Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What UFO Crafts Are Not

There are many theories out there about what UFOs are so here is my take on the different theories.

1. UFOs are Ball Lightening:
This theory has been worked to death and has been rejected by most serious UFO investigators. However, recently some scientists once again offered up ball lightening as the explanation for UFOs. This is an outright falsehood. Government sponsored investigators went out of their way to explain UFOs as ball lightening and other atmospheric anomalies and just couldn’t make the theory fit. In the end, all of the studies, both domestic and foreign, concluded many credible documented UFO sightings could not be explained by any of these means.

2. The “Other Dimension” theory:
This theory is hard to disprove. We have no evidence there are entities that live in other dimensions. It interesting to hear the terms floated around, like “higher vibrations” but they mean very little. The only dimensions the scientific community theorizes about are too small to house any entities. There is not one shred of proof that there are any entities living in any other dimensions.

3. UFOs are really demons:
The theory goes like this: UFOs and their occupants are really demons and part of the end time prophesies. Why would demons disguise themselves as ETs? Well, the demons strategy is if people believe ETs are from other worlds this will lure them away from what the bible teaches i.e. that we are the center creation of God. The problem with this theory is it doesn’t fit what is happening. Whatever is aboard those crafts seems to have done their damnedest to make themselves appear paranormal at times which seems to negate the nuts and bolts theory. These entities, by their actions, actually help the “Christian faithful” to believe it is the end time and stay faithful. The UFO enigma lends itself sometimes to the supernatural which reinforces the evangelical Christian theory. Even to the extent that some have evoked Jesus and have stopped their abductions. In the end by the link of ETs and UFOs to the paranormal the converts the demons would have gained is offset by the ones who start to believe the paranormal means they are demons.

4. The “Tricksters” Theory:
Some theories are very hard to debate and the tricksters theory is one of those. Not because it such a strong theory but because it’s a “one fits all” theory that needs no proof. How do you debate a being that seems to have the power of God and can do all these things? The truth is you can’t. But what you can do is look at the history of UFOs, especially around nuclear bases, and our top research labs. It seems the “Trickster”, if that was what UFOs and their occupants are, has been very nosy about the most powerful weapons on the planet. I would suggest these continual strategic actions which have been recorded around UFOs strongly suggest we are dealing with, not an all powerful entity, but with “flesh and blood” beings.

5. UFOs Are NAZI weapons:
First, I want to say to all you fierce defenders of rewriting UFO history that the Nazis lost the war. Think about this? The Nazi spent, what would now be, trillions of dollars, to build conventional weapons. Why would they do that if they had weapons so advanced that even today we couldn’t build them? UFO craft were monitoring the war ioncluding the Nazis and had them worried. These were not just lights in the sky. Some of these craft were described as enormous, covering many football fields. If the Nazis had these weapons and spent untold “billions” in today’s dollars to buind V2 rockets that sounds pretty stupid. In the end I don’t believe the Nazis’ documents show more than an interest in UFOs.

6. UFOs are from another time:
This is ridiculous. Whatever is here has interfered over and over again. From causing jets to crash; and shooting down our missiles, to the possible influence on ancient civilizations. This would be extremely dangerous if this was time travel. Also, many different beings are being reported; hardly what you would expect if it was us in the future.

7. UFOs are United States secret weapons:
I don’t know how anyone put this out there with a straight face?
Does anyone really believe the United States of America has flown its top, most secret weapons and exposed them to foreign cities all over the world for the last 60 years? Does it make sense that we are taking these advanced flying ships and flying them to Russian and Chinese airspace? Are these craft so perfect that nothing could go wrong with them? I do not believe that we had quite advanced UFO ships, while we allowed our military men to die in the wars without their help. In the end, do I not think the United States has mile long UFOs? No way, man.

8. UFOs are living Organisms:

This theory is back up by some credible witnesses and some strange photos of UFOs that seem to look alive. I have no problem with the idea of something biological living in our atmosphere but this hardly explains a great body of UFO sightings.

9. UFOs are mistaking identity:
Anyone out there who wants to show me a UFO case as mistaken Identity as proof, I will counter with ten credible unimpeachable UFO cases that were not.

10. UFO are hoaxes:
There is no doubt that some UFO cases turned out to be hoaxes. But hoaxing is not exclusive to the UFO field. It permeates many investigative fields. Unfortunately, the UFO field doesn’t have peer review and any ongoing evidence is not really explored by the mainstream science community. When all is said and done though, there are UFO reported and documented cases that do not fall into this category. Only the very dismissive can believe the most credible documented UFO cases are hoaxes.

11. UFOs are ETs:
There is intelligent life on at least one planet: ours. There are entities traveling in space, us. There are probably more planets than stars out there. So the most likely candidate for what is happening to us is other planet inhabitants are coming here. We can safely say now that there are highly credible witnesses who have reported small beings going into and coming out of these UFO crafts. So whatever is here, lends itself to the idea that they need these crafts to move around. This is a strong indication that this is technological in nature.
There is a problem with this theory and that is the reported actions of some of our visitors. Why do these “highly intelligent” beings seem to act so erratically? Another problem is the reported strange animals around these ETs and the paranormal activity. These reported experiences seem so out of place for a technological society and these “high strangeness” cases dumbfound many of us. Could it be that what we call the paranormal is normal to these beings?

Of all these theories, I will side with the ETs theory and not apologize for it. It is almost impossible to explain the actions of what might be different species visiting our planet. The only way to do that would be to study these beings their “cultures” and development.

What is wonderful about the ET theory, if true, is that our universe is teaming with life…intelligent life, that has no problems getting here. This life has survived and prospered way into their future. They may also be a part of something way grander: the complete integration of the physical with the paranormal This means, in a profound way, that a door is open to the future of our species that seemed closed and impossible. It may mean that someday humans will be standing on the surface of unknown worlds around distant stars with the glory of God’s universe, both physical and spiritual, waiting before them.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. I find your article very interesting Joe. To me, the Universe is teaming with life. They have been coming down here since the beginning of the earth. I think that we were seeded here by these intelligent beings and they are keeping a close watch on our planet.

    Carol DeBenedetto

  2. Thanks Carol,
    It does feel nice to believer the Universe is alive and ready for us to get our act together so we can be welcomed home.
    Thanks Carol and it's nice to see people from our NY group leave comments here.


  3. Good stuff.

    Whenever I'm tempted to acquiesce to Vallee's theories (and make no mistake, I respect Vallee enormously) I remember Clarke's law:

    "...Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic..."

    If we don't know what the motives or ethics of a sufficiently advanced technology is, how could we guess at what sort of 'high strangeness' or even 'paranormal' effects that technology could induce in experiencers?

    We have no idea - so for the moment I remain (weakly) in the ET camp.


  4. Dear P.
    Vallee has been the most outspoken proponent of other explanations for the UFO phenomenon. I don't think Vallee was wrong in his judgment just not fully aware of the potential of advanced technological developments. As I have written before. Most UFO researchers are not good futurist. We know now that most of what was considered insane like biological aircraft that can heal itself or become invisible are now on the drawing board. The future is different than any of us could have imagined. But I believe everthing that has been reported around UFOscould be accounted for with future technology.

  5. early Vallee--good
    current Vallee--not so good

    Many UFO researchers start adopting paranormal explanations as they age. This is not because their wisdom is increasing, but rather because their minds desperately seek answers that still haven't come to them after decades of study. Paranormal provides easy answers, unsupported by evidence but also not disprovable. They like the feeling of finally getting some answers. Furthermore, as these people age, they start thinking more about life after death, and their early religious training kicks in resulting in spiritual explanations.

    I believe UFOs are a completely technological phenomenon.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    Interesting and I think the idea holds merit. Stanton Friedman is one of the exception. I often said that I also believe the ETs may deliberately disguised themselves as the paranormal as a way to not fit into into the tech theory. If they been here they know how to use psychology with humans. ETs should know at this point in our development we would be examining the UFO phenomenon scientifically. Anything that would throw ET out the window as the answer could be used as a ploy even common sense. This may explain why some of the strange behavior this being exhibit are was done by them intentionally to confuse. I call this "Staging".

  7. Hi Joseph. Entertaining post I must say.

    I pretty much agree with you on most things but would think slightly differently about two points you made.

    About "2. The Other Dimension Theory": I agree with the basic premise that there is no proof that a parallel dimension existence is housing any living beings but it is a good hypothesis with theoretical merit nonetheless. It just needs to be investigated in order to find evidence for it.

    Higher vibrations however do not require other dimensions. Think of the existence of an X-Ray beam. It occupies 'almost' the same space as we do but goes right through us. It has 'solid' mass (as solid as an atom can be described as having...) but vibrates at such a high frequency it doesn't interact with most solid mass around it but goes straight through. Only mass with frequency of a similar (narrower) range interacts with each other. An X-ray beam can be said to co-exist with us but can't be seen (with the naked eye) and can't be felt and won't interact with you. Just like a ghost coming and going. Thus, matter in a structured order, vibrating in a higher spectrum could potentially account for existence of new and yet undiscovered lifeforms.

    Also your point "6. UFOs Are From Another Time" I'd like to add these comments to.

    I agree that the linear time-travel hypothesis seems rather far fetched and implausible. However, if you think of gravitational waves and how it relates to space-time it gets more intriguing.

    Scientists now believe that perhaps all fields of energy-flow maybe are just different forms of gravitational type waves. If you manipulate a gravitational wave (like for example a light wave) you automatically manipulate space-time.

    What I believe occurs is time-shifting (a local tiny time-travel effect) as the time slows down or speeds up locally. Also a cloaking effect of sorts occurs as the refracted light gets manipulated rendering the previously visible light beam invisible (at certain angles at least).

    Gravitational waves can be manipulated by accelerating the gravitational field locally and make it spin faster than it's 'observed constant speed' (breaking the speed of light).

    I have also read about a scenario where the gravitational pull for an object is manipulated so that you negate it's mass locally to that of a single photon. That is done with exciting the atoms of the object with great voltage and vibrating it in a higher frequency. These high voltages distorts the gravity field and lightens the mass. By pursuing vibrating all the objects atoms (not 'solid state'), eventually the objects mass move towards (gets reduced to) the mass of a single gravitational particle i.e. the equivalent of a photon. It's then no problem theoretically to perform many tasks upon the object, like slowing down time or going beyond light speed as has been demonstrated in earlier experiments with photons. The cloaking and time-travel effect is then inherent.

    I believe that the slight time-shift effect by distorting time (thus also space) is responsible for the cloaking of UFOs and humanoid beings vanishing. I also believe that the science around what gravitation is, holds the key to a unified scientific leap in terms of energy solutions and understanding interactions of our matter.

    I am no scientist so be gentle.

    Thanks and all the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden.

  8. Dear Daniel,
    Thank you for a very interesting comment. I do believer there may be an phenomenon that could be explain by dimensional life. That is the "Spirit/Ghost" experience. It seems spirits have no mass in their dimension by can acquire mass in ours. This is very interesting to me. The idea that they can manipulate many physical objects in our reality means dimensional travel and communication could be possible. My problem is with the idea that there are flesh and blood dimensions with whole worlds of technology. This I don't see any evidence of.
    Time travel is another matter. Do I think some day we may time travel physically" I don't. If we are the UFOs than we have messed with our past and that is not smart. However we can only surmise what the rules of time travel are. You
    My bottom line here is these terms are thrown around too much in the UFO community and used to explain reports that could be explained by technology. Unless we can prove other dimensions can house life or time travel is not dangerous I think other planets are the best theoretical souse for these visitors.
    I think we should stand unapologetic on ETS as the best possible explanation for what is happening in our skies and on the ground.

  9. thank you may know about the aliens is very useful for me :)