Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do Aliens Speak To Dead People

Recently I was able to see a program on Discovery Science channel called “The Science of the Soul”. The program reported on some of the newest experiments on the soul (consciousness). It seems now scientists are finding evidence that consciousness is more than meets the eye, the biological eye that is. Part of the program was about near death experiences and researchers trying to prove that these near death experiences were all chemical in nature. Well, what these explorers found out was chemicals can’t explain all of what happens during these experiences. I would like the reader to watch some clips from the program so I can explain where I am going on this post :

The truth is that we are starting to find out some of the experiences wrapped up in our myths are not nonsense. After an intense battle where debunkers exposed some hoaxes and slandered many more experiencers… some scientist are now finding evidence. The evidence in effect says; “Wait a minute… there is a mystery going on here and we now can document it.” It‘s one thing for debunkers to accuse a medium of leading a client and fooling them, it is quite another when a medium helps solve a murder case over the initial objections of a seasoned detective. Many of these no-nonsense detectives have become believers because of the help they received from these supposedly “phony psychics”.

If you look at life after death theory and what is going on now, the above clips only deal with half of the story: the moment of death. Not only is there evidence that some type of consciousness lives on after death, but that some souls stay around and “haunt” places. Ghost investigators have now brought to bear the most advanced technical devices on the market. They’ve used Night Vision, Full spectrum cameras, Flir cameras, lasers, you name it, believe me, it has been used.
The most astonishing part of all this: is the results. These new devices reinforce the evidence that intelligent life goes on after death; life that can respond and has a memory. They help backup all the other spirit evidence that has been caught on camera, recorded, and measured. Another note about this life after death existence is it does not seem to follow any one particular faith or religion. It seems the person brings his faith along with him after death and it do not change. Also, there seems to be evil spirits: people who have gone on and are just as nasty and cruel as they were in life. So all of this is a wonderful mystery waiting for scientist to explore honestly and openly with all the best intelligence they have.

It will happen; it will not be denied.

Have no doubt about this because I think it has happened before on many other planets. I have been thinking about the strong link we have now regarding UFOs and paranormal. When UFOs appear at these hot spots around the globe the paranormal incidents increase there. Maybe the paranormal is not in any way surprising to these visitors. Maybe the paranormal is no longer just a theory.

Do aliens communicate with the planet dead they are visiting as we communicate with each other? Is that why they never retrieve their dead after crashes? Having all this knowledge of what is on the other side would have the most powerful impact on the living that could be imagined. Just think what it would be like to have a device that allows you to speak to a dead love one in real time and know they are still somewhere happy and free.

Some say that spirits haunt to tell the true story of what happened in their history and ours. What tales will our dead tell the aliens? What horrors of our past, thought buried forever, will be revealed.
Where will humans be in a hundred years?

Maybe taking counsel from our ancestors and finding out our true past?


  1. "Also, there seems to be evil spirits: people who have gone on and are just as nasty and cruel as they were in life."

    This doesn't tally with the reports I have read. Ie., you have people that 'die' and very well may have been selfish etc, but what often happens is they experience a hellish scene, and then call out for help and then are changed.
    Also you hear of people being accepted in love, and so on.
    yet you say that evil people go on being evil...? And then what? Where is the change and learning?
    Usually here on earth there is reason people become cold and evil--it is because of lack of love and events in their lives that add to their dying to empathy. But DEATH surely must be some drmatin change--the very MEANING OF death is an ending isn't it?

  2. Dear Muzuz,
    What you are saying is very valid. But it seems that some spirits attack themselves to homes or places of tragedy. It may be that some who are dead who have been very evil in their lives don't wish to go on and fight to stay. Think about it some people don't trust anyone and that includes the light.

  3. Well, I dont want to jump to conclusions. For example I am aware there may be certain different varieties of 'ghosts'--some that are kind of like 'recordings' of place. They happen in a same way to certain sensitive persons or persons over long periods of time

    Then there is the Poltegeists which come claim is more so some kind of mysterious effect a young troubled teen is doing unknowingly

    I like to imagine CHANGE is a continuum. Meaning that life implies death and vice versa so that there is no static. Ie., there is no such thing as JUST good or JUST evil, but rather transformations. However so as not to contradict myself about the 'recording-type' ghosts, that I dont know. Is a mystery

  4. That for me is one of the most precious gifts of consciousness the assurance of mysteries forever.

  5. I really wish I could figure out how to follow your blog. I may have to just bookmark it and return later. Anyway, more to the point, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and the connection between UFOs and the Paranormal is something I've been thinking about as well seeing as I firmly believe that anyone can make contact with paranormal if they open themselves up to it. My mom thinks I have some connection to both "aliens" and "ghosts" because of the things that happen to our family (myself in particular) and the sightings they've had only when I'm around. I'm not sure how much I put into that, but it is interesting to think about.

  6. Dear Amber,
    Below is the instruction on subscribing to my blog. I don't know if you ever read "Hunt for the Skinwalker" In that book you will find an example of area where UFOs and
    and the paranormal was documented. There is no doubt for me that UFOs know and use the paranormal.
    Thanks Amber
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  7. Amber, I would like to learn more about the experiences you briefly mention. Do you have a blog, etc where you describe them more fully?

  8. Muzuz, I do have a blog, but it's not one where I recount those experiences (it's a book synopsis/review blog). Some of them happened when I was very young and some of them involve portions of missing time, so they're confused. I may start a life blog and elaborate, but as of right now, I don't have one of those.

  9. Yes Joseph, you are quite right. There are lots of semi-physical phenomena happening. Most people don't know about the many specific near death cases where the person have traveled outside the body, around the room, or into the hallway or outside the room window until ultimately returning. This has all been experienced while the brain was flat-lined. A somewhat high profiled actor by the name of Eric Estrada have gone public with his experiences.

    Very interesting stuff. Years since I read about that research. It doesn't prove much beyond death but more or less proves a non-physical existence and human consciousness separate from the flesh. We have suspected these things for long since research have shown since the 60s that the brain doesn't function like western science propose. There have been normal functioning people living without their brain-stem connected to the brain-halves. That have been found out during autopsy after death. Another man had one half of his brain removed in an operation and recovered without further impairment (functioned normally without intelligence loss). Believe it not or but there is also an extreme example where an autopsy was made on a man who had died in old age also being paralyzed at the time. The man was found to have had no brain but eleven ounces of water in his brain cavity! Let's see what western "neuron wiring science" says about that... On second thought, why bother. We know 'they' won't accept facts that are upsetting to the current paradigm.

    All this research is very interesting because it pertains to a lot of important questions. What is consciousness? What is our existence? What is time? Where do knowledge come from? How is knowledge stored? There is a book by an author named Ph.D Claude Swanson where he presents new information on these topics and more. It is called 'The Synchronized Universe'. That is one great book.

    All the best Joseph.
    // Daniel Bergh, Sweden.

  10. Dear Daniel,
    there is a mew book on Roswell by someone who was borne and raised there. He writes a great deal in the book about the way the people handled it and all kinds of local stories they don't speak about in public. One secret they keep is the Roswell Alien ghost they know and speak about in town but none will speak publicly about it.
    Hey why wouldn't the Aliens have souls Only some dogmatic religions believe we are he center of creation and astronomers have proven them wrong.Their position to me, is the height of arrogance.
    Thanks Daniel great stuff.
    Have a happy holiday.

  11. Very interesting. I would like to see the correlation between ghost sightings and UFO 'flaps'.

  12. Dear Emperor,
    There are many instances of paranormal activities around UFO flaps. Pine Bush, "Skinwalker Ranch", Usually it is around "sacred" lands with rich long histories of reported strange sightings.


  13. life after death

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  17. I have some questions , If there are beings from other planets , Do you think our government knows about it ? I think they do and i also think they are keeping it from us due to it would cause a breakdown in the church all of what we were taught growing up about heaven would be thrown right out the window. I mean if you eliminate church and what you believe is all good then what do people have to be good for. I see world wide panic and the collapse of Christianity if it was proven to be true that there are aliens.

  18. I think that when looking at this question of governmental suppression of this knowledge we HAVE to be aware of the occult elite, otherwise your looking at this issue in a VERY naive way indeed! For example, if you Google one dollar bill, take a look at the symbolism on it. What do you think it means, and have you ever wondered? It is symbolism of the power structure of this civilization, and at the top you see the 'all seeing eye' behind which is a shining light. That light representing the Dog Star Sirius, and the all seeing eye is representing Lucifer, and so they a) are not Christians, and seek to do away with ALL religions but theirs, because they are wanting to take over the globe---it is called globalization, their so-called 'New World Order'. So, what has all this got to do with them suppressing knowledge of UFOs and 'ETs'. They are all about secrecy, and mind control, which means controlling consciousness so they can enslave us. So they do not want us becoming aware of other forms of intelligence because that fucks up their scheme--and which may very well interfere with a future false flag alien attack or whatever. So the point is that in looking at the question you ask be aware of who is at the top of the hierachy, because not knowing is a big part of their mindcontrol. Becoming awar UNDERMINES it!

  19. Well I am very religious and I have witness things that defy everyday common occurrences. I tried to push them to the side but a co-worker made me a believer of the unexplained tthrough a horrific photo taken earlier this year (2016) where we live, here in Louisiana.
    The awesomeness behind the photo is not only the story behind it, but the fact that the filter features of the today's smart phones reveal more than what is anticipated from the photo.
    When my co-worker discovered what he captured on in the photo he tested it to me. I opened it and discovered more than he iinitially did because of the number of the pixel difference in the phone display. We covered that the higher resolution of the device the more detail one could see.
    Essentially what he captured along the bank's of a tributary from the Mississippi River, in southern Louisiana is one or two spiritual beings with a countless number of human faces embedded in around them.
    It is seriously thought provoking and leaves you to question is there a twisted side of death that is rarely discussed.
    I and my friend attempt to share the photo with many, but as we did our smart phones would curiously shut off.My smart phone with the first copy of the image on it does not work any more.
    I have the image on an SD card, but I dare to up load it to the internet just yet.
    I have searched ghostly images that people have claimed to have capturedand have posted. I can emphatically say 95% of those photos are visible poor in comparison to this photo.
    If you would like to see it, I will up load it or email it once I find a computer to send it from. I dare to use any of my personal devices to send it. Maybe someone with a keen eye could interpret the photo. Ican promise this, one hard look at the photo,you would question what can happen after death.