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Skinwaker Ranch - NIDS’ Folly Part II

Skinwaker Ranch - NIDS’ Folly.

Part 2.

“Sooner or later one of us must know that you just did what you were suppose to do”
Bob Dylan

..summer evening … He (Tom Gorman) noticed a light that appeared to be watching him as it hovered over a ridge. (He had seen them many times before). …on this particular evening Gorman grew inpatient, threw down his pitchfork, and ran in the direction of the bright object. His reaction seemed to catch the object by surprise. The object darted down out of sight. Gorman quickly seized the opportunity and dove behind a nearby hay bale and burrowed out of sight. Then he waited. Sure enough within a few minutes the brightly lit object flew over the field and began flying back and forth. Gorman sensed it was looking for him. After several minutes of quartering the area it flew toward the ridge. Gorman climbed out of his hiding place and began shouting and taunting the object. Gorman said it blinked several times on and off and then flew away.
“The Hunt For The Skinwalker” Kelleher & Knapp.

Ted Phillips DVD 3000 UFO landing with Traces 91 Countries 700 with entities:

DVD Teb Phillips "The Physical For Unidentified Flying Objects" MUFON

Here again we see intelligence and a kind of acknowledgement by the object. The book “Hunt For The Skinwalker”, while an exciting read, left me with many questions. I have listened to the Knapp and Kelleher PhD. Interview on Coast to Coast radio. One of the questions many readers, including myself, voiced was, “why the lack of any documentation?” Basically they replied to this question by explaining that whatever material NIDS had was not available yet, but NIDS would provide it to them when it was ready. Unfortunately the timing was wrong, (it may have been pressure from the publisher) so the book went to press withwhatever they had, which was not much.
But there are other questions. The dogs that were killed (incinerated}. Wouldn’t it have been prudent to try and find traces. There was no mention on a follow-up on what could have killed the dogs. If they were “incinerated” it would take a lot of power, especially if there were no bones or a heart left. Also, Brian, who commented on my first post pointed out:

“NOT adequately discussed was the "report" of the several pole mounted cameras where each was visible by other cameras -and yet one camera becomes vandalized without the culprit being seen by the other cameras. The conclusion here must either be one of staff conspiracy to defraud or Eureka! - a clear evidence of "high strangeness. As there is no (known to me) science data reporting or open access to the camera tapes, do we have fraud or incompetence?”

The last thing any researcher wants in their investigation is for it to be open to easy criticism . Brian has an open and honest question. Where is the Beef?
It seems since Tom and his family were experiencing most of the phenomenon, why not at least, if you could, leave one hardy scientist to live with the family during those winter months; instruments in hand? Isn’t that how earth scientists do their research? When you are trying to discovery the greatest continuing mystery of all time, which may be intelligent but not omnipotent, then extraordinary precautions are needed. Could you imagine what scientific proof of ETs or even a metaphysical intelligence would have meant. I don’t understand why there was no camera on hand. Pictures would have been something, especially in the next instance:

Four prime bulls weighing thousands of pounds were mysteriously put into a trance and moved to very close quarters: an enclosed old white locked trailer, “by some damn thing that never once showed itself”. The bulls regained awareness when Tom noticed the bulls’ trance state and started banging on the sides of the trailer to wake them up. If Tom had a camera it would have added to his testimony to have a picture of the bulls. A couple of photos of the bulls in this frozen state in a closed up trailer would have been very interesting. After banging on the trailer, the bulls woke up and kicked the trailer apart to free themselves. Tom had to run to the command center to get the portable research equipment. Why wasn’t the equipment with him ready to go? The research mode seemed more passive then active. This phenomenon seemed intelligent and fast. Portable instruments including cameras should have been with Tom Gorman all the time. Why didn’t the scientists, knowing how unpredictable this phenomenon is, not have outfitted the principal investigators with their own personal equipment.
I would have also had training seminars on the subject including this opening statement:

“Everyone here, please be aware of this all important fact. This phenomenon we are trying to research, whatever it is, is unpredictable and can be very fleeting. You may see it at any time. So that means our team has to be ready at all times. We would rather you make mistakes and photograph or measure incidents which turn out to be mundane than miss one opportunity to catch something important that will add to the research we are all here for.”

Many times UFO researchers claim the government knows more than they are admitting. yet even to this day, after there has been strong supporting evidence that phones have been tapped, (from many different UFO researchers contacts) many still use the public phone system with high level informants.
I don’t understand why researchers think ETs or the government couldn’t tap into anyone’s phone line when it comes to their security. Is it so technologically complicated? If ETs have been here since the ‘50’s, they probably have succeeded in monitoring who needs to be monitored. UFO researchers would be a prime target, easier than monitoring each person who may have incident. UFO researchers are not smarter than ETs or the intelligence community.

MUFON investigates the same way as NIDS, of course with a much smaller budget. We sent the Director of MUFON, James Carrion a series of questions and posted his answers on UFO Media Matters. The post called “Questioning the Director of MUFON” asked a direct question on this subject:

If ETs are monitoring us and one of the duties of MUFON is try and get evidence they exist, do you think using a more covert and quiet approach in investigation could increase chances of finding proof?
James Carrion MUFON:
If ETs themselves are here and want to remain unseen, then they would assume a passive covert position that would preclude their detection. But if they are actively making themselves visible to our planet’s inhabitants (flybys, landings, abductions, etc), then their active stance requires an active investigation on our part.”

None of us can be sure why these displays are used. Many of these strange displays, rather then clarify UFO phenomenon as technology, tend to confuse the subject almost beyond any explanation except “metaphysical folklore” or myth. Most important of all, the control of the displays is not ours. My own take on UFO displays are disinformation targeted psychologically to confuse and dissuade the scientific minds who may try to study them. You would have to be just plain crazy not to notice, at least as far as these displays are concerned, they are never in front of major universities or on Broadway. There is ample testimony and evidence that UFOs are not metaphysical and at many times their behavior indicates strongly a very strategic posture over our airbases, during missile launches, and in challenging our airspace.

Part 3 next

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters

Note: Off to MUFON conference I will report from their convention in Colorado


  1. You would think that the way this investigation was done resembles two children playing with new toys.... trying to figure out how to play with them and at the end of the day they forget where they leave them.

    Do you really think that you are just going to take pictures of creatures/aliens who you deem smarter than us?

    Why don't any of these people start with Project Management courses? That way they might be able to plan this whole operation a tad better than what has been done in the past. Try hunting a lion without a rifle... can get you killed you know.

    Walking on a ranch where dimensions cross unwillingly, where the unknown stares at our starlit nights, and especially where the unknown burns dogs and wanders around invisibly can also get you into a lot of trouble.

    First, learn about the environment of the area, because the reaction and the habits of the wild animals, birds and insects will indicate which areas are worst affected by any unexplained phenomenae.

    Only once you comfortably know the surrounding area can you start planning your next move. This is where you can roughly assess the basic equipment needs for the project.

    Running blindly in the dark is no fun, especially when you hit trees, hence night vision of some kind is needed.

    Theoretically a laser pointer/laser gun sight should bounce off whatever is invisible. Might be useful attaching one of these to some kind of tagging gun eg. high velocity paint ball gun? Marking your prey with uv reactive paint might be useful, albeit dangerous on the ranch.

    An individual with basic military training would be to your distinct advantage, especially when it comes to setting up tripwires attached to either a flare or at least some kind of lighting equipment. To set up around you to protect you from the unknown. Movement sensors can also help, especially infra-red ones.

    Sounds like Hollywood doesn't it? Well, that is where the advice for the day ends.... Good luck to those willing to walk in there with common sense and a logical mindset. They might just prove a point....

    There is no such thing as a real Atheist..... Anyway, to believe in nothing takes a lot more faith than what it takes to believe in something.

    To those of you who have not seen 'visions', have not seen, have not experienced, what do you base your research and findings on?

  2. Dear EragMeragSerag,
    You posted the way it should be done, as if you are doing a convert operation against a formable adversary ,not some lights in the sky.
    It is human arrogance that we have to contend with in these research operations -so many opportunities missed. If these are ETs we must amuse them. It was Gordon who knew the terrain and understood his adversary. But he was not a scientist what did he know. He knew what thousands of witnesses of the phenomenon know ;it's intelligent. By the way MUFON has done just that will be released in 6 months.
    Tahnk You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters.
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. The Skinwalker Ranch according to all the stories that are going about is home to more than just lights in the sky, correct? Or that is how I understood it.

    Agreed, Tom Gorman knew the terrain, but as far as was reported he was not the only one on that ranch doing research. Yes, he was no scientist, but he probably understood more about the issue than the scientists themselves.

    I did write the piece as if I was doing a covert operation against a formidable adversary, as what has been described in the reports doesn't sound weak, stupid or slow for that matter. It also doesn't sound as if it is going to greet you with a warm handshake and a smile.

    Doing research about 'lights in the sky' is no easy feat if you don't have aircraft to at least be in the sky with them. People with technical experience in various types of radar & cellular signal technology would also be handy, especially when determining size, speed, and destination of these 'lights'.

    Cell phone signals can be used to detect 'stealth' planes, as they have a different pattern to normal radar signals, and consequently 'bounce' off objects differently as well.

    I also agree that we are facing human arrogance. Might be worth a try asking all of them to leave their attitudes at the door, because the investigation would be into unconventional science, a field where none of them could possible show papers for.

    Understanding the 'dimensional gateway' on the ranch would be the biggest discovery made in ages. The 'lights in the sky' understand it, the 'invisible thing' understands it, and most possibly other beings which have not been encountered as of yet.

    What will be eventually discovered at the ranch will impact day to day life globally, it will change transport methods, and it will change life as we know it (Star Trek here I come!).

    What we are looking at is an operation that has be led by someone who is respected by others, can give orders military style when needed, and understands the nature of the problem.

    Haven't seen any of those in the science world as of yet, because, as you have rightly said, most scientists are too arrogant and don't like to admit to mistakes.

    It is a great pity that we do not have the likes of Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein or at least people who has the same thinking pattern doing this investigation.

    Six months is an awfully long time to wait for these reports, but I suppose it will be worth it.

    Please do not misunderstand me, I am not here to laugh at the groundwork that has already been done. I merely point to holes in the previous operation with the hope that these people read it and improve their future projects and investigations.

    You can only improve by making mistakes and rectifying them. Carefull of making the same mistake unneccesarily, as it might not be classed as improvement, but stupidity

  4. Dear EragMeragSerag,
    I agree. In my recent post "The Superficial Alien" I discuss the two dimensional way we view the ETs. Many claim they are smarter then us, but what does that mean. What would it mean to be able to read inside a species mind. I show how in Brazil(history channel video) their Army was sent in on a case where people were being hurt by UFOs and produced some astounding results. unfortunately the commander of "Operation Saucer" had to commit suicide before they would release any data.
    As far as MUFON I hear they took video and some very strange things happened there. To compile and edit, and get the results to many test may take time. They had just finished the on site investigation most of what happened was rumor but it will be out as a DVD and probably spotlighted in the MUFON Journal.

    Bottom line we have to be smarter of we loose.

    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  5. Joseph,

    You sound like a very knowledgeable person. All I can advise in the case of MUFON is to be careful of too much editing.

    Also be careful of what you listen to. An experienced and battle hardened captain that just committed suicide after going public sounds slightly wrong to me.

    The best examples of people who have committed 'suicide' in several cases can be found in organisations like the FSB (old KGB), CIA, FSA, FBI, MOSSAD and the likes.

    Interfering with top secret government projects gets you killed. Imagine interfering with top secret alien experiments.. you might get used as lab class material. You can see them, but don't interfere, and that goes for humans and aliens.

    As to your question, our thoughts are transmitted via electrical impulses all over our bodies. All they need to do is track the impulses in the brain and decode them.

    Even if every person's impulses differ slightly, there will be a base pattern to the impulse linking it to certain things.

    The human mind also does not get used to it's full potential, as we 'switch' off from emotions and feelings every single day.

    An example is where the mind expands and links to a certain impulse from direct family members, causing the feelings of happiness, distress and pain to be felt at the same time they feel it.

    The above is true, as I feel pain from my two brothers. If they injure themselves, I get to feel it and know it in real time. If they go for operations (youngest brother had an op just above his heart) I feel the pain. The distance between me and them is 13000 kilometres. Impossible to science, but isn't science generally just a bunch of unchallenged theories?

    When my grandfather was critically ill in hospital, I phoned my family before being told about his condition to inform them that he won't die.

    Mr. Capp, we as humans 'train' ourselves to be shallow thinkers. We rely more and more on electronics every single day. From opening doors, to driving our trains and cars. It might be technological advancement, but it sure is human devolution.

    Keep in mind, as soon as muscles aren't useful they tend to evolve into fat. Those little Hollywood pictures of aliens (the skin, bone and arse alone ones) might be what we are aiming for with all the machines that will eventually wipe your ass, blow your nose and even chew your food for you.

    Very few people believe you can train the mind and body like you program a computer. It can be done, as in the casinos your mind gets trained to recognise patterns and do payments on tables in split seconds. The croupiers know the exact amount of playing chips they take out by the feel and weight.

    The aliens probably are one step ahead, being able to use a bigger percentage of their 'mind', having unlocked more 'functions' than what we have.

    It must be wonderful being able to see into another species psyche, mind, way of thinking. Given, it could be very funny and confusing if they 'hit' the wrong people (eg. split personality, psychotic killer).

    Mr. Capp, there are hundreds, even thousands of questions surrounding anomalies on earth. Unfortunately we as humans do not trust each other anymore. We would rather watch our children die in front of us than share information eg. new ways to generate clean power. Shit, we won't even share toiletpaper if it comes to it.

    We will not get anywhere with aliens unless we can resolve our bickering across our own planet. We are digging our own hole, the only problem is that we are doing it on our own planet.

    The aliens have all probably taken their front row seats, bought some popcorn and are just waiting for the finale.

  6. Dear EragMeragSerag,

    Sounds pretty hopeless. I have myself felt what is happening is beyond control. But I remember reading a statement of What Mahatma Gandhi remarked about good and evil. He said evil is very powerful in the beginning making many gains - but good is relentless and in the end wins out - you need patients to surmount this. One time recently I was very down about this not just UFOs but the very government of our country. I was watching tv and the Marks brothers came on - I started to remember a Woody Alien film where he is real down and through the Marks brother get a handle on the meaning of life. What is that meaning? To be here to be present and help make it better. For that is the only hope of the human race. For each individual to make it better. As far as ETs go if they wanted to take us out they would have done it before we built 40,000 nukes worldwide. They aren't not hesitating for a purpose in my belief they are not attacking us because they don't attack other species. That must have been worked between species a thousand year ago, or there would be no one left to visit us.
    As far as the commander being intentionally killed, it is very possible - he would have been a prime candidate since he had a history of depression.

    Joseph Capp
    UfO Media Matters
    Non - Commercial Blog.