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NY UFO Hotline

The US Air force has make this comment::

"There is no evidence that UFO have advanced Technology."
On cross examination they said:
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UFO Hotline: 347-298-9020
Our fifteen minutes of fame.
I was sitting, writing at my desk when I received   a message from Gary Buiso, a freelance reporter for many local papers and the NY Post. It was about the “NY UFO Hotline” which was established in February 2011  by the “NY UFO Meeting Group”. 

Gary wanted to do a story on the hotline. He wanted to do an interview and seemed respectful and promised me we would not be made fools of. The hotline number would be in the article. I know what the press can do and how they try to make fools of us all so I emailed the group and waited for their reactions. The group agreed that the interview should be done.  I figured I’d give him the telephone numbers for some of the members (I had notified them) whom I felt represented what we were trying to do with the hotline and our group. One member, not interested in the groups “message”, decided to call on his own. I reminded Gary this person did not speak for the group.  The Post sent a young gentleman, a photographer, who took photos of my home office and some of my equipment. The young man had spent 9 months in Alaska. I had traveled there, so we started talking and he related a UFO experience. He claimed he saw an object that look very much like a quarter only dark gray and it was standing on end. He said it moved steadily across the sky and would spin slowly. He finished up and we said good-by and soon my world was turned upside down.    
The NY Post did a horrible job and didn’t even publish the UFO Hotline number.

 I spoke to Gary and he was just a surprised as I was. At that point I thought it was finished and maybe, somehow, we would be getting more calls on the hotline. Well, was I wrong. Many of the news organizations found out about us and found the hotline number. They wanted to hear about the hotline.
For days the phone was ringing and I was doing interviews. I was under siege. In fact, it went global. I did  an interview on Ireland news talk radio, which I might add, was very respectful of the subject and asked the correct questions. CBS radio and others were also very respectful of the subject. I was very proud that the Huffington Post article treated it with respect.  One radio station, Fox, of course, tried to make fun of us and believe me I made them look like fools. If there is one thing I am good at it is dealing with people who disrespect the subject and me. Fox radio talk show was disgusting, even made fun of my voice problem. Of course, those who know me know, know I will take advantage of any situation for the cause. So I made them regret saying it on the air by calmly saying I had “throat cancer”, it was really cancer of the tonsil but I wasn’t sure they were intelligent enough to know what a tonsil was. The radiation did a number on my throat and the damage is getting slowly worse as I get older. They shut-up because they were embarrassed and I was able to get some information on air.
  My voice is not close to its best anymore. But I fielded call after call on UFOs and interview after interview all for the hotline. This was done to get the message out to UFO witnesses that they don’t need to take any BS from these debunkers and jaded UFO investigators. 

Below are other news articles and TV appearances on the NY Hotline including Gary’s original article he posted later:
Original NY Post article in full by Gary Buiso and AOL:

UFO sites which posted it:
This is funny-  my name now is Ralph Kramden: Alice doesn’t live here anymore.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. We started to get calls about videos and photos in New York. We even received images from a military Lt. from California.  I started to realize from the phone calls how much UFO material is still out there. Witnesses were already willing to bring photos and videos to the group.  A man and his daughter phoned in and told me about a 42 minute video of a UFO. I ask them to please bring it the next NY UFO Meeting Group gathering on April 17th.  An elderly gentlemen, Tony, in Brooklyn, called and told me about a UFO he had videoed when he tested an old camcorder he had.  I decided to go over to his home and take a look. When I watched the video a few times (I was right next to the HDTV watching it)  I knew we had a winner. But to get it off that camera at his home was going to be difficult. It was the old analogue type.   Eventually, we did but I didn’t like the quality. I am in the process copying directly from the camera to a DVD.
Some student broadcasters from NYU School of Broadcasting came to the group and asked to video us. The members were fine with it and I reminded the students to respect the wishes of those who showed up who didn’t want to be on camera. A man with his daughter (see above) brought his camcorder with his video. He was passing it around the room and everyone was looking at it. I was busy and not really paying attention because I was going to show Tonys' video.  One of the members called to me and asked me to please come and take a look at this.  I got up and walked over to the camera started to study what was on the screen… I was a astonished. The person videoed a hovering Triangle (all 42 minutes of it) from his 26th floor balcony in the Bronx and his daughter of about 7  years was with him. She made a point, at the meeting to come up to me and let me know she had witnessed it too. 
So what do I do with this video? I could put it on line and get a million hits and have the jackals tear him and his daughter apart. I could give it to MUFON like the last video and never get it back or any returned email. But then I  realized I have read so many debunkers statements and books that I knew what they would use to smear these people beforehand.  I decided on the ways I would  approach the situation to validate this video.  I decided to send it off to a scientist I know who has done a great deal of optics work for the government. Meanwhile  I would interview the witnesses with a hispanic translations and asked them all the right questions and the debunkers would ask. Also, he and his daughter were speaking in Spanish back and forth during the filming and I wanted to get a complete translation of what was being said. I also wanted to do an on camera video interview with a translator.  
 A young member of the group, Jose, volunteered to help me and to help me on future projects. 
The student broadcasters from NYU had witnessed part of the video so they were over elated at their luck. They had asked me to come to my home and do an interview about the hotline and I agreed. They told me if the interviewed went well it  may be on their station that is viewed by many broadcasters. I decided to do it because there was a chance we  could show broadcasters we are not idiots. 
 They came over and I allowed them to take short clip of the triangle and they were almost jumping up and down. They did the best interview I could imagine. They were two young ladies: the camera lady and the interviewer. They allowed me to a go a little in depth about the UFO witness subject and I think they were visibly impressed. Of course, one never knows what the final product will be.  
 I also didn’t want to forget about Tony’s video but I decided then to get a better copy before I showed it to the group.  I had another person, Vincent, who had showed me some interesting photos.  He wanted us to duplicate what he has witnessed. That is on our investigation schedule.
I and some in the group are going up to the first “Pine Bush UFO conference”.

A UK freelance photographer, Chris, found us through the hotline and wanted to go up with us. I asked him to come over so I could meet him. I had contacted a very helpful person, Susan, at the Pine Bush Chamber of Commerce and told her about the photographer. She wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to slam Pine Bush.  

Chris came over and was just a delightful person; very supportive of the subject. I had one of the photos from Vincent and had him look at it. He seemed impressed and assured me that the object was not a lens flare and probable not close to the camera. We were on a roll here… I thought.
 My hot line is on twenty four hours a day but only manned part of the time. We do have an answering machine and we do get back as quick as we can.  We received a call from Australia, believe it or not.
Why the hotline? Well I felt it was needed and our group is about helping the true UFO experiencers.   The calls that have been made to me are from people who are very confused and very frightened of what they saw.  One senior said “he almost peed on   himself”. This is what the debunkers and skeptics will never understand- the reality that close encounters frighten people the most simply because they know they can’t be mistaken. I also had a call from someone who was a nuts and bolts UFO reader who had a high strangeness experience. He couldn’t accept this was happening and wouldn’t accept the possibility that there may be more than nuts and bolts going on here. 
Close-up of the above photo
Before all of this attention came upon us, a great member and sensitive, Gina, had volunteered to take over the phone line because of my voice.  We are having trouble with it but I am going over there tomorrow to fix it.  I ask anyone who has a web site to put the phone number up. We are non-commercial- we will not be publishing any books or videos. We will not pay for any videos, photos or testimony.  All information gathered by the NY UFO Meeting Group will be offered for free on this blog without pop-ups and annoying commercials. Anyone in the NY area who wishes to go to the NY UFO Meeting can learn about it here.

The videos I have will be put on my blog when completed.
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  1. Dear Bob,
    Coming from you it is very heartwarming.
    Thanks Just an update: Playboy channel today ask for an interview and I hung up on them. I asked them before hand it this was serious and they assured me it was and than these two talking heads come on and start calling it an alien hotline. I corrected them but they ignored me. I though why would I want people who listen to this call me anyway.
    Joe Capp

  2. Nice! Good initiative! I'm guessing there is a plethora a remarkable videos that doesn't see the light of day normally. I'm sure you will get hold of some gems. I'm really glad you're not apologetic about not following the rest of the sleeping herd by thinking for yourself.
    Stay true Joseph!

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden.

  3. Dear Daniel,
    Thanks I had a friend from the scientific community take a look at the video we got from the Bronx. He was in New Jersey visiting some company. He couldn't explain it because the dame thing is big and the video is so long all other explanation just don't hold water. He is close friends with the scientist who will be looking at it. I wanted to make sure what I was seeing truly can't be explained. Well at the end of it all the possibilities didn't fit. Could it have been a large hang glider with LCD lights? Not unless the person was nuts(hang gliding in the middle of constant air traffic)? able be able hover for minutes at a time. Hoax is a possibility but it he would have to bring his young daughter and wife into it. The constant zooming in and out with planes and helicopter flying by indicate to me this is a real large object. He fimed it with a reg. camcorder so the lights had to be bright.
    We will see I like the people who gave this to
    Thanks Daniel for your support.

  4. Bonus Points for the Colbert Reference!

  5. Dear Joseph, I just tumbled upon your site from Phantoms and monsters blog and immediately became an admirer, sadly I'm not in the same country because I'd love to lend a hand, but if it's enough, I'm here for whatever I can. Keep up the good work and be well.
    Kudos from Mexico city

    Fernando Rosas

  6. Dear Ferno,
    What a nice thing to offer. You can help by remembering wherever you are that without the UFO witness we have no UFOs. There is one thing the NY UFO hotlines taught me is that many witnesses don't trust and when they do trust they are put on trial. This crime scene mentality in investigating UFOs doesn't work.
    In over sixty years of one UFO org after another investigating these UFOs are we any closer to any answers?
    Cesar has been dismissed because it was a Yankee Game and there blimps at Yankee games. However the witness says no no it wasn't a blimp but he is discounted because and easy answer was found.
    Cesar video which I continue to look at seems to defy the blimp explanation. Do blimps turn off and change navigational lights because this did. Do blimps pivot and change angles?
    We will see when we get cedar videos a blimp.




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