Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Profound Experience of UFOs

What happens when a person experiences the unexplained up close and personal? The answer is simple; it is based on the type of person, and type of experience. The particular experience I am writing about here is a close encounter of the first kind; sighting of a UFO "craft." These types of encounters seem to generate the most profound lifelong changes. Before I get into that, I believe UFOs have a profound effect on the debunkers also. The idea of UFOs being alien craft has spawned lifelong debunkers with a fervor reserved only for the most fanatical of people. Ethics, honest science, and even common sense are often thrown out the window to achieve their goal; a negative result on all UFO alien craft cases.

On You Tube I've experienced debunkers following me around even when I change my site. Whenever I put up a UFO clip there they are ranting on every comment supporters may make. One time I had had it with a group of them on about a UFO clip. I allowed them to rant on and on after each comment about how fake it was and then I produced close-ups of the UFO and placed it on You Tube which made them look like idiots. They stopped bothering me only to be replaced by others. This is not just debunking. It is a life's calling for these people. The interesting question that comes to mind as a student of UFO psychology is why they these people spend so much time and effort on what they claim is such a "ridiculous subject?" I believe just the subject matter made a profound change in these peoples life; one of fear.

Those of us who have had this profound experience on seeing close range a UFO craft and knowing it couldn't be explained as anything else are left in a quandary. What to do with this most profound information. You know if you go public those who really could do something about it will never believe you. Or, even worse, you are naive enough to believe the public and authorities will take you seriously. Profound UFO experiences will usually drive the experiencer to take some type of action. There are exceptions to this behavior. A person may be so frightened by the meaning of the sighting, or of the ridicule that may follow, they close the experience off deep down inside, sometimes forever.

But many times a UFO encounter will not be ignored. I don't know how many times I have read about people who finally after decades shared in the public domain astounding UFO close encounters. For those who won't see what is right in front of them, the feeling of the absolute perpetuates a different behavior i.e. one of emotional survival.

A woman I met, a retired sociologist, told me about an experience she had had with her husband. They were driving along when this round white object flew right alongside and then directly in front of their vehicle. They were alone on the road but it stay in front of them for some time. She was shouting at her husband the whole time trying to make him acknowledge what was happening. She had made a point of describing the type of personality her husband had. "He was a no nonsense type of person who wouldn't spend a second on any subject like UFOs," she went on, explaining how she finally got him to admit what was happening in front of his own eyes. But he wouldn't discuss it. What was even stranger, her husband wouldn't admit anything happened after they got home. This was not a UFO encounter to this man. It was a direct challenge to his world view - a view that kept him very safe.

A profound experience with a UFO may have unexpected consequences. Some people may be so profoundly changed they start to believe anything is possible. Many people need to put a spiritual meaning to something as potentially scary as a close encounter. The very wonder of the experience lends itself to the spiritual. Many of us in the UFO community tend to make fun of them but many times they did have close UFO encounters and were changed by it. Maybe we should try to understand a little more how these UFO experiences affect people instead of judging them.

One of the great UFO conferences where you see the whole spectrum of the UFO community is "The International UFO Congress." It's the longest and largest conference in the world. This year will be it's 20th anniversary. Unfortunately this year will also be the last time it will be held for seven days and in the city of Laughlin, Nevada. Next year it will be only an extended weekend in Phoenix. When I first went there I went with a very critical eye, but then I realized some of these people were profoundly changed by UFO experiences. I came to realize that they handled these experiences in their own way by building a kind of spiritual avenue of trust in the future. There is no doubt some took advantage of these people and their over zealousness was used as an excuse by science not to look into this subject. But if we are very honest I think we would all agree science would still not have looked into UFOs even if there were no "way out" people among us.

No matter which side of the spectrum we are on, we all share this common profound experience. An experience that needs validation just because of what it may mean to us and even to all of humanity.

Joe Capp

UFO Media Matters

Below is the most famous witnesses whose encounters have changed them for life. However, these encounters were not of the first kind… these encounters were of the third kind.

Boots on The ground Roswell: DVD " Tom Cary Roswell" full dvd. Pennsylvania MUFON Conference.


  1. Hey Joe Great article and videos. I thought alot about what you wrote and you are right on the money. I guess everyone handles things in their own way, even if it means lying to yourself in order to cope. I wonder how the population of the world will react, when words comes down from the goverments, that UFO's and aliens really exist. What will happen to the stock market and will people be jumping out of windows , like in the great depression days. People may not be able to handle the fact that little green men do exist. Should we better prepair the people and the non-believers or should we let the debunkers eat crow and yell at the top of our lungs that we were right. Debunkers are like the bully in the school yard. They do not like themselves very much so why should they like you. Keep up the good work.......Thanks Ken

  2. Thanks Ken,
    By the way MUFON should have a conference in New Jersey like Pa. do you think it could happen?


  3. Hi Joe......With Major George Filer leading the way in New Jersey, MUFON HQ should have all the confidence in New Jersey. I was the only investigator when I started a few years ago and now we have around 10 very qualified investigators. Of course Major Filer is now retired from the military but he is one of the leading Ufologist in the world. We need to give the new MUFON director, Clifford Clift, a chance to get MUFON back on track. We need more dedicated people over seas to help with all the UFO sightings worldwide. Its a big job but MUFON has the potential to pull it off. Thanks Ken

  4. Thanks Ken,
    For the update. Pa. Conference was $25 a day and the first day there were a great deal of young people in attendence. I think that is the way to go.


  5. Sorry Joe I misunderstood your question. Yes I feel MUFON should have a conference in New Jersey but orgainzing an event like that could be costly if it wasn't done properly. I will have to talk to George Filer about the idea. Possibly the P.A MUFON personnel could give us some tips on doing it properly.

  6. Thought provoking article, Joe.Thanks.

  7. If it's okay I preferred to reply here rather then on utube. I agree that everyone would have their own way of coping with this just as they do with everything in life. In my life it has always just been a fact that they are here. I don't know how I would of reacted if I had not seen them until I was older. As a person who really does not believe in supernatural/magical things I guess it's only natural I would not be inclined to think that any extraterrestrial life forms would have supernatural/magical capabilities. I guess I would be more inclined to think that they evolved just as I believe we did and I would conclude that their behavior could be assessed and explained from an evolutionary standpoint. At least as I understand evolution (I'm no expert by any means) and by using certain general rules. Survival of the fittest comes to mind! lol I can only suppose that the rules of supply and demand apply everywhere and that there would be a certain amount of competition on any planet among the inhabitants for that planets resources. Certain behaviors would be acquired as a result. Also I agree with the men in the video that they are clearly technologically advanced over us but I suspect we could learn their technology given the chance. They might have different mental capabilities (telepathy) that they have developed as has been described by the abductees but I still don't see that makes them superior to us, especially morally superior. They seem to use this power to manipulate and control, to deceive (lie) people into believing what has been done to them has not been done to them. It would be a small step to also convince people that they are some kind of gods or saviors if that would be convenient to them. One only needs to look back at the experiences of the original occupants of North and South America when first meeting the Europeans to see some good examples of that type of deception. There very well could be several or many different species visiting us for all I know. Common sense tells me this is most likely. Certainly they would not all be just alike if that is the case. As I see it even the 'good ones' who don't kidnap and mutilate would be questionable. Why are the others allowed to do these things to us? Maybe the good ones aren't powerful enough to stop the bad ones. Still it seems to me they could warn us. If we are being grabbed from our beds and experimented on, our genetic material being used for some questionable and unknown scheme I think it justifies immediate and world wide disclosure and poohie on what the gov. wants. The 'good ones' could do that simply by not sneaking around the sky anymore. They could choose to let us see them. I really don't think they have much to fear from our militaries. Granted a few people might jump out windows but I doubt that would even happen. How many people have already seen them and how many of those people have jumped out windows as a result of their sightings? The good ones seem to be complacent about the actions of the bad ones and that tells me they aren't really all that great either. I do readily admit there could be circumstances I am not aware of and have not considered that might explain the good ones lack of action. Or it could be that survival of the fittest is their motto too. Can we survive this? I don't know but I think our odds would be greatly improved if we were informed to all that is known about what is going on. Please excuse me for going on so long. Other then my kids who have also seen them I have no one to discuss this with who has seen them. It is nice to move beyond the 'are they real' stage. Thanks for posting the videos by the way. mhs

  8. Dear alaskangoatherder,

    What a great and refreshing comment. I've met so many people who seem to know everything it is refreshing to hear someone who uses humility to see what we are dealing with.
    I read many experiences about family who have a number of sightings. Did you know Travis Walton and his family had many sightings before he was abducted.
    Your right that some of these species don't act spiritually superiror by any moral definition.. However Ghundi once said that "evil is powerful but good perseveres". There is something about the majority of us humans striving for good and fairness for all and hopefully this belief is in some of our visitors.
    There does seem to be some strong reason all of these visitors do not present themselves publicly.
    As for evolution who's to say, maybe the next step in evolution is not only telepathy but object manipulation, and all the physic powers including seeing dead people.
    Many in the UFO community don't seem to allow for these abilities in ETs, just humans.
    All of us need to see with different eyes.
    Thanks for a great comment and please come back.
    UFO Media Matters

  9. Good article as usual. The human psychological reaction to the UFO phenomenon is the one subject that really fascinates me still. While I don't find much joy anymore to read up on all the details concerning new data from another UFO-case, how good it may be, I always get very hooked on the different reactions from the people involved in the stories. While professional people are somewhat predictable in their behavior because of applied pressures, common man aren't. Reactions seems to go in all directions at all time.

    Apathetic reaction and delusion seems very normal for some people when something is dissonant to their belief system. For others, the opposite is also true. I find it interesting how easily people adopt alternative world views without having thought it through - "Aliens are here", "Structures on the moon", "Good or bad alien". It seems people can cherry pick what they like about Ufology and formulate their beliefs around whatever, later on. A lot of people adopt different prophets' or abductees' opinions upon very shoddy data (speculation really).

    Since Ufology is such a broad subject with so many mysteries, life stories, people, places and so forth it lives on more like a cultural phenomenon and myth nowadays. That's so sad for the poor uncommercial research branch of Ufology. When the few people ask me about Ufology, they usually ask me questions like: "-Are there really UFOs?" and such. Their heads are really spinning with disinfo from all the commercial alien promoted stuff that they can't formulate good questions for themselves and really have no clue that there have been serious research going on since the 50s.

    I really believe that Einstein was right when he said that there was only 2 things infinite he was certain of and that was (1) peoples stupidity and (2) the universe. The latter suggestion he admittedly wasn't really 100% sure of. :-D


    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

  10. Daniel you've said it all and some of what you state I have been guilty of myself. I know personally I can be very passionate about the subject. I get very frustrated with the short slightness of many ufologist. Some seem a need to discount major UFO witnesses cases the longer the case has been out there until what the witnessed believed becomes nothing more than a footnote in the case.
    Who are you going to believe your foolish eyes or my Ufology?

    I hope, the young in the future, finds ways to do UFO research so the profound meaning of all this including the dignity of the witness stays alive.