Thursday, August 23, 2007

“The Superfical Alien”

Why should ETs be that different from us?

Don’t their evolution and basic nature probably work something like ours? Would a technologically advanced life form be so different from us? There is no proof of such a great divide on earth. People in the Amazon jungles without hip implants, contact lenses, tiny cell phone microphones and not flying in small private jets don’t look so physiologically different than urban humans who’re always loaded down with technology
Scientists throw this thousand-tentacled ET at us, but that’s just a bug-a-boo. Intelligent life probably has something similar to opposable thumbs, a head sitting on top of its body and… a mind that looks inside itself. That is what sentient, self-awareness is all about. And that kind of consciousness is a force that demands exploration, and builds the star drive to make it happen.

Those who deny ETs are here believe they have nothing to fear . But those of us who have experienced, either by close visual sighting of a craft, landings or those who witnessed entities we know something is here. The more you read about close encounters and the history of UFOs, the more you come to believe another intelligence has been here for a long time. And that should give us comfort, right? They haven’t invaded the planet, and as far as abductions go, that phenomenon may not be new. We have very similar examples of abductions in folklore, although our ancestors explained it differently. But do you want to bet future generations of humans on that theory? Or do we want to cover all bases.

This sad video sequence is dedicated to:
Capt. Uyrange Hollanda who killed himself shortly after going public. This is from "The History Channel" DVD "The Brazil's Roswel. Ninety people were buned by UFOs two died.
"UFO Files" I am glad I bought this DVD. I bought one for you Paul!

I’ve been thinking about what I’m calling the deeper ETs. At first ETs were either appearing --or being described-- very superficially, as a kind of two-dimensional being. What interests me is this: these earlier descriptions in contemporary times characterized ETs as having more brains and technology than us, but the real essence of how exactly they were smarter, that was never clear.

So I tried to figure out what might be the same in two or more sentient species, or at least what essential things might be dominant.

What would it be like to be smarter at understanding our own human psychology than we are now?

Would ETs be able, in effect, to psychoanalyze our every move? What would it be like to read people’s emotions and their minds accurately enough to manipulate individuals?

Evidence in reports by abductees suggests that ETs are capable of projecting strong emotions and thoughts into the human mind --even from distances.

When you add this factor everything changes: a possibly superior life form using knowledge it gains from a study of --not only external biology-- but the internal structure of the human psyche.


Aliens constructing a human model of our psyche, and then forcibly using it against us. It’s a very frightening scenario.

But the history of reports by the true abductees clearly shows this. Time and time again witnesses of solid character and community standing are lied to, and made to feel special…just like in a cult. Told they have a higher calling, like in a religion, abductee witnesses are frequently told they will be saved when the end comes. Wonderful feelings are projected into them, as well. The ETs typically voice platitudes upon platitudes, assuring the witness “the world is going to destroy itself with nuclear weapons” or “pollution.” And it gets stranger. Certain abductees are given special gifts of prophecy and enhanced psychic abilities, which have been shown to be quite amazing. But here’s an important what if: what if these special gifts hide something sinister, as they seem to --particularly among witnesses with the typical abduction history?

Some species of aliens have kidnapped mothers and young daughters, father and sons, whole families. ETs are reported forcing the abductees to undergo the now infamous combination of painful undignified examination, extraction of semen and ova, and then using a variety of methods to block most witnesses’ memories of these complex and painful procedures. Yet each event is always a little different --which I believe is staging-- and some abductees seem to be kept in hazy state before, during, and after the incident.

But the amazing part is, not only are the ETs getting away with it, the evidence shows they’re also able to influence the thinking of some abductees to believe these ugly experiences are the benevolent actions of higher spiritual beings.

I testify to how far down the rabbit hole of human psychic chaos they have traveled! That even the supposedly “higher spiritual ET entities” have stood by, like the pedestrian who doesn’t want to stop a rape, suggests to me ETs are surely not part of some system of higher moral values than we are.

What do I know about spirituality? Not much, but Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus lived the message they preached with humility and tolerance. Who the hell can prove to me ETS have ever done that?

Most of this ET inner wisdom bestowed on “abductees” “channelers” and “contactees” --and here, I mean the good ones, the individuals whose ET experiences have been vetted to have confirmation of external sightings and other phenomenon-- what they’re transmitting on behalf of the aliens is just repackaged words of wisdom that might as well have come from our great humble thinkers on earth, from science fiction writers and the wealth of human philosophy easily “revealed” in our university lecture halls, your local bookstore, and all over the web.

To be fair, I don’t believe all of these people are faking it. I think they’ve been had.

But they shouldn’t be ashamed, because the weight of the evidence seems to indicate the aliens --at least the ones we hear most about from witnesses-- are the best at deception, the top psychological con artists in this world.

The human psyche abhors the fact that something on this earth could really be smarter. The devastation we ourselves have done to this planet displays to any observer the power of a technological species with few moral values. In War of the Worlds the Martians study us, but once again, the aliens researching us have goals that are only superficial…and strategic.

Meanwhile, in the real world, it’s the ETs that seem to know much more about us and how we will react. At this time in the real world we need to be humble ourselves to the fact of what it really means to address intellectually a superior species; and one more thought:

We should be very cautious of ETS bearing gifts.

Joseph Capp
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