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UFO Media Matters: Reports From 38 MUFON Conference

I wanted to write from a different perspective about the 38th International MUFON conference --as an attendee! This was my first MUFON and, as I made a friend from another UFO conference, I asked my friend to introduce me around.

But first, a word about…integrity.

Just what I believe:
I want to note something here that has more to do with a man’s reputation than the MUFON conference. Stan Friedman made a point to say that he felt Walter Haut would never lie on the subject of Roswell or lie on anything; he had that type of character.

I felt Paul Kimball’s attack on the character of Walter Haut on one of his posts was unfeeling at best. Mr. Kimball intimated that Walter Hunt asked him for money to do the interview and somehow that made him dishonest. After reading it I wondered if it was Walter who really surmised the character of Paul Kimball and decided: “If I have to be interviewed by this guy at least I should get paid.”

Humility is rarely spoken about in today’s world, but with a man who has served his country as Walter Haut has, a little reflection and some humility by a researcher may well be in order. As far as believing Walter recommended someone who turned out to be a jerk, my guess --Mr. Kimball, do you really want to throw the first stone?
I also felt his knee-jerk reaction to the O’Hare report just shows he needs to mature a bit. Remember, only a debunker is always right.

NARCAP Final Report:
“Now For The Lightning” – Lenny Bruce
There are rumors about a big ongoing investigation almost ready to go public. Something I’ve wanted for years to see happen: a person with multiple UFO contacts has been researched on the site of the phenomenon over an extended period of time. Increasing this unique investigation’s importance, videos and photos taken by the researchers themselves are included. This was exciting news and I would like to commend the director of MUFON, James Carrion, for his support for this type of investigation.

The people at the conference, at least the ones I spoke with, were disappointed by the lack of new cases.

Yes, there was great stuff at the conference, but most of the presentations were documentation on rather old UFO related cases.

So I can understand why many were sad about the lack of young people attending. One attendee even voiced it on microphone. There is so much great phenomenon out there, but, as MUFON is very strict on not presenting video and other evidence without verification, we usually end up focusing on older cases with photos and information. Another speaker mentioned this problem of stale cases versus newer, current investigations.

I think this famous --or infamous-- holding back of case presentation is a big mistake for this great, historic organization.

Why? There exists an abundance of cases out there where groups are witnessing and filming these objects. It’s not that hard to check the character of these witnesses, either. So why not move forward with developing research, however incomplete? And that way, we’d all keep subscribing to publications, return to conferences, because we’d be looking forward to updates and a commitment to news. MUFON can present this material as exactly what they are --videos and photos that need more research. How about at the conference segment --new photos and images? How about on their web site?

We need to learn how to capture and keep the public interest out there -- specifically, we need the young people who need to be inspired by the UFO enigma. They will be the ones to carry the research forward and put the time and energy into whatever it takes to rescue the truth. I worked with young men and women for years, and watched how, once the light goes on in their heads and something inspires them, they are a powerful force.

I’m betting the evidence that finally confirms the evidence of ET presence will not come from a document file deep in the archives, but from people – yes, the UFO witnesses. I know that there is always danger of MUFON becoming a circus, but I think the MUFON members have the intelligence, maturity and historical perspective to avoid that. So, MUFON, are you listening? Go for current, new cases --no need to abandon serious, signature research! And engage the outreach thrusters! Broaden the base so there’s a next generation of membership to keep research fresh and take MUFON into the future.

I know I got a big mouth… that’s what my wife says. She also says I am the kindest person she ever met. But does that mean I’m a wimp?

One MUFON speaker, Sam Maranto [See “The O’Hare Airport and Timley Park Sightings” on DVD at MUFON] discussed the O’Hare case rather briefly. Maranto touched on the NARCAP report examining the O’Hare case, in that it turned out to be exactly what the witness said: “A spinning ‘craft’ that shot straight up through the cloud bank and left a hole showing the blue sky above”.

Maranto also showed video (from 2004 and later) which was presented for the first time -- quite impressive. UFOs were filmed at night. They had been observed by the witness before. The young man brought his friends over to witness what he was seeing. He started videoing what appeared to be (“globes”) very similar to what has been seen in Mexico & Peru. These globes seemed to be attached to one large triangular craft that displayed different angles. I like what Sam Maranto said about all of MUFON working together and focusing on our common bond -- UFOs. Both Maranto and Richard Dolan seemed to address this issue of humanizing the investigations and broader cooperation among MUFON members. “We need to talk to each other more,” Sam pointed out.

MJ12 documents were challenged for authenticity [by Brad Sparks’ “New Revelations on the origins of MJ12”: DVD MUFON] with some very interesting points, including UFO investigator Moore ( the primary researcher on the MJ12 documents) stating he felt he was being duped. Mr. Sparks was extremely tired from not sleeping so I couldn’t ask him questions.

I am not tied into any explanation because I don’t need to be.I have to say though, judging just from the lecture, Sparks never quite took up the strange way the MJ12 documents would refer to incidents by certain government officials which could have only been known by very connected people… even more connected than Doty, himself a prime supposed whistleblower in the MJ12 documents release, and also apparently an erratic character. Stanton Friedman had to go back to the archives to verify these claims asserted in the MJ12 documents. Other points made were intriguing. I would also add that the MJ12 material will always remain what it is, unless we can get the original government files… but of course, by then the government may create a disinformation campaign just for this possible scenario.

I applaud Sparks for his honest research. We all need to go over what he shows and draw our own conclusion. He does have me thinking. Some of Spark’s claim that Doty was pushing disinformation, claiming NASA been involved any cover-up, is not far-fetched at all, considering the taping of full Shuttle missions by people and the continuing UFOs they show. These objects filmed by NASA cameras beg more investigation. NASA is not filled with fools: they know what is going on and they know how to keep a secret –let’s toast the astronauts on that one. (See my blog Jumping Jim Oberg NASA can keep a secret from you.)

In light of these mission tapes, Doty’s obsession with NASA, in claiming NASA has satellites that track UFOs, may have not have been entirely disinformation.

I love what the NASA program was supposed to be. I respect our astronauts, but unless these mission tapes are fake, then there is something up there that has nothing to do with anything except what we would call a genuine UFO.

Some of these craft’s movements and sizes are nothing less than astonishing. The more people study the UFOs on these tapes presented by different UFO researchers, the more I and others are convinced they are not -ice -sun -moon -space junk -stars -reflection or -from us.

Some of them damn well seem to exhibit intelligent control. I believe NASA concluded that mile-wide UFOs were a defense issue and releasing that type of info without the defense input would have been highly arrogant. No one outside of the defense department should make that call on what kind of threat they pose. I believe in public disclosure but that doesn’t mean the government had no right to hide information.

By this time, though, I don’t think we have much to lose. ETs could do more to bring the planet together than any other news. After the smoke clears, that is.

I don’t know the full story --and I don’t think anyone else around here does. It was amazing to me how very little was mentioned about the ongoing NASA UFO images that people are filming directly from the NASA Shuttle mission’s downlinks. Why hasn’t NASA ever called these tapes fakes or doctored? Is it possible they have hundreds of NASA-obsessed followers of the space program that tape every mission and have nothing to do with UFOs? Does NASA want their space groupies looking carefully, not at the mission, but at the background where UFOs appear? In fact, that is what started it all: Stubbs was not a UFO “nut” he was a NASA “nut”.

Some of those NASA mission images are amazing and they defy any mundane explanations. Researchers need to find others who have taped Shuttle missions. Something of profound significance could be found on these tapes. If I ever get any of these tapes I will go over them and if anything is there I would let the public see them for free and let anyone analyze them.
How about MUFON taping the future mission or searching for other tapes and then going over them for analysis?

One of the most moving presentations was by Kathleen Marden, a niece of Betty and Barney Hill: “New evidence on the Betty & Barney Hill Case”: DVD MUFON. Because of Stanton Friedman’s integrity, people trust him, and why not? Stan has exemplary character. He’s down to earth with a powerful mind, and a good sense of humor. The hypnotic regression tapes were played and were, to say the least, amazing. I can understand why even Dr. Simon, a very conservative individual, believed in the end that the Hills were not lying. You can hear the astonishment in their voices as they recount the story… and it rings so true.

So for me, among all the slide rule presentations with graphs and the exposing of new and old documents, we have this lone woman who packed more power in what she said than all of the others combined. The power of people of good character.

I spoke with George Knapp, who announced a new DVD about Skinwalker Ranch which will include much of the missing evidence. I knew time was short, so I asked him one question, about the shadow figure which was witnessed pushing itself through the “portal” in space: they describe running up to the spot where it fell and seeing dinosaur-like tracks on the ground leading away. I asked, “Why no pictures or plaster cast?” His answer, “We did”. So I’m waiting for the new DVD to see if it clears up the many troubling features of the NIDS investigation.

I spoke to Timothy Good and I have to say, what a pleasant fellow. I bought his book “Need To Know” which you can’t get yet in the US --ridiculous. His presentation title was the same as the book “Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence”: DVD MUFON I had actually attended the same presentation in NY. Timothy made the presentation at Intruders Foundation through the great work of Budd Hopkins. I wish more UFO researchers would lecture there, people are increasingly interested in ufology. But I know also that Budd has limited funds, and it’s expensive to pay for space in Manhattan.

But now to the other good stuff --the people attending the conference.

I spent most of my time with a new old friend I had met. He is retired and was a nuclear chemist who had top clearance Q. His longtime friend, who I had the pleasure to meet, was a physicist who worked for the same government agency till retirement.

They called me their resident skeptic. People like my new friends are the backbone of MUFON. They are intelligent, sincere, and know “something” is here. But even better than all of that, they were great guys. The reason they called me their resident skeptic was because some of what they believe is still hard for me to swallow. Especially the Jim Mars stuff. But that was OK. They at least listened to my theory, which was, it is mostly disinformation supported by documentation. Have to admit though, I’ve only skimmed through Jim Mars’ books… so I am no authority on Jim Mar’s books, and first impressions can be very wrong.

What will the future hold for UFO investigation? Only the Aliens know for sure
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