Saturday, February 10, 2007

PowerPoint To The People: UFO Are Real!

Has this scientist proved UFOs exist?

*The Scientist:
Bruce Cornet PH. D.(Paleontology/Paleobiology)former Deputy Administrator of the National Institute of Discovery Science, a rigorously scientific study group.

*The Field Research:

Between 1992 and 1997 Bruce Cornet scientifically studied and documented Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) near Pine Bush, NY. Cornet documented the phenomenon using time exposures at night in order to record the movements of UAP in relationship to trees, fields, and landmark features on the ground. His data confirm the existence of a phenomenon that most mainstream scientists are afraid to investigate for fear of peer ridicule and censorship.
A few Of The Conclusions About Objects Studied:

- Use of plasma rather than lamps for lights

- Headlights out at the “wingtips”, where they are least effective- Can influence electrical devices remotely

- Ability to make high-speed right angle turns

- Aerobatic performances done at night, below 1,000 feet over populated neighborhoods

- Ability to fly sideways and backwards- Ability to stop and hover.

“I have actually had competent scientists and aerospace engineers lose it after viewing my data…” Bruce Cornet

*The Place Pine Bush New York:

A continuing flow of sighting throughout the 1990s persists to this day.

“It was February 1997 and I was driving home from a friend's wake. Ironically I had just passed his parent's house when I noticed a strange sight above me. Strange enough for me to stop the car and pull over. It was right near the intersection of Bryan Turnpike and Red Mills Road intersection, not far from the Jehovah Witness complex. Above me what seemed to be only a couple hundred feet was a triangular shaped light formation. It was just hovering as still as could be. I sat in the car for a couple minutes watching before I decided to get out and take a better look. Once I got out the object very slowly and without a sound climbed altitude and disappeared out of sight. My family was with me as well.”

Pine Bush Web Site:*The

Data: A Power Point Presentation In Three Parts:

DecidePart II
Kick The Flying Saucer - Please!
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