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Part II

-UFOs are mis-identified aircraft or experimental aircraft

Kick The Flying Saucer…. Please?

By Joseph Capp

From almost the very first modern sighting there has been a physical maneuver associated with UFOs. This maneuver, reported by reputable witnesses, is “the right angle turn.”
Gordon Cooper was one of the thousands who reported this as fact. The then future astronaut reported chasing one of a group of these saucers noting the craft would move “sideways”. Cooper was on a jet closing in on these “saucers” and they could change direction instantaneously.

For a complete rebuttal to James Oberg attack on this brave veteran’s word please read:


What would it take for a plane to make a right angle turn at 600+ miles per hour? It would be the same as if that plane hit a solid steel wall. What plane on the drawing boards of any government can do that? Did any government plane or missile have this maneuverability in the early 50s, when the reports first appeared? Do they have it now? Is it true the UFO phenomenon displays technology beyond our present ability? If they are able to make right angle turns at the speeds reported, they do.

At least one General others agreed with me:

-Commanding General Nathan F. Twining of the Air Material Command, U.S.A.A.F., in a declassified letter to the Pentagon.

"Headquarters wouldn't let us go after it and we played around a little bit. We got to watching how it made 90 degree turns at this high speed and everything. We knew it wasn't a missile of any type...”

-Colonel Carl Sanderson, USAF

"From their maneuvers and their terrific speed I am certain their flight performance was greater than any aircraft known today." ..,
There are others: military quotes about UFO

At some of these speeds UFOs may even defy our laws of physics.
If they are “our” craft and piloted by humans, we may have a moral problem. If our government has had a way for a pilot to survive such g forces, why haven’t they released it? How many of our pilots have died because they haven’t had access to this technology ?
If we believe the premise that UFOs are from here (America) we still end up with a decades old conspiracy and a disgrace to our military leaders which would involve our government and quite possible the private sector.

If we add thousands of other anomalies reported such as:

-Hovering with no sound
-Acrobatic movements
-Extreme acceleration
-Avoid Radar detection
-Interference with electrical equipment

We started this post with a brave scientist(Bruce Cornet), who went to see and document for himself what the "Pine Bush" residence were reporting. His conclusions were the same as what other good people have been reported for decades.
We are not alone.

Sometimes the people are right!

Part III
A Challenge To Scientist


  1. I saw a light, high in the night sky, moving at an even rate of speed from south to north suddenly execute a 90 degree turn to the right.

    That was in the summer of 1978 in Oregon, USA. At that instant, I knew we were (are) not alone. Since that time I have never again seen any anomalous objects or events.

    But, that said, one is sufficient to know that they're out there.

  2. Dear Uncle Don,
    Thank you for sharing that important information. It takes a certain courage to come out and talk about the "Impossible" as some say. But I say good for you one day we will be proved right and the public at large will know it.

  3. This happened in February 1974 in Chuburna Puerta, a tiny fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico in the Yucatan. I and my partner had been in Mexico for about three months, and we had been in the Yucatan since Christmas 1973. Travelling with us were a friend of mine from high school and a fellow we’d met on the train from Montreal to Vancouver. We’d asked him if he wanted to come with us to Mexico, because we were going to buy a beater in San Francisco and drive across Mexico, and we needed someone who could fix a car – often.
    We had rented a bathroom-less, thatched adobe place in Chelem (between Progreso and Chuburna Puerta) for one month, and then we met a young Canadian couple whose (names I remember as Jerry and Cathy Bird) told us that nearby Chuburna was a much cleaner, pleasanter place, and there were places to rent with bathrooms and cement ceilings (a plus if you don’t want scorpions dropping randomly from above onto you as you’re lying in your hamaca).
    Around this time, we were watching for Comet Kahoutek (which I did see, faintly, once). Jerry and Cathy told us about a strange light they had seen recently several times at night looking toward the horizon across the gulf. It was a small, white, roundish-oval-shaped light that moved straight along the distant horizon and then vanished.
    One night around 3 am or so, we all went down to the beach (just a few steps away) and stood on the outside veranda of a concrete villa, someone’s empty summer home. After a while Cathy pointed out to the gulf, towards the right end of the horizon, just above the ocean. There was the light they had seen before, and it was moving, not at a breakneck speed but steadily left across our field of vision. When it reached a point where it was in a straight line ahead of us, it made a 90-degree turn and became steadily larger – it was a making a beeline toward us.
    Within less than five minutes, this light was hovering above the beach slightly to our right, about 30 feet away, maybe 30 feet up from the ground. We were definitely looking up at it. It was very silent, but we could detect a faint, low steady hum quite unlike the sound of an airplane or helicopter. There were no discernible features to be seen, just a giant glowing-whitish egg shape hovering there. We felt sure something in there must have been checking us out – why else would they have come over here? We were absolutely aghast, blown away and disbelieving all at once. Some one said “should we try communicating with them?” Nobody did (out loud, anyway). I remember feeling very nervous and incredibly curious for maybe four or five minutes as we continued to stare in trepidation at this …. object. Then it hovered slowly up and wafted over the palm trees of Chuburna, away from the ocean. The sky was just starting to lighten, and the object vanished from sight.
    I had never seen anything like this before and have never seen anything like it since. But I have never forgotten it, even though 33 years have passed.
    What was it? Can somebody tell me?



  4. Bless the internet! I finally decided to google "UFO right-angle turns" and found your page.

    In about 1978 I was camping in the Anza Borrego Desert in southern California, and saw something that was indistinguishable from a star not only moving, but repeatedly making right-angle turns. Now I've always been the type to believe anything is possible, but my companion was adamantly scientific. She was still awake so I described its position to her and SHE also saw it moving and making these turns. That was the end of the conversation, not surprising to me after my experience with other scientists who go into a fascinating denial when they see something that is so illogical, there's no hypothesis in their way of thinking that can even touch it.

    Years later, in about 2006, I saw the same phenomenon in Montana, just north of Yellowstone.

    Thank you for this website!

  5. Uncle Don, I didn't realized soon enough that my email address would be published. Are you able to make my comment (about Anza Borrego, etc) anonymous instead? I just don't want automated internet crawlers getting the address which will then cause me to receive endless spam. thank you, Ann

  6. Dear Ann,
    That is what this blog is about. UFO witnesses like you who know they saw what they saw and have enough self honesty to admit it to themselves. I had a fly over of two disk with a friend. No matter what I thought and read about and all the explanations none of them came close to answering this simple question. Who built two saucers which could do what they did in 1962?
    Joe Capp

  7. Last week (Sept. 09), I saw this very thing in Austin, Texas on a very clear night. I saw what I thought may be a satellite except that it wasn't moving in the typical north-south direction; it was oddly on an east to south trajectory. While I was watching it, it suddenly flared for a few seconds then continued in its path and about 10-15 seconds later made an abrupt right angle turn heading southeast, and then vanished out of sight. I wasn't sure whether any type of aircraft could make such a maneuver and so high up, but the information here makes me think it's highly unlikely.

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    Interesting sighting Satellites and meteors don't change directions. Certain satellites will flair but never change direction. I think I have witnesses what you are talking about. We spotted these at a UFO spotting adventure I was a part of there were 24 people there and we had Generation 3 night vision goggles. Each group had one and we saw many object that did what you claim including one that flared up. See: "Do You Want To see a UFO"
    We also witnessed them change direction and travel in groups of up to 6. The only difference between your sighting and yours is we couldn't see them with our naked eyes, only with the goggles. The one we did see was the one flared the was a gasp from the crowed and it to changed directions.
    Thanks for an interesting sighting
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  9. My mom is a former professor from a major university and her mom who passed away was also a teacher. The one story I've heard that happened to her and her mother while camping on the peak of the highest mountain in San Diego 20-30 years ago was that they saw what looked like a sattelite do a series of seemingly impossible right angle turns. My personal thinking is that it's something with the military - think about how many billions have gone to military research.

  10. Thank you anonymous for that interesting report. I have a post on UFOs before the turn of the century.
    In this post you will see turn of the century UFO Photos which suggest UFOs were here long before black budgets.


    Thanks For you comment.

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  12. I've never seen anything like a UFO, but both of my parents have, separately. Both sightings were in Texas and away from any big-city lights.
    My mom claims that she and her husband saw a small group of UFOs (3 or 4, I can't recall) that she said looked like lights. They flew around slowly, and then suddenly sped off and were gone.
    My dad was watching the sky one night, when he saw what he thought was a satellite until it made what he described as a "right angle" turn, then proceeded again along a straight path, looking just like a satellite.
    I trust that they are not lying to me, but I'm still skeptical. Just wanted to share.