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The Forgotten Syndrome

The Forgotten Syndrome
Ed: Due to technical problems the Richard Dolan interview is delayed. I will fix the problem and present it on a future post.

I hope Mr. Bassett rethinks some of these positions on Disclosure & Exopolitics. It was a lot of fun at this X –Conference, it was great. One wonderful decisive achievement they made was to allow, and in fact, encourage anyone to share the DVDs on U-tube. Steven Bassett lost a lot of money on the many of the conferences, so please attend, bring your objectivity and understand the most important fact you could know; they may have more knowledge on this subject then many but know one can claim to have the whole picture. Hey Steve, how about “discounts” for young people?

Abduction Common Sense:

Can we really establish alien motives from what abductees conclude or feel about their abductors? Sorry, in New York, we call abductions - abductions.

Accepting these statements by victims of traumatic experiences as the definitive proof that ETs have altruistic, motives is like asking Patty Hearst what she thought about the Symbolize Liberation Army after they found her. Patty Hearst was abducted, raped and tortured by her captives, yet came to believe they were good. So, given the very human reality of this psychological process known as the Stockholm Syndrome, and the very real possibility of even superior emotional manipulations by an advanced ET we should be very careful of accepting what they say as emotionally objective and accurate.
This DVD Is from The X-Confernce:
A UFO flies in and out of a valcano - I know someone is going to comment it was a baloon.
Great DVD "Jaime Maussan Mexico" X-Conference 2007

Intelligence 101
How many UFO researchers think they’re smarter than top intelligence operatives?
Not many, I hope. You can’t have it both ways. On the one hand we are told “the UFO secret is higher then the H-Bomb” on the other hand some researchers don’t stress enough, how the best in the intelligence community could fool them, remember the government has at their disposal tremendous government resources.

A Good Intelligence officers could easily act like a good sincere person and have the right documentation. They would be able to lie to you and you’d never know it. Also don’t bet on a lie detector test, they know how to beat lie a detector test, and so do I. In the sixties, like now, I was an anti-war protester and leaned from some friends how to do it.
Whistle blowers may have more than one reason for coming forward…like book sales, disinformation or just getting a message out. Good disinformation must be believable to the target group and should have supporting documentation. The key here is “believable to the target group” -- it doesn’t have to be believable to everyone. Disinformation succeeds when it castrates any chance of the target group or individual from doing what they set out to do. Credibility is easy to lose but very hard to regain. The value of the public persona of spokespersons, authors, and all the various organizations that comprise a special interest community are very important to any movement. ‘Know your audience’ is a simple truth.. In America, we already have a legacy of documentation showing that the government has been involved in a decades-old, ongoing campaign to make ufology just too incredulous to be entertained seriously by a vast and influential target: the American public, our media and our scientists. This was before, I believe, the government bought the scientists through research grants and the corporations the media.

Jaime Maussan, Paola Harris, Richard Dolan, and many of the rest of the good researchers just want the people who see UFOs to have their experiences taken seriously and independent balanced researched started. Yes they want all documents released, we all do, but the journey is just as important as the results. It should not take anything away from these pioneers for us to entertain the possibility that the government may target them, especially them. And that’s why, if you attend conferences and listen to radio interviews, you’ll often hear these researchers repeat ‘the research is ongoing’. Admitting you’ve made a mistake is what makes our side human and the debunkers’ side foolish. I believe if this is as big as many claim they would have to be targeted.
ONLY Bush is always certain he is right and look at the mess that he’s gotten us into.
The UFO enigma is real and under intelligent control. This is the consensus among most
UFO researchers and our greater community.
It is my strong opinion that the X-Conference and every ufology conference should make public and clear this disclaimer:
“We don’t have the answers on who or what these entities are, but we believe in open discourse. The presenters at our conference are independent researchers and we respect our audience’s intelligence enough to allow them to draw their own conclusions through their own research.
Why not conferences with a balanced approach, and some humility. Remember that word? I hear and read about many people who spout their instant karma epiphanies, yet very few mention humility, a word which Jesus and Gandhi couldn’t emphasize enough to their followers.

I love the refreshing statement a truly humble man often repeats at the conferences where he makes his wonderful presentations. “What does this mean?” he says. Then, after offering his possible explanations he typically ends each section with a simple, powerful phase -- “I don’t know”. That’s journalist, researcher is J. Maussan.

Note: Paul Kimball DVD (“Best Evidence: The Ten Best Sightings” Redstar) is really good my wife also really like it. My wife is a women with an open yet critical mind. She has a masters degree and knows how to take care of herself. She is just started to go to conferences. I point issues out because I know many of them but I never try to steer her, as if I could. She felt this DVD was excellent it helped her understand and apprieciate some of the evidence. She felt it was concise and clear.
Paul was at the conference, putting on his best face to push his DVD, he gave me one for free I appreciated that. I spoke bluntly to him on Roswell and the O’Hare he was gracious and we parted. I always believe there is another side to the truth but you should be careful when you take that side - to be sure you just don’t do it just to be different.
By the way Paul do you really think you would be where you are today without that “Mickey Mouse Club”

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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Next post: Interview with Rick Stokes Of that great site “The Anomalist” & More X -Conference Video.


  1. its not a balloon but its so fake its ridiculous. even from the low res youtube version you can see its cgi.

  2. Joseph:

    It was nice to meet you as well. Glad you liked the film.

    As for the "Mickey Mouse Club" that was Jeremy's phrase, not mine. However, I happen to agree with it in the sense that he used it, which related to the poor general quality of UFO "researchers". I have a current post at my blog that clarifies what I meant a bit.

    Best regards,
    Paul Kimball

  3. Dear Paul,
    I agree some of the work done by researchers decries more objectivity. But I think you do the same thing with Walter Haut. Your comments on Walter Haut were not based on any other person opinion I've read who has personally met him and knew him for a time. The idea that he did not come out before he died seem very plausible to me in his defense, he could have made a great deal of money on a book if he wanted too.
    I was in the US Army and if he loved his commanding officer Blanchard and promised him not to talk about the bodies he kept his word. Why didn't you even consider he was being loyal? As far as the bodies and the other witnesses they were under pensions in the military. When you get old like me and depend on those checks each month you come to undrestand. Here is hoping you become wealthy and don't need them.
    As far as his memory if you read the latest MUFON journal and how his daughter goes through how he read and rerad the details of the statement before he signed it. This was something he felt needed to be done more as a testimony to history not to make himself important. It is interesting in this field your dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. As far as Stanton Friedman is concerned he felt Walter would not lie. I tend to listen very carefully to the witnesses. It is not easy talking about this subject in the real world not ours. Did you ever wonder about if the thousands of witnesses who have never said a word because they are see how easily people are attacked when they come forward on the UFO subject. I hope in the future you consider the entire life of someone instead of a quick snapshot of Walter when he was being interviewed. After a thousand times it must get pretty boring especially when you are not making any money. We all like to get paid for our time including Paul Kimball. I like you and hope we can be honest and blunt we need this in the UFO community more then ever. But let's give the witnesses the benifit or the doubht if they stop coming forward our UFO researchers will no longer have books to sell or DVDS.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commerical Blog

  4. Joe:

    And that's where we agree to disagree - I don't believe that the witnesses should be given the benefit of the doubt. I believe they should be properly vetted, and held to the highest standards, and if they can't meet those standards, they should be discarded. That process will leave you with the best witnesses possible, which should be what everyone is looking for. Quality trumps quantity.

    Ironically, this is exactly what Stan has done repeatedly with guys like Bob Lazar or Corso. However, he has been unwilling to do it with Roswell "witnesses" like Glenn Dennis and Gerald Andersen, because they have supported his own case. That's hypocritical.

    Best regards,

  5. Dear Paul,
    Comparing Walter Haut to Bob Lazar is not a good example. Bob Lazar was not known and established without a blemish on his record. Walter Haut was part of the greatest generation. Those who fought a war that allowed you to be here - unless you think Canada would have survived Hitler. He was getting older(usually a human trait most of us have to go through) He was a good person from what I get. Yet you treated him as if he was Bob Lazar - I am sorry if you don't get what i am pointing out to you. The character of some of the people who really fought this war took them to a place few of us will ever go. All of the documentation around this man speaks volumes for his loyalty. I am not sorry if I believe him over you because I think he has proven his character through his that type of history. Many men and worman who joined the service were carried to a different level of what it meant to give for a greater cause. Yet somewhere deep inside it is easier when you believe in the mission. So now we have a man Bob Lazar who claims he witness ET machines at Area 51 and a Walter Haut who served his county, with distinction, during the worst war in the earths history and had not one blemish in his record yet you feel because of a remark he made he's not worthy of any respect - I am just wondering - do you think that witnesses who see UFOs should shut up if they don't have a perfect life.
    You have never called him a Walter Haut a liar -but you have impeached him; why?
    Paul there are many shades of grays in this world the world of black and whites that speak volumes for the truth - get acquainted with a few and I think you will be great.
    I don't care about the others who did this just you.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog