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Aliens Caught Off Guard

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The abduction of Travis Walton by alien beings seems in all intents and purposes to be an accident. The entities were not ready for a human to come aboard their craft. Could the way these beings acted and reacted in this unique abduction case gives us clues into the emotional nature of these beings?

Seven guys who contract to clear trees for the government start home after a day’s work. They see a UFO craft in a clearing just hovering close to the ground. Travis Walton without thinking exits the truck they are in and runs toward the object. As he approaches, the object shoots out a beam of light and knocks him back and unconscious. The rest of the group takes off, finally come to their senses, and when they return to the clearing the ship and Travis are gone. The experience has a hell of a lot of evidence to back it up including tons of polygraph tests. Travis was gone for five days, the authorities thought he may have been murdered, when he reappeared. Travis claimed he was taken aboard the craft.

The movie which was based on his experience, “Fire in the Sky”, depicts Travis’s encounters aboard the ship completely wrong. The real experience is quite different and telling. For instance; why, in Travis’ account did he have problems breathing aboard the ship? What insights can we gain into the zombie like human entities that escorted him off the craft? I usually put a clip at the bottom of the post but I would like the reader to take a look and listen now to what happened in Travis’ own words.

In most abduction cases the beings seem to be well prepared to handle the humans brought aboard. In this case the gray entities seemed ill equipped, both mentally, and in every other way. Travis wakes up and is able to move and grab a potential weapon. The beings never used any method to communicate with Travis. In many abduction reports the beings are able to immobilize through nothing more than a touch. In Walton’s case they backed away and allowed him to be alone . He seemed to be more of a nuisance than anything else. In many esoteric explanations of alien beings mindsets we can get immersed into abstraction as far as alien intentions. Here we see a practical being with down to earth motives(excuse the pun).

After thrashing out at the beings with a rod made of a clear material, the beings exit and Travis is left alone. Mr. Walton notes several times in his recollection of his inability to breathe properly. His first impression is it was the atmosphere on the ship and that impression may be proven right by the accouterments of the human like beings he meets later on. Walton, looking to escape, ends up in another room and a human-like being appears at the doorway. The being escorts him out of the ship and Travis describes him as wearing a helmet. For me this is interesting. If the atmosphere is the same, why the helmets? Some might say they are for biological protection from human contamination. The problem with that is, at no time does Travis mention any gloves. Considering these “Nordic types” allowed Travis to once again thrash about he could have easily scratched the Nordics who held him.

The description of the humanoids is troubling. These beings were not right and Travis knew it. To this day he says he can’t explain their eyes. Were these beings subservient to the grays? If these are the Nordics in their natural emotional state something is very wrong. Seemingly devoid of compassion, empathy, and character, these automatons leave me with a very uncomfortable feeling.

However, on the other side of this experience, Travis lived, and was not physically hurt. We find in this instance they seemed concerned enough about him to take him on board the ship to check his condition.
The way they reacted to Travis and what happened seemed sensible. The beings ushered him out of the cramped space of the ship without hurting anyone and they sedated him.

Why they didn’t communicate with Travis either mentally or verbally is a mystery. But there is one thing that is clear: whatever alien/humanoid clique was aboard that ship, they didn’t want anything to do with Travis. The ETs never visited him again and I think that was because he wasn’t supposed to be taken in the first place.

Travis Walton’s case may be the only accidental ET abduction in modern times. The curtain that he opened is interesting and a little different than one would expect. Were aliens caught off guard to reveal their true selves…is what Travis recalls aboard their ship a peek behind the alien curtain?

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  1. VERY interesting observation!

    This is all mindblowing stuff. It is odd that people of a Jungian persuasion try and claim that ALL encounters these events are our psyche

  2. dear Muzuzuzus,
    AS far as the UFO is concerned there was no doubt. Even the debunkers had to accept they something there. Phil Klass tried to explain the craft as a plasma ball and the beam as a electric shock from the plasma ball.
    Here we are all these years later and no explanation but the one he claims seems to fit.


  3. I know.
    The BOTTOM LINE is this: science does not know what consciousness is, *nor* what matter is. So fundamentally we are in Mystery ;)))

  4. Very well put.

    I had wondered whether they simply felt obligated to pick him up, since the beam, which may have been simply a static charge that was released by Travis's close proximity, did obvious harm to him.

    The Nordics could be simply a psychological tool to calm humans down...a type of android.

    Great post, and thanks again for all of your work.

  5. Dear Bob,

    Thanks Bob for your long support of my blog. It would be interesting to find out if Travis would ever go under hypnoses to recover the other memories of the missing five days. I know that Travis was asked to do this years ago and refused. He said he didn't want to remember. I know he is coming out with a new book. So maybe we will find out.


  6. Joe, my brother used to work in the hotel game as a porter and from time to time it'd be his turn to take the night shift.

    Everyone on that shift knew sooner or later the other lads'd pull a stroke to try'n'make them sh*t their knickers.

    They'd jump out at him suddenly, make weird inexplicable noises, move things, throw things, pull ev'ry stroke they could think of, all to no avail, primarily because he had sufficient self control not to allow them to see whenever he was shaking on the inside.

    However he was legendary for his own ability to freak out the other night porters simply by doing nothing at all.

    He'd wait at the end of a corridor when they were due and simply stand there. As they drew closer they'd first make out a figure, then recognise who it was, but all the time he wouldn't move an inch. They'd then start calling out, "I know it's you! Stop messing about!" but still he wouldn't move.

    Finally, as the tension'd build, they'd be close enough to see his eyes - which'd merely be looking directly ahead - at which point they'd throw whatever they had to hand at him and run for their lives screaming their heads off.

    The point of the story being, some of those 'zombies' may not've been zombies at all - they may've been using psychological cueing mechanisms intended to have a certain effect on the likes of Travis.

    I've long been struck by how many of these stories resemble street theatre-esque productions of episodes extracted from the likes of Dante's Inferno, which itself was modelled on the old Mystery Religion practises of making would-be initiates undergo encounters with denizens from the other world.

    If nothing else, such episodes are similarly peppered with all manner of perplexing details which guarantee not only the experiencer will never forget what they've undergone, but will be dwelling on those details decades later trying to understand what they might mean.

  7. p.s. after having read your observations about Gulf Breeze I decided to put my artist's eyes to work checking out the Ed Walters' pictures.

    I wasn't convinced, but what I was struck by was the peculiar episode of the fake UFO model he supposedly left behind when he moved house.

    In all the pics by him I've so far seen, the proportions of his UFO(s) are completely different to the smoking gun fake.

    Okay, I thought, maybe this was a prototype.

    But I was bugged by how the viewing portal area seemed to be peculiarly dented and crumpled, not as if, say, it'd been accidentally dropped on its side, but seemingly all the way round that particular area, as if someone was trying to achieve a crude imitation of a particular effect.

    Then I noticed how at least some of Walters' UFOs seem to have this peculiar intricate recessed architecture into which each of their portals're set, which is actually quite skilfully rendered, (if peculiarly unaerodynamic).

    This set me wondering, why would Walters try to produce a bad simulation of an effect he'd already allegedly produced perfectly?

    In the end I was left thinking, maybe there ARE people out there faking this stuff, but does it really help the situation if there're other guys out there faking fake fakes?

  8. Dear alanborky,
    I always maintained that in a planed abduction a stage is set by the ETs. They become what we hope we would be...over time.
    The Nordics have a special place as almost angelic figures in the UFO community they are often reported as highly evolved spiritually. But here we don't see that at all we seen an empty vessel. If they were going to sedate him I would think they would have tried to quiet him down. As you said staring blankly does make one on edge anyway. When it comes from and ET we talking frightening.
    I hope the "Nordic" were putting on a show the alternative could be a horror story.


  9. Dear Alan,
    Great observation. The model was always troubling to me. On the ones side when you think it was to convenient your a conspiracy theorist on the other Eds a stupid hoaxer. Nothing Fits. But it could have been someone in the towns which was fed up with the publicity and planted it. But a kid came forward too I think. The end result was the media forgot about the larger majority who proved "Gulf Breeze" was not a hoax.


  10. Here's an idea---TRAVIS IS LYING.

  11. Dear Anonymous,
    So your theory is this. A group of 7 seven people just happened to see a UFO. When Travis approached the object he got knocked out and when they left him he played a hoax and pretended he was abducted.
    Now when the other six where polygraphed they passed it because they only witnessed up to the attack on Travis by the object.
    I can tell you have never witness a UFO up close and personal. To think, for one minute he would have the sense of mind to do design a hoax after being knocked down by a beam of energy from an unknown object is ridiculous.
    To believe that six people some of whom didn't even like each other passed a polygraph test and lied is laughable. The problem with explanations like yours is they try to explain one area of an UFO?ET experience and forget about the six hundred pound gorilla in the room...that gorilla is the rest of the evidence and evidence says your crazy.


  12. Its always the power of the exception that drives science. Travis case is exceptional... so much so that the debunkers were unable to make a coherent argument...
    What can be learned? Well thats a little different.
    He can tell us his story and we can ask questions but there are limits to witness perceptions and articulation as well as with researchers.
    For example, a UAP might be reported as round. Is it spherical, discoidal, cylindrical.... what the heck does round mean when the real issue is the angle of observation for the witness. If the investigator doesn't really dig he gets nothing of value to those who glean the databases... Massimo Teodorani wrote a paper on this, its on our home page at NARCAP.org whereby he discusses these problems when trying to statistically cut UAP/UFO databases...
    In any case, I think Travis situation is authentic though it raises far more questions than it answers.
    Ted Roe
    Executive Director

  13. Dear Lungfish,
    Thanks for stopping by I have a great deal of respect for NARCAP. When you read about the Bettty & Barney Abduction and than the Allagash 5 the ET seem well prepared to handle the humans. It is very possible that when you come under the influence of these beings perception of what is real can be iffy at best.
    However in Travis experience on waking up no control was exerted by the beings. This could mean that these beings only have control over those they pick and that may be one of the reason their selected. Some of the reports talk about tall humanoids but also reports of high spirituality associated with them. But in Travis' account they were non-emotional with a "indescribably" look in their eyes.
    If these are the beings that play the spiritual part with some human abductee than this could be their natural state. For me that is scary because it could mean that they are non-emotional or not even alive.
    What you commented about UAP. Very true and I think that many, but not all, of morphing UAPs are UAPs that change positions.

    I know that most people think I am crazy but I do believe, in most abduction experience, what people see aboard a craft is stage intentionally by the beings. If their hiding, and it seems they are they could have their own disinformation campaign. In fact some of the unexplainable(paranormal) nonsensical actions attributed to many reports may in fact be stage intentionally to confuse us which it has.
    If this confusion is intentional, it could mean these entities have an understanding of human psychology, and behavior second to none.
    Great Stuff thanks.