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UFOs: Deconstructing Sereda

UFOs: Deconstructing Sereda

"Some times a cigar is just a cigar" Freud

The UFO community is full of skeptics who believe UFOs are indeed something important, but who are very rigid in their interpretations of evidence and witnesses. You know my stance on how they treat some of the good UFO witnesses. But honest skeptics are very important as a balancing act for those who accept almost any report even when it has been disproven. For me, to disprove a report you have to cover all the bases of the report. If you cherry pick data in your analysis then you are proving nothing in my eyes. If someone reports a UFO and lives near an airport, and a skeptic proves that one part of the report fits the description of a plane but then he/she leaves out those portions of the report that challenges that interpretation, you’ve become a debunker in my eyes.
But, what if a skeptic disproves, rather conclusively, a report you were emotionally attached to, a report you thought would never quite be explained? Well for me, one measure of a person is how he responds when what he believed turns out to be probably wrong. I was a strong supporter of the Sereda interpretation of the objects witnessed around the famous “NASA Tether Incident”. NASA had touted, before the release of a twelve mile long tether into the atmosphere, how this experiment may herald a source of powerful energy which could be used instead of rockets to raise the orbit of the shuttle in the future. Of course, the tether broke and caused even more controversy when it was filmed. After the NASA film was analyzed (thanks to the now departed Martin Stubbs) by David Sereda, a UFO researcher, David found some striking anomalies around the drifting tether. There, on the NASA video, was what looked like a swarm of round objects moving in different directions behind the tether. The tether was so far away, the objects would have to be huge. These objects seemed to be propelled on their own, and unlike ice crystals, had a spinning pattern to them. They all had the same notch. Light seemed to be emanating from the objects, not from tumbling reflections of “ice crystals”.
Below is a clip of the tether incident and David Sereda’s theory:

As you can see there are a great deal of question surrounding these objects. Sereda went on to try to build a possible new physics around the these objects’ appearance and behavior. But when I was at the 2009 International UFO Congress, Mark D’Antonio an astronomer, and chief MUFON video analyst, made a presentation of the Tether Incident and other anomalies . He had his own close encounter and I don’t think he is in any way an unbeliever
. “UFO Hunters” program had demonstrated how an object zoomed in on “can appear to be behind an object when in fact it is really in front of it”. Mark from MUFON’s analysis and his natural explanation, along with the UFO Hunters demostration has satisfied all of the questions I had on the tether incident so now it goes into my “explained basket” (sorry, Stanton). What do you think?

Finally, I wanted to put a clip from Sereda’s investigations that show what I believe may be real UFOs.

All of us have a love/hate relationship with skeptics. But honest skeptics help us stay focused. There are many people at the conferences selling smoke and mirrors, turning off the all but the most ardent believers. This has to be countered with a touch of reality. The most important item for me to remember is some UFOs are real craft and are not from here. I’ve not read or heard any argument that stands up to scrutiny against the overwhelming, independently verified, evidence of UFO crafts, for the last sixty years. Isn’t a person like Mark helping us say to the world (“we don’t need no stinking debunkers”) “ we have in our midst objective honest scientist which check the UFO data received and filter out was is not UFOs.”

Joseph Capp
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  1. "But honest skeptics help us stay focused"

    I like that.

  2. Good reading.
    The explanation for the out of focus smaller particles satisfies me too.

    I was in contact with David Sereda at the time this material came out and wanted to speak with him about the possibility that there were possibly more UFOs in that STS-80 clip. I believe it was the STS-80 clip, but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, I remember highlighting at least 3 different spots where 3-5 independent light spots on camera seemed to move in unison possibly outlining larger objects. This could be my brain just joining independent dots forming objects in my thoughts but I had to ask. What's funny was that he didn't particularly answer me but kept wanting to know where I got the videos and screens from since I stated they were off the internet. He kept asking me where it was possible to get his film and how it had spread and so on :-)
    When I had calmed him down the correspondence died. :-D

    I also remember seeing what looked like a rotating three-pointed ninja shuriken thrown in slow motion going from right to left plainly in the middle of the screen in one of Seredas NASA-videos. That was and still is curious to me as it didn't look like the out of focus particles. As a matter of fact it was traveling right in the midst of other particles, that sort of created a noisy background, but was travelling faster than the particles and its triangle shape was holding together perfectly from right to left. Maybe I can find it again if I find the time. The problem is, I had to analyze each 10 minute clip so many times just staring at different parts each time (in a search pattern) to be able to spot all inconsistencies in the videos. Even the most prosaic research takes time.

    I didn't have the time to ask Sereda about this matter as he had already gone outside telling anyone who wanted to listen about the time when Pamela Anderson slipped through his grasp and later didn't pay homage (or whatever) ;-D

    I also believe that the STS-80 footage over Africa shows real UFOs. My thoughts are - if that is what shows up on film afterwards, it must have been a hell of a lightshow in person if the filming constraints were anything similar to what UFO-films here on earth are limited by. Also, the UFO lighting up in the middle of the frame - its intensity must have looked like some sort of explosion if this rather meager film-footage could capture that much of it. Maybe I'm over-emphasizing this footage as our atmosphere and lighting conditions have made filming UFOs so very difficult here on earth.

    Thanks and all the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

  3. Thanks Deirdre,

    Sometimes I get it right.


  4. Dear Daniel,
    David will go after you on You Tube. This last presentation at the International UFO Congress he spoke about crystals and he kind of lost me. I have to listen to the end of the presentation again but if what I think I heard is true, it was disturbing.
    There was another clip from Sereda that I think was also a UFO. It started out where a large circular bright object appeared from under the clouds and then it took off horizontally seemingly going hundreds of thousands of miles an hour and then seemed to orbit the globe. The explanation by some it was the moon reflection, but it just doesn't wash.
    There is a great deal going out there and NASA knows about it when Sereda first presented his NASA footage on Art Bell the program was shut down for 18 minutes in the middle of the interview without explanation. They still to this day think it was intentional.
    Thanks Daniel good work on the tapes.


  5. Thanks for this Joseph - It bothered me that all these 'UFOs' presented themselves as disks,none showing themselves 'edgeways' if you get my drift.
    Is the full presentation available online anywhere?
    Also - I was rather dismayed to hear that Maryn Stubbs has been evicted from his body..do you have a link that confirms his demise?
    Thanks for a great blog.

  6. SteveW,
    Stubbs pass away a few year ago. I don't have a link but I read about it and felt he was a good man trying to inform the people of a some amazing phenomenon in space, some of which, is still a unexplained.
    The clips are from different disk. I know that Sereda will have you take down any full DVD you present on the net so I don't do it. However the skeptic I could probably put up if that is what you want.

  7. I meant the presentation from Mufon Mark.If it doesn't get you into copyright trouble I'd love to hear him speak.
    I have no problem with honest skeptics.A different opinion should be used to either strengthen your position,or show that your pet theory is rubbish.Its the basis for all scientific advancement.
    I subscribe to secretnasaman on youtube
    He claims to be Martyn Stubbs,and he signed in 4 hours ago..

  8. Sure I will put up some of his other investigations this weekend.


  9. "Some times a cigar is just a cigar" Freud

    "You haven't met Bill Clinton have you?" Monica Lewinsky

    I have a similar take on these guys who put out hoax films and pictures, Joe - they're sods, but when you see how some people'll take a picture of, say, what looks exactly like a robin and then insist the red breast is really the plutonium based fusion drive of a disguised flying saucer radioactively pulsating, you realise the hoaxes serve as a kind of check to speculation wildly exceeding the quality of the available data.

    As for Sereda and the Tether Experiment, I personally've always been iffy over the whole tether explanation. The theory was so good, why wasn't it attempted again? For that matter, why was the first 'attempt' so half-cocked?

    Or was it half-cocked - or was it more akin to one possible interpretation of the bombing of the moon as an attempt by kids to see if the cockie watchman's still on the building site by chucking something big and noisy over the wall and waiting to see if he reacts?

    Even the 'cable', which is supposedly twelve miles long, looks either incredibly short - or it's thicker than the channel tunnel, which is rather thick for a cable and'd make it gargantuan compared to the space shuttle or space station.

    I never bought into Sereda's notion the visiting objects were unknown physics TECHNOLOGY, but their behaviour and peculiar shape, especially those peculiar notches - which made them look like the ghosts of dead pacmen - still makes me wonder if they were an unknown form of electromagnetic life.

  10. dear Borky,
    What struck me when I first reviewed the "tether" incident was why would ETs swarm around this object. I mean we are talking about craft miles in diameter. It didn't make any sense. However I respected Sereda take on the objects. At the times ice crystals seemed far fetch but I was not an expert. I will be putting up more of Mark's investgations this week end look for them on You Tube under cappufo.


  11. Hello. And Bye.

  12. Hi
    I always felt either rightly or wrongly, that the experiment that NASA was conducting was more interesting then the incoherent hoopla that surrounded what was little more a self fulfilling rumor mill. The space tether was fishing for an alternative energy source. The failed experiment, a joint venture of the US and Italy, called for a scientific payload--a large, spherical satellite--to be deployed from the US space shuttle at the end of a conducting cable (tether) 12.5 miles long. The idea was to let the shuttle drag the tether across the Earth's magnetic field, producing one part of a dynamo circuit.

    I wonder why it was never repeated?
    Oh, oh, here come the subliminal and paranoiac rumor mill tripping over it's shoelaces..fly fishing for apparently random space craft ..as always, an interesting post.

    There are real causes for a healthy paranoia as to how trustworthy the government is in regard to their self interests versus those they are allegedly represent..but fly fishing for aliens is apparently not one of them.

    Best Wishes

  13. Dear Bruce,
    Maybe one of these days we are going to find out what the hell NASA was up to with the tether. I am sorry the "tether" incident received the most attention the were, and are, far more impressive anomalies than that videoed in space.
    Thanks Bruce my friend