Thursday, July 26, 2007

“MJ12 Documents Proven Fake” …Hold On a Minute

The above quote, taken from the article linked below, is an example of continued staged public debunking campaigns. They are usually full of “facts” about the witnesses who report UFOs and well- researched cases. They are done deliberately to gain notoriety, to make money, and to make the UFO researchers look foolish. They muddy the facts about the level of research that goes into some of the best UFO cases. They do it with impunity in the mainstreamed “news”. Many times these “facts” are repeated by debunkers and even UFO researchers who know better. This disinformation hinders further research on this subject. It makes it seem the UFO subject is not worthy of scientific scrutiny.

There is a better way, at least for those inside the UFO community: wait and give truth a chance.

Are ETs artistic? Crop circles and now ballet:

Wonderfull DVD: Maussan & Garza: "NASA Mission
& UFO Incidents"

I give you RRR groups’ blog post as an example. Recently they presented a new picture of what they claimed could be the “missing Trent Photographs”, (a very famous photograph of a flying saucer which had been securitized a hundred times and found to stand up to the worst debunking campaigns). The newly presented picture looked exactly like the Trent photo except that the flying disc was a few feet off the ground – it looked like a toy. That was the reason it was used. It turned out there was absolutely no reason to accept the presented photo as credible in the first place. I wonder how many people believed the object in the picture proved the original Trent photos were fakes. How many people in today’s society bothered to look further?
What would have happened if the RRR group had waited till it was sure and then provided an expose`?

Ryan Wood’s, an MJ12 documents researcher’s e-mails his take on the article below “MJ12 document proven fakes” statement.

Who funded the study to prove the MJ Documents were false?

“Recently minted Bible professor Michael S. Heiser has issued press notices about his claims in association with a report he is selling on the Internet with promotion for sales of his novel concluding that UFOs are a plot by Satan to take over the earth in the "the façade" of an Air Force colonel running Area 51.”

The evidence:

“Heiser recently paid thousands of dollars to a document examiner, Dr. Carol Chaski to look at only 11 pages (about 5,000 words) of the 3,500 pages of MJ-12 documents leaked to researchers since 1984. Despite the examiner's conclusion that at least one of the 11 pages was in fact written by the author claimed, Heiser has issued sweeping conclusions that all the MJ-12 documents are fraudulent.

The test used to prove the documents were fake:
“The field of document authentication is very old and focuses on many vectors of authenticity, namely forensics (ink, paper), chronology (out of time/place), chirography (handwriting), typography, provenance, content…”

“The notion that forensic linguistics, a very new science with just one peer reviewed journal and a handful of experts is the silver bullet that dethrones the validity of the entire majestic document collection is a gross misstatement”

UFOMM: There have been several peer reviewed papers presented as evidence around the UFO subject. Could I then make a statement that the “UFO subject has been proven real” just because we have peer few peer reviewed to prove it?

The facts:
“The results advertised by Heiser stem from what document examiners consider among the least accurate of their analysis techniques…”

The above Quotes are from an information
E-Mail received by me from Ryan S Wood MJ12 researcher.

The article claiming proof:

We should all give the UFO field researchers time to respond as Ryan S Wood is starting to do now. Am I saying the MJ12 are authentic? No, I am not. I am saying that history proves the ego in the UFO research community is real and at times clouds the issue rather than clarify it. We all need to keep that it check if we are ever going to get to the bottom of this mystery. After all, isn’t that what we are suppose to be doing this for?

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters

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  1. So Wood, who has a whole product line devoted to his take on MJ-12, is accusing someone else of taking their position out of financial motivation because they're trying to sell one book?

    That's not to say he doesn't have some valid points, but the irony is delicious.

  2. Dear encyclopedia,
    Good point, funny to. My points is this. The first thing you read in most of the debunkers responses is how the UFO field researchers bend the truth, and they do it for the money in their book deals. But when a debunker has the same possible motive the mainstreamed tends to forget that. This article was touted as the answer with very little antiquity. This is why the debunkers are starting to loose all credibility. They not only have a double standard they have a triple standard. Many imply the great UFO witness are doing it for "fame". Never once taken into account that there is an ongoing price a person pays for going public. The ridicule bestowed on them is in direct proportions to how famous report becomes and how enduring.
    I truly believe that some of the backlash at science is because of scientist and of their constant blatant arrogant statements (there is no God) on subjects they really don't have the answers to.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    non-commercial blog

  3. Very interesting uncle joe, mark

  4. Hey hi Mark,
    How is everything? Yea it is interesting. When you start to look into the UFO subject you start to learn it is not as cut and dry as the scientist and debunkers would like you to believe. The MJ12 Document are not exceptions. Someone very hi up in the government and in the know produced them. They detail meetings and phone calls that were not know unless you did some heavy digging. In one instance a UFO researcher found proof of one detailed phone call. The document that proved that phone actually took place had never been sighed out before. So who ever wrote about that call to the president in the MJ documents had to know that phone call took place decades ago.
    Are they real. I always believe the government will be the last to let you know and you can never trust intelligence officers they lie.
    Thanks Mark for taking a look and come back and keep touch with your uncle me by phone.

    PS. For all those who think NASA can't keep a secret
    - I don't remember anyone know about their drinking.

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