X - Conference
Joseph Capp
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  1. I was there, too, and was struck by the fact that more than half the people in attendance appeared to be at least 70 years of age, while less than a half-dozen appeared to be under the age of 30. I guess Dolan is right--we do need to do something to get younger folks interested.

  2. Bravo, Joseph...

    You've hit the nail right on the head, as usual.


  3. Dear RRR,
    I hope all of us can keep all keep an open yet critical mind on this subject . Our duty to the truth and the courage of the witnesses is not to pretend we know everything, because we don't, but to try and help them. Humility is non existent in the debunkers world I hope we practice it a little more in ours.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  4. I had seen the Disclosure Project and some conferences that Steven Greer was a guest speaker of, it did seem to be a lot of talk and no action...ive been waiting for more news and this just opened my eyes, your right in what you say the testimonies of these people should have been enough...its hard to get people to listen at the best of times with this field without making it sound more unbelievable, i think its a good cause but only if it leads somewhere..if not it will be harder in the future to have such witnesses be willing to come forward, great post said what needed to be said.


  5. Dear uggy,
    Some say I am a skeptic, I am not.. You can' have it both ways. You can't say on the one hand, this is the best kept and most important secret the government has, and not have some humility when facing military or other "leaks" and what they may intend to create in the real world. Their top operatives are smarter then our top researchers, Basett + Greer combined. We need to be very careful in what we think we know, making the UFO field look ridiculous has always been a main ploy of the government and it seems it not over yet.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  6. Dear Anonymous,
    Yes and we discussed that he had a great idea of allowing young people discounts. Many of them don't have the money to attend. Every conference right now should have at least a "student discount" will see what happens Richard and I are both letting the conference org. what we think. I'm sure they won't listen to me but maybe they will to Richard.
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  7. Joesph,
    You make a very valid and pointed observation that there is always this misdirection of what appears to be a a noble and clear intent on the surface of government secrecy issues, that is nearly always shot in the foot by
    the virus of fanatasies produced by an understandable undercurrent of paranoia toward the government.
    What is interesting, at least to me, is how much energy, thought and intent is directed toward governmental bodies in the UFO phenomenon. This division of the stream into one directed toward governmental bodies, and the other toward research is an interesting track to follow as the former rather than the latter predominates while the other has for all purposes, has dried up and is DOA. Is this intentional? Are we being misdirected toward a illusionary font of information in the house of mirrors, intentionally to throw us off the track? One has to wonder the reasons Mr Greer was so easily given this mantle of credibility by some, which in turn, went South along with his 'program". I think we have to ask ourselves, do we hope or more importantly is there a reasonable chance to gain anything, perhaps indirect self validation, from our industrial military government's secrets? We are already full aware of the UFO phenomenon, so perhaps this is not directed toward ourselves.If everyone was convinced that UFOs exist, then what? There is more than a reasonable amount of evidence that they know something. But is it of any value? Or is it the journey rather than the goal that is the point of the exercise?

  8. Dear Bruce,
    First it is nice to hear from you.
    After you devoir the new book "Witness To Roswell" By Thomas J Carey And Donald R Schmitt you will understand why. They have amassed so many witnesses, including a lieutenant governor and a senator all from New Mexico, to not only the crash sight but also about the bodies. They show how the military terrorized and kept tabs on the witnesses in Corona NM well after it was over. This book settled it once and for all for me. MP and solders who pick up the pieces and stood guard over the wreck. How they kept tabs on everyone at the bar and when learning of pieces would threaten whole family to get the pieces back. How headquarters claimed they had pieces of it on there desk before the plane had even lifted off to bring the debris to them. How Brazel had the pieces for three to four days and wanted it cleaned up. How sheep eat whether balloons and die from suffocation so Brazel would have never left it out there - How the sheep were frightened to eat at that spot for five years after the "Balloon" went down, and I haven't even started yet. Hundreds of witnesses who kept quit and only spoke after the government released them from and possibility of punishment Bruce after reading this book MOGUL is dead. Not one of the 600 witnesses has mentioned any kind of a balloon. But the bottom line if you put all of it together it was a "crashed disc", exactly what they said it was, and in the end acted with high security because they had too.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  9. It appears to be reasonable to conclude that the likelyhood that a balloon would be mistaken for an alien craft is so remote as to be taken off the table as a rationale for dismissing the notion that where there is smoke theres fire, especially considering the highly qualified nature of the the original source of the story. I think whats equally reasonable is that if materials were secured and underwent a thorough scientific investigation as to their nature and manner of fabrication...they soon reached a dead end. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that if this material could be exploited, it would have been. There have been abundant opportunies to do so. The current issue of Rolling Stone has an in depth article on the leading edge of SDI technology. If you read it and then look back to Roswell for a connection to alien technology, it is a joke the military has played on themselves at our expense. There is no evidence that we experienced any extraordinary leap in technological science due to Roswell despite Corso's motive to feed the gullible another red herring in a all too weak attempt to misdirect attention and energy, at the behest of our intelligence services. Consider that the Chief of Staff for the President of the United States was very effectively stonewalled. I have a great deal of respect for Richard Dolan's work, however, this is strictly from a very earthbound concern for our civil liberties, rather than an expectation that he will pry the lid to the extent a shoe will drop. However it is a noble and worthwhile effort at the same time. I think the journey he is undertaking is more interesting perhaps than his goal. Younger scientists coming on line, especially in the field of physics will ultimately unravel this mystery in the future, as a offshoot of their ventures in quantum mechcanics. I am confidant of that, should we all live long enough to see it.