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UFOs and Children

I was interviewed by "Eye In The Sky" radio program out of the great state of Louisiana. Subject: "Ten Reasons Why UFOs Are Extraterrestrial" so if u have some time please listen and if you like the show subscribe" Thanks JC.

The UFO subject can be a very scary subject. Most of us understand the UFO ET presence is one of the most important subjects you could address with your children. This is not academic to me; it is happening right now. We live in a two family house and the children downstairs have adopted us as another set of grandparents. One of the children, let's call him "David", is the most curious child you will ever meet. Everything is a question and he really wants the answer. He is three years old and I know this is an inappropriate time to tell him anything about UFOs and aliens, but God willing, I will be there when he's older. There are certain families in which the cat is already out of the, bag so to speak. In those cases restricting the information you tell a young child is also important.

My wife and I have help raised the young girl across the street. She was over our house constantly and just a wonderful addition to our lives. She went away with us on vacations with my grandson so it was and is a very close relationship. She did an assignment in school about who was the woman she most admired and it was about my wife. She was about 11 years old when she started to question me about some of the material I was reading on UFOs. I kind of blew it by being completely honest about the subject and giving her more details than I should have. When I saw the fear in her eyes I realized I had not been perceptive enough about where she was emotionally. She and I joke around now about the subject but I won't press it. Children beginning to go through puberty have enough problems they don't need to think too much about aliens. My grandsons were different. They had an experience together with my son and his wife. It was up in Maine as they were driving down a road at night. They called me the next day about it. They came around a curve in the road and there, hovering above, was a diamond shaped object with some "sparkles" coming off the skin. The sighting lasted over 30 seconds. The whole family got a good look at it and finally the object just winked out. My son told me it was like it collapsed from the outside inward. Now we have the cat out of the bag by personal experience. I suggested to my son if our youngest gets too curious to keep it as light as possible.

I have been thinking about this for the past few days so I went to the best expert I know about children; my wife. My wife has had twenty years in the NY school system she had been thoroughly trained in childhood development and this is how I broached the subject with her.

You have a family who believes in UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials. Maybe the parents had experiences, or just fervently believe through their own analysis, there is a presence here. They have young children so when would it be appropriate to expose these children to this information?

Her first answer was simple but ultimately true: "It would be different for different children."

I then went on and pressed her on the possible developmental signs one could look for before you thought it was time to tell them. One item she brought up is it is the thinking by childhood specialist stoday that you shouldn't read Grimm's Fairy Tells to your children till they are at least seven. That was interesting to me because at the end the fairy tale you can always quiet the anxiety of your child by assuring them it is not real. The UFO subject is a little different because they are all too real. My wife is a very big on being honest with children. Most common sense people will admit they don't know for sure what these entities are doing here so it is the unknown that is the scariest part in this subject. This I believe has to be considered before you broach the entire UFO ET subject and all its complexities to them. So, as I continued to pumped her brain for more information, she explained that for some children it may be appropriate to explain the subject in their teens years say; thirteen. If they do a little reading on their own, they might come across some very scary subjects including abductions. These questions should be answered in the most appropriate manner without unduly frightening the child.

However what happens when younger children start to ask questions about UFOs …what do you do?

From the conversation I learned that if your child asks you questions about UFOs at a young age give them the answer without elaborating.


"Mommy, what are UFOs?:

"David, UFOs stand for "Unidentified Flying Objects" these are objects that fly in the sky and no one has found out what they are. If they don't ask further questions leave it there.

If a child ask you further question try and keep them short and evade the dark side although being honest. How could you do that?

David asks, "Daddy, what do people think UFOs are?"

"David, some people think UFOs are people like us from other planets."

With my David there would be a flood of questions; one of which would inevitable be, "Can they hurt me"? This of course is troubling. I brought this up with a clinical therapist I know and she mentioned how most parents will inform their children quite early about God and the devil and hell fire. For these parents telling their young children about religious belief are as important as telling them about bad people… it is done for survival.

I was in the car with David the other day. I like sitting in the back seat with him and listening to the millions of questions he asks. Saturday, we were taking him to baseball practice. I was sitting with him when he came out with the statement, "I don't like people!" I replied, "David, why don't you like people?"

His answer, "Because they can hurt you?"

Of course, this all stems from telling him never to go with strangers and is absolutely necessary as a responsibility of the parents. No one likes to scare their child at such a young age but there is no choice. What I did was tell him the truth: "Some people are not nice but most people are good and wouldn't ever hurt you. If your mommy or daddy or your family bring someone for you to meet, then they are OK and you don't have to be scared."

Conversing about UFOs is different. Basically, it is not about survival; it is about information so the child can keep an open mind. The young girl from across the street is frightened of the UFO subject now she mitigates these uncomfortable feelings by making jokes with me and I go along, happily.

So I believe, the less information the better, until they are old enough to handle it. Of course, in their teens they will be exposed to UFOs and ETs and all kinds of scary stories so I believe it is our place to bring some perspective on any of these theories. Overly frightening a teen may turn them off the subject completely.

Some who read this in the UFO community will say, "I have no problem informing my children about ETs because they are all loving and good". However many, who seem to believe this way also believe in the evil government which is doing horrible things in the name of ETs. Is that not just as scary?

No matter how you slice it, telling a child about an Extra-Terrestrial presence is complicated and scary and one that should be thought out carefully.

The most common sense answer I know of is to wait until the child starts asking questions and remember, as a responsible parent, not to elaborate more than you think the child can handle.

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Of course for a few children the ET subject is academic:
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  1. Very important topic, Joe.

    While I do striclty believe in adhering to caution when dealing with this subject, in regards to children, I also don't believe in pumping them full of fairy tales.

    For my own children, they have known from earlier on than some others, that there is truth behind the haze...because they had witnessed how cruel some people were to their dad (me), regarding the subject.

    So many Christians, or should I say, so-called Christians, have such a skewed take on things, because they have been brain-washed into the fear syndrome.

    Being afraid of something which may present harm is one thing, but presenting the truth, itself, as being harmful is evil, in my opinion.

    To tell children that there is no such thing as UFOs, or so-called aliens, and that anyone who says otherwise is a liar, is evil, again, IMO.

    Especially when they know that some of their own "brothers and sisters" have been persecuted for professing to believe in God, Jesus, or the Bible.

    To turn around and do the same to others, because they have had an unfortunate experience proving to them that there is something going on, is just down-right evil!!! Yet that is what is going on.

    I say, there is evidence to prove that there are objects flying around, and for many years our own military pilots have not successfully identified them. Who they are, and what they represent is not clear.

  2. Dear Bob,
    It is an important topic and one I think should be talk about more. After all the next generation of UFO researchers will come from our children. The way things stand now we may not have a next generation of UFO investigators. As for some of the Christians around today like the Lt. Governor Of South Carolina. I wonder what Jesus would have thought of a modern day church goer saying not to feed the poor because they breed like animals.



  3. Our ideas about this phenomenon are badly skewed by our immersion in hyper-representational cultures and technological models are really the only ones that seem to match the phenomenon. But I feel that anyone who has looked into this matter deeply, in person, with an open mind, is bound to come forth with something akin to what Jacques Vallee said, which I will slightly paraphrase: 'If ufos turn out to be nothing more than spacecraft, I will be shocked and disappointed'. I think he's asking us to look deeper, rather than stating what he is actually aware of. In my own investigations, I have discovered that children have cryptic experiences of contact with nonhuman intelligence, and believe me when I say that spacecraft are nothing like what's actually going on here. That isn't to say that no spacecraft exist. They may. But my bet (from experience, not speculation) is that this phenomenon is far more sophisticated and dangerous than we are likely to allow ourselves to understand. We want the 'answer'. Yet in forming this desire we forget that answers are but the skeletal remains of living questions. Stay with the questions, and teach your children to do the same. The alternative is a mind filled with graves, and that's a place that's uninhabitable for children and adults alike.

  4. Dear Organelle,
    I feel myself Vallee just was not equipped in his era to know what technology could bring. The idea of invisibility or dark energy was not discussed seriously in his day.
    I am sorry he will be disappointed it would be the greatest single event to hit mankind bar none.
    There are other phenomenon and it wouldn't effect that. There is still the paranormal here and probably on their worlds also.
    I feel there is much more evidence that intelligent beings on planets, including ours, want to explore space.There is not one example of anything coming here from anther dimension or that it could even be possible.
    Having said that if you believe this to be true It still would be reasonable to pursue a policy of caution when you expose your children to this information.

    Thank You
    Joseph Capp

  5. How do you get children ready for the subject of UFOs.?
    I like to think cartoons kind of take care of that as it is and actually makes children more open to it than programmed-by-society adults.

    "How much should you tell them and when?"
    I would think children s books involving space for starters and as I said cartoons and then let them ask the questions and answer them in a non biased, third person form, for example, if my kid asks me, are there people in space or on other planets, I tell them that I like to think so and that many people have said they met them or saw them and who am I to say they are telling the truth or not and basically tell them my personal beliefs and theories which unfortunately the government or religion wont back up.
    that's my input, have a great day!

  6. Dear Renato,
    You are absolutely right. The TV does play a big part. When "David" was younger he saw aliens on "Noggin", which is Nick Jr. now and he asked me what they were. I just replied they were silly. I was telling the truth they were acting silly. I had established that the word "silly" meant it was just the TV and not to worry about it.
    It is very true that they will get exposed to it on TV. But again it is your responsibility as a parent that he is exposed to age appropriate video material.

    Thanks you for the excellent contribution to this post.


  7. Joe, This is a really important subject and kudos to you for bringing it forward. You and your wife sound like great role models for the children in your lives!

    Personally, I come from a family of some experiencers (including myself). I can't say it's been illuminating or all 'love and light'. And I can't say that I personally know we're dealing with ET or ED (maybe both!).

    I do know that children and teens who are experiencing abductions and/or have had close encounters with ufos should be told some basic knowledge and be encouraged in discussions.

    Reading materials can be a touchy subject. For instance, I don't most teens should even take on anything by Vallee, Keel, Fowler (his later works), Jacobs and Hopkins. The materials are truly scary and dig at the core of ones being.

    If I recall correctly, John Keel went so far as to discourage teenagers taking an interest in ufology because of the dangers he perceived in the phenomenon.

  8. Dear Brownie,
    Thank you for a great comment. As far as not telling the kids about UFOs at all. Well unless you keep the kid locked up with no TV or computer I think you would have a losing battle on your hands. I have watch more Nick Jr. with "David" than I want to admit, and one time they had aliens on and he asked me what they were I just said silly which is our code word for it is just on TV. The ETs were acting silly so I was honest and I made no big deal of it.
    Thanks and please come back

  9. Hi Joe Great subject and I think the same could be said of people who think they have been abducted and want to learn more through hypnosis..Is this a good idea or not is the question...I am presently involved in two abduction cases through MUFON and both witnesses went under hypnosis. I was very cautious in suggesting this to the witnesses and I asked them many times if they wanted to open this " door " to their past UFO experience. I felt is was my duty to warn them of the consequences if things went bad because of the hypnosis. I feel too many investigators are willing to jump into a hypnosis session and not really think of the witness and how he may be affected by it. Just like children have to be protected from the truth the same could be said about protecting an abduction witness from their abduction truth. Thanks for the interesting article...Ken

  10. Dear Ken,
    I certainly believe what you did was ethical. The person needs to know all of the information before they open a doorway whether they ask question or not.
    These people must be given the opportunity to decide for themselves based on, up to date, pertinent information, about the abduction phenomenon.
    Thank you
    PS Kens has a great web site with montage of great UFO photos take a look here:


  11. Well I assent to but I think the collection should prepare more info then it has.

  12. Interesting topic. One of the suggestions about UFO abduction claims is that it may be related to the fantasy-prone personality (FPP) which commences in childhood. I have written about the FPP hypothesis on my blog at

  13. Dear Pauline,
    I have read about this theory before and it just doesn't fit. First place any research done on this has been in America and since UFO abduction is a world wide event I doubt the research can be taken seriously. The first abduction was of a farmer in South America, hardly a fantasy world.
    However I do believe some people have sleep paralysis and mistake that for the abduction experience. It may be some want to belong to a group and get attention or had some experience that seems related but in fact is not.
    The hard care well documented cases with corroborating evidence do not seem to fit that idea at all. Despite all the accusations thrown at Betty and Barney Hill by the debunkers claiming it was from an "Outer Limits" TV episode they imagined their abduction. The fact is they were not interested in any of those type of programs. They were activist working on civil rights... a white woman married to a "black man'. Don't you think flights of fancy in that situation could have gotten this couple killed by then?
    Thank You

  14. Hi
    Very nice and intrestingss story.

  15. Thank you I think this documentary will be great and I will update when it comes out.


  16. What a wonderful Blog. It is difficult to find signs of intelligence here on Earth...but, I think I just found it.

    I started having conscious contact with off world beings ( to me they are family ) when I was 5. My sons have also had experiences but do not want to speak of it. Those that control the media have made sure to divorce us from who we truly are and where it is we are going.
    My "space family" tell me that this is a volunteer process of "contact". Reincarnation of the spirit matter plays a very big role in putting this story into rational context. Without this knowledge the contact experience can feel overwhelming if not akin to a psychosis.....but, this is a blatant design, by the powers that be, to keep us in a perpetual darkness of fear and ignorance ( which are really one and the same. )

    Joe, this is all about evolution.Perhaps you know this already. The entire experience of 'living' is all about the spirit matter evolving beyond this 3rd dimension. Some have come to assist in this process by bringing to Earth a certain frequency that 'the powers that be' do not want heard. Notice the frequency of all 'programming' on the idiot box. Mainstream music? 'Education systems'? All institutions of religion? It is a very low frequency.

    What is even more frightening is not telling our children ( I am told that children are in a state of purity and wisdom and should be honored and respected through the ways in which we raise them. Truth is at the core of wisdom so they can handle it with great agility. They just came from the other side so are emotionally equipped with this knowledge of who we truly are and where we are going.)
    Once this vulgar world begins to seep into the fabric of the spirit matter the wisdom and truth of who we are starts to fade and a gradual decline in frequency unfolds. At this low frequency fear and ignorance abound!

    Joe, in 1988 I was shown a vision of mass destruction on Earth. I could not understand why they were just passively watching this horror unfold so I was demaning that they help the dying people. They very calmly stated that, "this is how it must be." I had an understanding wash over me within an instant. I knew that mankind had caused his own demoralization and in doing so had made his kind irrelevant.
    As I sit typing this post it is happening all around me. Fukushima, BP oil catastrophe, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Fires, Deluges, Crop Failures, Pestilence and Wars.....and much more.

    To NOT tell our children who we truly are ( pure energy that has the ability to manifest heaven or hell ) is why we are facing period of recycle. ( Energy can never be created nor destroyed ).This is what the Galactic Alignment is all about.
    We must first tell our children that we are pure energy. This is what is most important to tell them so that they can live in wisdom, health and peace. Anything else is....well...the system we currently have which is self destruction.

    The "Aliens" are merely another biological form for this energy to inhabit.....just as we inhabit this earthly form. ( I think there is a reference to this being our "temple" in the bible.) We are all ONE and there is nothing to fear once this is understood.

    I appreciate your blog and attempt to educate the masses about these beings.

    Safe Journey....

  17. Dear Joe, thanks for the wonderful Blog.
    I am a contactee and would like to pass along a little information for elucidation. I hope you do not mind.

    My "Space family" ( sorry, do not know what else to call them ) want all earthlings to understand that it is not important to know who THEY are but, more importantly, to understand who WE are.

    This is why they do not mingle with the masses. This is all about consciouness or evolution of consciousness...also known as energy/soul/spirit matter.

    Children come to Earth uncorrupted but once the parent begins to pass along earth's social "values" ( and I emphasize the word value )the child begins to lose the frequency of where he/she came from. Earth ( actually some of Earth's inhabitants ) operates at a very low frequency ( held in place through the manipulation of emotions by 'the powers that be' ) and this frequency keeps the spirit matter in a devolved holding pattern.All forms of social media are the tools used to keep the frequency in place. It began with religion.

    So, it is of very little importance to tell our children about the beings from far away star systems but more important to raise them in an environment that supports health, wisdom and peace. If they are raised according to the cosmic laws ( not man-made ) they will accept the fact that they are pure energy having a physical experience and that there are triillions of souls doing the same.

    In 1988 I was shown a vision of mass destruction here on Earth. I was told that mankind had caused his extinction. He had become irrelevant ....but it was a choice.

    Please tell the children who they truly are and the rest will follow.

    Much love and peace to you and yours.