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Changing MUFON’s Symposium

Let’s face it: MUFON’s International Symposium is about as exciting as last year’s reruns. You could go to other UFO conferences and never go to a Symposium and you would still see ninety five percent of the same speakers. The symposium organizers, I’m sure, are looking for the best bang for their all too few bucks so the big names in Ufology and book writers seems to be the safest route to go.

It’s time to make the symposium exciting again and I think I know how thanks to a comment made on my previous post, “The end of MUFON”:

“I just went to a symposium. It has been 20 years since I went to a "UFO Convention." I could have heard the exact same information 20 years ago. No new information. I was disappointed. Tell me new stuff, make it interesting again. Boot the old farts, they are boring and they don't have any more evidence than anyone else. “

She made me laugh when I read it. I never think of our pioneer researchers in that way. However she made a point.

The End of MUFON?

In the August issue of MUFON’s Journal the new International Director of MUFON, Clifford Clift made this statement:

“I am truly amazed at how much time and money MUFON Volunteers give toward our effort…”

So far I have not witnessed anything different under Mr. Clift the director of MUFON than what we saw under Carrion.

So how about giving some of this time and money back? It’s time for a “MUFON International (Investigators) Symposium. This would be made up of grass roots investigators only; Volunteers around the world who give their time money and pain to investigate UFOs.

If we have to look at how a Symposium is set up each year we find MUFON Symposiums are really no different from other conferences. The economical thinking around any UFO conference is to at least have the conference pay for itself. The way this has been done in the past is to have the biggest names in the field at the conference. But this just doesn’t work now. . The big names are going to every big and small UFO conference doing the same presentations. MUFON should be different. . The truth is most of the old timers are not doing new UFO investigations on new cases. This is not a blame game. Most of these UFO pioneers deserve our respect but there has to be a future to UFOs and people die- even UFO grand researchers. The new researchers out there are the new stars of the future of UFOs .There are so many good MUFON cases investigated by great people who may only get some updates in the MUFON journal. The MUFON journal is so poor in reproducing photographs, that half of the excitement of a UFO case is lost in translation. If the very core volunteers are as important as they seem to be they should be the ones up there on stage giving us the details of their investigations and, guess what, they would be presenting on the latest UFO reports …what a novel idea!

Think about how exciting this would be: Some of the best cases of the year highlighted by those who investigated them on the MUFON Stage.

I don’t see how there is a down side to this. The money MUFON would save on the big guns can be used for airfare and accommodations. I am sure most of the volunteer investigators will not ask fees to speak.

Many investigators have video and photos which they should be encouraged to bring. There is nothing better for morale than some good UFO photos and video. Not everything has to be analyzed to be presented. There are photos and videos by the thousands that haven’t been analyzed. Maybe bringing some of these cases to the attention of the members at the Symposium will help the investigator. There are some fantastic MUFON cases in the US and around the world. We get details about these great UFO cases on the internet, but there is nothing like a good MUFON investigator’s first hand knowledge to illuminate the case

I hope that those of you out there who think this is a good idea will write to the MR. Clift, MUFON’s International Director and ask him to think about this idea. I believe something has to change and if anyone out there has a better idea, I’d love to hear it

Clips Below represents one of those crass roots investigators out of Chicago Sam Maranto

Joseph Capp
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  1. Hi Joesph
    I joined MUFON this year and was immediately disappointed for the reasons you related. I was not going to waste my time and money to hear the same "experts" retread the same themes ad infinitum. I wrote an e mail as suggested, and I hope others do as well. It is "our" organization, after all, and unless they get some better internal communication going and if I read one more article by Stanton Friedman or Bud Hopkins my head is going to explode. I frankly do not give a damn about their well known opinions. I am interested in what is actually occurring! Good Job, Joe, glad to see someone who hasn't become completely ambivalent ( passive) about this organisation. Anything else I can do, let me know.

    Best Wishes

  2. Dear Bruce,
    We hear over and over complaints about MUFON but here is a simple and important change they can make right away without spending extra money. Take outstanding new cases by our field investigators and highlight them at the symposium.
    A no brainier and I would bet the would get a larger attendance at the conference as long as they let people know what they were doing.
    People, write MUFON with my or your own ideas about a better symposium.
    Thanks Bruce for being a active member of MUFON not a passive one.

  3. Joe, Al here in Denver Colorado, I have been following your UFO commentary for a while now. I was in the USAF in the 1980's and have seen strange flying craft in the New Mexico desert (Not jets with wings, period). I went to find and buy SuperVision starlight device as you have described in your previous posts, and here in Denver I can only say there is some very fast flying objects with very abrupt vector turns that simply break the inertial laws as to flight, they switch directions very fast.. I am now putting together a Hi Def system to record video and a system to sky track these objects with a remote gimbal servos. The software will track and record video of these objects as it sees them crossing the sky. It's similar to what the USAF does to track optically it's missiles. I can provide all building material list and the software to build a simple system. I will start post these videos on my YouTube channel soon..I do have a question to you as what you have seen and if you have recorded any video of your objects on the East coast of the US. I am just on my first week with this starlight device and I cannot explain what I have seen flying, "I can resolve aircraft". IT'S NOT possible to fly this with out some INERTIA control of gravitational fields. Soo.. does any one else in the day time of daily life talk about what goes on in the NIGHT SKY ? or am I just NUTS???


  4. Yes there are many people going out with night scopes filming these objects. I was with a group of 24 people in Nevada. We had 8 scopes and we saw things I still can't explain. I think they have found a way around inertia they may cancel out gravity. If you go to YOU Tube and Google "night vision ufo" you will find a tun. If you get something i would love to showcase it on my blog. I have three scopes in NY we have gone out but nothing definitive yet. NY city is so light polluted though. My friend in NH has witnessed object changing direction. He now has my scope and he is going to Oregon will see what he picks up. There out there in the night and I hope you catch something to show the world

  5. Joe, I wanted to personally thank you for your comments on MUFON and would like to make sure your readers are informed with the facts.

    First let's address your concerns with MUFON's 41st Annual UFO Symposium. "Where are the volunteer investigators and what are they doing?" you had commented.

    You failed to mention to your readers the fact that the Symposium actually starts on Thursday morning with ALL DAY, COMPREHENSIVE MUFON INVESTIGATOR'S WORKSHOPS. That is the best and most important facet of the whole Symposium!

    Joe, where were you?

    Second let's talk about the MUFON UFO Journal. You blast that you see nothing from MUFON about current investigations by talented volunteer investigators, but you fail to mention the fact that the main purpose of the MUFON UFO Journal is to showcase monthly the investigations presented by our MMUFON Certified Field Investigators.

    Do you actually read the monthly journal? I am personally proud of our MUFON Field Investigators and the tireless and thankless work they do.

    You also failed to mention that the new and improved MUFON UFO Journal will now feature a monthly article from Trace Evidence Expert, Mr. Ted Phillips. I personally look forward to reading and gaining monthly insight from the leading trace evidence guru on the planet.

    Joe, where were you when Ted Phillips and J. Allen Hynek were pioneering UFO investigations?

    Third I would like to give you the reality check about volunteer MUFON Certified Field Investigators and our code of ethics.

    You say that MUFON Investigators should come and be featured and they should bring along photos and video evidence to show the public.

    That would be nice, but MUFON is bound to a code of ethics. Have you ever heard of "chain of evidence?"

    It's not as easy as you would think Joe.

    If a witness reports a ufo sighting and claims they have taken photos and or video/film of the event, the chain of evidence starts with the witness since it is their personal intellectual property.

    MUFON Investigators must ask permission from the witness to obtain the original articles or copies of the articles. A chain of evidence form is completed and signed by the witness and the investigator with the complete understanding that MUFON's use of the articles would be for research and public education only. The witness retains complete ownership of their intellectual property.

    Sounds like the ethical way to proceed, yes? Joe, would you take someone's property without their permission for your own personal gain?

    I would hope not.

    This is usually when reality sets in. In more than 50% of the cases I've personally investigated where there is some kind of evidence, photo/video, the witness is happy to show MUFON what they have captured but they refuse to allow MUFON the rights to show it publicly.

    They are usually trying to get MUFON's stamp of approval so they can try to market the photos/video to the highest bidder. It does not always happen this way, but $$$ signs can rear their ugly green heads and spoil the best intentions of even the most experienced MUFON Field Investigator.

  6. Dear Mark,
    You know i read the "Journal" every month so don't play that. One of the things I don't like about some of the people in MUFON is when you criticize MUFON they attack you.
    I never said anything about the workshops or MUFON training. That was not what I was addressing.
    I also never said that there were no new cases in the Journal of course there are. However, I do think they spend too much time on old cases.
    The idea that you can't present investigators because of the witnesses is absurd. You present them in the MUFON Journal.
    Anyone with half a brain would know how to work with UFO witnesses to make them understand what MUFON does and how these presentations help MUFON and the credibility of the witness themselves. If they wish their names not be used so what? Don't use them.
    Are you trying to tell me there are no MUFON investigators with new cases that are ready to do a presntation?
    You claim the "chain of evidence" is at fault, baloney. That doesn't even make sense. Eventually you must have people who have survived this chain. Also why not present cases that have not been concluded? In fact it may help the case to get out there you never know who may see it on You Tube or other places and get in touch with MUFON. You must know a majority of the people in our community don't read the journal and for the public forget it.
    Please don't lecture me about Ted Phillips I have promoted him and in fact made him UFO MM best investigator of the year.
    I think there is much improvement needed in the MUFON Journal Like:
    Why spend time and space debunking UFO witnesses when you could be presenting genuine real cases. Yes there are people out there in the UFO community who believe anything and yes we all know there are hoaxes. But there are many ways to publicly address hoaxes without using the limited space of the Journal.
    The reason you don't use investigators at the symposium is the bang for the buck you get from the big names in our community just like every other conference.
    I would bet that if you put out a symposium with ninety percent new UFO investigation you would generate a great deal of excitement in the UFO community. The problem with MUFON is those who run it can't take criticism just like other bureaucracy and they are too entrench in the old ways.
    You ask me where was I when Hynek and Ted Phillips were investigating? What in Gods name does that have to do with what I am taking about. I never claimed to be an investigator. I am an advocate for UFO witnesses. I have completed the MUFON investigation training but I have ethics to. I felt if I agreed to be a MUFON investigator and took any cases I should follow MUFON guidelines and should not be out there criticizing MUFON. I became just a member. I even tried to send money to MUFON on a specific case and they never got back to me. I feel present company included, MUFON just doesn't have any visionaries. MUFON is stuck in a rut and the good old boys don't want any real changes. The board does the same thing over and over and you wonders why many members are mad (and they are)although you wouldn't notice it by the letters in the Journal.
    No the problem is not mine the problem is MUFON. I was surprised the first time I attended a symposium how many members were discouraged with MUFON.
    You can continue to blame people like me for short slightness, but it may be that your organizations attitude, which seem to take for granted the investigators, is the primary reason you don't have the investigator you need. You hardly see them and what they do.
    I know there are those in MUFON who don't agree with me but they should read UFO history.Some of the best UFO org. are gone. I think one of the reasons was they couldn't change and I don't think MUFON's above that fate.
    I hope some day in the future you have people of vision right now it's the same old same old with some cosmetic fixings.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matter
    Non-Commercial Blog

  7. Joe,
    Oh well..according to Mr Easter.every thing is apparently hunky dory at MUFON and you have a attention problem, don't read the journal, and simply "just don't get it." I won't be renewing my exploratory membership. I knew it was a mistake with the first issue of The Journal I received. So much for a discussion of the issues and suggestions from Mr Ken. Time to move on..

  8. P.S
    This guy is in charge of public relations? His dismissive attitude and condescending manner reminded me of more organizational bureaucrats than I care to count, who have a hearing problem when it comes to respecting the fact that they are using our cash dollars. Sounds more like a country club who treats us like poor relations. The more I think about it, the more disgusted I have become. I have a response for him but I cannot print it here.


  9. Dear Bruce,
    I hope you don't give up on MUFON. Three are problems but they still have some great investigators and they need to be supported.
    I think we need to keep our voices heard.
    The Journal needs some character and direction but it has some very good current investigations.
    One thing I still don't understand. Mark says these cases are in various stages in on the evidence chain. So you can't present them because... Why not just tell the members before you present the case what stage it is in. The members are not stupid you can certainly inform the members what each stage means and warn them of possible changes in the out come I thought we were adults here.
    Anyway I will stay as a MUFON member because I support the idea of MUFON. I also believe in open honest discourse about MUFON which is so sorely lacking.

  10. Eric Thomas
    I have just read your very good account on MUFON and where it is going.
    I belong to a group of like minded people from all walks of life, investigating the paranormal, and ufology.
    We have discussed MUFON for some considerable time, and we do agree that they have lost their way regarding ufology.
    It has been suggested that MUFON has been infiltrated by the spooks and now control the workings of MUFON. This came from a very reliable source who actually worked and was involved in UFO investigations for government organizations.
    We had a case in point, we shall call him martie, he approached MUFON, and Stanton Freidman, I think that is his name. He approached this organization to tell his story this is possibly a case of this person being a hybrid of extraterrestrial origin. His case was compelling reading. He was completely ignored by these people, and of until late his case was taken up by MUFON. Unfortunately he is now passing into his twilight years and does not have any time for the Mufons.
    This is a case that should have been followed up on, it was not, and a great opportunity was lost in finding out the truth of this case.
    I agree with you that MUFON needs to look at their directives and agendas and go forward and not be so secretive on what they investigate.

  11. Dear Prayingrmantis,
    Yes many in MUFON have a set ideas of what is and is not valid...even before they look at the case. I know there are many MUFON investigators who have problems with MUFON's policy.
    Many have become jaded because of all the hoaxes.
    This has hurt what I think would be valid witness cases.
    There does seem to be some changes in the MUFON Journal with more articles on recent cases.

    It is time for MUFON to move away from the retelling of the classic historical cases of UFOs. Things are happening right now that deserved MUFON resources.
    Thank You
    Joe Capp