Thursday, February 1, 2007

Part 2: Is NASAs' Still Touching Up Photos

Or: " you can fool some of the people all of the time."AL

Unlike any other whistle blowers, those who have come forward on this subject have a hell of a time proving they are telling the truth No matter what credentials ufology whistle blowers have on board --or, as in June Crain’s case, regardless of the tremendous fortitude of character demonstrated throughout an individual’s life-- few individuals can survive the character assassination of the professional debunkers. No amount of circumstantial testimony warrants a serious look at the kind of blatant, carefully coordinated attacks the whistle blowers of ufology have been subjected to.
The only thing these attacks and character assassinations are really good for, is recording the history of methodology professional debunkers and their shadowy sponsors have been using the last three-quarters of a century to delay discovery.
After all is said and done where are the pictures?
I will only post pictures where I can go to NASA’s official web site and pull them up myself. I posted these photos because they are so obvious.

For the more astute, like my wife, you don’t need to look any closer. She decided what it was right away. But for rest of us mere mortals:

The skeptics say: Trust your daddy. I say trust no one use your own eyes. Something is under these "brush stokes" (as my wife put it).

There are people who do a great service to help inform us, but they are given little credit. These people are part of the Fair Play, aka, Transparency Movement of the Internet. I pray this movement stays around forever. The service these individuals provide can never be underestimated in our search for what is real. On the Mars subject, photo analysis of Joseph P. Skipper and his "Mars Anomaly Research" web site is a prime example of the Transparency Movement. Skipper has drawn attention to repeated examples of NASA’s tampering with Mars photos. But I think even he was surprised, when the pictures came off the NASA presses! And note that all these are from the same series of photos at different resolutions. When you go to the site look around it wonderfull. Here are some other examples of digital manipulations.

I exist in a Future Shock (Alvin Toffler) reality, day to day. I’m shocked as I witness the public today accepting things that would have brought a million of us out of our houses to the street in loud but peaceful protest in The Sixties. That effective, mass peaceful protest, to me, is Democracy, capital D. I don’t think we all realize how close we’ve come to living in a type of Orwellian 1984 State, witness:
--the almost messiah tone the right wing, through certain Christian sects, bestowed on Bushs’ bad decisions.
--assaults on basic American decency via the tv and particlarly evident in the senate and house races in those horrible ads.
--increasingly invasive technology designed by big business with the bottom line as the only judge of its morality, like dangerous X-rays at airports, ID chip implants proposed for children, total examination of all email sent by private citizens in the US in the name of Homeland Security.
In all The horror we have faced these last few years. Who could we count on for the truth?
Not the news media. Not the pundits telling you to believe unconditionally in our institutions and our government, and in global corporations. In fact, all these great institutions failed us around the ongoing Iraq war and post-9-11 assault on our Constitution. Science --which is also in the pocket of the government-- and big business, both, failed us around the Iraq war and the assault on the rights of individuals but mostly in the pursute of pure science. There was a great yell over Global Warming…finally. But it came out this loudly because it had to be said. Science had to shout laudly time was and is running out.
What was and is saving our ass now is the People, people acting through the uncensored internet. It was the people learning the truth, doing the work, and putting it out there, without spin...or institutional approval.The people, who are minimized and dismissed every day both by media and the skeptics, the people did not fail us.

It is the new Paul and Paula Reveres shouting out that are saving the day. It’s never perfect, our freedom of the public information space. And thank God for that. The Paul and Paula Reveres, they brought our attention to what was really happening. We know their messages are true because we are still generally free to partake of the greatest gift imaginable: the gift that is the freedom to choose. That gift is dependent on the heart of our Constitution: Free Speech.
On the other side of the coin.
There are some very sloppy research by many UFO individual researchers and groups this helps increase the dismissive power of the skeptics. Some of the conspiracy research has been sloppy and misleading. That’s why it is so important to check out an organization like MUFON, where demonstrably rigorous research is being done on ongoing, as well as historic, cases. Most recently, an unfolding-as-we-speak case MUFON’s investigating that’s a standout in all North American ufology, is the farmer who shot a being.

Linda Moulton Howe updated the case. Orginally investagated by MUFON


  1. These things you point out are very suspicious. Of course, some of us wouldn't believe the government if it told us "water is wet".

  2. Thank you for you comment.
    Five Years ago I sufed to a web site which delt with "Marian Steaks" He showed example after example of thes streaks of what look like water flowing down the creaters on Mars. NASA reponse. "Dust Streaks". Another example of a internet person who was right five years before NASA admitted they were probably water and claimed credit. Five years ago the Skeptics would have told you "It is impossible for water to flow on Mars.

    UFO Media Matters

  3. The streaks you point out are a great point, and one that I've made a few times recently. That NASA "announcement" was certainly nothing new to anyone who's been paying attention to Mars images for years.

    Thanks for reminding me of Mars Anomalies, too. I used to go there, and while I think he steps a bit out there on some of his analysis, I always enjoyed checking it out in the past. Good to know it's still out there.

  4. This is what great about being free you can take what you want and leave the rest.
    I never agree with anyone 100 percent. I look at the body of evidence presented by ”Mars Anomaly Research” and other sites. When I see these different photos with the tamping over and over again I wonder? Then my brain tries to use logic to prove they couldn't be real. Eventually I gave up. So paraphrasing Spencer Tracy: Logic is not always right and when it's wrong there is nothing in Gods earth that can make it right.
    It may not be logical in our world but it may be very logical in NASA'S.

    UFO Media Matters

  5. Brush streaks? Give me a break. Of all the paranoid screeds I've seen . . . digital manipulation is the reality today, nobody uses brushes. Though I'm agnostic and don't usually defend the Christian right, I have to note that your concern for religious tyranny seems a tad misplaced when Islamic radicals are beheading infidels on video and blowing up people willy nilly for Allah. Develop some sense of priority, please. As for your comments on the value of the process of democracy, remember: democracy is only mob rule dressed up. There's nothing sacred about majority opinion when the majority is comprised of idiots, bigots, hate-mongers, the uneducated, the naive, or the gullible. In fact, democracy is down right scary.

  6. I was watching the movie Sahara last night and there was a scene where they panned over a desert are filled with sand dunes where the heroes were stranded in. I noticed briefly that the same type of blurring occurred on some of the sand dunes. I doubt that the makers of this film were trying to hide something but I'm left wondering if there is some type of natural distortion occurring that may have occurred in these Mars photos.

  7. Thank you for your comment:
    As far the streaks go talk to NASA they say these stains are a strong indication of water seeping through to the surface of Mars. Who Knew? :)

    First: As far as the brush strokes Of course my wife meant a brush stoke as in Adobe Photoshop a digital application. Sorry if you were confused. Second I know it is in vogue to hate the Arabs now. But we need to look at the history of the region.
    America was right there with Bin Laden and Sedum furnishing arms training and the chemicals to make the gas that he used to kill the people. Before you say how horrible that was America used biological weapons a terrorist act attacks on the Native America peoples. Small Pox anyone.? Going into Iraq was mistake and If I remember my history, compare to “The inquisition”, beheading is a joke. I live in Brooklyn NY and I was enraged by what happened . American lives were taken including a childhood friend of mine who was the co-pilot of the second plane. I am not an agnostic. So may he be happy now. Yes it was horrible. Attacking Afghanistan was right but doing it so you could plan your next agenda “Iraq” and then having all of the of our institutions and the press go to sleep signaled a greater terror then we could possible imagine; Fascism

    UFO Media Matters

  8. That is what I maintained at first. The NASA was forced to release thousands of photos at once. That is when some notice thate "what ever it was" seem to show structures under intentional manipulation. Because NASA had(or be brought to court. When your in a hurry mistakes happen. Also some of the moon photos were very questionable the blurring seem to hide structures also
    These photos we presented is more then blurring and it it was NASA should kmow. Why not say it rather then "Sand Dunes". As far as the movie I haven't wathced it. strange usually they don't let something like that go. Was it an LCD TV? Sometime ghosting will mke it appear blurry.

    UFO Media Matters

  9. No. It's a conventional Sony HD tv (picture tube not LCD or plasma).Watched on one of the HD movie channels last night. I was amazed at the similarity between the scene in the movie and the Nasa photograph. The sanddunes were blurred in exactly the same manor.

    Before jumping to conclusions, shouldn't there be some commentary or analysis by unbiased (neither sceptic nor believer) photography experts?

  10. Thanks,
    I don’t know, considering the development of Satellite optics for our national security, I find it hard to believe this type of flaw you astutely pointed our would not be fixed by now. If what you say is true it would be a disgrace. We spend billions of dollars to get to Mars and some of the pictures look like crap. On each successful mission they receive the same type of blurry sections in the transmissions and they never find out the reason and correct it? However you could E-mail NASA and explain your theory. I just called them on the moon image matter ask them about the tapes. They told me there were no missing tapes.

    UFO Media Matters

  11. Hi, I'm the person that made the comment after watching the movie Sahara.

    UFO media matters wrote:

    'I don’t know, considering the development of Satellite optics for our national security, I find it hard to believe this type of flaw you astutely pointed our would not be fixed by now.'

    I think it's far harder for most to believe there's a sinister plot afoot by Nasa to hide evidence of a Martian civilization. I'm not saying it's impossible but there is no evidence that this is the case.

    UFO matters wrote:
    'We spend billions of dollars to get to Mars and some of the pictures look like crap. On each successful mission they receive the same type of blurry sections in the transmissions and they never find out the reason and correct it? However you could E-mail NASA and explain your theory.'

    The fact that some of the pictures are not perfect is not a jumping board to wild and unprovable theories. I personally have no idea what is involved in taking these photographs/movies and then transmitting them to earth. I am not capable of rendering a judgement as to why they are not perfect nor do I suspect are most people.

    It seems some are making comments to the effect of 'these photographs are imperfect, NASA does not make mistakes, therefore something sinister is occurring'. This point is a very large leap of faith, not reason.

    I also have no interest in emailing NASA. NASA is not making unsubstantiated claims regarding these photos.

    I've followed the UFO topic for most of my life and I never cease to be amazed at the smoke-without little fire-generated by the true believers. I'm a believer also, but a very skeptical one.

  12. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your response. We disagree here because I tend to believe.
    No disparity but between you and June Crain I tend to believe June Crain. I haven’t found a UFO researcher that touches her character and I have been around and reading the material for decades. Maybe James McDonald the last pure scientist came close.
    If you want to be angry at anyone you should be angry at the military and NASA for decades upon decades of evasive tactics and downright lies, or at the very least through continued stupidity fermenting these beliefs by their stupid explanations. As one scientist put it: Why can’t we just say we don’t know?

    The truth is for decades witnesses have been dismissed without any follow-up by the powers that be. Bruce Ashcroft is the guy who worked with GEO and allowed to go through the records regarding Roswell. Later he was ask questions The first question was about General Exon a Commander at Write Patterson Airbase. It had been said; “ General Exon has made a number of confirming statements
    with regard to the flying saucer crash at Roswell, that alien material
    and bodies had been brought to the base, and that a special project had
    been set up to handle the material. Bruce responded that Exon’s statements were easily understood and not supportive of the story. He noted that as commander of the base he was responsible for the maintenance of the base infrastructure and, as such, he would not been privy to all that the various agencies housed on the base were
    involved in. Bruce believed General Exon’s statements had little probative value and, for this reason, he had not been contacted. Another audience member stood up a women and mentioned that German “prisoners of war” were kept at Write Field. Bruce replied that he had not heard it. but it could be part of how the myth around the aliens came to be.(meaning aliens as in overseas. June Cain explain that yes there were Germans at the camp captured “prisoners of war” they were never address as aliens in fact that term was never used then. The term used on the base referring to UFOs occupants were “little green men” even in a joking way.
    Another interesting point worth mentioning what else Big Bruce said
    A civilian employee offered a clearly different point of view from
    Bruce’s, noting for the audience that even within the Air Force not all
    information is shared even among those who have a seeming need to know,
    as Bruce did during his GAO initiated investigation. When asked later
    about this person’s views, Bruce replied that this individual seems to
    like finding conspiracies everywhere. But in fact this concept is true however they know longer use the term UFO.

    I tend to think people like Ashcroft and you forget what it takes to come forward especially if you have children and grandchildren. They have a lot more to lose then us. I don’t think it would be easy. Also I think women and men who are like June come across so much more believable then do the pundits who tell us our government and the men and women that work there couldn’t keep a secret of this kind. It took June Crain 45 years to tell her secret. That to me is very disparaging to the people who do the hard grunt work in our government. When it came out about the Iraq war it was this grunts in Intelligence who were basically saying “nothing there in Iraq”.

    However it does surprise me that those who put forward these solutions are not enrage by NASA’s arrogance. NASA hasn’t even acknowledging there are any problem with the photos. “Sand Dunes”? it’s is a disgrace.

    I don’t see this as a great stretch to believe that NASA and the Military could keep a secret of this kind. Why would anyone want to come forward not for any glory. Maybe they like to be laughed at? Most people are just not June Crain

    UFO Media Matters

  13. To Mahone: boy, you managed to bash both Muslims *and* Democracy in one post!

    Too bad the informed citizens of America already realize that 9/11 was an inside job designed to justify an invasion of the oil-rich Middle East while simultaneously squelching domestic dissent & protest here at home.

    Check out or Better yet, go watch Alex Jones's newest documentary, _Terrorstorm_. He displays plenty of 'false-flag' terrorist attacks throughout history, attacks that are blamed on groups other than the true perpetrators. None of it is "conspiracy theory"--it's all documented in the military/CIA's own documents!

    The more you look into 9/11, the more lies, convenient "coincidences", and outright lies you'll come across. A group of oil-baron neo-cons steal some elections, and all of a sudden we're at war with Muslims and invading oil-rich countries.... Just a coincidence, right?!

    And as for Democracy being mob-rule, well, maybe if our dear leaders actually cared about educating & protecting their populace, we wouldn't be such a mob of idiots, now would we? But in the words of John Milton, "They who have put out the people's eyes, reproach them of their blindness."

  14. I consider myself a good host and will let you have the last word.
    Thank You for your imput

    UFO Media Matters

  15. Any idea why the mars images can't be picked up in parallel to NASA getting them and spot checked or a "raw" public archive made?
    We paid for all this technology, why can't a sufficiently motivated person receive the same signals and prove that the images are manipulated or not?

  16. Dear Anonymous,

    Your comment made me think of what happened to
    me this last. Year. I was on a vacation,cruising on a ship with my wife and we had met a family and
    quickly became friends. I am not a scientist but I have always been fascinated by science.
    Paul was a pioneer. He helped developed the software and hardware that allowed ion beams
    to cut nonogears. He had two experiences himself so he was open. I showed him a DVD called
    UFO NASA the smoking gun tapes. These were shuttle transmissions directly downloaded via one of their links.
    The Man who did this was named (I hope I have the name right) Martin Stubbs. This old brain of mine. Many times he had
    nothing to do so he watched them. He stated seeing things that change his world. He eventually went To UFO Mag, in the UK. Martin is dead now he was very sick. I showed this DVD to Paul. He decided to take the DVD to a MIT physicist a friend of his. He was a professor who taught Physics at a top University and had done some work for NASA. He was very impressed by what he saw. He could not accept the idea that these were ICE crystals. He also was intrigue with the idea put forward by David Serada. Many, which look like controlled anomies, were recorded. Large ships one clock at almost 8 hundred thousand miles an hour which look like it had a controlled obit (it went around the planet instead of flying out into space). David suggested these large ships could only be observed in the Ultraviolet and above. The shuttle cameras can see in the ultraviolet and infer red. Even Astronaut would observe them, one astronaut told anther to get back to business when he mention the object. This DVD changed my mind completely on this subject simply because I do not think NASA is stupid and they are seeing what we are seeing. I don't agree some of Davids other therory. But then again not one of us knows what this is, we can only go by a consesous of evidence of evidence of what it is not.Something is coming into our airsapce and it is not Ice crystals. I hope to get this Physicist to write for my blog probably anonymously soon. That's if he'll do it. Writing about UFOs as spacships is death to your career. As for Mars i don't know if it is scambled or not. We need another Martin Stubbs to find out.

  17. I'm the anonymous that compared the shots of Mars to the movie Sahara noticing a similar distortion of sanddunes.

    I know I made the sin that most true believers cannot abide: critical thinking.

    Think about this for example. It is naive to assume that among the perhaps millions of photographs taken by NASA that they will all be pristine. Instead many that follow the UFO field, and that continue to make repeated fools of themselves, yell conspiracy and insult any that dare question their rather inane orthodoxy.

    This is why I don't belong to any UFO groups. The sheer gullibility of most believers is enough to make anybody with an ounce of intelligence sick. When you consider that the majority of voters elected an idiot to the presidency, it's easy to see that the general IQ level of the US is slipping.

    My guess is that this will not be posted, posted incompletely, or with an acerbic attempt at a putdown by the moderator or an ad hominem attack. I'll also use another dirty word: PROOF. Despite all the insults leveled at NASA, there is not one iota of proof on the side of the accusers.

  18. Dear Anonymous,
    I go through that allot. I use to get enraged until i realize that I allowed a group of people to cloud the issue. I am a person who is trying to find an answer in an imperfect environment. If I allow certain other belief systems, which lack any critical thinking, to stop my search for truth, and loose my way, then I have no one to blame but myself.
    It has been better. I also meet at the UFO conferences people with skeptical minds that believe something is going on. Great thought provoking conversations. I’ve spoken to Pilots Business Mangers etc. I hope in the future many will come to the conferences. . The UFO conferences loose money or just barely get by. Yes you will find some very gullible people at the conferences. I always like to interject some critical thinking into my conversations with them. I find if it is done right many of them will respond with their own questions.
    UFO Media Matters


  20. Dear Mrs. Ashcroft,
    I am sorry for their pain and did not time this because I didn't know any of what was happening to the family if I had know I probably wouldn't have made the comment right now. Having said that I want to respond.
    I just want to say that respect goes both ways. June Crain dedication, at WPAB base for 10 years Included: working even after she battled breast cancer, catching a spy, was instrumental in building her home town Libary, after her husband had died in a crash, building low income housing for the poor, was also a person of character who gave years of service to the military and to her community and Mr. Ashcroft dismissed her as if she was no one. Also he dismissed the commander of Patterson military base as someone who wouldn't be in the know. That military commander probably gave even more to this country than mister Ashcroft. Mrs. Crain after the military claimed the "alien bodies" were test dummies had had enough and came forward public about handling pieces of the "spaceship" and broke her oath one she kept for 40 year; Why? because she had worked with the men of the parachute core some who died because of their brave actions testing parachute and she knew that was a lie.
    For me, a person can be nice and not balanced. I find, based on his statements toward those who disagreed with his assessment, as someone who was at least disingenuous toward these other great Americans. Who am I? Just another human being like yourself who sometimes makes mistakes.
    By the way my name is all over the my posts. As far as approval of comments. I tried to allow as many as possible allow can be allowed to comment. I have no choice but to pre approve comments on this site hosted by Blogspot. I allow anonymous because if you are not a member of Google blogspot the only outside comments allowed are anonymous. If you know of a better way on this blog to let people comment on this site let me know the more people discussing this the better.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non Commercial Blog

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